Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir

Rosalie Lightning A Graphic Memoir Rosalie Lightning is Eisner nominated cartoonist Tom Hart s beautiful and touching graphic memoir about the untimely death of his young daughter Rosalie His heart breaking and emotional illustrations

  • Title: Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir
  • Author: Tom Hart
  • ISBN: 9781250049940
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rosalie Lightning is Eisner nominated cartoonist Tom Hart s beautiful and touching graphic memoir about the untimely death of his young daughter, Rosalie His heart breaking and emotional illustrations strike readers to the core, and take them along his family s journey through loss Hart uses the graphic form to articulate his and his wife s on going search for meaning inRosalie Lightning is Eisner nominated cartoonist Tom Hart s beautiful and touching graphic memoir about the untimely death of his young daughter, Rosalie His heart breaking and emotional illustrations strike readers to the core, and take them along his family s journey through loss Hart uses the graphic form to articulate his and his wife s on going search for meaning in the aftermath of Rosalie s death, exploring themes of grief, hopelessness, rebirth, and eventually finding hope again.Hart creatively portrays the solace he discovers in nature, philosophy, great works of literature, and art across all mediums in this expressively honest and loving tribute to his baby girl Rosalie Lightning is a graphic masterpiece chronicling a father s undying love.

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    1. I have been sitting on writing a review of this book for a few days. In part because all the early reviews call it brilliant and well, I feel sorry for the guy, because he lost his two year old daughter and it seems downright mean to say anything other than all the praise that has been heaped on this book. Why turn critic on a guy in grief? Tom Hart and his also comics artist wife Leela Corman had a magical time with Rosalie, their daughter, until she suddenly and unexpectedly died around the ag [...]

    2. The grief in this book tore out my heart. The tears were streaming down my face, but the emotion can never compare to what Tom Hart and his wife went through after the sudden and unexpected death of their daughter Rosalie. The author reflects on his memories of his daughter during the last few weeks of her little life. All the things she said, her drawings, the events she was apart ofl the accumulative retrospect that leads to crippling what if's, regret, and guilt. I can't imagine my son no lon [...]

    3. Until you experience it there is no way to really conceptualize what it feels like to lose a child. Really there's no way to conceptualize losing a loved one period until you've gone through it. I think that's because of all the emotions we experience grief is the one that is truly the most personal and thus subjective. No one grieves in exactly the same way. I know there are supposed to be stages and we all cry of course but the way we experience and express loss and grief strikes me as unique [...]

    4. I can't recommend this book enough. A deep breath, a slow opening of the soul, a gift of love. The final sequence is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I could feel my heart unfolding, unclenching.Tom Hart's been quietly making a mark in comics for more than twenty years: from his beautiful, poetic mini-comics in the 1990s to the smart, funny and deeply political Hutch Owen; The Sands; Daddy Lightning; Banks/Eubanks, etc etc. And for many years he's also been teaching - supporting [...]

    5. Perder um filho deve ser das situações mais desesperantes que um ser humano pode atravessar. É simplesmente contra-natura, temos filhos, de um ponto de vista biológico, para nos suceder, e quando isso não acontece, o corte é profundo, a dor surge por todos os poros, psicológicos e físicos. Acredito ainda que isto é tanto mais intenso, numa sociedade que elegeu ter apenas um, ou dois filhos no máximo. “Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir” fala-nos da dor, da vida após a perda, do l [...]

    6. In November 2011, Rosalie, the daughter of cartoonists Tom Hart and Leela Corman, died suddenly, before the age of two. Rosalie Lightning is Hart's beautiful, elegiac tribute to her short life, an account of the months surrounding the terrible event. In fragmented, poetic fashion, he sifts through the rubble of devastating grief, looking for answers, searching for solace, and finding little (“Your best memories are your biggest torments.”). Eventually he reaches a sort of shaky peace and mov [...]

    7. READ THIS BOOK. //Comics don't often move me. That's a hell of a thing to say, coming from one who has staked a big chunk of his life and work on reading and talking up comics. It's true, comics engage and amuse me, often spark my thinking, often delight my eye, and sometimes thrill me. It's true that I enjoy reading them in ways that I find hard to put into words. But relatively few comics have pulled belly laughs out of me, and even fewer, far fewer, have moved me to tears, or to the point whe [...]

    8. I don't usually read graphic novels, but the description of Rosalie Lightning caught my attention, so here I am. I can't believe how powerful this book is. It is stunning. Heartbreaking. The text is incredible on its own, but coupled with the picturesI mean, there are no words to describe it. Reading this book is pure feeling. All you do is experience the author's pain along with him. Some of my favorite parts: The part where he talks to a pregnant woman right after his baby dies, and he describ [...]

    9. I have ARC of this to review for a great publication right now. I am avoiding writing that review, because no review can do justice to how powerful this book is. Suffice it to say, it is pretty amazing, and gut-wrenching, and challenging, and a NECESSARY READ. I wish it could hurry up and come out for everyone, but it is SO WORTH THE WAIT guys. Pre-order it, get yourself on the library holds list while it's still "on order". Just. Read It.

    10. I expected to be emotionally destroyed by this book, but I did not expect to be so impressed by its formal qualities that halfway through I almost forgot to wallow in second-hand grief and instead luxuriated in the beautiful simplicity and technical accomplishment of the visual choices. Tom Hart's always been a cartoonist's cartoonist, a Zen trickster who can wring a surprising amount of meaning out of rhythm and scribble (only they're not really two different things, they're scribble-in-rhythm, [...]

    11. How do I even begin to describe this book? It is like soul spilled on paper. The graphic novel is so very real and transparent that I found my heart breaking in million times over. Yet through this terrible, tragic journey there is the joy named Rosalie and the strength and tenderness of Tom and Leela's relationship. Reading this took my breath away and punched me in the stomach. And I would read it again.

