Protector for Hire

Protector for Hire A satisfying category romance from Entangled s Lovestruck imprint Keeping her safe is crucial Guarding his heart is impossible Haunted by his time in Iraq former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the

  • Title: Protector for Hire
  • Author: Tawna Fenske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A satisfying category romance from Entangled s Lovestruck imprint Keeping her safe is crucial Guarding his heart is impossible Haunted by his time in Iraq, former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the grid, retreating deep into Montana s untamed wilderness Now, ten years into his self imposed solitude, his brother tracks him down and asks for a favor A woman is inA satisfying category romance from Entangled s Lovestruck imprintKeeping her safe is crucial Guarding his heart is impossible.Haunted by his time in Iraq, former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the grid, retreating deep into Montana s untamed wilderness Now, ten years into his self imposed solitude, his brother tracks him down and asks for a favor A woman is in danger, and she needs helpd Schwartz is the only one who can protect her.Designer loving city girls like Janelle Keebler don t belong in the wilderness Unless, of course, they re witnesses to a murder by their psycho drug trafficking ex husbands Still, Janelle can t help the immediate physical response she has to her sexy as sin protector that leaves her wanting than she could have ever imagined Even if he does make terrible coffeeEvery word, every touch, every kiss ignites a need Schwartz thought he d lost forever He can t stop the desperate attraction simmering between him and Janelle, even if he wanted to Even if it means it could get them both killed.

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    1. 3.5 Stars!!“Protector for Hire” is the forth book in Tawna Fenske’s “Front and Centre” series and like its predecessors can be read as a standalone. Schwartz has spent almost a decade alone at his cabin in Montana wilderness. He’s a retired US Army soldier who has some issues from his last tour of duty in Irak. The only member of his family who speaks with him is his brother, Grant. Grant needs his help. His future sister-in-law needs protection from her heroine dealing ex-husband wh [...]

    2. 4 - "It's been a while." Stars!The author, this book, the whole series… absolutely outstanding. The Patton family all in their own unique ways have been pretty easy to fall in love with, and Schwartz Patton, the elusive and up to this book pretty much unknown elder brother is no exception. I have been itching for his story for a while, and although Tawna has given her reader’s glimpses of him, and little titbits about him in the previous books, this story was an absolute joy to read, in that [...]

    3. It is without any pretension that Tawna Fenske accomplished an awesome job at putting a huge smile on my face for a few hours. Second time reading this author and I can say it won’t be the last.What made me pick this book this week? I have no idea. But it came after 2 fantastic reads I had earlier this week end and I was afraid for the book that would follow their wake… Usually after an awesome read, the next one tastes a little dull for me. I know some readers still ride the feel good vibe [...]

    4. Coffee Dates with Protector for Hire:First date: Take an ex-Army soldier living in a remote cabin in Montana and add a city girl and you have the makings for Protector for Hire. Schwartz Patton is doing his brother a solid by hiding a young woman on the run from a nasty ex-husband. He just needs to protect her until the law makes an arrest. Add banter, mix in sexual attraction and pop-tarts and you have a F-U-N fun first date!Second date: Schwartz was a little intimidating on the first date, bu [...]

    5. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI am seriously going to miss the Patton family and their own brand of craziness but what a way to wrap up a series. A man who has been successfully hiding from his life and his family for 10 years and a woman who needs to disappear for her own safety are forced together in this funny, outrageous, smart, and sexy story making Protector for Hire another fantastic offering from author Tawna Fenske and a superb series finale.The mysterious Schwar [...]

    6. 4 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 30, 2015Keeping her safe is crucial. Guarding his heart is impossible. Haunted by his time in Iraq, former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the grid, retreating deep into Montana’s untamed wilderness. Now, ten years into his self-imposed solitude, his brother tracks him down and asks for a favor. A woman is in danger, and she needs helpd Schwartz is the only one who can protect her.Designer-loving city girls like Janelle Keebler don't belong in the wild [...]

    7. Book four in Tawna Fenske's Front and Center series sees the arrival of Schwarz Patton and until now he's intrigued as we know virtually nothing about him. The second youngest in the family has been somewhat of a hermit. "Schwarzkopf Alexander Patton, but if 'God' is easier for you to pronounce than Schwarz, I suppose we'll go with that."Protector for Hire brings humour, sexiness and the reappearance of all the characters we've grown to love throughout the series. All in the quest to protect Jan [...]

