A Killing Sky: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery

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  • Title: A Killing Sky: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery
  • Author: Andy Straka
  • ISBN: 9781941298732
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “A Killing Sky: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery”

    1. I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Ex-cop turned Private Investigator Frank Pavlicek is the hero in the story. Frank receives a newspaper article through the mail, is is about a 20 years old picture, it's about a hit-and-run, and it turns out later it was sent by Cassidy Drummond, who wants to hire Frank to find her sister Cartwright or (Wright) as she is known. Cassidy and Cartwright are no ordinary sisters, they are the twin daughter [...]

    2. This review has also been posted on Devin's Book Hub. I did review a copy of this book for reviewing purposes.Brash Books claim to publish the best crime novels in existence, and I'm beginning to agree with them. Of the three novels I've read from them so far, two of them I've given a five star rating. A Killing Sky is five star material to me. The story is the second in a series that follows ex-cop now turned private investigator Frank Pavlicek. This time he's hired by the daughter of a Virgin [...]

    3. Review Based on ARC received via NetGalley:A Killing Sky is an interesting thriller. The lead character - an ex-cop - is looking into the disappearance of a congressman's daughter. The congressman in question seems to have something to hide and the more tangled the story gets, the less likely the girl is going to be found. The twists were less predictable than most, and Straka doesn't tip the ending.

    4. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Ex-cop and avid falconer Frank Pavlicek is hired by the daughter of a philandering Virginia Congressman to find her missing twin sister. Is her disappearance related to her disintegrating relationship with her boyfriend? Or is it somehow connected to her ambitious father’s re-election campaign, a tawdry sex scandal, and a hit-and-run accident that happened twenty years ago? Pavlicek’s investigation unearth [...]

    5. Great characters. Pavlicek, Toronto, and Armistead +This was a fine-tuned mystery. Congratulations to Andy Straka for providing us with Frank Pavlicek and Jake Toronto. Toronto is to Pavlicek what Joe Pike is to Elvis Cole ("World's Greatest Detective"). If you love Robert Crais, you will understand. If you haven't read Crais, you're missing out. I love Pavlicek, and I'm starting his third book when I place this next period.

    6. Good plot with expected endingIt was a good read. The main characters are really alive. There were so e words in the Book that I did not like to read, but I guess the author felt that was how some people talk. Lots of action and interesting with the falcon training. I will read the next one.

    7. Good writing is always a pleasureMr. Steaks has created a terrific set of characters working inside a finely crafted story filled with interesting twists and turns. Looking forward to the next Pavlicek installment.

    8. Free-Flowing Thriller with a Touch of Falconry, 27 Aug. 2015I love this author’s books. Cassidy Drummond asks PI Frank Pavlicek to find her twin sister Cartwright. She disappeared on the same night that the twins returned from a trip to Japan. Frank at first thinks that Cassidy is actually playing a practical joke on him. Why would the daughter of Congressman Tor Drummond not go to her own father to report that her sister is missing? He changes his mind when she shows him an old newspaper cutt [...]

    9. What a great read. There is murder abduction sex & action. Frank is a P.I that is hired to find a missing sister but that is not all. A older couple have been murdered but what does that have to do with Cartwright going missing. Her sister Cassidy wants to find her but she doesn't want anyone to know yet. Her father is a politician that has many skeletons in his closet that will cause so much harm to many people. Who can Frank trust and what is the truth as there are so many lies. Can Frank [...]

    10. Frank Pavlicek is a private investigator in his home town Charlottesville, Virginia. Answering his phone, he get a surprise -- the daughter of the congressman is calling. Cassidy is trying to find out what's happened to her twin sister. Cassidy believes that her father, Tor, had something to do with the disappearance of her sister. Does he? Frank makes inquiries even though Cassidy's evidence is flimsy. By working on this case, he realizes his ex-wife and daughter besides his red tailed hawk are [...]

    11. Thank you, Andy.I've been reading big name authors for years, waiting impatiently for the next book to come out. My kids bought me a Kindle , so I thought why not expand my library a bit. I found a couple authors I liked, but light reading, nothing that I couldn't walk away from for a day or two. I had about given up looking for a book that really hooked me when I discovered this book. So nice to read a book that is fast paced with enough twists and turns to keep you going. His descriptions of a [...]

    12. This thriller has it all: dark secrets, family, emotion, and a cast of characters that is outstanding. It is hard to put down as the action and suspense continues page after page. I have to admit that I didn't see the end coming, but it was so very fitting. everyone in the story is a character in depth. Relations have improved between Frank and his daughter Nicole, but they seem to stay the same with the local police. In addition to the action and suspense, the byplay between the characters, bot [...]

    13. Very enjoyable book. Crisp writing and an attention grabbing plot. Rich and corrupt. Do they always go together? A philandering politician, just as if such a thing was remotely possible. And the band of thugs which you would associate with rich, corrupt and philandering. But to go so far as kidnap his own daughter? Certainly makes for an interesting plot. And to top it off the PI is into falconry, although rather than a falcon it is a hawk. An age old sport that was used to feed the families of [...]

    14. Gripping action-packed thrillerA PI is approached to find a missing twin. With a lot of twists and turns including congressional sex scandal, hit and run accidents, and other secrets and betrayals it turns into a murder investigation. There are several potential suspects, but are truly not sure who is responsible until the end,.The author weaves a good story with complex likable characters. The story keeps you guessing and is full of danger and suspense.I would highly recommend this book.Note th [...]

    15. Good Story, Bad TyposThis was a good read, with great action, likeable characters and cool facts about falconry. However, the typos are everywhere. I also spotted three places where the wrong name is used for a character. What a shame to let these preventable mistakes mar this gripping story. Does it cost too much to pay just one reasonably intelligent human to proofread?

    16. I received this arc from Netgalley. It started out really good but then took a fast dive downhill. By the time I got halfway through, my interest was gone. I just wanted the end to come and soon, so I could move on to something more interesting. It's highly unlikely that I will read anything else by this author.

    17. A good mystery, with a complicated plot full of twists. Private Detective Frank is an easy-going hero with the necessary streaks of stubbornness and idealism. The story is well-written (with a few typos). Fans of Spencer or the Dick Francis books should enjoy this one. I'd have liked more falconry.

    18. A killing skyA killing skyit began as a missing girl and led into a huge political scandal with well known politician pulling strings that turned into kidnapping. PI Frank Pavlicek pulls in friends,and favors to help solve this strange case.

    19. It has been awhile since I read this bookI looked back at my reading list and I gave it a 5 out of 5 so I know I really liked itd the reviews I have read about it have been greatSOOOOOI can honestly say this is a great book to read!!! Sorry for being so vague. : )

    20. A Killing Sky - NRAndy StrakaWhen a Congressman's daughter disappears, Charlottesville P.I. and falconer Frank Pavlicek follows a trail of family secrets to the most dangerous discovery of all-the truth.Improbably plot

    21. I like the main character, Frank Pavlicek. Being a bird lover, I love the addition of the falconing aspects of the plot. Good mystery.

    22. Good BookI liked the pace of this book. The storyline kept you guessing and interested. I also learned a bit about falconers.

    23. Good book - ran out of time on it and had to turn it back in, but I lost interest in it. It moved a little slowly in the beginning for me, but I might go back to it.

    24. Nice read with a good mystery. Crazy story thoughI just didn't feel like I got to know the main character very much. Maybe because it's the 2nd part in a series?

    25. I enjoy Andy Straka's retired Detective Pavlicek and his involvement in helping solve police cases. Not as riveting as some authors, but quite a nice read.

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