One LoveTwo Hearts Three Stories: A Pride & Prejudice Anthology

One LoveTwo Hearts Three Stories A Pride Prejudice Anthology This is a collection of two novella length stories and one full length novel The Library What happens when Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are alone in the library at Netherfield Park and they

  • Title: One LoveTwo Hearts Three Stories: A Pride & Prejudice Anthology
  • Author: J. Dawn King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a collection of two novella length stories and one full length novel The Library What happens when Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are alone in the library at Netherfield Park and they decide to talk instead of ignore each other In Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, the half hour passes without either our hero or our heroine speaking one word to each othThis is a collection of two novella length stories and one full length novel The Library What happens when Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are alone in the library at Netherfield Park and they decide to talk instead of ignore each other In Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, the half hour passes without either our hero or our heroine speaking one word to each other This sweet variation has them breaking their silence What follows is a conversation filled with confrontation, clarification, and love Married Fitzwilliam Darcy needs a wife Elizabeth Bennet needs a husband What results when two strong minded, kind hearted strangers unite in this most sacred state Will love grow In this full length novel, Darcy and Elizabeth are faced with frustrations and blossoming feelings of tenderness Our favorite couple finally reach their happily ever after Or, do they Ramsgate When Miss Georgiana Darcy stumbles upon her beloved George Wickham willingly wrapped in a passionate embrace with someone else, the elopement is off Running to her new friend, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, she involves her in a plan to get help from her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and bring Wickham to justice In this novella length story, does Darcy marry Elizabeth Does Colonel Fitzwilliam find the woman of his dreams And, what happens to the nefarious Mr Wickham Enjoy this alternate path to our favorite couple s happily ever after.

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    1. I grabbed this Pride and Prejudice fanfic as a Kindle freebie. It's a collection of two novellas and a short novel, all based around alternative storylines in the P&P world: * What if Darcy had gotten up the nerve to actually have a heart to heart talk with Lizzy in the library at Netherfield? (Worth the price of admission just to read about Darcy putting Caroline Bingley in an armlock when she tried to put the moves on him, lol! So out of place for Darcy's character and his time, but it mad [...]

    2. Well, I have to say that one of the markers for how I will rate a story is whether or not it brings me to tears. In reading these three stories I was brought to tears by two out of the three. I had read the first two stories Online as WIPs. I had enjoyed them there and enjoyed them just as much in the re-readingE LIBRARY: This novella is set, for the majority, at Netherfield during the time Elizabeth spent nursing Jane. As you may recall, Jane became ill after being sent to dine with Caroline Bi [...]

    3. Wonderful -- three JAFF stories in one! I particularly loved the novel-length one which included Elizabeth's interference with Wickham's plans at Ramsgate and dealt with the issue of slavery--fascinating and heartfelt.

    4. Absolutely delightful!!!To start with, J Dawn King is an absolutely delightful writer!!! This is her second book, and I love this one as much as her first, "A Father's Sins". Mrs King knows how to draw you in, in constant want for more, but she also leaves a lot to the readers imagination. She knows how to write that perfect balance.In "One Love - Two Hearts - Three Stories," we see 3 different options for how Elizabeth and Darcy meet and marry.1. The Library - what if Darcy could not help himse [...]

    5. Oh my heart, three stories to lift the spiritPart 1: The Library: 5-starsLove is in the air…or was that the libraryThe one thing readers of JAFF have always wanted was more face time with ODC [our dear couple]. In this short story by J. Dawn King we have that. The reader was witness to a window of time when Elizabeth and Darcy are in the Netherfield library during the time Elizabeth helped care for Jane during her illness. In spite of their reticence, ODC open up in a way we do not normally ge [...]

    6. Triple the Darcy, Triple the Elizabeth, Triple the Romance!Austenesque anthologies seem to be all the rage at the moment! I love that authors are writing Austenesque-inspired short stories, and novellas – not every plot bunny can be fleshed out into a full-length novel! And these shorter works are great for readers who may be looking for a quick dip into Jane Austen’s world or who perhaps only have brief bouts of reading time available. I think it is wonderful that Ms. King challenged hersel [...]

    7. My first review below is apparently the only story I heard in this audio version of the book. And then it was over. But the book actually has three stories. I only came in on the one called Ramsgate. So that review is below. I will have to go back through the audio version to see if I can find the other two stories. Until then, this is RamsgateThis was an alternate Pride and Prejudice story, audio version.It was an utter surprise to me. I'm aware of, and have even read other books like this, whe [...]

    8. Great short stories, that left me wanting for more. All three of them have D&E relationship progress quickly, without majority of canon misunderstandings and angst. Luckily, J. Dawn King writes her short stories in such a way, that they don't suffer too much from their length. Two Ramsgate stories are my favorite, I love Elizabeth disturbing Wickham's plans. With many entertaining original characters, and plenty of humor, they are a delight to read.

    9. My Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of this book by the author's representative. I am providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review: ✭✭✭✭A book with three Jane Austen re-tales in it should keep you busy on a damp and dreary afternoon. Well, it kept me well occupied. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.The story lines varied widely from what JA might have written had she thought of these [...]

    10. One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories by J Dawn KingThe title of the latest release by J Dawn King, One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories, is perfect for this book and I do love it. All three stories are about Darcy and Elizabeth. One of the things that I fancy best about them is that each story has much time with Darcy and Lizzy in company. Add to their together time, an extremely good plot and you have some fine reading. It does not get much better than that.The first short story is [...]