    8. My Review:I loved this book and now I need to go back and read the first three because what I saw of this family, I LOVE!!First and foremost, this book is about Schwartz. If there's ever been a hero that needs a hug it's this guy. My heart ached for him, because this is a guy who is so mentally wounded after a mission went wrong in Iraq. It went so wrong that he's spent the last 10 years living the life of a hermit as a way to punish himself (although he doesn't see that) for surviving when no o [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI loved Protector for Hire!Loved both Schwartz and Janelle, they were both likable and relatable characters, loved their humor and banter. I found myself laughing out loud and smiling non stop.Schwartz was such a big teddy bear, he made out as if he was a hardass but it was all for show, he was a loving and caring man with a beautiful soul. I couldn't get over how much he loved his pop-tarts! It was always a good time for a pop-tart hahaha The storyline was very entertaining and held my [...]

    10. Sheridan. MacArthur. Grant. Schwarzkopf. You’d think I was talking about American military men and in a way I am, but I’m not. These four siblings have made my life immensely more enjoyable over the last year or so. From the first book to the latest, the Patton siblings and their stories have made me laugh, scream, love, and sigh. In Protector for Hire we finally get Schwartz’s book. I’ve been wondering if he would get a story ever since Mac’s book but it wasn’t until Grant’s that [...]

    11. In this sexy contemporary romance, book 4 in the Front and Center series but easily read as a standalone, Schwartz has become a self-imposed hermit, haunted by his military past. Only recently has he started to reconnect with his brother Grant, and when Grant needs his help, he can't refuse. Grant's sister-in-law Janelle needs protection from her drug lord and murderer ex-husband, and Schwartz's solitary cabin off the grid is the perfect location to hide out while Schwartz's brothers track him d [...]

    12. Janelle Keebler thought that she found 'the one'. Only 'the one' turned out to be a drug dealing murder. Now Janelle is on the run and the only person who can keep her safe is her sister's fiance's brother - the same brother the Patton family hasn't seen or heard from in ten years.Schwartz was fine living his life on his own until Janelle tripped and fell into his arms and made herself at home in his secluded life. Now he wants her, but can he keep herself at the same time?I loved everything abo [...]

    13. I received an ARC copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Book four in Tawna Fenske's Front and Center series is about Schwarz Patton. He is considered the hermit and is second youngest in the family. This is pretty much what is known about him from previous books and here we have his book. We will see reappearances of previous characters from other books showing up in this book all to keep Janelle Keebler safe from harm. Her X-Husband is out to kill her and everyone is trying t [...]

    14. Books, Coffee & PassionProtector For Hire is the fourth book in Front and Center Series and it made me want to read the first three books. It can be read as a standalone without difficulties but I got curious about the previous stories, so I'll probably read the first books in this series.Grant, Schwartz's brother, asks him to hide and protect Janelle from her ex husband and even though Schwartz has been living like a recluse for the past ten years, he can't refuse his brother's request, so [...]

    15. Oh, how I loved this one. Much like the rest of the series, this was a total win for me.This time is the turn for Schwartz to tell his story. We heard a little bit in the previous books, but now we can finally put the pieces together.I loved Schwartz and Janelle, though I was more partial to Schwartz, I thought his story had a lot of turns and was so sad, I just wanted to hug the hell out of him. I did think he kind of exaggerated with going to live alone in the woods, but hell, who am I to say [...]

    16. Hilarious, humorous, fun, sexy and adorable story, that left me smiling.The story is well written, and the dialog is brilliant, with the humor, word associations, and felicitous marks. The characters are developed, the family unit tight and a bit nuts, just over all truly enjoyable tale.Schwartz is everything you could dream of, just perfect. He is caring, protective, loyal, kind, thoughtful So yes, he might be a bit of a grouch, grumpy, and antisocial, loving his isolated world, but his true na [...]

    17. Schwartz Patton is hiding. He blames himself for the deaths of his comrades and has cut himself off from his family. He lives in a cabin in the Montana woods with his dog. His brother tracks him down and asks him to protect his fiancée's sister. Janelle Keebler saw her ex-husband murdered a rival heroin dealer. Now he is tracking her down. Her testimony could put him away for a long time. Schwartz agrees. When they meet, their attraction is powerful and overwhelming. What happens next made me s [...]

