Scarred, Part 4

Scarred Part Now that Chloe has revealed her entire lifetime of nightmares to Derek there bond has become stronger and unbreakable He will protect her at all costs Chloe has no doubt that Jessie is watching and w

  • Title: Scarred, Part 4
  • Author: Kylie Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Now that Chloe has revealed her entire lifetime of nightmares to Derek, there bond has become stronger and unbreakable He will protect her at all costs.Chloe has no doubt that Jessie is watching and waiting for the perfect moment but she has no desire to run any She plans to stand, fight and win, even if that means death Attack retreat, attack retreatwear your opNow that Chloe has revealed her entire lifetime of nightmares to Derek, there bond has become stronger and unbreakable He will protect her at all costs.Chloe has no doubt that Jessie is watching and waiting for the perfect moment but she has no desire to run any She plans to stand, fight and win, even if that means death Attack retreat, attack retreatwear your opponent down Do not let the fight go to the floor, is what her personal trainer Max has taught her for a long time She will win Chloe and Derek are invited to spend the weekend with Samantha and Trevor to reveal the DNA results that have finally come back Will she find out that her entire life had essentially been stolen from her Can she handle the results Or will the results break her Jesse knows that Derek is an obstacle and must be removed from his path in order to finally get to Kelly Will the weekend go well or will tragedy strike at it s worst

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    1. Starting to get a bit disillusioned now.This has been an enjoyable series so far but this book was very predictable held no surprises at all and was short, why is it so short? The previous books have been 188, 188 and 172 pages yet this is only 93 and so I have to wonder why?This series is available on kindle unlimited so I didn't have to consider the cost but I was surprised we weren't told just how many books were in this series, I've just finished the forth book and noticed that the next book [...]

    2. ***** 5 Tears of AWESOME Stars ***** I was not expecting such emotion with this one. Damn Miss Walker, you had me dripping a few tears on my kindle with this one. After all the abuse Chloe has endured, she is finally feeling the love that she has missed out on all her life. Finding the emotional support of the people she never knew existed is down right beautiful.Derek once again is hands down one of the most amazing men EVER!!! Pretty sure I would ask him to marry me if I was Chloe!!!I wish I d [...]

    3. SCARRED - part 4by Kylie WalkerThings are starting to look-up a bit for Chloe. Jesse is still lurking in the background, biding his time, but Chloe knows it and is taking all the precautions she can think of.The relationship between Chloe and Derek is heating up more, if that is even possible, and they are both starting to look forward to a future for them both.Then the phone rings and everything blows up in Chloe's face. With her in the picture, Jesse just has more people to hurt. It will take [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the story line, and honestly think the most of it is good. You're drawn into the characters and the story quite well. The editing is atrocious, and her publisher should do a better job with their edits. Just made it come across as cheap. The typos and grammar you can read over, but were very prevalent throughout the entire series. I think with a better editor and further character development, it would be smashing.

    5. Oh My Goodness!! I love this series!! You might want to have some tissues handy though. Chloe's story is not typical and it's not pretty but she is over coming all the odds, finding love and family (her family) only to be set back once again. I found myself laughing, snickering and crying with Chloe in Scarred. It is a must read book and series!!Chloe has been taking self-defense classes but she wants to make sure that she is ready when Jesse comes for her. Max is the owner and one of the instru [...]

    6. The storyline just keeps on getting better each time and it makes you feel like if you're really right there with the characters. It was on the short side of the pages of the book but it was so heart warming and realistic that I couldn't put the book down. The author did a great job at creating a dramatic storyline that it made me feel like I was right there with them and felt all their emotions and suffering. Chloe and Derek are finally going on the right track to a more serious relationship an [...]

    7. Writing is getting better but there are still unnecessary fillers that just makes me skim through pages. But I'm loving the unfolding of the story & all the emotions. I love that Chloe is strong & will not lay down & be a victim of her past. She's a badass & I love strong female leads. Derek is still a sweetheart & I love that about him. Most characters are great in this story. The way Jesse's mental state & personality is written is just weird to me. It seems way over th [...]

    8. WOW! It was like a movie playing in my head the entire time. Fantastic! I enjoyed each and every moment of this book/series. Kelly/Chloe is an amazing woman. The way she met Derek was odd. Each character in this book plays an important good or bad role in Chloe's life. All of them were well thought out. This is a perfectly put together story and I was sorry for it to end. I look forward to reading more from this fabulous author.Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensa [...]

    9. I am really enjoying this book. The characters are well developed and it is an intense storyline. Chloe has had such a hard life and it is great to see her getting some love and support finally. Jesse is out there and a real threat to that happiness with Derek. Chloe knows he is just waiting for his chance to get her and is doing all she can to prepare. Her nightmare continues just as some of her dreams may come true. I am eager for part 5 to be released and see what happens next. I received an [...]

