Warriors of the Darkness

Warriors of the Darkness Deryn Murray has her work cut out for her Not only is she determined to prevent Alejandro Vargas death one she s seen over and over in her dreams but she must keep anyone from learning her true identi

  • Title: Warriors of the Darkness
  • Author: Mandy M. Roth
  • ISBN: 9781586087784
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deryn Murray has her work cut out for her Not only is she determined to prevent Alejandro Vargas death one she s seen over and over in her dreams but she must keep anyone from learning her true identity that of a slayer, and sworn enemy of all the supernaturals Protecting the Colonel of the alternate realm military base threatens not only her life but her very heart.Deryn Murray has her work cut out for her Not only is she determined to prevent Alejandro Vargas death one she s seen over and over in her dreams but she must keep anyone from learning her true identity that of a slayer, and sworn enemy of all the supernaturals Protecting the Colonel of the alternate realm military base threatens not only her life but her very heart Despite his refusal to cooperate, Alejandro has broken through her emotional barriers and holds the power to hurt her worse than anyone ever before Colonel Alejandro Vargas is than frustrated with the arrival of two civilian doctors, one of whom is human Tall, sexy and blonde, Dr Deryn Murray gets under his skin in ways than one If she s not humming nursery rhymes and talking to animals, she s taking on armed spirit tomb guards while insisting she s saving his life But in place where time and space have no boundaries, ancient enemies would like nothing than to eradicate them both, just when they ve found each other Rating Contains graphic violence, explicit sex, and strong language Not for the faint of heart.

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    1. 2* Warrior of Darkness is one of the most convoluted, chaotic and confusing stories I have read in a long time. There are so many elements thrown in that it would have required a very deft handling to bring them successfully together, which unfortunately did not happen in this case. Too many things happen, but none of them have a satisfactory or even logical explanation or resolution. We have the heroine, who is suppose to be very smart and powerful but most of the time comes across as a nitwit [...]

    2. This is one of those books I read periodically and haven't bothered to write a review for previously.Mandy Roth has created a whole new perspective on aztec type mythology, shapeshifters, vampires, fae and others as well as the whole gate to another world thing. This is one of those stories that certainly takes you away from the everyday.Dr Deryn Murray, jack of all trades scientist, slayer, Avatarian, is decyphering an ancient temple on another world when she senses an invisible menacing presen [...]

    3. Head spinningThis book had so many twists and turns, connections, figure 8's, round and around. Frankly it was hard to grasp most of the time. The family connections for the characters got so deep and twisty that eventually I just gave up trying to figure it out. Spoiler * At the end, he finds she was just about to move on and with whom.ory abruptly switches gear, and they jump into a completely different discussion, and then just like that it's the end! I mean I was stunned. All that intricate [...]

    4. 'Warriors of the Darkness' is one of Mandy M. Roths' higher rated books around here with a premise that sounded quite intriguing. Anthropologist(?) Dr. Murray is dispatched to examine an ancient temple site on a different planet as part of a team of shapeshifting military men. The colonel leading said team is the same man whose death she dreamt about repeatedly and who she feels compelled to safeguard with her slayer powers and some magic she can do on the side. So far so good.Normally I can go [...]

    5. a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: Warriors of DarknessAuthor: Mandy M Roth From: Review Copy Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Paranormal Release Date: Challenges: COYER Scavenger Hunt Links: – Deryn is a slayer, a species hated by vampires and shifters. But with her powers dampened they can’t tell what she is. In an alternative universe she finds herself studying ancient writings that hint to an enemy thought to be gone. Deryn also finds herself trying to prevent the events she saw in a dream, ev [...]

    6. Were-panther Colonel Alejandro Vargas is stationed at a base in an alternate realm and he is having a REALLY hard time trying to ignore the new civilian doctor sent to read the temple ruins. He is strangely drawn to her but she is human and not interested…or is she? Dr. Deryn Murray is not what she seems to be, a natural slayer and direct descendent of the Avatars (gods) is there not only to translate the ruins but to protect the base inhabitants who are unable to sense or fight against the an [...]

