While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness

While the City Slept A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man s Descent into Madness Binged Making a Murderer Try this riveting portrait of a tragic preventable crime Entertainment WeeklyA Pulitzer Prize winning reporter s gripping account of one young man s path to murder and a wake

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  • Title: While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness
  • Author: Eli Sanders
  • ISBN: 9780670015719
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Binged Making a Murderer Try this riveting portrait of a tragic, preventable crime Entertainment WeeklyA Pulitzer Prize winning reporter s gripping account of one young man s path to murder and a wake up call for mental health care in America On a summer night in 2009, three lives intersected in one American neighborhood Two people newly in love Teresa Butz Binged Making a Murderer Try this riveting portrait of a tragic, preventable crime Entertainment WeeklyA Pulitzer Prize winning reporter s gripping account of one young man s path to murder and a wake up call for mental health care in America On a summer night in 2009, three lives intersected in one American neighborhood Two people newly in love Teresa Butz and Jennifer Hopper, who spent many years trying to find themselves and who eventually found each other and a young man on a dangerous psychological descent Isaiah Kalebu, age twenty three, the son of a distant, authoritarian father and a mother with a family history of mental illness All three paths forever altered by a violent crime, all three stories a wake up call to the system that failed to see the signs In this riveting, probing, compassionate account of a murder in Seattle, Eli Sanders, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his newspaper coverage of the crime, offers a deeply reported portrait in microcosm of the state of mental health care in this country as well as an inspiring story of love and forgiveness Culminating in Kalebu s dangerous slide toward violence observed by family members, police, mental health workers, lawyers, and judges, but stopped by no one While the City Slept is the story of a crime of opportunity and of the string of missed opportunities that made it possible It shows what can happen when a disturbed member of society repeatedly falls through the cracks, and in the tradition of The Other Wes Moore and The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, is an indelible, human level story, brilliantly told, with the potential to inspire social change.

    One thought on “While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness”

    1. ****Eli Sanders won the Pulitzer Prize for his compassionate reporting about this crime.****”They had feared him, and it was fear of a certain kind. Not the primal, salable fear of violence, not fright of the unexpected arriving with sudden brutality from an unknowable beyond. Theirs was fear of a known man and an outcome not yet known but likely to be grim. Fear of a person who, regrettably, had lived and delivered pain already, a man intelligent enough to impress yet with seemingly no handle [...]

    2. While the City Slept: Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man’s Descent into Violence by Eli Sanders is the account of violence and murder in a Seattle community. Eli Sanders is the associate editor of Seattle's weekly newspaper The Stranger. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing in 2012 for his reporting on the murder of Teresa Butz. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, The American Prospect, and Salon, among other publications.I usually don’t read true crim [...]

    3. Eli Sanders won a Pulitzer for his coverage of this horrific crime. And I must say, he truly deserves it. Sanders carefully wove the facts of this crime together over years of research, fusing it with great respect not just for the victims and their families, but for the perpetrator and his family as well. I was deeply moved by the compassion that Sanders showed for everyone, no matter how much responsibility they held in this awful tragedy. If only everyone felt the way he does, the world would [...]

    4. I was contacted to do a review on this book in exchange for a free copy. This review is my own, and the five stars I have given this book are my own.While the City Slept, is another book that tries to get readers aware of the massive problem that the United States has concerning the mentally ill. I read a lot of these books, and know firsthand what a problem this is, so I was very excited to get a chance to read this book.In 2004 my uncle was released from prison, he had spent 17 years in prison [...]

    5. Given the opportunity most Washingtonians - myself included - are eager to extol the virtues of our state. We rank exceptionally high in the top places to live in this country, despite the higher costs of living in urban areas, largely because residents pay a lot of taxes which are by and large sent back into the community. We fund our libraries here. We welcome refugees. We embrace equality. We even legalized marijuana because we didn't see the benefit of law enforcement using valuable resource [...]

