For a Little While: New and Selected Stories

For a Little While New and Selected Stories Long considered one of the most gifted practitioners of the short story Rick Bass is unsurpassed in his ability to perceive and portray the enduring truths of the human heart Now at last we have th

  • Title: For a Little While: New and Selected Stories
  • Author: Rick Bass
  • ISBN: 9780316381154
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Long considered one of the most gifted practitioners of the short story, Rick Bass is unsurpassed in his ability to perceive and portray the enduring truths of the human heart Now, at last, we have the definitive collection of stories, new and old, from the writer Newsweek has called an American classic To read his fiction is to feel alive connected, incandescentlyLong considered one of the most gifted practitioners of the short story, Rick Bass is unsurpassed in his ability to perceive and portray the enduring truths of the human heart Now, at last, we have the definitive collection of stories, new and old, from the writer Newsweek has called an American classic To read his fiction is to feel alive connected, incandescently, to the brief longshot of having been chosen for the human experience, as one of his characters puts it.These pages reveal men and women living with passion and tenderness at the outer limits of the senses, each attempting to triumph against fate Bass provides searing insights into the complexity of family and romantic entanglements, and his lush and striking language draws us ineluctably into the lives of these engaging people and their vivid surroundings The intricate stories collected in For A Little While brimming with magic and wonder, filled with hard won empathy, marbled throughout with astonishing imagery have the power both to devastate and to uplift Together they showcase an iconic American master at his peak.Table of Contents Selected Stories pp 3 342 Wild Horses In Ruth s Country Red Fish The Watch The Legend of Pig Eye The History of Rodney Fires Field Events The Hermit s Story The Fireman Swans Elk Pagans The Canoeists Goats Her First Elk Titan The Lives of RocksNew Stories pp 343 468 How She Remembers it The Blue Tree Lease Hound The River in Winter Coach An Alcoholic s guide to Peru Chile Fish StoryAcknowledgments

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    1. I've been a fan for some time, but this collection has 18 of his very best short stories and it is pure reading pleasure. That is, as long as you appreciate the outdoors and you enjoy adventure. (Who could say no to that?) It does also have 7 New stories as an added bonus. You might collect four of his other books, or you might purchase this one book and have his very best!

    2. Published: 26 February 2016, Dallas Morning NewsIf any contemporary writer of short fiction deserves to take the victory lap symbolized by a collection of selected stories, it’s Rick Bass, who has published seven books worth of stories and novellas, many of which have been honored with inclusion in prize anthologies.For a Little While gathers 25 of Bass’ strongest stories, including seven new tales, into a collection that should win Bass new fans while inducing his admirers to re-evaluate wh [...]

    3. For the first quarter or so through, I was stunned—stunned that I'd never heard of Rick Bass, while simultaneously unsurprised that he has so many literary legend admirers. His clear-headed and undoubtful prose sings and his stories have beautifully condensed arcs featuring simple characters with complex implications. However, one issue I had with Rick Bass' stories were their saccharine romanticization of natural life—Bass' characters always find true love with the one person who understand [...]

    4. If I could give this collection of short stories 10 stars, I would. I have long loved Rick Bass's stories and essays, and this is quite possibly THE single best book of short stories I've ever read. The scope of the subjects and character development and the spectacularly beautiful writing of every single story boggles my mind. I was surprised and delighted by each and every story in this collection, and often had to just sit and breathe for a few minutes after finishing a story. For sure my all [...]

    5. Rick Bass writes good stories. This book contains all of his best work along with some new stories and will be the definitive collection of his work for many years. It was good to read 'Fire' again, the story of two people trying to carefully get the most from a relationship that cannot last. Rereading 'The Hermit's Story' with its wonderful, almost visual, descriptions and its carefully rendered tale of walking under a roof of ice reminded me how stories and storytelling define us. And the new [...]

    6. When I started this collection I wondered how it took me so long to read Rick Bass but then I realized that sometimes you discover writers exactly when you are supposed to read them. I loved every single word of this stunningly beautiful, evocative, and quietly powerful collection. By far the best in the genre of 'nature writing' that I have read but even better were the characters--good, strong people struggling with the complications of mid-life, transitions, relationships with family, jobs, t [...]

    7. Excellent collection of old and new short stories from Rick Bass. Consistently great throughout, but in particular enjoyed Swans, The Lives of Rocks, and Lease Hound.

    8. ★★★☆☆ Wild Horses★★★☆☆ In Ruth’s Country★★★☆☆ Redfish★★★☆☆ The Watch★★★☆☆ The Legend of Pig-Eye★★★☆☆ The History of Rodney★★★☆☆ Fires★★★☆☆ Field Events★★★★☆ The Hermit’s Story★★★★☆ The Fireman★★★★☆ Swans★★★☆☆ Elk★★★☆☆ Pagans★★★☆☆ The Canoeists★★★☆☆ Goats★★★☆☆ Her First Elk★★★☆☆ Titan★★★☆☆ The Lives of Rocks★★ [...]

    9. This was a good body of work to read chronologically because you could really see Bass's style grow and breathe as the collection progressed. I felt at first that it was leaning a bit heavily on the atmospheric, nothing-really-happens framework, but that wasn't really it—atmospheric definitely, in a big way, but the arc of each story is there. You just have to be quiet and watch for it. And I do think that Bass got more adept at building the bones of the story as he kept working—I found them [...]

    10. Rick Bass is all but unheard of in this country. In America, when I worked as a bookseller in high school, we would sell a couple of his books every month or so, but it has taken his name a long time to reach these shores. Pushkin Press’s collection of selected and new short stories from his pen is one of the best books I have read for a very long time; I’m hoping that it helps him make his name here, and I’m also going to be tracking down more of Bass’s work, for the beauty of his writi [...]

