Northland Two years ago Logan Ward got the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father of a two year old boy Professionally and romantically adrift he devoted all his time and energy to caring f

  • Title: Northland
  • Author: Cara Dee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: None
  • Two years ago, Logan Ward got the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father of a two year old boy Professionally and romantically adrift, he devoted all his time and energy to caring for his son But now he s searching for something , and he and Justin head north to Alaska to try out the life his best friend Quinn has been raving about.Kyle Shaw has beTwo years ago, Logan Ward got the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father of a two year old boy Professionally and romantically adrift, he devoted all his time and energy to caring for his son But now he s searching for something , and he and Justin head north to Alaska to try out the life his best friend Quinn has been raving about.Kyle Shaw has been living off the land his whole life, comfortable with nature and the challenges of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness He enjoys his seasonal work at the O Connor Adventure Retreat and is looking forward to this year s stint He s not in the market for anything than hard work, good friends, and reasonably priced milk.The work brought Logan to Alaska, but a late night encounter with Kyle opens his mind to the possibilities of a future richer than any paycheck.

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    1. ~3.75~This was a spontaneous buddy read with Renee & Ele, and our opinions on this novel are almost entirely aligned. I loved Northbound, the first book in this series and was anticipating Kyle and Logan's story. In terms of heat, this book didn't disappoint. Even though initially the men clashed, that just added to the ramp up of delicious sexual tension and sweet release when they finally got together. Wait, let me back up Kyle and Logan got it on at 12 percent, but with a woman present. [...]

    2. I enjoyed this one almost as much as the first book. It's a touch angstier, but not in any heavy way. Logan actually managed to come to terms with his sexuality more easily than I thought he would at first. And, I love it when families form that weren't really there before.We got some hints in Northbound that Logan might not be as straight as he's always assumed. He's never experimented with another guy, but after meeting Kyle last year when he visited Alaska, he's all kinds of flustered. It see [...]

    3. 3.75 stars. Logan spends 3 months working in Alaska with his best friend while bringing his 4 year old son with him. Kyle is one of the regular workers at the resort for this three month period too. We met both of these characters in the first of this series, and with 2 children in this book - I loved the characters!!It's no secret that I've come to adore this Dee's writing style. But there are a couple things about this particular story that didn't work for me as much as her other m/m stories h [...]

    4. *3.5 stars* This is the story of Kyle and Logan that we met in the first book of the series, It was a nice story, set in beautiful Alaska and I enjoyed it a lot. Kyle and Logan have great chemistry and they are super hot together.My favourite part was the middle of the book, I liked the slow burn and their coming together was beautiful. I did have a couple of problems though.*MMF scene on page at 12% of the book. Now, this isn't something I like to read in my mm books, but I don't mind it that m [...]

    5. Very meh read for me. So we have Logan being a mess at the begining and the guys jumping immediately from "Hey nice to see you again" to them having a m/m/f threesome. Don't get me wrong it was hot but I'm not really sure how it all came about. And Loganbutt virgin to full anal in about 5 minutes with no prep and a little packet of lube. Yeah good luck with that dude. Nothing about this whole first part of the book worked for me. (On a side note if Lani had been a real child I would have wanted [...]

    6. 2.5 starsIt started out ok, only I had problems to distinguish between all the people - who belongs to whom. Then around 20% it was like a break for me. I couldn't connect with any of the characters, not even with the MCs from the first book. At some point I just started skimming, reading more thoroughly here and there but couldn't really care a lot. The epilogue is quite substantial, but mainly a setup for the coming short story. Don't like that.Beware - it will be about Lani and Jax.

    7. 4.5I so super loved this! I enjoyed it a lot more than the first.I wasn't Kyle's biggest fan in the first one, he was just kindah or something, but I just love and adore him.I liked Justin, met him in the first one and he was just having a rough time and now he feels he is kind of stuck in a rut and searching for something more for him and his son.I did not like Sarah. At all. I kinda wanted to slap the shit out of her. That stunt at the pool? WTF?AnyhooThere is an MMF scene, or is it MFM and th [...]

    8. Mucho mejor que el anterior. La primera mitad no tanto, Logan es bastante rudo con esto nuevo que descubre sobre su sexualidad y sobre Kyle, pero en la segunda mitad es muy disfrutable (aunque sinceramente el Logan de la segunda parte nada parece tener que ver el Logan de la primera parte. Who the hell are you?).El agregado de los niños es lo que más me gusta del libro. Alaska es un lugar interesante ciertamente.

    9. 5 plus plus glowing stars! My favorite book thus far from Cara Dee. Didn't want it to end even though it had a perfect ending.

