The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming

The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming High spirited young Jane is excited to be part of Mr Mercer s plan to bring Civil War widows and orphans to Washington Territory but life out west isn t at all what she expected Washington Territory i

  • Title: The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming
  • Author: J. Anderson Coats
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • High spirited young Jane is excited to be part of Mr Mercer s plan to bring Civil War widows and orphans to Washington Territory but life out west isn t at all what she expected.Washington Territory is just the place for men of broad mind and sturdy constitution and girls too, Jane figures, or Mr Mercer wouldn t have allowed her to come on his expedition to bring unmarriHigh spirited young Jane is excited to be part of Mr Mercer s plan to bring Civil War widows and orphans to Washington Territory but life out west isn t at all what she expected.Washington Territory is just the place for men of broad mind and sturdy constitution and girls too, Jane figures, or Mr Mercer wouldn t have allowed her to come on his expedition to bring unmarried girls and Civil War widows out west.Jane s constitution is sturdy enough She s been taking care of her baby brother ever since Papa was killed in the war and her young stepmother had to start working long days at the mill The problem, she fears, is her mind It might not be suitably broad because she had to leave school to take care of little Jer Still, a new life awaits in Washington Territory, and Jane plans to make the best of it.Except Seattle doesn t turn out to be quite as advertised In this rough and tumble frontier town, Jane is going to need every bit of that broad mind and sturdy constitution not to mention a good sense of humor and a stubborn streak a mile wide.

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    1. I probably wouldn't have picked this up without the local connection (Washington Territory!), but I'm very glad I did. It's one of those too rare books that manages to be realistic without being bleak. Jane's life was hard and sad things happened, but that's not all there is to the story!Worth reading.

    2. Yeah, this nailed it. A frontier book about expectations -- both realistic and unrealistic -- as well as the meaning of "broadening" one's mind and the meaning of family, this story gives no easy answers to any of the above, while also giving hope to the many definitions of personal growth. The main character is sweet and likable, the writing is excellent, and the historical setting is enthralling. Exactly right. Highly recommended.

    3. Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.J. Anderson Coats' debut novel, The Wicked and the Just, is one of my go to recommendations for historical fiction. When I discovered she had a new MG book coming out this year, I couldn't wait to read it despite being unsure of whether the premise would work for me or not. It completely did though. The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming is excellent.Jame Deming is not living her ideal life. Her father was killed in the Civil War and sh [...]

    4. The aftermath of the Civil War means widows, and the Pacific Northwest needs settling. Mr. Asa Mercer offers a chance to start over to the widows of Lowell, Massachusetts. A boat ride around Cape Horn, some minor discomfort, and then the promised land. Palm trees, blue skies, wealthy bachelors, and the wonderful city of Seattle all await Jane Deming's stepmother, who hates the mills. Jane, 11 years old, wouldn't mind the chance to go to school, make new friends, and not be poor and have to take [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this historical account of the Washington territory. Strong, young female protagonist and flawless writing.

    6. Public Library Copy.Jane lives in Massachusetts with her young stepmother and stepbrother after her father is killed in the Civil War. She hasn't been able to go to school because she must watch Jer while her stepmother works in the mills. When a Mr. Mercer offers passage to Seattle Washington for orphan girls and young widows, the group undergoes the arduous journey to get there. A highlight for Jane is being asked to help a teacher with her younger students. Seattle is not the bustling town fi [...]

    7. After losing her father in the Civil War, Jane Deming gives up her friends and schooling to raise her baby stepbrother while her young stepmother works in the mill. Unexpectedly Jane’s stepmother enlists the three of them in an expedition to bring unmarried women to Washington Territory. Using the expedition’s pamphlet as a textbook, Jane works on developing the social and educational skills needed for surviving in the Pacific Northwest. During their sea voyage, Jane’s stepmother tries to [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this story and how easily it flowed. I can see many kids enjoying it once they settle into the story. This will be a book I booktalk in 2017

    9. I found this book wildly appealing -- my inner history dork was delighted with the pacific NW slant, with the inclusion of Mercer's brides, even with the depiction of the textile mills in Lowell. I'm not entirely sure why I could not put it down (probably the excellent writing and pacing), but it kept me up late as I wanted to see the end of Jane's adventures. Love the plucky heroine, not least for growing during the book. Love the pragmatic depiction of the hardships many people faced in this t [...]

    10. Jane’s father was killed in the Civil War leaving her stern stepmother, brother and herself almost penniless. Like many other war widows and their families seeking new husbands and a prosperous life, they board a ship to the west. Jane’s main job, since her father’s death and on the ship, is running after and caring for her little brother Jer. But she has dreams of going to a real school, learning new things, meeting new friends and a whole new interesting life for herself. But when they a [...]

    11. High-spirited young Jane is excited to be part of Mr. Mercer’s plan to bring Civil War widows and orphans to Washington Territory—but life out west isn’t at all what she expected.I loved this middle reader/historical fiction story. Jane's father passed away in the battles of the Civil War. Her step mother is determined that she will find a new husband and a better life in the Washington Territory. They join an expedition bringing unmarried girls and civil war widows out west. They travel f [...]

    12. I love historical fiction, and this book did not disappoint me in the least bit. Jane Deming is such an easy character to want to cheer along the whole time, and as a reader, I grew connected with her to the point where her losses and triumphs became mine too. Her stepmother was so easy to hate, but she also felt realistic too, which is not always the case with antagonists in stories.Jane's desire for an education, as well as her care for her young half-brother, Jer, was so refreshing and could [...]