    6. I guess this shows that distinction in journalism doesn't necessarily translate to books. The theme centered around the flaws in how we as a society care of the mentally ill, and that is a worthy topic to explore. It was a sad story with many lives irreparably broken in the wake of Isaiah Kalebu's illness. Still the author's metaphorical analogy to the care for Duwamish River was awkward and there wasn't the call to action that I had expected.

    7. Let me preface this review by saying that i am an AVID non-fiction fan. I am drawn to it so much I have a hard time reading fiction. This book was SOOOOO boring. I put it down with about 90% of it read because I couldn't stand one more minute of the mundanity. I know many will counter with "Well, it did win a Pulitzer!" So what? It's BORING. I listened to the audiobook. I can't imagine making it as far as i did if I had read it. Maybe not even halfway. The writing is thorough and extremely well [...]

    8. This book combined both true crime and the plea to adjust our justice system to keep crimes like this from happening. Parts reminded me of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson in the sense that more must be done and crimes and violence can be prevented. This was a heartbreaking story that focused on so much more than the violent act of its center. It covers city planning, family, coming of age, mental illness, our court system, and more. Definitely a recommended piece of journalism if you're interested [...]

    9. This book covers such an important issue, mental health being a cause of crime, but it was so tedious to get through. The book recounts the sexual assault of Jennifer Hopper and Theresa Butz with Theresa succumbing to her wounds. The ladies were sleeping when Isiah Kalebu broke into their home and attacked them. It was a very tragic crime made even more so by the fact that Isiah was so clearly mentally ill and had been for some time.To understand how this could happen you have know a bit about t [...]

    10. I suppose it's important to start this review by saying, I live in Seattle, not very far from where the South Park attacks happened, and work in criminal justice in the city, so I'm well aware of what goes on in this City and County crime-wise. And I'll say that Seattle, for a city of it's size, is incredibly safe; we do not have much violent or person crime here, and while we worry, we still act as if this is a small town where people are nice. That all being said, I also remember clearly this [...]

    11. 3.5 I am not one to read non-fiction on crime but I decided to give this one a go because I had just finished binge watching “Making of a Murderer”. I think this book should have been made into a TV series instead of a book. There were so many moving parts, so many angles to cover that a lot of these issues that should have been looked at more in-depth was done on a surface level. Yes, the book was well written, it is clear Sanders did a massive amount of research on this piece but sometimes [...]

    12. This book appealed to me because I enjoy both true crime and legal dramas, but they can be shoddily written and sensationalistic; this promised to be much better-written than the average true-crime fare, and it largely was. My problems with the book were threefold: (1) the background information about the characters, particularly the victims, was overlong and needless; (2) the criticisms of the legal / mental health system seem half-baked; and (3) most infuriatingly, Sanders was so coy about the [...]

    13. A heartbreaking read with a powerful and compassionate call to action. The closing paragraphs were absolutely stunning.

    14. “While The City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man’s Decent into Madness” (2016) is a profound, compelling, unforgettable book: sequel to the Pulitzer Prize winning article “The Bravest Woman In Seattle” (2012) both authored by Eli Sanders, that recount the horrific incomprehensible crime that cost Teresa Butz her life after she and her partner Jennifer Hopper were brutalized in their Seattle South Park home on the morning of July 19, 2009. Sanders also critically exposes t [...]

    15. ARC for review. A second subtitle for this book might well be "How the System Failed Three People" or, even more simply, "An American Crime.". Sanders won the Pulitzer for his coverage of this story and, though I haven't read the articles which won him the prize, there's definitely enough here for a book as the longer format allows us to really get to know Teresa Butz, Jennifer Hopper and Isaiah Kalebu - their lives, their families, their loves and, in Isaiah's case, the ways in which there was [...]

    16. “While the City Slept” by Eli Sanders, published by Viking.Category – True Crime Publication Date – February 02, 2016.This book will be of great interest to those who like True Crime and should be required reading for those in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. It is also pertinent for those in the criminal justice system.It is a difficult book to review because one finds it hard to begin with the murder or the murderer or the family or mental illness or the judicial system. All of [...]