    11. one of our best 3 or 4 american authors still writing. maybe number 1 on some days. . .a great retrospective and 7 new stories. i love "where the sea used to be" his long novel, but the cumulative effect of these stories may eclipse even that. particularly the linked "her first elk" and "the lives of rocks." also "the blue tree" and "an alcoholic's guide to peru and chile." both are stories of linked lives in different stages. one of the best books of any genre i have read in the past 30 or so y [...]

    12. This is a beautiful collection of both old and new stories which will touch your heart. Rick Bass has his characters interacting with nature and each other in an indescribable way. He captures the actual feelings of people in their relationships with each other. The beauty of the sights and sounds of nature are vividly described in a unique way. I already am rereading my favorite stories and will treasure this book. It is highly recommended .

    13. Bass's writing is first rate, between a four and five. I see why critics like him; heck, I see why short story lovers like him. But his stories in this collection leave me untouched, like old ashes. The result is that, while I can recall phrases and really cool passages, the stories are great big empties, unrecallable.

    14. Rick Bass seemingly has the skill to create short stories with the context and characterizations of full novels. So language counts for a great deal--exactly the right word, the right smell, the right weather. And a kind of turning away from neatly wrapping things up, but having layered a sufficiently framed story to create the unspoken ending. Skill, nerve. He's lived in the Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana for many years, and that skill and nerve might just rise from the silence of wilderne [...]

    15. Some old from previous periodicals or earlier anthologies but a good half of the collection of short stories are newly published. He has the knack as always of telling a good tale. Embedded are 3 longish stories of 30 pages but mostly they are quick reading ten pagers.He is at the top of his craft when he invents his short stories. I cannot heap enough praise on his ability to describe these unique stories about Americans and their lives. Wonderful!

    16. I read this collection in two chunks, half in June and half in August. For excellent short story writers like Rick Bass, I like to take my time and not just plow through all the stories at once. In this thick collection, it was nice to see some characters appear in multiple stories, at very different points in their lives.

    17. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bass. He read an original piece written specifically for an English teacher inservice. And for the first time in my career, I can truly admit, without guilt, that it was the best inservice I'd attended. When Mr. Bass read his piece, I was entranced with his style and the depth of what he had to say. So, of course, the logical next step was to buy his book, which he signed for me, and have since found out that it hasn't been released. So I will s [...]

    18. 3.5 stars Beautiful writing and lovely storytelling. I enjoyed several of the "new" stories more so than others in the "older" section. He has a gift with language. Glad I picked this collection up.

    19. A collection to savor. Nobody writes about nature like Rick Bass, but also about human nature. These stories are so well-developed and nuanced. Much to admire here.

    20. Fans of short story master Rick Bass have 480 pages of lean prose and searing natural descriptions waiting for them in “For a Little While: New and selected stories,” published this January. The first three-quarters of the book span Bass’s writing career, while the last seven stories are new to this collection. Throughout, he considers loneliness and connection, beauty and loss, in his unmistakable prose.Though Bass is often thought of and referred to as a estern writer, his stories actual [...]

    21. Although it took me seven months to read this collection of 25 short stories, I enjoyed them, especially Rick Bass's writing. He paints pictures with his words and uses images I wouldn't have thought of. I enjoyed "Her First Elk." The elk had run onto someone else's land after she had hit it. The two old brothers who owned the land, came and helped her gut it, cut it up and wrap the meat. I liked the step-by-step directions Bass uses. I think I could go out and gut a deer or elk from this story. [...]

    22. UPDATE, checked this book out again, and liked many of the stories. altho some got monotonous, paddling, paddling, paddling canoe. Mostly I feel frozen with cold as I read the stories that take place in the snow. One elk hunting story enough, maybe too much. Hard to relate to people who live in freezing places. To contrast the freezing cold, other stories about the Bayou, the mosquitos, the heat. Too many stories to review. I'd have to take them one by one, and I don't have the time or the patie [...]

    23. Qualifier: I read all but the last four stories in this extensive collection. There came a point, near the end, when I simply needed a break from the very distinctive and very commanding "regional" voice that is Rick Bass. I put "regional" in quotation marks because Bass's stories cannot be pinned to a single place, but each has to do with the complex relationship between people and their physical environment. Bass does a wonderful job of exploring that relationship, and the best stories here ha [...]

    24. This is a collection of 25 of Rick Bass' short stories. His background of growing up in the Houston area, working in the oil industry in Mississippi and then moving to the Yaak Valley of far northwestern Montana to write come through in the different stories. The Montana stories have a far gentler feel to them than the ones set in Texas and the Southeast and I tended to like them more. I found that the early stories in this collection were not his best ones. Once I got through them, I began to e [...]

    25. Had read many of these in previous collections. Read the new ones and reread all the old ones. Favorites include 'The Watch', 'Fires', 'Field Events', 'Pagans', any two of my favorites of all short stories I have ever read, 'The Hermit's Story', and 'Goats'.Quote from 'Lease Hound':"The only real ruin lies in our inability to fully engage, in every incandescent moment, in the brief longshot of having been chosen for the human experience."

    26. Rick Bass is by far one of my favorite writers, and his special talent lies in short stories. Each one here is a gem. Some were ones to revisit or discover as a lost treasure not having been able to get copies of all of his collections. Best of all were the new stories. Do yourself a favor and consume this book slowly and with relish. Each bite and morsel will bring pleasure. Guaranteed.

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