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  1. Ten Grand was actually the first Edge novel I'd read as I purchased it, along with a handful of other Edge books, on a whim while perusing a local used bookstore. A long time fan of the Spaghetti Western film genre, as well as the amoral comic book Western bounty hunter Jonah Hex, I figured after a quick scan of the back covers of the books I'd snatched up that this might well be a series I'd enjoy. With the store lacking the first book in the series, The Loner (though I picked that up shortly a [...]

  2. Let me get this out of the way first in the hope the publisher will see it and correct it!! The Kindle version of this book has a TON of editing errors. Misspelled words, punctuation placed in the wrong places, the wrong words in many places. It looks like they put the paperback through a OCR machine which misinterpreted a lot of things, spit out a digital copy and no one bothered to proof read it. If you need someone to proofread the digital copies, let me know and I would love to help you.As f [...]

  3. Josiah Hedges, the man known as Edge, just gets nastier and meaner with each passing book. This is the second in the series and the fourth I've read. The pace is fast moving, the characters, nasty and unlikeable and everybody (I mean everybody) meets a fate far worse than even these human dregs probably deserve. There is no place for hope or redemption in these violent blood soaked tales. No sir. Gilman (Terry Harknett) has a lean, visceral prose that is sparse as a dusty cactus spotted landscap [...]

  4. Well, it's billed as "The Most Violent Westerns in Print," and this one lives up to that. I don't mind violence in my stories but a lot of this is rather gratutious, and Edge as a character is a total asshole. I particularly didn't like the way he beat on women and used them for his own ends. I was hoping someone would shoot him throughout the book, but seeing as how this series runs on for many volumes I knew that wasn't going to happen. The writing was not bad, in general, and there was some w [...]

  5. The Edge series by George G. Gilman is the some of the best fiction i've read. Hid writing pulls you into the landscape where Edge (Josiah Hedges), scarred by events of the civil war and the events that unfold for him after the war, is caught up in a harsh world of cruelty and retribution every novel in the series comes through.possibly the only author who creates such a cruel world for his characters is Jim Thompson.

  6. Gratuitous violence + cheesy one-liners + spaghetti western = awesomeness. Note: Kindle version overflows with misspellings, wrong word, and screwed up sentences, but did not deter from the enjoyment.

  7. Not a big western fan, but I was told this series was not your normal kind for this genre. Edge hooks up with an old bandit when he follows another group of bandits into Mexico to find ten grand, American. Violence follows violence. Not a bad book. I will be looking for others.

  8. Edge is as bloodthirsty as ever. If there's anything I wish - I wish he'd be more considering of the females.Great read nonetheless.

  9. Edge este șeriful unui orășel din Teritoriul Arizona. O bandă de bandiți mexicani jefuiesc banca și cu această ocazie iau și banii lui Edge. Rău pentru ei

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