    10. *I was gifted a copy of Northland by the author. I am not compensated for my honest review.*Logan Ward has been lost in life for the last few years. Two years ago, an ex showed up with his two-year-old son, turning Logan’s life upside down. Logan also met a man he was attracted to, further confusing him. Now, he and his son Justin are planning to spend three months in Alaska where Logan will work on a Retreat and learn the ways of Alaskan life. It sounds simple enough, but Logan is only more c [...]

    11. 3.75 starsI think this might have been way more instant love then the first one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Kyle was like a flirty fiend in book one, and I wanted to know more of him. I liked him alot in this book. He was totally different this time. I like that it showed that he had all of these responsibilities that he wasn't slacking on. Mmmm, I'm still thinking on Logan from the first half. I thought his treatment of Kyle in the beginning was really bad. To put someone in that positio [...]

    12. Loved! Liked this one better than Book 1; it wasn't as syrupy. The 'dirty talk' during sex still kind of gave me hives, but I LOVED Kyle's cluelessness with regards to the kids and anything that remotely fell in the 'relationship' realm. LOVED his conversations with Justin and Lani, and LOVED how he eventually embraced being a dad. It was kind of funny how he dropped f bombs in front of a 4 yr old, but he spoke to Justin like an adult anyway, which is kind of what made the whole thing hilarious. [...]

    13. Like all of the Cara Dee books I have read, I devoured this book in one sitting (on release day). I really really liked it. The storyline was fast paced and the characters were deep, sexy, and lovable. Cara is great at writing a story that keeps you entertained and engaged without adding in pointless angst and miscommunications. Another hit by an author who is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

    14. 4.5 I-Wanna-Move-To-Alaska Stars!I love this more than the first book! Sorry, Quinn and Declan, but Logan and Kyle is more adorkable. Swoon overload!

    15. As much as I loved the first story I loved this one even more!!!!!! It was a full and complete story yet I still wanted more.

    16. *Sighs* Yes I Sighed !!Again Cara Has Delivered Another Fabulous MM Read !! We Meet Kyle In Northbound (The North Novels, #1) He Was Ooh Shit Ok He Was A Man Whore Male Female If He Wanted You He Went For You ! LOL & He Makes Not Excuses For Who He Is He's A Hard Worker He's Funny A Dedicated Uncle/Dad To Lani He's Just So Damn Fuckable *Clears Throat* I Mean Loveable ;) We Also Meet Logan Towards The End Of Northbound (The North Novels, #1) He's A New Dad He's Also Dedicated F [...]

    17. This book definitely better than the first one. The story was more complex than the first book for sure. There were some tensions, sadness and happiness and they were all complementing each part of the story beautifully. To be honest, this one was even hotter that the first book. Actually, I wanted to give 5 stars but I thought it was not as good as Cara Dee's Aftermath. So, I gave 4 stars which more like a 4.5 stars for me.Again, it took place in Alaska with all beauty that the set had; the bea [...]

    18. I've really enjoyed the two books in this series. Great characters and wonderful scenery. Loved getting to know all the people at the Retreat. I'm hoping there may be a continuation of the series with Lani's story. That would be really interesting.

    19. 3.5 ⭐️ This was a great Cara Dee Book but not my favorite of hers. Some bits were good but others seemed random, out of character or just sort of bizarre.

    20. Northland (The North Novels, #2) by Cara Dee is a continuation of book 1 but focuses on Kyle and Logan. We met both guys, Kyle is the electrician who works at the retreat with Quinn and Declan and Logan is Quinn’s best friend from Florida. Quinn ended going back to Florida to be with Logan when he found out Logan has to end up coming back early from his contract job in Iraq due to the fact Logan finds out a bay he didn’t know existed was dropped off on his parent’s doorstep. Since the 3 mo [...]

    21. The second installment in Cara Dee's "North" series.When we met Kyle and Logan in the first book, Kyle was the horndog who'd have sex with anyone, anytime, and Logan was Quinn's good friend in Florida. Now they've both had major life adjustments to make: Logan has a son, four year old Justin, and Kyle's the guardian of Lani, his 14-year old niece. Now everyone's back at the Retreat, and the guys are trying to find their new normal, especially Kyle who's struggling with his feelings for his famil [...]

    22. Too much too fastDidn't enjoy this one nearly as much as first in series. It was definitely instalove, boom we are a family now. Felt a little more like the forced actions of two lonely and directionless people than two people that actually developed a relationship. Not to be overly not picky but I have other beefs with this storylineI have no problem with hunting but this book resembled propaganda in its constant preachy message about hunting and sustenance. Beef number two, there is one female [...]

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