The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society

The Last Great Adventure of the PB J Society Some things are better together Like peanut butter and jelly Or Annie and Jason So when her best friend s house is threatened with foreclosure Annie Jenkins is bursting with ideas to save Jason s hom

  • Title: The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society
  • Author: Janet Sumner Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781623706364
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some things are better together Like peanut butter and jelly Or Annie and Jason So when her best friend s house is threatened with foreclosure, Annie Jenkins is bursting with ideas to save Jason s home She could sell her appendix on eBay Why not Win the lottery It s worth a shot Face the evil bankers herself She s one tough cookie, after all Or hunt down aSome things are better together Like peanut butter and jelly Or Annie and Jason So when her best friend s house is threatened with foreclosure, Annie Jenkins is bursting with ideas to save Jason s home She could sell her appendix on eBay Why not Win the lottery It s worth a shot Face the evil bankers herself She s one tough cookie, after all Or hunt down an elusive and questionably real pirate treasure Whatever the plan, it has to work, or this is undoubtedly THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE OF THE PBJ SOCIETY.

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    1. I received an advance reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society is an absolutely fun, totally sweet middle grade story about friendship. It's the kind of book that makes you laugh out loud, and it's also the kind of book that makes you root tirelessly for the characters, even when their plans end up in disaster which (spoiler alert) happens at every turn.The main character, Annie, is both the world's greatest optimist and the wor [...]

    2. The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society is a sweet and often hilarious tale of middle school friendship. As with most middle schoolers, Annie and Jason are facing a lot of change in their lives. But when Jason's family falls on hard times, Annie will do anything and everything to keep her best friend from moving away. While there are real-world issues at play, the story maintains a lightness and humor that makes it ideal for young readers.

    3. I loved this book! I had a chance to read an advanced reader copy (in exchange for an honest review) and I still plan on buying this when it comes out. The friendship of the two main characters is so sweet and genuine. I loved following Annie and Jason through the story and watching them face their challenges. There's also a mystery woven throughout and the pacing is great- it certainly kept me turning the pages.The characters are fun and easy to relate to and while it tackles important issues, [...]

    4. This hilarious and sweet story tells the swiftly moving tale of two best friends on a mission to save their frienship from an impending move. Well, Annie is on a mission -- Jason is struggling with the reality of the situation, and clinging to the fun times with his best friend in the face of some pretty grownup problems.I loved this book, especially the way the kids talked to each other and Annie's voice! I like that it didn't sugarcoat everything, or tie up all the solutions in a neat bow. The [...]

    5. I was so fortunate to read an ARC of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society! This book is sweet and fun and filled with all the best things of friendship like secret handshakes, wacky rituals, and lots of adventures (both real and imagined). It also addresses tough topics like financial struggles and a friend moving away. It's wholesome in a way that's both timeless and also of the times, a pretty difficult thing to achieve. The relationship between the two main characters, Annie and J [...]

    6. Five stars for this warm, heartfelt, funny and moving tale! You're going to love PB&J!!!Here's my take on the plot:If Annie doesn't think of something quick, her best friend Jason's house will be sold out from under his family and he'll be gone forever. She knows nothing will be the same without Jason, the only other member of the top-secret PB&J Society!But what can a ten year old do to help Jason's family and stop the bank from foreclosing on their house?A lot, as it turns out! Irrepre [...]

    7. I received an ARC of this book. Yay!Best friends Annie and Jason are like peanut butter and jelly. But Jason's family has to sell their home. Together, Annie and Jason come up with a bunch of hare-brained schemes to try to save it. Because, what will happen if Jason has to move away? How will things ever be the same? Annie and Jason's friendship was so great. I felt that the spirit of childhood was captured in these pages: play and pretend and adventure. I loved the pirate story old Mrs. Schuste [...]

    8. I was lucky to read an advanced copy of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society. I loved this middle grade novel. The main characters, Annie and Jason, have been friends since birth, and their bond is tested when they find out that Jason's family has to move across the country. Unwilling to stand by and let that happen, they make PLANS and LISTS.This story has mystery and adventure, but what shines the most is the sweet friendship. Like the best middle grade novels, it makes you laugh a [...]