    11. I loved the three stories.2 short Novellas and one full length story. Joy writes in a way that has some angst, but not too much. The first (novella): The Library is what if Elizabeth and Darcy had talked while Jane was at Netherfield.The second: (full length novel): Married is when Elizabeth is called home from the Gardner's to marry Mr. Collins. The third (novella): Ramsgate shows how Elizabeth helps Georgiana in a time of needJoy handles each story with love and humor, which makes you fall in [...]

    12. So I started out really liking the first short story, until IT WENT SO FAST! Like a lot happen in the library! Then I started out with the second, much longer story, and it was pretty good, something I hadn't read before AND THEN IT WENT TOO FAST WITH TOO MUCH GOING ON! By the time I got to the third story I knew exactly what I was in for but still was like WHO IS THIS FAST AND FURIOUS DARCY!?If you like your stories tied up tout suite this is a great collection of three!

    13. One love Two hearts Three stories è il bel titolo della raccolta di tre racconti di Joy Dawn King, in cui i due cuori sono quelli di Darcy ed Elizabeth. Si tratta, infatti, di tre variation del celebre Orgoglio e Pregiudizio di Jane Austen.Il primo racconto, The library, è costituito da nove capitoli e un epilogo. In esso l'autrice immagina che, una volta insieme nella biblioteca di Netherfield, i due protagonisti non restino in silenzio, ma si confrontino. Soprattutto, è Darcy a spiegarsi, e [...]

    14. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Since this book has three different stories I will be looking at each story individually. The Library - This is a cute little story. The main premise of it is Darcy declaring his love way before Hunsford in the Netherfield library. The only thing that gets me is that Elizabeth at one point tells him that she doesn't love him but by the time they leave the library she's in love with him. Talk about changing your feelings way to fast. I did like th [...]

    15. 3 stories that are pretty decent length in themselves give us a different take on the story of Elizabeth and Darcy.The first story takes place during that time that they spent alone in the library at Netherfield. What if they conversed instead of sitting in silence? Elizabeth gets to know real Darcy. Although I think the progression of their relationship over one conversation is too fast it was a cute happy story that made me laugh especially at Caroline's expense!Second story finds Elizabeth on [...]

    16. This is book with two very short but enjoyable stories and one longer and wonderfully busy story. This book is clean and fairly angst free.The first story The Library is what convinced me to buy. It is a unique spin on Darcy and Lizzy in the Netherfield library where all is explained and love can blossom.The Second has Darcy & Lizzy marrying to cover up Georgiana's attempted elopement. This is a little more angsty and dramatic. There are plenty of twists and turns Miss Austen never considere [...]

    17. Three Pride and Prejudice variations- The Library - what happens when Darcy and Elizabeth are together in the Netherfield Library.- Married - Miss Darcy elopes with Wickham and Mrs Younge in a coach heading north through Meryton. Also travelling with them is Miss Elizabeth Bennet who becomes concerned for the welfare of Miss Darcy.- Ramsgate - what if the Gardiners and the Bennets met and befriend Miss Darcy while Wickham is in Ramsgate.Enjoyed all three stories and wanted them to be longer.

    18. These were easy light and funOnce in a while you want a light read. And that's exactly what these three stories were . Nothing too heavy but very much enjoyed. Thank goodness for fan fiction. Jane Austen can live on forever and write on it as well. I hope to read other works by these three authors in the future

    19. It will make you smileGreat book a joy to read. Each story was fun and very like Jane Austen.This is a very good variation.I

    20. I feared we were off to a bad start when the first of the three stories had headed into Darcy's inappropriate thoughts about Lizzy's body parts. Nothing bores me quicker than that. I much prefer his attraction to her fine eyes and quick wit. I thought about just closing the book up at page 6 but decided to give it a little more of a chance. Luckily the rest of the book didn't follow this path which lead me to wonder why it was even included in the first place? It was so totally unnecessary. Anyw [...]

    21. Interesting variations of pride and prejudiceA collection of three different versions of pride and prejudice. The stories were not unnecessary long or tedious. I have read many pride and prejudice versions but thus book managed to introduce new twists to the subject matter. I enjoyed reading all three tales.

    22. Of the three works in this set Married! was my favorite. The Library was fun (I think that is the first time I have ever felt sorry for Caroline Bingley). Ramsgate was cute but everyone outside of Elizabeth and Jane felt a tad OOC.

    23. Enjoyed all threeThese were good variations of P&P. The second left me a little uncomfortable with the portrayal of Darcy's sister. I recommend this book.

    24. Three great storiesThree stories in one book. What a treat. Each story a bit different but all with little angst and HEAs for Darcy and Elizabeth.

    25. Different plots for the Pride & Prejudice characters. Although we can never compare with the original, this is a pleasant read

    26. I enjoyed the middle story (the longer one)I confess that the repeated use throughout all three pieces of “Miss Elizabeth” rather than “Miss Bennett” drops a star. It’s jarring every time, especially since all the other names are correct (never does a character say “Miss Georgiana” or “Miss Caroline”).I’m not usually a fanfic readerI tend toward pretty canonical taste, apparently. But these reimaginings of a beloved story are fun diversions, of the fluffy brain candy type.

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