Super Jumbo

Super Jumbo The charmingly oblivious elephant Little Jumbo saves the day in a superhero story that s perfect for fans of Ian Falconer s Olivia Being a superhero isn t easy All Little Jumbo wants to do is fight cr

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  • Title: Super Jumbo
  • Author: Fred Koehler
  • ISBN: 9780803739239
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The charmingly oblivious elephant Little Jumbo saves the day in a superhero story that s perfect for fans of Ian Falconer s Olivia Being a superhero isn t easy All Little Jumbo wants to do is fight crime and defend the weak, by doing things like halting traffic for snails to cross the street and stopping Dad from sneaking cookies It s not his fault grown ups don t apThe charmingly oblivious elephant Little Jumbo saves the day in a superhero story that s perfect for fans of Ian Falconer s Olivia Being a superhero isn t easy All Little Jumbo wants to do is fight crime and defend the weak, by doing things like halting traffic for snails to cross the street and stopping Dad from sneaking cookies It s not his fault grown ups don t appreciate his heroic deeds Luckily, Little Jumbo doesn t give up easily He even powerfully resists cake his greatest weakness to help a new friend in need Super Jumbo is the hilariously sweet companion to Fred Koehler s standout debut, How to Cheer Up Dad, which received three starred reviews.

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    1. Good intentions for a little super hero elephant always end in less than desired results. Such a true theme! How often do our own good intentions not go quite the way we thought? But Super Jumbo perseveres with his super thoughtful attempts at being helpful and super. Eventually he does help a friend mend his wagon - resisting a major temptation - but we'll have to see how that turns out! I think this would make a great read-aloud for storytime.

    2. Little Jumbo tries to be a helpful super hero but his attempts at saving the day are often misguided. Fred Koehler's SUPER JUMBO shares the story of an under appreciated crime fighting elephant. You'll love the vibrant illustrations and Little Jumbo's persistence.

    3. I love this little elephant who's determined to save the day (even when it doesn't need saving!) The reactions and expressions of the everyone who encounters Super Jumbo and his hijinks are especially funny.

    4. Perfect for my super-hero-loving almost 4-year-old. Action, humor, and warmth, all in a quick read. We've read this so many times before bed that I may have to get his own copy instead of constantly borrowing from the library.

    5. Cute tale of the trials and tribulations of superhero-dom. The young elephant Little Jumbo is inclined to be a hero, but he finds his efforts to save his neighborhood mostly unappreciated. Expressive illustrations help convey our little hero's dilemmas.

    6. Absolutely darling! Charming illustrations and a story about the fun of imagination, earnest desire to help others, and friendship.

    7. A cute story about Little Jumbo. He wants to be a superhero and help those in need. His "help" is a little misguided, but his heart is in the right place.

    8. These vigilantes must be stopped! Or at least ignored, as this is just a middling-quality book. If your little one has a love of elephants and superheroes, obviously, a home run, but if those aren't in your child's interests, this is, at best, a library borrowing book. Parents might even object to the book, as it portrays Little Jumbo acting a bit more like a super-villain at time, stealing cookies, chasing cats up trees, and shooing away pigeons from their feed. Nothing terribly malicious, but, [...]

    9. "For Little Jumbo, being a superhero was not an easy job." and for those around him, it takes a lot of patience to deal with this particular superhero. But Little Jumbo is determined to keep his neighborhood safe. Little Jumbo's heart is in the right place and sometimes his superhero activity hits the mark.Adorable illustrations (helping snails across the street and cats up a tree) that will help students understand the power of illustrations to tell part of the story.

    10. Little Jumbo lives with is dad. He wants to be a superhero, but sometimes his efforts are helpful. Say, helping a cat into a tree. But he keeps helping, because some time it'll work out. Oh did I grin and laugh at this book. Freaking adorable. Those snails! The cape from curtains! How the dad looks at the stuff his kid does. "A superhero is always there to lend a hand (or a push.) Because saving the day with a friend can make the world a little more super."

    11. This is a funny picture book about a little elephant that wants to be a superhero. He calls himself Super Jumbo, and goes around looking for people that need help. But like lots of little kids, his help isn't particularly helpful or appreciated. Eventually he finds one of his friends that needs help and realizes that it's awesome to help your friends out. Funny illustrations along with cute text will make this book popular with young readers.

    12. Very cute illustrations and while I'm sure Jumbo's heart really is in a good place, I could see his mischievous antics getting him in deep trouble. Maybe his new friend will steady him. The basic premise felt familiar, but it didn't stop it from being a fun read. Would be good for a preschool story time session.

    13. Absolutely adorable! I love that there's a picture in the background on one page of Little Jumbo and Big Jumbo together, suggesting a single-dad family, and Little Jumbo comes to the rescue of a little fuzzy guy with a bowtie who's crying. Funny escapades, great lesson at end about helping out. City scenes are very relatable for kids (e.g. a little one getting a haircut, a coffee shop, a bakery).

    14. Little jumbo (From "How to Cheer Up Dad") is back with his innocent& determined actions, which are sometimes appreciated and sometimes, not so much, as he "defended the weak" and "tirelessly crusaded against the forces of evil"Simple illustrations, limited use of color to highlight what's key on each page, done in digital media, pencil & pen.

    15. Most children want to be a superhero at some point and this simple picture book by Fred Koehler has a big impact in just how super a hero really is in the smallest of ways.Lovable illustrations carry out the impact of the story.Published by Dial Books for Young Readers.#heroism #manners #doingtherightthing #friends #PB

    16. Being a super hero is the plan today. Being stronger, faster can only be better right. But as the young elephant in the story learns sometimes being a super hero doesn't necessarily mean being better if it only makes things harder for others. Caring, attention, and patience may be what needs to save the day after all.

    17. Super Jumbo is a very cute story about a little elephant who has good intentions as a "superhero". However, these good intentions often result in more problems. Lots of pictures and minimal text makes this a perfect story for preschoolers.

    18. A cute book about a misguided (young elephant) superhero who tries to help out, but ends up making a mess of things. In the end though, friendship and helping others is what matters most.+Book-List

    19. Audience: Preschool / Grade SchoolIllustrations: So cute!Plot / Review: LOVE THIS! It's hard being a superhero, but this little guy is adorableness personified! Such a cute book about trying your best, even if you fail sometimes. Read Aloud: Yes, but it's a solid one-on-one read too.

    20. Super Jumbo has big plans that don't always turn the way intended, but his heart is in the right place. The simple text in Super Jumbo backed up with hilarious illustrations leaves the reader filled with delight. Super Jumbo is a heartwarming picture book for children or anybody young at heart.

    21. An adorable and laugh-out-loud fun story! It's hard to resist a superhero who stops traffic to help snails cross the street, and is able to ignore (well, almost ignore) the Sweet Shop. Super Jumbo is irresistible!

    22. Little Jumbo may be small in stature, but he has a big imagination. Fighting crime wherever he goes (whether it is necessary or not) Little Jumbo is determined to save the day as he embraces his secret identity: Super Jumbo! Reviewer # 21

    23. I love this book for its limited language & delightful character. The pictures tell the story as much as the words. Jumbo is a delightful character with personality & the message of friendship is of course so universal & very well done in this book!

    24. Cute story about a little elephant trying to be a super hero and help others. However, if I were his mother, he'd be in timeout a lot, because his well-intentioned activities don't always have good results, at least for others!

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