    9. I'm starting to believe that MG books are more imaginative and risk-taking than other genres. All writing takes skill and talent, yeah, but to write specifically for an MG audience without sounding as if you’re talking down to your readers just because of their age is an ability I’m not sure a lot of writers have. At least I sure as heck know I don’t have it. The great news though is that Johnson has written a novel that is funny, adventurous, and honest for a middle grade audience that tr [...]

    10. *I had the chance to read an advance copy of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society*This is a sweet, endearing story with characters that light up the page. The main character, Annie, practically bursts out of the book she has so much personality, and the loyalty and friendship that she shows her best friend, Jason, is just lovely. While there’s a lot of humor in this book, I think it’s also a book about trying your hardest to help someone you care about, which give this story enor [...]

    11. Annie and Jason are best friends:"He and I had been best friends, since birth (well, at least his birth - those two hours in the hospital nursery before Jason arrived were the loneliest two hours of my life)".They are spies:"For a lesser spy, the pressure might have been too much, but Jason and I had been working on our technique for three years now. Ever since he got that spy kit for his seventh birthday".And they are the only two members of the PB & J Society, which serves the important mi [...]

    12. There's something special about childhood friendship. Sometimes, all it takes is one best friend for your world to feel complete. Annie and Jason are that friend for each other -- the peanut butter to the other's jelly -- so it's earth-shattering news to the both of them when Jason finds out that his home has been foreclosed on and that he'll soon have to move. But the important thing about best friends is that they are willing to go to the ends of the earth for each other, so it doesn't take lo [...]

    13. AWWWWWW!!!It's taken me so long to write this review because I can't stop saying "aww" whenever I think about this book, and I know that reviews generally need more words. But guys, seriously: AWWWWW!This book is filled to the brim with sweet, genuine, heart-warming friendship (oh, and a lot of PB&Js, but you probably knew that already). Johnson writes in such a way that you root so passionately for Jason and Annie to succeed in all they do - as if they're your own best buds - and you experi [...]

    14. A wonderful book about friendship, and how even a sad turn of events does not change who we are or what our friendships mean.I began reading this book thinking that a PB&J Society was a cute idea. I ended the book seeing it as so much more -- a meaningful metaphor that kids will understand about how distance doesn't make the things we care about disappear.

    15. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am I ever glad I did, because I want to spread the word about this fun adventure story!First of all, the cover is killer and I think will definitely make kids want to see what's going on inside. From the very first page the reader is completely taken with Annie and her best friend Jason, the two members of the PB&J Society. Navigating family tensions, a new and odd friendship with an old foe, trying to maintain their boy-girl friendship in [...]

    16. These past few months my ten-year-old son has been reading every Advanced Review Copy I can borrow through my membership as an author in The Sweet Sixteens. Here’s what he thinks of The Last Great Adventure of the PB & J Society by Janet Sumner Johnson, which comes out April 1st, 2016:The Last Great Adventure of the PB & J Society, by Janet Sumner Johnson, is a quick, fun, middle grade read. The hook is that two best friends work desperately not to be separated by changing circumstance [...]

    17. This book reminds me of my best friend when I was growing up, and the adventures we had, believing we really were going to find that treasure, or save our town from developers, or any of the other things we cherish so much about the friendships that set the bar for all the rest. Annie and Jason are not without flaws, which is one of the things that makes this book great. The story sings with imagination, with facing our fears, with sibling rivalry, parents who are far from perfect, and cranky ne [...]

    18. I’m a sucker for buddy books, and this one stole my heart. Annie and Jason are such wonderful, fully rendered characters, and their friendship captures the essence of what it is to be best childhood friends. The hilarious rituals of their friendship are truly unique and yet truly universal, and there is a fascinating integrity to their complementary personalities. I appreciated that the story honors the truth that authentic friendship weathers the ups and downs of real life.

    19. A great story about a friendship between a boy and a girl, a Secret Peanut Butter & Jelly Society, and relentless problem solving. A wonderful story where a girl befriends a grumpy, old lady (Mrs. Schuster) and a bond and friendship sprout. Janet does a masterful job of mixing humor with a heartwarming tale. This tale is sure to have you licking your lips.

