Almost Home

Almost Home Twelve year old Leah Baer has been shuffled to and from various households for years but now she is back at her father s house with his new wife Although this move seems as if it might be a lasting o

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  • Title: Almost Home
  • Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin
  • ISBN: 9780316093132
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Leah Baer has been shuffled to and from various households for years, but now she is back at her father s house with his new wife Although this move seems as if it might be a lasting one, Leah feels out of place both at home and at school.Then an unconventional boy named Will befriends her and persuades Leah to try acting to express her emotions As Leah bTwelve year old Leah Baer has been shuffled to and from various households for years, but now she is back at her father s house with his new wife Although this move seems as if it might be a lasting one, Leah feels out of place both at home and at school.Then an unconventional boy named Will befriends her and persuades Leah to try acting to express her emotions As Leah begins to learn about herself she also gradually finds out what it means to be home.

    One thought on “Almost Home”

    1. Almost Home is a touching book that makes me feel like you're falling apart emotionally by reading each chapter. Leah's life is not perfect, let alone going well. It shows me how it feels like to have a new unwanted mother and being tore away from the mother you loved, the one that gave birth to you. This taught me a lot and every time I read it again, I notice tidbits of things I missed.

    2. Almost Home is the story of Leah Baer, a 12-year-old girl who has just recently come to live with her father and his new wife, Gail. Leah’s father picked her up from summer camp and told her her mother (with whom she had been living when she left for camp) has moved to California and she will now be living with him and Gail.Understandably, Leah is flooded with all kinds of questions and emotions. Why has her mother left? Why did she leave Leah behind? The hurt and anger Leah feels in her mothe [...]

    3. Almost Home by Nora Raleigh Baskin is a heartwarming tale about 12 year old Leah Baer, who struggles to find true happiness and acceptance after her life turns over when her mom leaves her. She resents living with her dad, hates her step mom, and only wishes for her loving mom to come back to her. Then she meets a boy named Will Hiller who accepts and befriends her, leading her to finally face the truth and open her cold heart. The author writes in first person, drawing the reader closer to the [...]

    4. Almost Home is about a girl named 6th Grader named Leah dealing with her mom leaving & being put in the care of her father; Living with her father isn't easy & even harder with her stepmother who doesn't seem to like her. Leah deals with the life of a broken home, school drama, & more. Overall to me the book was alright but, it didn't really grab my attention as much but the book was somewhat interesting. If you like stories about being a kid dealing with life even though you have a [...]

    5. Leah Baer, a young 6th grader, wants to go back home and live with her "mom" and half-sister. But she doesn't know what happened with her mom, and she's living with her dad and wife, which she hates. So she meets a boy named Will who she eventually comes best friends with. Then she finally feels comfortable living with her dad and being away from her "mom".Themes: Family Loyalty, Friendship, Definition of home

    6. Such a cute book with really great writing. Recommended for Middle Grade readers. Also for kids with divorced parents, those who were adopted, or just anyone who's looking for a home. :)

    7. I mean I personally think that rating is fair since all it talks about is basically how her parents got divorced and how she wants to go back home. Oh and also how many Almost Home books have been written, like search it up it the search bar at the of the things and there is like a thousand all by different authors. Actually the accurate checked count (On ) is: Well I got to 69 then had 3 pages left so I just stopped.

    8. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so J it's pathetic. A modern fiction about a girl who learns to love and stuff. Bleh. You MAY like this if you are younger 9 or 10? This was so stupid!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA? YA? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, don't read this (at least if you are older than 12). No. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. If you have grown up with any kind of dysfunction in your life, you'll appreciate this story. I picked this up at the grocery store on a sale table. It was sweet and sad and really okay. The journey that the young girl is on is a hard one as she struggles to find her place after divorce and the loss of seeing her mom and sister on a regular basis.

    10. I thought Almost Home was great book. I like when Leah wrote letters to her mom but never sent them to her mom. I also like when she stole the Hershey kisses from her step mom Gail. What I didn't like about the is that almost at the end Leah just starts crying and runs away because it was kind of sad and SCREAMS at Gail (her step mom). Over all I thought the book was AWESOME.

    11. This is another book that sat on the shelf for awhile.There is nothing earth shattering or compelling about the story. It is a tale of a young woman who is abandoned by her mother and sent to live with her father and step mother.The father and step mother are loving, patient and kind as together they discovery the meaning of family

    12. I really loved this book. It tells about some good friends and there's this guy who was once Leah's teacher and he teaches her how to go into her mind and turn into a chair and make her dream whatever leah wanted to. It was cool. I'd like to be able to do that stuff too.

    13. Leah has moved around a lot and her life has been split between the homes of her divorced parents. Her world is turned upside down when she, unexpectedly, has to go live with her dad. She has a lot of anger and hurt to work through as she figures out where home is.

    14. Leigh is torn when she moves into her father's house and is asking herself questions. Luckily she meets Will a good friend and confidant who helps her adjust to school. To me it's a typical girl book of a teen and her adventures. Girls will connect to this story.

    15. I read this book after my friend Angela did and we really liked it!! I think it is fun having someoneto talk to about a book that two people read , both recently.Marie

    16. This was almost too subtle for me so I wonder if a teen or pre-teen would enjoy this story and not become bored. I think this needs more tension, less veiled innuendo

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