    7. Omg - Stargate with shifters!!!!!! As a self proclaimed sci-fi nut this book was right down my wormhole!!! Aztec/MesoAmerica type mythology, shapeshifters, vampires, fae all combine to make this a rip-roaring yarn.Dr Deryn Murray, all-around geek, but beautiful with it, scientist by day and supernatural slayer by blood. She is hiding some major secrets on a dig in a parallel dimension, staffed almost exclusively by supers. Deciphering Avatarian in an ancient temple, she becomes aware of a malevo [...]

    8. I was given an ARC by the author for an honesr review.This book is a 2 review and that is only cause i loved the characters.I could try to write what the book is about but truthfully its so confusing that i won't even try.The story is chaotic and a bunch of things happen that we do not know why and most of them simply happen cause no reason at.The family connections between the characters are simply not worth the time following up cause in the end you'll only get more comfused and the story just [...]

    9. I love Warriors of Darkness! Deryn is different but only a few know how. She knows that the men and women are in danger and she is determined to save them. Alejandro isn't sure why he is so attracted to Deryn. He is sure that she would not be accepted by his family and he is beginning to care less the more he gets to know her. I really enjoyed seeing how Ms. Roth wove these two strong willed individuals into a unit. I loved the interaction between not only Alex and Deryn but also the secondary c [...]

    10. This book was so very good. I loved the characters of Deryn and Alejandro. i found myself unwilling to put the book down once I started it, I read the whole book in one sitting. Action packed, sexy and incredibly well written Roth has done it again. I found the whole cast of characters to be very interesting, I would love to learn more about the supporting characters. This love story was rich and complex. Despite being natural enemies Alejandro and Deryn couldn't resist each other. Their passion [...]

    11. Deryn and Alejandro are working together in a realm that is close to Earth and they find themselves attracted to each other but fight that attraction due their own personal reasons. Fate has other plans for this couple and they must work together to save not only themselves, but their friends and family. These two mates are both strong and stubborn, but love those they consider family and will do what it takes to save them. There are a lot of secrets between them and also some that have been kep [...]

    12. I loved this! I didn’t want the book to end. Warriors of Darkness kept me pulled in and intrigued. I loved that Deryn seemed to be in her own world but yet aware of what was happening around her. Alejandro was great that he couldn’t stay away from her. There was a lot of missteps by both Deryn and Alejandro as they became involved. The mystery of the temple and the things that Deryn could see that no one else could kept the pass of the book going. Kane, a close friend since childhood was ove [...]

    13. I instantly fell in love with the heroine of this story. Deryn Murray is very quirky and makes you wonder is she insane or just too smart for her own good. Col. Alejandro Varjas is a panther shifter who thinks his commanding officers are insane when they put a human, Deryn, under his command in a base full of shifters. Little does he know that Deryn is more then he was expecting. She has been dreaming of Alejandro (Alex) for months and will do everything in her power to prevent her dreams from c [...]

    14. After reading many of Ms. Roth's' books, this one wasn't one of my favorites. It was a quick read for being a full length novel, but it seemed very disjointed. The story line included many plot twist and turns, but they did not flow seamlessly to make them feel like one integrated story. The main plot was the relationship between Alejandro and Deryn. They are both more than they appear to be and are hiding that fact from almost everyone, especially each other. What begins to get confusing is how [...]

    15. I generally cannot fanthom a decent storyline. The book has no real lead, it twists itself into a little ball of knots. And i think it gets to the point where its a little boring. The plot isn't exactly ground breaking and different so I guess the author has tried to add some mystery, it just doesn't really work. I have spent over a week or so to try and read this and i am now giving up. I dont even care about finding out if the heroine gets with the guy. That is the end goal i assume A good par [...]

    16. I will attempt not to post any spoilers but it may happen.I have to say this is a super interesting and compelling story! Very strong plot, but at times very confusing as to who was who. Now it is packed full of entertaining tid bits and wraps around in a super weird but makes sense kind of way. As, the story unfolds you get twisted around a bit and turned around but in the end it does get explained but at times you are left scratching your head.Now, I can this as a set for each of the males in [...]

    17. Another good one from Mandy Roth. Deryn is a slayer, feared by Vamps and shifters, although they only need to worry if they need policing. She is on assignment with Col. Alejandro Vargas and his team on another realm what he doesn't know she is here to protect him. He feels the same with her, unaware of her powers which she hides.The story line is complex with a number of villains that are not easily spotted or dealt with. The emotions range from love, lust, loyalty, jealousy, friendship, fear, [...]

