One thought on “シュナの旅 [Shuna no Tabi]”

  1. Of course, I had to love it; it's Miyazaki after all!Just look at this!I am not going to pretend to be a movie/comic aficionado but the things Miyazaki creates are supremely amazing. They are ageless and beautiful and they depict the most common nuances of life in the most brilliant way.Shuna no Tabi, or The Journey of Shuna is a one volume long water-coloured graphic novel interpretation of a Tibetan folklore. Shuna is a prince of a small arid kingdom nestled in a mountain valley. Deeply pained [...]

  2. A lot of traces of Miyazaki's other works. Especially Nausicaa. Ashitaka's Yakkul made an appearance as well. Short and beautiful manga.

  3. Shuna no Tabi or Shuna's JourneyThis! This is the stuff of my childhood!Of course I watched that Disney "crap" and our wonderful Slavic cartoons (out of which I can only remember one christmas movie) as well. However! Miyazaki's works were the best out of them all <-- though, I didn't understand some until I was older. Especially Nausicaä and The Tales from Earthsea have very complex storylines, and because of that and many other things I still like to watch his movies. Other things include: [...]

  4. beautifully crafted and adapted from the original Tibetan legend. This book is evidently a prototype to many Miyazaki's films, including Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa Castle in the Sky, and undeniably Princess Mononoke. Clearly seen that the book has heavy influences on the Mononoke film, like what Miyazaki wanted - to make a film based on the Tibetan legend.This is no comic. No manga. But an illustrated story. This should be made a classic.

  5. Piccolo grandissimo ancora troppo poco noto capolavoro di Miyazaki.Una storia breve accompagnata da meravigliose illustrazione, in cui già si vedono le inquiete radici di quello che poi sarà il capodopera del suo autore, ovvero il fumetto di "Nausicaä".Non esiste un'edizione italiana e probabilmente non esisterà mai: e chissà se questo è un male o un bene

  6. Beautiful. Perfect. Wonderful. Epic. Stunning. Miyazaki's early work makes me so sad he's retired, but wow he's a genius. His stories are inspiring and unique and just beautiful. It was also lovely seeing all the starting points for so many of his stories included in here.

  7. Had serious deja vu while reading the story. Found out at the end that I read it once in ebook form. Great story and beautiful illustration.

  8. 感動しました。物語り好きな方におすすめしたいマンガ本です。2001年ころ横浜ワールドポータズのヴィレッジヴァンガード(書籍店)で手に取りました。

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