    17. I can't seem to get past my problem with this book. I want to embrace it and respect it and love it for being brave and harrowing and important and unflinching. Which it almost is, but in the end, he flinched. The author wants us to feel compassion for someone who was failed over and over again by the system until he committed a truly horrific crime and was locked away for life. And I'm willing to do that, but when it came right down to it he shies away from showing just how bad it was, which fe [...]

    18. I remember the news stories about the attacks on these two women in Seattle. Because of the overload we get on such horrific stories, I didn't really pay much attention.Teresa Butz, the woman murdered, is the sister of Norbert Leo Butz, one of my favorite actors. I didn't even realize that at the time. Teresa and Jennifer were women who had been through a lot and had finally found a niche with each other in a funky neighborhood of Seattle. They had no idea that a mentally ill young man was about [...]

    19. More accurately - 3.5 stars (c'mon , add the half-star option for goodness sake). At it's best, this is a very insightful and easy-to-read scathing review and commentary on the underfunded and overwhelmed system created to care for persons with mental illness in Washington state by looking at one heinous crime/event from 2009. It will probably inspire you to take up the mantle of social change and fight for better mental health community networks, a revitalized criminal justice system, and less [...]

    20. Extensive and inclusive study of a crime. A crime that was beyond horrendous and perpetrated upon strangers by the murderer. It's a read that has myriads of endless details about the three prime characters' lives. The two victims and the murderer. And their eventual outcomes, as well. And does it say something that the length of pages given to the murderer exceed by dozens the total for the other two. It does to me.Beyond sad.

    21. A fine example of a reporter taking a story (in this case an unforgettably harrowing Pulitzer Prize-winning story) and digging deeper and deeper (meticulously, beautifully), tracing its ripples and ramifications back to its causes and starting points. I really admire what Eli Sanders has done here (disclosure: we're friends); often a reporter is tempted to go back to a memorable story and extend it into a book and that doesn't always work. This is how it's done.

    22. An excruciatingly tedious retelling of a "no doi" tragedy. A story probably best served by the news articles and probable editorials already in existence.

    23. Incredibly interesting (and profoundly disturbing) look at the American judicial system, and how it intersects with mental illness, seen through the eyes of one particular legal case and the participants (criminal, criminal's family, victims, lawyers, community, etc.). HIGHLY recommend to all readers who are interested in WHY mass killings and other violent crimes are often not "out of blue," but are instead the accumulation of a long history of someone with mental illness moving in and out of t [...]

    24. This is not a true crime novel. This is not a gawking voyeur's account of a tragedy.This is a story of the courage and love of two women, and the society that refused it.This is a story of the mental illness of a young man, and the society that refused to help him.This is a story of the mental health and criminal justice systems, and their parallel, rarely intersecting, uncooperative relationship-- which resulted in a horrific and violent end to a beautiful love and at least one life.A well-rese [...]

    25. Was very excited to read this as soon as it came out. It did not disappoint, although parts of it became tedious at time (but, it chronicled a very lengthy trial, so--tedium to be expected). I really enjoyed reading about Jennifer and Teresa. I thought that the author provided just the right amount of detail regarding the crime for an unknowing reader to get it, but was still respectful of it. However, this book was a testament to the lack of mental health capacity and programs in WA state, whic [...]

    26. This was a thoughtful, nuanced look at a horrific rape and murder in Seattle that telescopes out into a broad examination of failed American mental health institutions and practices. Sanders' voice is one of empathy and fairness. Superlative journalism and humane warmth make this a compelling read.

    27. Very well written, asking all the important questions.Unfortunately, I think younger people than I will still be asking those same questions many years after this atrocious crime fades from our memory!Mental health issues continue to be swept aside.

    28. (4 1/2 stars, really)This book was fascinating and sobering in equal measures. There is so much to do surrounding mental health and so many roadblocks to getting there.

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