The Last Armada - Queen Elizabeth, Juan del Águila, and Hugh O`Neill: The Story of the 100-Day Spanish Invasion

The Last Armada Queen Elizabeth Juan del guila and Hugh O Neill The Story of the Day Spanish Invasion Ireland Christmas Eve As thunder crashes and lightning rakes the sky three very different commanders line up for a battle that will decide the fate of a nation General Juan del guila has been s

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  • Title: The Last Armada - Queen Elizabeth, Juan del Águila, and Hugh O`Neill: The Story of the 100-Day Spanish Invasion
  • Author: Des Ekin
  • ISBN: 9781605989440
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ireland Christmas Eve, 1601.As thunder crashes and lightning rakes the sky, three very different commanders line up for a battle that will decide the fate of a nation General Juan del guila has been sprung from a prison cell to command the last great Spanish armada His mission to seize a bridgehead in Queen Elizabeth s England and hold it.Facing him is Charles Blount,Ireland Christmas Eve, 1601.As thunder crashes and lightning rakes the sky, three very different commanders line up for a battle that will decide the fate of a nation General Juan del guila has been sprung from a prison cell to command the last great Spanish armada His mission to seize a bridgehead in Queen Elizabeth s England and hold it.Facing him is Charles Blount, a brilliant English strategist whose career is also under a cloud His affair with a married woman edged him into a treasonous conspiracy and brought him to within a hair s breadth of the gallows.Meanwhile, Irish insurgent Hugh O Neill knows that this is his final chance to drive the English out of Ireland For each man, this is the last throw of the dice Tomorrow they will be either heroes or failures.These colorful commanders come alive in this true story of courage and endurance, of bitterness and betrayal, and of drama and intrigue at the highest levels in the courts of England and Spain.

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    1. In 1601, driven to avenge his father's failure and protect Irish Catholics, Philip III of Spain committed money he barely had to an invasion of Ireland, sending single-minded Jesuits, a stubborn commander and soldiers who thought they'd be welcomed in Kinsale with open arms, sparking an uprising against Elizabeth I. Instead, their 100 day tenure inside the city drew a besieging force of English troops, who were then attacked by an Irish counter-attack, the city folks were uneasy and uncooperativ [...]

    2. “Too little, too late,” runs the conventional wisdom regarding the Siege of Kinsale in 1601. It’s what I remember being taught in school, and that’s almost all I could remember about this pivotal piece of history before I read Des Ekin’s fantastic book. First off all, Ekin paints vivid portraits of the principal combatants and the supporting players, revealing the influence of Catholic priests like Father James Archer and Franciscan monk Mateo de Oviedo at the Spanish court. Then he re [...]

    3. The author is not a historian himself, and he writes in a style that reads more like a novel than non-fiction. He tends to read into the actions of historical figures intentions and feelings he can't possibly know. However, he uses firsthand accounts when they are available, and he is careful to point out the strengths and limitations of various historical accounts. One thing I particularly like is that in at least two cases Elkin looks at both sides of a still-controversial issue and comes up w [...]

    4. Des Ekin does a wonderful job at revisiting the historical events surrounding the siege of Kinsale in 1601 offering many contradictory points of view that, combined, offer probably the ultimate take on the subject.He's a proficient writer and his journalistic background mean that the book turns out to be a very enjoyable, almost novelistic read.In sum, a wonderful read for those interested in Spanish, Irisn and/or English history.

    5. An excellent account of an historical event that was unknown to me. The historical repercussions of this invasion would have dramatic consequences that would affect Ireland to this day. A very good read!

    6. Enthralling, insightful, and superbly researched, with tons of fascinating anecdotes about early sixteenth-century Spain and her wars in Ireland. Fantastic read.

    7. Written in a conversational way.Not much in the way of maps or index.Warts and all look at the heroes and villains of the event.

    8. I am pleasantly surprised. I won this book some time ago on a giveaway. It has been on my "to do" list for quite some time. Well it's done. I assumed this book was about the famous 1588 Spanish Armada. I was wrong. There were a few subsequent armadas. This was one of them. The author has written a wonderful, detailed account of the 1601 Spanish invasion of Ireland. The goal of this invasion was to link up with the Irish Catholic rebels and take England from the flanks. The Spanish general Aguil [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. I have an interest in Irish history. This novel tells the story of the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. It was the last hurrah for Gaelic Ireland and the last chance of the Spanish to invade Elizabethan England. It tells the story of Charles Blount, Commander of the English forces (a man with a forbidden love, and possibly a conspirator against his queen), Juan d'Aguila, commander of the Spanish forces (a man of courage and valor who would not sell out his Irish compatriots), the [...]

    10. I visited Kinsale last November and had no idea that such a strategically important event in Irish history had occurred there. This book does a great job recounting the battle, the players on all sides, and the global context into which it fit. I definitely recommend it for anyone with an interest in Irish history or the Tudor period.

    11. I picked up this book because I thought it concerned the Great Armada of 1588; I didn't even realize there had been an attempted Spanish invasion of Ireland. But I do now, and I very much enjoyed learning it!Ekin has a very distinctive style- in his introduction, he states that all of the dialogue is taken verbatim from his sources, a detailed bibliography which is included in the book. He mixes these quotes with commentary written in modern vernacular. In this way, the author can more easily co [...]

    12. The Last Armada is exiting and readable. It uses the story of the Siege of Kinsale to tell about the transition of power from Elizabeth I and James I, the end of Spain's imperial ambitions in Europe, and the beginnings of the British colonization of Ireland. The Last Armada provides a glimpse of the events as they were seen and experienced by people of the time.

    13. A really interesting bit of history, about which I had no idea. I knew that the famous Spanish Armada was headed for England with the intent of overthrowing Elizabeth I. But this armada, 13 years later in 1601, was headed for Ireland. The strategy was to land there, be greeted as liberators, then use Ireland as a stage for launching an attack on England. Didn't quite work out that way. Des Ekin, a journalist based in Dublin, tells this story in a smooth and well-written text. As in most historic [...]

    14. This is a well researched description of the events surrounding the siege and subsequent battle for Kinsale.It provides an in depth narrative of the events leading up to the Spanish invasion of Ireland in 1601. The focus is on the military leaders of all 3 contingents ( Spain, England and the Irish lords) as well as their immediate subordinates. The physical challenges of this winter siege were considerable. Weather and disease were the primary killers that spared neither side.The author provide [...]

    15. An engrossing and lively description of the Spanish incursion into Ireland ~1600, near the end of the Elizabethan era. Ekin gives his historical characters a lot of color and life, and the story itself is interesting if not especially grand.

    16. Did you know that the Spanish invaded Ireland? Neither did I, but this well-written narrative of the Last Armada, full of valor, deception, court intrigue, battlefield surprises, and interpersonal rivalries was an engaging read from cover to cover. Great for history buffs in particular.

    17. Say what? A Spanish invasion of Ireland? It was the last act of the Spanish attempts to invade England (think the Spanish Armada, Queen Elizabeth, Francis Drake etc), and the last of the great Irish rebellion. A footnote from history well told.

    18. kind of monotonous but interesting enough that I finished itI had never heard of this momentous battle, possible because of the focus in US history.

    19. Great read about an interesting in Irish history. The Author did a lot of research to write this book. I really enjoyed this read.

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