Your Genes Unzipped

Your Genes Unzipped Your Genes Unzipped Genes and the traits they produce are passed down because in general they have or had an evolutionary purpose Sometimes just knowing that a problem you have is inbuilt and part of

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  • Title: Your Genes Unzipped
  • Author: Tim Spector
  • ISBN: 9781861056627
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your Genes Unzipped Genes and the traits they produce are passed down because in general they have or had an evolutionary purpose Sometimes just knowing that a problem you have is inbuilt and part of a genetic package can be helpful in the way you deal with it Full description

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    1. This book is very pop-sci, interesting but not very deep. Most chapters are prefaced with a little "true life anecdote" in an attempt to explain to readers, if they needed it, how the topic of the chapter influences people's lives. It runs quickly through different stages in people's lives. Recommended for people who know little about genetics.

    2. I left this book behind when I went on holiday. I bought it as a sort of reference book to accompany my genealogy hobby. I think it will suit that purpose, since it gives a simple explanation of DNA. It was fun reading the case histories.

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