    12. Heart breaking. I never realized when I picked this book up at the library it would be about the death of the authors little girl, I knew nothing of it other then it was a graphic memoir. I cried the entire book and all I could think was 'I can not wait for my little girl to come home this evening, I need to hug her'. My heart aches for those who have lost their children.

    13. I'm grateful my wife raved so much about this singular graphic novel, because in a simple and direct way, it confronts the kind of grief that becomes a bottomless pit, a hole at the center of a life. Certainly, many of us have mourned the loss of parents, grandparents, or a beloved pet, but there is something particularly meaningless and final about the unexplained death of a young child.Hart takes us on travels from New York to Gainesville to rural New Mexico as he tries to find a way to transc [...]

    14. Packed a similar emotional punch to Don't Go Where I Can't Follow. I didn't realize that Tom Hart was married to Leela Corman, who has also written some really powerful comics about the loss of their daughter. I think this hit be really hard because of the babies I know. My best friend just had a baby and Alicia's daughter is basically the same age as Rosalie when she died. Plus all the playgroup babies I see every week! It's hard not to think about those wonderful children when you read somethi [...]

    15. What is your worst nightmare? Mine, hands-down, is losing one of my children. I am sure I am not alone. Here, the author documents, the loss of his daughter, who dies suddenly, just before her 2nd birthday. Obviously, these parents are devastated and this shows the couple hit emotional rock-bottom and then gradually climb back to reclaim their lives.This is a graphic memoir, illustrated in a stark, unflinching style, which perfectly matches the tone of grief and isolation.It may not be an easy r [...]

    16. As a huge graphic nonfiction reader, I saw this on the shelf at the library and decided to give it a go. Though I read it in one sitting, it just wasn't for me. The narrative jumps around quite a bit - something that shows the grieving process well - but ultimately made it harder to follow for me personally. Because of that - and maybe other things I can't put my finger on - I just couldn't get a connection with the story. While I didn't care for this book, I could see it being a good recommenda [...]

    17. This book was beautiful and so heartbreaking. I mean, beyond heartbreaking. How do you cope with the loss of your child? Or do you? Tom Hart is so open and honest with emotions, you can't help to be right there with him, feeling what he is feeling. Reading Rosalie Lightning was like stepping into someone's despair and watching them muddle their way out of it, slowly, painfully, and beautifully, if that makes sense? Anyway, I would definitely recommend it.

    18. Not a fan of the art style, but, man, what a gut wrenching read. This is the story of a couple dealing with the sudden death of their baby girl. Hart just lets it all out.

    19. A raw, affecting, and masterfully told true story about the sudden loss of a child. Two year old Rosalie Lightning dies in her sleep one night without any warning. This graphic novel charts her parents' desperate journey to find reasons to continue on as their lives unravel. An unsentimental and utterly devastating story about grief. 4.5 stars

    20. This is a tough book to review as I have very mixed feelings about it. Death, and the grief that accompanies it is very personal, but also very universal. It is the one thing that all humans have in common. We will die. And people we love will die. This graphic memoir is about the death of a daughter at the age of two. Rosalie's death is unexpected, and I can imagine maybe all the more devastating for it. In this memoir, the author takes us through the emotional and physical journey he and his w [...]

    21. A semi-lucid graphic biography of the author's daughter Rosalie--who suffered an untimely death at age two--and his own subsequent trainwreck of grief and despair. Rosalie Lightning was so bleak that at bedtime I switched to a GRRM book in which the heroes go mad and turn into ravening cannibals, so that I'd have an easier time falling asleep. This speaks to the power of Hart's story, I suppose. He mixes adorable anecdotes about Rosalie with glimpses of his despondence and hopelessness after her [...]

    22. In many ways Rosalie Lightning is a powerful graphic memoir, but in as many ways it lacks the cohesion and beauty necessary to create a universally moving portrayal of loss. Clearly, this is an extremely personal work, so I'm hesitant to speak ill of it. Nor should I speak ill, as my only complaint about the book is a matter of perspective and all my other feelings toward the book are either positive or neutral. There are images in this memoir that I doubt will ever leave me (certainly, I will n [...]

    23. This was beautiful and heartbreaking, both warm and cold. Tom, thank you for sharing Rosalie with us, and for having the courage to do so in this creative way.

    24. I picked up an advance reader copy of this book. I had never read a graphic novel before. I chose this one because part of the setting was Gainesville, Florida where I went to school. I loved that town.What a fantastic first graphic novel experience. I can't write a review about how it stands as a graphic novel because I have read no others. However did it touch my heart? Yes. Did I cry? Yes. This book is the memoir of the unexpected death of a toddler. Rosalie is water and sunshine and light an [...]

    25. A truly moving book, and that's putting it lightly. Rosalie Lightning chronicles Tom's life in the months following the death of his daughter. It's a memoir, certainly, but I found that one of the best ways to approach this text is not only as a linear narrative, but as something more poetic. Braided images as well as iconic and thematic associations are what binds everything together. We interviewed Tom on a recent episode of the podcast: comicsalternative/comics-a.

    26. Comics proves the perfect form for this touching and deeply spiritual grief memoir. Hart manipulates and repeats images and plays with pacing and space to create a world where everyday objects and occurrences become powerful symbols and portents. Hart's work captures the way grief and trauma rip you open and make you see the mundane world in new ways.

    27. Tom and Leela are artists whose baby Rosalie, not quite two, dies inexplicably. Tom's memoir of Rosalie's brief life and her parents' grief is unalloyed and gut-wrenching. It is as rare and beautiful as the soul who is celebrated therein.

    28. One of a handful of books about loss that has helped me understand my own grief in a new way. Beautiful and brave and surprising.

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