    18. *ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for honest review* Thank you!!Confession: This was my first Tawna Fenske book. I do own the other books in this series, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading them.I may have not read the previous books in the series, but let me tell you something. This book was awesome. It was like a breath of fresh air. I haven’t had much luck with books lately, but Schwartz was everything I love in my male heroes. And I can’t say a single bad thing about J [...]

    19. This series has been a perfect blend of sexy and action. Wish my Mum was half as cool as Stella. Check out my reviews at

    20. a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: Protector for HireSeries: Front and Center (#4)Author: Tawna FenskeFrom: NetgalleyGenre: Romance, SuspenseRelease Date: 30th June 2015Challenges: COYER Summer Scavenger Hunt, 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2015 New Release Challenge, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)Links: - Graphic designer, Janelle Keebler has regretted her choice of husband since she discovered that he was actually a drug lord and witnessed him murdering someone in [...]

    21. The first I have read in this series (or by this author) Protector For Hire managed to keep me intrigued and interested while providing just enough information from previous books to not feel overwhelmed. And whether or not I believed it possible, the hermit-like Schwartz was a wonderfully complex hero with a heart of gold underneath the fuzzy bits. Schwartz (named after General Norman Schwarzkopf) Patton returned from Iraq a broken man some ten years ago. While dealing with his issues and guilt [...]

    22. I love this book, is fun, romantic but also very exciting.Schwartz has decided to live isolated from the world, he does not want to be found by anyone, not even his family. For ten years he has not seen his family, has only sporadic contact with his brother Grant that now needs his help: her sister-in-law Janelle is in serious danger. She has married a dangerous criminal, and when she has noticed, was too late. Now he threatens to kill her and only Schwartz may be able to hide her. Janelle feels [...]

    23. So the story goes as follows; Schwartz Patton has made himself into a recluse, after a terrible mission gone wrong, which left him is a coma for three months and the men in his unit dead. For 10 years he has isolated himself from everyone and everything, the only person who had his number was his brother Grant, with strict instructions to use it only under the penalty of death. Now Grant needs to call on his brother’s help, but not for himself; but his sister in law Janelle.City-girl Janelle K [...]

    24. I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review, and here it is.This is the first novel I've read by this author, and it's a gem! There have been quite a number of Wounded Warrior romances , but they generally deal with physical wounds, while Protector for Hire deals with emotional/psychological wounds and it does so without becoming too maudlin. Schwatrz Patton is a big bear of a man, emotionally scarred from something in his military past and carrying a huge load of survivor guil [...]

    25. 4.5 stars!Well, I had a nice little review all written up and then it got flushed into the internet toilet somehow. The jist of it was:I LOVE this author and this series so freaking much. I'm kind of sad that there are no more Patton siblings left! Schwartz was a great choice as far as the last book in the series is concerned. He has been a bit of mystery throughout the series and I know I've been waiting with baited breath to get a hold of him.Janelle and Schwartz are two very different people, [...]

    26. Fun witty banter between the main characters make this an incredibly enjoyable read. This entire series has been fun to read! In this book Janelle Kebbler needs protection from her murdering ex husband. Where better to hide a city girl than in the woods with a grumpy recluse?? For eight years Schwartz Patton has hidden himself away from everyone after devastating losses in Iraq scarred his heart. Now his brother has tracked him down and asked for his help. Protecting this feisty, beautiful woman [...]

    27. Tawna did it once again. The last but definitely not the least bit lovable Patton sibling made it as one of my top read this month. Oh yeah. I can't say Schwartz replaced Mac's place as my most fave Patton brothers but I loved him nonetheless. Tho I'd say I was looking for something more from his story. Still, it was an enjoyable-hot read.To TF: Till next great series, Ms. Looking forward for more butterfly-in-my-tummies and drool-worthy heroes. Keep 'em coming. *smooches*

    28. It took me a while (a long while really) to finish this series, but I would like to note that this last book and last Patton sibling blew me away. In fact, I am going to go back and re-read the entire series because I took so long to finish it. Schwartz is one incredibly vivid damaged alpha mountain man MC. Also, funny. The love story is vivid and moving and never forced. Rated 5 Pop Tarts and highly recommend.

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