    18. One of the out of the box stores for Mandy and it's great. I love the interaction between Deryn and Alejandro. I love how theres so much playful banter between the characters. Fulk in particular. It's one of those stories where from moment 1 the characters are introduced you just know you want a certain couple to be together. It was that way with the Deryn and Alejandro.The sense of family in this book is strong. I really did love how no matter if it was the men serving on the world or the blood [...]

    19. This is a 2, only because I loved Deryn and AlejandroOnce again for this author the premise was there for what could be a wonderful book, but it missed the mark. The story was disjointed and seemed to be missing valuable background, like what the hell is a kektau? what are tomb guards? who are the avatars and where did they come from? I'm sorry there were tidbits of info on all the subjects and nothing was every explained or gone into with enough depth to make it an enriching part of the story. [...]

    20. The story had so much potential, but alas the chaotic way it was put just ruined it. Frankly the heroine was so erratic, that i could not imagine her being some great ancient descendant. The male is so contradictory at times too for me,going on like some dumb bloke that i wanted to smash him with something hard on the head. The relationship are so confused its not worth it to even try to figure them out.The story seems like jumping from time to time and continues missing vital parts for the read [...]

    21. Unique and very entertainingWow, just WOW this is an awesome book. We have shifters and vampires and Gods and their decedents and so much more. We also have a love story to rival so many. Magic is in abundant supply is this story as well. Near the end of the book we find just how much the two main love characters were meant for each other. This is a full self-contained story but I know if the author wishes she can build on the world she has created. Well written and very enjoyable to read.

    22. Warriors of Darkness is sexy and full of action. I really liked the length of this story and that it was fully fleshed out with the characters and world very well-developed. I liked the complicated relationship between Deryn and Alejandro, especially the history that is revealed. I was surprised by some of the things revealed, which was really exciting. This is a really good story that's definitely worth getting.Warriors of Darkness is also included in the Alpha Shifter Seductions box set, which [...]

    23. FANTASTIC READ !!!Wow! If you enjoy action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, romance, shifters and a menagerie of paranormal beings, then you will absolutely love this book. This book is the total package! I loved it! I was totally captivated from beginning to end. Exciting! Action Packed! Well Written! Smart! Original! Thrilling! Romantic! Sensual! Sexy! It kept me on the edge of my seat! Great entertainment!

    24. I got this in the Shifter Fated Mates box set. This was kind of a confusing story. It starts one way, things happen, nothing gets explained, then ends in a completely different way than what was expected. It was almost like the author yelled "Plot Twist!" then used an alternate ending. There is not even a mention on amazon if there is another book behind this one to explain the weird cliff hanger. This would have been a 2 star, but I just loved the little monkey "Che". (I love monkeys.)

    25. Normally Mandy's books are an automatic 5stars this one was a bit chaotic. A few times I had to go back and reread because I was like what?? This was a good story great characters and that wonderful sense of humor we get in Mandy's books but I think there was just to much going on. Over all a good story just too much crammed into one story maybe if this happens in a few books this would have been a 5 star book.

    26. The store is a rather complex with a great many twists and turns, danger lurking in the shadows around every corner. The feeling of being right there in that moment with the characters was just outstanding. Mandy has such a way of writing that her words pull you into the moment and plops you right down in the middle of it all. She has become one of my favorite authors and I will be reading her books for years to come.

    27. I enjoyed reading this book and hope there will be more to this series. I enjoyed the twist of the heroine being the one trying to protect her mate (without knowing he is her mate) and hiding her true identity from everyone until near the end of the story. The final outcome left me defiantly wanting more from this couple.

    28. very convoluted tale of destined soul mates. part military, part sci fi, part paranormal, filled with hidden secrets kept for decades and magically excised memories. lots of confusion, lots of sex, a touch of racial prejudice and insane jealousy. rollicking, funny, touching and unpredictable. lots of real characters and funny.

    29. Wow. This is a deep , edge of the seat book. Mandy keeps you on the edge with this riviting story. Take a kick ass slayer and throw in some hot alpha shifters and this book sizzles. I hated for it to end and I'm ready to one click the next book in this series. A definite must read

    30. Good. I got confused at points about how the people where feeling because they would be angry and upset then like a sentence later they would be happy and fine. Very confusing. Still a good book tho. :)

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