Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls

Sailing Home Using the Wisdom of Homer s Odyssey to Navigate Life s Perils and Pitfalls Homer s Odyssey has a timeless allure It is an ancient story that is significant for every generation the struggle of a homesick battle weary man longing to return to love and family Odysseus s striv

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  • Title: Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls
  • Author: Norman Fischer
  • ISBN: 9781416560210
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Homer s Odyssey has a timeless allure It is an ancient story that is significant for every generation the struggle of a homesick, battle weary man longing to return to love and family Odysseus s strivings to overcome divine and earthly obstacles and to control his own impulsive nature hold valuable lessons for people facing their own metaphorical battles and everydayHomer s Odyssey has a timeless allure It is an ancient story that is significant for every generation the struggle of a homesick, battle weary man longing to return to love and family Odysseus s strivings to overcome divine and earthly obstacles and to control his own impulsive nature hold valuable lessons for people facing their own metaphorical battles and everyday conflicts people who are, like Odysseus, heartsick on the open sea, whether from dealing with daily skirmishes at the office or from fighting in an international war Sailing Home breathes fresh air into a classic we thought we knew, revealing its profound guidance for navigating life s pitfalls, perils, and spiritual challenges Norman Fischer deftly incorporates Buddhist, Judaic, Christian, and popular thought, as well as his own unique and sympathetic understanding of life, in his reinterpretation of Odysseus s familiar wanderings as lessons that everyone can use We see how to resist the seduction of the Sirens song to stop sailing and give up how to bide our time in a situation and wait for the right opportunity as Odysseus does when faced with the murderous, one eyed Cyclops and how to reassess our story and rediscover our purpose and identity if, like the Lotus Eaters, we have forgotten the past.With meditations that yield personal revelations, illuminating anecdotes from Fischer s and his students lives, and stories from many wisdom traditions, Sailing Home shows the way to greater purpose in your own life.You will learn a new way to view your path, when to wait and when to act, when to speak your mind and when to exercise discretion, how to draw on your innate strength and distinguish between truth and deception, and how to deal with aging and changing relationships Sailing Home provides the courage you need for your journey, to renew bonds with your loved ones, and to make the latter portion of life a heartfelt time of spirit and love, so that just as Odysseus does you can defeat the forces of entropy and death.

    One thought on “Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls”

    1. I read this book during a difficult period in my marriage, and found it to be of great help. Not only does Fischer tell us every committed relationship has intractable problems, but he also teaches so much about the journey of life. I worried that the story of Ulysses would be too male-centered to mean much for me, and I certainly did not want to identify with the waiting Penelope. But no--each stage of the myth held great import for every human life, including my own.

    2. "The Chinese ideograph for forbearance is a heart with a sword dangling over it, another instance of language's brilliant way of showing us something surprising and important fossilized inside the meaning of a word. Vulnerability is built into our hearts, which can be sliced open at any moment by some sudden shift in the arrangements, some pain, some horror, some hurt. We all know and instinctively fear this, so we protect our hearts by covering them against exposure. But this doesn't work. Cove [...]

    3. Part of being human is the lifelong search for meaning. What is a life for? Is there something we can point to as a universal truth? How do we discover it? Why must we struggle so hard?Norman Fischer uses what is perhaps the most well-known story in the entire human experience—that of Odysseus's return from the Trojan War, the Odyssey—as a frame and metaphor for the journey we all must take: the exploration of inner space in contact with this unpredictable, shocking, surprising, grief-strick [...]

    4. an excellent book. i will be rereading this book for years to come. fischer analyzes the odyssey from a spiritual perspective of our life's journey: it's challenges and how we meet our challenges. primarily it is a spiritual analysis from the zen perspective but with great wisdom and tact fischer -- seeing the interrelatedness of all spiritual/religious paths -- includes the major world religions and their particular perspectives on life and its challenges. metaphorical analysis (over literal st [...]

    5. Norman Fischer uses Homer's Odyssey to offer reflections on how to live, how to meditate, how to forgive, how to die, and how to be. Although he writes from the perspective of Zen Buddhism, he also weaves in Jewish and Christian perspectives. One need not be Buddhist -- nor a scholar of Homer -- to appreciate and benefit from the insights into living and dying that Fischer offers. Moreover, his prose is straightforward and lucid, generously seasoned with stories, verses, and quotations from both [...]

    6. Sailing home beautifully weaves the tale of the Odyssey and Buddhist thought into a coherent whole. The narrative guides you through the obstacles and setbacks that occur in every life, and provides perspective to help you examine them more fully. Ultimately the book is an inspiring manual for living a more awakened life.Some of the meditation exercises feel a bit too precious at times, but mostly they are quite worthwhile. Even at the times when they aren't enhancing the book, they do not detra [...]

    7. Sailing home uses the Homer epic of the Odyssey to as a background to teach the essential lessons of Buddhism. The book is very well written and appeals to me because of my love of epics and the lessons taught. The prayer which closes the book (and is used earlier) is simply beautiful.Outside of the spiritual aspect of the book, I also think it provides a wider understanding and interpretation of the Odyssey.

    8. I'll be reading this again, because I rushed through it without stopping to take in the wisdom in any depth. (Besides, Norman Fischer is the guiding teacher of our local sangha, and comes for retreats several times a year.) He takes the story of Odysseus' voyage home to Ithica as a blueprint for our return to ourselves in our maturity, with the trials we must go through. Fascinating.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. It's easy to read and makes you think about life, how we relate to others and what we do with our time. No matter your religion this book gives you something to think about.

    10. Insightful reading of Homer's epic poem The Oddessey. Imagining ourselves as the returning hero gives us perspective on our lives. The benefit of meditation is carefully woven into the text via the author's personal anecdotes. Very down to earth read!

    11. I've had the pleasure of hearing Norman Fischer live and enjoyed his book just as much as his talk. Thought-provoking, interesting and inspiring. I'm looking forward to re-reading the Odyssey with the lessons of this book in mind.

    12. It took me two tries to actually get through "Sailing Home." I think it was easier this time because I've been reconsidering the literature of voyaging, about which I started creating a syllabus many years ago. So, finally finished during my week of reading at Lake Tahoe.

    13. I got about 80 pages into it and couldn't seem to maintain my interest. I'm not sure if I'd get more out of it if I'd read the "Odyssey" rather than rely on my general knowledge of the story. I had high hopes as the book was rated highly. Maybe someday I can get back to it.

    14. just wonderful. the perspectives offered breathe new life into the already rich classic for me. mr fischer illuminates areas i did not realize were present in this book and reading them now helps me understand why it has been one of my favorite stories of all time.

    15. I wept on account of this book in the main reading room of the New York Public Library. The clarity of NF's prose is astounding. I challenge anyone to read this and not remain deeply moved. A classic tale retold in a fresh and pertinent manner - just right for our contemporary environment.

    16. Nice blend of zen , journey and the power of Greek myth. should of had this when I taught the Odyssey in College!!!

    17. I really liked the concept reading the Odyssey from a Buddhist perspective, but towards the end, the idea kinda fell apart and to me came across as bit stretched.

    18. I'm on page 75 of this book and find myself unable to rush through the pages. I would be a zen master in another life.

    19. A Zen interpretation of The Odyssey, this book re-tells one of the greatest stories of all time while inviting personal reflection and contemplation. Highly recommend!

    20. very nice book ; easy read, giving a Zen perspective on the Odyssey. Recaps and explains the different main passages of the trip.

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