One thought on “Fate Part One (Order of Alphas)”

  1. A nice easy short start of the series Order of Alphas by Eros Sage. It starts out introducing characters Maggie her friend Aiden , Orion, and Michael. Maggie is a human not realizing her friend is with a wolf shifter. Orion is the Alpha of the pact he's led a life of evil killing both humans,and shifters, almost bored , it had become a chore. He's living under the prophecy, he's changed through the years, and murders are showing everywhere. He gets introduced to Maggie , the only one that can st [...]

  2. given the book as ARC in exchange for an honest review.As with the rest in this series, it's a nice short read, well written and good to follow. Be aware this is part of a serial so it ends with a cliffhanger!We meet Orion, one of the really older wolves walking among us. He doesn't like humans, at all!That is until he meets Maggie, his wolf has other ideas of what he'd like to do with her. He fights his feelings but every time they meet he crumbles. Sensing Maggie has her own demons to battle a [...]

  3. I thought this was a pretty good start of a series. Orion is an alpha who isn't fond of the whole 'mate' thing. But once he comes across timid Maggie, it awakens this sudden urge to be possessive over her. Both are attracted to one another, but Maggie has insecurities of her own that leads her to think Orion could never want her. The story immediately caught my attention. The mystery with Maggie sure kept me wondering what was really going on inside her head. I haven't read anything from this au [...]

  4. Nothing new hereI may have hit my shifter love story limit. So many books are just more of the same in the shifter lore and the characterization of this episodic is as redundant as many of the like. Orion is an alpha with a hang up who finds his frail but broken human mate who quickly becomes in danger by his past. His attraction with her is undeniable and he is stuck in a loop of wanting to mate her and fight his desire. Yadda, yadda, yadda, he can't accept his feelings but is overcome with the [...]

  5. Great openerWas given this in exchanged for an honest review.How do you let go of your past so you can have a future?Orion is an ancient wolf who is all powerful and,an Alpha in his own right.Maggie, scared of life, her shadow and the dark, believes know one can love a BBW.Orion not only falls in love but claims her without her knowledge.What will happen now?Great Read can't wait for part 2.

  6. Although I have not read the authors other books, I felt I was dropped in the middle of the story. But, I really liked it and will read the others and come back for more.

  7. Awesome readCan't wait to continue reading this amazing series, finally we have a love interest for orion and I hope things work out despite having to deal with his brother.

  8. Ok U Got MeI'm a fan of this series so I'm hooked. But since it was a good read and story line I intend to continue reading this series. Can't wait for the next installment

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