    10. CAPTIVATING MUST READ!!!!!!!Captivating and very intense with Jesse in the background waiting to grab Chloe. Chloe has prepared all she can, but she is also worried Jesse will hurt the people she cares about to hurt her even more. This is such an emotional read. I literally could not put it down and I definitely can't wait for #5. Love this series. Best book I've read in a long time. Love this author. Don't miss this one, but read from the beginning. I received this book as a gift for an honest [...]

    11. I am finding that I am enjoying each book in this series more and more as it goes along. It is very important to read each book in order or else there will be a great deal of confusion. Each book leads off from where the book before left on a cliffhanger. Trust me those cliffhangers leaving you hanging wonder what drama/suspense will happen in the next book. Can't wait to see exactly where this series goes and exactly what is on the horizon for this family/couple/individuals.

    12. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.This series is just getting better and better. More twists and turn I was hooked from page one.Chloe finds out the truth to some secrets and her and Derek's relationship is still going strong.A few tender emotional moments that has tears running down my face and of course we can't forget that nice cliffhanger Kylie leaves us with.Looking forward to part five

    13. This series just keeps on getting better the relationship between Chloe and Derek seems to be getting more serious. You still have Jesse lurking in the background waiting like the snake he is just waiting to strike. Things are finally starting to look up for Chloe she finally gets comfortable with the idea of having a family BAM a tragic happens. It does end on a cliffhanger but I'm so anxiously waiting to see what's going to happen next.

    14. I was asked to give an honest review and first off I have to say Oh My Gosh.Kylie Walker had me on the edge of my seat, angrier than I have been in any other of the previous books and at many different points I was crying. Kylie what are you doing to me?I need book 5 ASAP. This cliffhanger had me crying so hard my heart hurts and I couldn't see to read on for a few minutes.This is a wonderful saga.

    15. In this installment, it finally looks like Chloe can breathe a little easieren BAM! Her world is turned upside down again. Every step forward she takes, she gets knocked back five. You can see as she gets to be freer, Jesse gets more psychopathic. All I know is that if Chloe doesn't get a happy ever after (it can be ever so slightly tarnished), I'll be an unhappy chick.

    16. While the book still had an amateur feel to it, it seems the author is evolving somewhat. I wasn't rolling my eyes as much in the second half. The action sequences at the end grabbed my interest and made me less reluctant to spend money on the final book. Still, it took me 8 days to finish because all the bits before that weren't grabbing me at all

    17. Her parents now know all the horrors she went through as a child. Derek is in love with her even more and both happy that her parents approve of their relationship. Chloe has creeping feelings something is going to happen but not sure trusting her instincts is all she knows now. When they get a alarming phone call all hell brakes lose. Will any of them survive?

    18. Wow just Wow. This from start to end was and emotional roller coaster. I loved it from start to finish. The fear,heartache ,and the fight to survive and love was just amazing and beautiful. I couldn't stop reading.

    19. I received an ARC of SCARRED 4 from the author, in exchange for my honest review.WOW !!!! this book was great I loved it and can't wait for the next book i so am looking forward to reading more from Kylie Walker it was great. i highly recommend this book to everyone.

    20. NO SE PUDO QUEDAR AHÍ. YO NECESITO SABER QUE DEREK ESTA BIEN.Este libro ha sido hasta ahora el que más me ha gustado de la saga porque esta lleno de emociones. Me ha hecho enamorarme mas de Derek y hasta lagrimeé un poco con la carta del papá. NECESITO leer el siguiente libro

    21. Speechless.WowWow. Ummmm omg. I don't even know whee to begin with this review. The mixture of emotions, my heart racing, the tears rolling. Hold onto your pants and grab a box of tissues because your going to need them. Absolutely amazing read.

    22. Chloe and Derek grow closer in this installment of the Scarred series. Chloe gets the DNA results back regarding her parentage and things finally come to light for everyone involved. Then when things are finally looking up, something horrible and tragic happens. Can they survive these hard times?

    23. Hating Jesse and fell in love with Derek. This book is filled with suspense, love, hate and lots of hope. I really enjoyed Samantha and Trevor's part in the story. Now staring the final book, so excited.

    24. This series just keeps getting better and better. You want to have all the books on hand so that you can read them all at once because you can't put them down. This book was a short quick read but well worth the time to read. So glad I have book 5 on hand so I can read it right now.

    25. I enjoyed this installment because we finally see Chloe open up fully to Derek and give him her whole history with Jesse. Chloe is becoming stronger in each book, despite her horrific past!

    26. The books are getting better but enough already lets get on with it. I can't do a part 6 Ughhh. Can this author be done with it alreadyarting to draggggggggggggg

    27. Amazing. There are six parts or books to this story. It's an amazing story of personal triumph and love and acceptance. A character who grows and discovers her own strength and courage.

    28. I can't get enough!!!I really need to read the next one asap! I need to know what happens! Such a good series I read all 4 in two days!

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