    13. Jane Deming's father has died at Vicksburg. Now she only has a stepmother that does not like her and a baby brother that she takes care of instead of going to school. Until her stepmother, Mrs. D decides to leave Massachusetts for Seattle Washington via sea voyage. Mrs. D is only 20 and as tough as a boot, stubborn too. She thinks that she will step off the boat and a banker will sweep her off her feet. Then she can take care of the house and he can go to work. There is no banker waiting, just o [...]

    14. Good historical fiction for young people is a joy to find, and a book about the Pacific Northwest is especially delightful for those of us who live in the area. Here we find Jane, a young lady, traveling to Seattle by ship with her stepmother and a group of the Mercer girls. Their difficulties and disappointments are depicted with fidelity to actual events. The hardships of frontier life are reflected with some delicacy and gentleness. When Jane's stepmother marries, the new family moves into hi [...]

    15. Jane Deming, whose mother died when she was young and father died in the Battle of Vicksburg when she was 9, lives with her stepmother in Lowell, Massachusetts, after they were kicked out of their farmhouse by the bank. Jane's stepmother, Mrs. D, hates working long hours at the Lowell looms, and Jane misses going to school since she has to take care of her baby half brother Jer. Everything changes when they join Mr. Mercer and a group of young women and Civil War widows to settle in Seattle wher [...]

    16. Reading this story was such a good journey. I started out uncertain, because it wasn't quite what I had expected. About the first 100 pgs of the story entails Jane's travel from New York to Washington Territory (before it was Washington State) by ship. But part of Jane's personal development happens during that time. Then she finally arrives in Seattle, and it's not at all what she was expecting, after reading a pamphlet a bumbling shyster had made to convince people on the East coast of the US [...]

    17. Charming middle grade historical fiction set in post Civil War America. Jane Deming is technically an orphan, who spends her days taking care of her little half-brother at the behest of her demanding stepmother. The ladies are bound for Washington Territory, with Ms. D hoping to ensnare a wealthy bachelor to elevate the family from destitution. When they finally arrive, however, things are much more rustic than either lady had anticipated. When Ms. D finds a new husband, their lives will change [...]

    18. Sometimes expectation and reality just don't match up. And sometimes the reality is something far different (and better) than what we expect. Eleven year old, Jane Deming launches into a journey from the looms of Lowell, New York to the wild frontier of Seattle and finds that her own strength and will to not only survive but to thrive far exceeds her expectations. Great historical fiction for upper elementary school readers--especially girls who're looking for adventure and strong (believable) f [...]

    19. WHAT A GOOD MIDDLE GRADE. In tone I was really reminded of the rollicking and somewhat madcap fun of By The Great Horn Spoon, but this was much deeper in terms of both the character coming of age and the book’s awareness of some of the darker elements of American history. It doesn’t go too deeply into them— this is a Middle Grade Book— but there is a lot of room for discussion spinning out of mention of race laws, slavery, sexism, the need for education, western treatment of native treat [...]

    20. What a delightful book about an interesting period of history. I've read about Mr. Mercer and the Seattle brides before, but I have not read about, nor thought about this period from the perspective of a child. I loved the way Jane narrated the adventure, and how she came to understand "broad mind and sturdy constitution" in a whole new way. I loved how she grew into her own and truly we see a pioneer spirit in her. While this is more of an elementary age book, I think older students and adults [...]

    21. After reading Mercer Girls last year and learning about this interesting piece of Seattle history, I enjoyed reading a middle grade perspective on the adventure of a Lowell textile-factory girl (or stepdaughter of such) traveling West to Seattle with Mercer's party. Thoroughly enjoyable for adult fans of historical fiction as well as adventurous middle grade readers who'll learn a unique piece of frontier history. I especially appreciated the respect for and inclusion of first nations characters [...]

    22. I absolutely adored this book! Jane is such an endearing character and it was so fun to come along on her adventure. J. Anderson Coates created a strong young women who can do whatever she sets her mind to even when when it goes against gender norms. She is a Mighty Girl indeed. As a Washingtonian, I also enjoyed stepping into Washington's past and giggling at the idea that "Seattle is full of sun and palm trees.

    23. After her father died during the siege of Vicksburg, Jane is left with new her stepmother and stepbrother. Working in the mills outside of New York is not the life they planned on leading, so the family packs up and heads to the paradise that is the Seattle Territory. Unfortunately, after their 3,000 mile voyage is complete, Seattle is not all that they imagined. Historical fiction with a strong young female lead, if you enjoy historical fiction give this one a try. -WS

    24. It started out a little slow but about half way through I was really enjoying it. This would be a good read for someone looking for historical fiction. A strong female character who's father has died but has a step mother and brother. They leave New York City, right after the civil war, for a new life in the Washington Territory. It isn't what they expected.

    25. This is the perfect historical fiction middle school novel. I loved its story, I loved Jane's narrative and her grit and her bravery! I love the idea that sometimes you have to make the most of what you are handed and broaden your mind. I loved learning about a piece of history that I never knew about and it was just a fun easy, informative read!

    26. Jane sets out on the journey of a lifetime to the Seattle territory, a land she imagines as a tropical paradise. Along the way she makes friends and realizes how important education is. This book is a fascinating look back in time to the humble beginnings of the Seattle area.Great coming of age story for middle grade and tween readers!@libbysbooks

    27. Wanted to see if this was something my 8 yr old would enjoy. Although it's a good story, I think she's still a little too young. It would be a great option for middle schoolers who are studying the Pacific Noarthwest though.

    28. The journey to their new home in Washington Territory is nothing like Mr. Mercer described. What if his brochure turns out to be filled with fabrications, too? What will Jane, her stepmother, and her toddler brother Jer do?

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