    20. Mini-Review:In The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society, Janet Sumner Johnson masterfully captures the voice of ten-year-old Annie whose whole world goes topsy-turvy when she finds out her best friend, Jason, may have to move out of state. In a series of well-meaning, but overly-ambitious schemes, Annie and Jason try their best to figure out a way for his family to stay. Annie is the kind of girl with big ideas who can’t quite understand why the adults in her life don’t jump on board [...]

    21. How many ways can a 10 year old girl come up with to earn enough money to keep her best friend from moving? As it turns out, a lot. She could win the lottery, have a bake sale, or . find pirate treasure? From plan A to plan E Annie never gives up on her goal. She is a determined, hopeful girl, who is sure to amuse and delight the reader, especially throughout the many messes she finds herself in. One of my favorite parts was when she and Jason were sentenced to clean out the turkey pen. See, Jas [...]

    22. I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.As a kid, I was the only girl on a street full of boys. I was the Annie, and my Jason was a boy named Timmy. We spent day in and day out together, going on neighborhood adventures. Riding our bikes to places we weren't supposed to. Eating blueberries off the bush in my yard every summer. I was the one who moved away, and when I did, we spent hours sitting on the swing set in my backyard trying to fig [...]

    23. I recieved an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.This book, in one work, was just so darn cute.But not in cutsy hand-holding or sweet and innocent way. But in a way that two ten year-old's who are trying to find a treature to save a house are cute.It's a very funny book with characters that you begin to care a lot about.One of these characters, Annie, will get one your nerves as well. She's just so bossy and impulsive and stubborn that you wish someone would send her to her room [...]

    24. I received an advanced copy from Capstone via Netgalley.There is nothing like a best friend. Annie and Jason are best friends and are the only two members of the PB&J Society. Annie would do anything for Jason, including multiple plans to help him save his house. Her plans include selling her appendix on eBay, talking her uncle into buying lottery tickets with money she is saving for an iPhone, meeting with the bankers, having a bake sale, and even looking for pirate treasure. This book has [...]

    25. This is a great book. I loved Annie and Jason, and Janet Johnson did a wonderful job capturing what it feels like to be a kid and to want to control things you can't. The dialogue is perfect, and the story is both hilarious and heartbreaking. A really fun adventure story about two friends who are determined not to lose one another. I would have loved this when I was a kid--and I love it now!

    26. I don't review books, but I do blog about themRead my post about THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE OF THE PB&J SOCIETY here: laurashovan/2016/03/lauras

    27. 10-year-old best friends Annie and Jason regard themselves as spies and adventurers, and they're also the two founding members of the PB&J Society. A society where each of their smushed peanut butter and jelly sandwichs receives a ceremonial sendoff to become "food for the worms." Of course, their ceremony follows a very specific set of rules before their beloved sandwiches can be laid to rest. But all of their adventuring gets put on hold when they learn that Jason's family might be losing [...]

    28. You know that feeling you get when you eat a PB&J for the first time in like, forever? That good, warm, at-home feeling? That feeling of fullness? Fullness full of comforting, sweet, sticky nostalgia? This book is that feeling. Whether you prefer your PB&J's to be made with grape jelly or strawberry jam, you will like this book.Despite receiving an ARC of this, - and thank you, Capstone, for allowing me to review this wonderful story - I have plans to buy myself a copy of this book, alon [...]

    29. I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to read it.The Last Great Adventure of the Pb&J Society is one of those books that just makes your reading life better. It's such a funny, sweet, adventure of two ten year old friends who are forced to face the realities of what the real adult life looks like. It was such a delight to join Annie and Jason on their many adventures looking for Cap'n Marge's buried trea [...]

    30. Laugh out loud funny, endearing, sweet and emotionally satisfying tale tells the story of Annie and Jason two best friends who might soon be separated and the adventure they go on as they try and keep that from happening. I loved this book. I was pulled in instantly by Annie's character. I wanted one of her plans to save her friend from moving to work no matter how improbable they seemed. I loved how she grew and developed through the story. Learning how to be a best friend and not just to have [...]

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