Slated A riveting psychological thriller Kyla has been Slated her memory erased her personality wiped blank This is the government s way of dealing with teen terrorists give them a fresh start as a new pers

  • Title: Slated
  • Author: Teri Terry
  • ISBN: 9780545675857
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • A riveting psychological thriller Kyla has been Slated her memory erased, her personality wiped blank This is the government s way of dealing with teen terrorists give them a fresh start as a new person They teach Kyla how to walk and talk again, give her a new identity and a new family, and tell her to be grateful for this second chance It s also her last chance, anA riveting psychological thriller Kyla has been Slated her memory erased, her personality wiped blank This is the government s way of dealing with teen terrorists give them a fresh start as a new person They teach Kyla how to walk and talk again, give her a new identity and a new family, and tell her to be grateful for this second chance It s also her last chance, and to ensure that she plays by their rules, Kyla is fitted with a Levo, a bracelet that monitors her mood and will stun or even kill her if her levels of anger or violence rise too high As she adjusts to her new life, Kyla can see she is different from the other Slateds She asks too many questions and is plagued by nightmares that feel like memories even though she shouldn t have memories Who is she, really Has her Slating gone wrong And if only criminals are Slated, why are innocent people disappearing Torn between the need to understand and her instinct for self peservation, Kyla knows a dangerous game is being played with her life, and she s determined not to let anyone see her make the wrong move Debut author Teri Terry has written a brilliantly original, thought provoking novel about an uncomfortably plausible future.

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    1. There's a certain weird formula in my head that I use when deciding on a book's rating, some of it's logical with checkboxes of things I like and don't like, but a lot of it is just on gut feeling. However it's done, is constantly worming its way into the back of my mind and, as I read, I have a general idea of the rating I want to give and it will creep up or down as the book progresses. Problems arise when I read a book that is a four star exciting read with great ideas, perfect pacing and so [...]

    2. I didn't know what to expect when I picked up SLATED, other than the fact that the cover and synopsis sucked me right in. But I can say this, to those who just skim through reviews, or to those who just want proof that this is one of my favorite books I've read in a long while: I don't want to remember what reading was like before I read SLATED. It is everything I have been looking for in a book: suspense, mind-bending mystery, romance, and just the right amount of science fiction to appeal to t [...]

    3. Late in the 21st century, the government, no longer the United Kingdom but Central Coalition, found a new way to deal with criminals. Instead of prisons or even capital punishment, they get a clean slate, or more precisely, they get slated – their memory gets wiped clean and, if they’re underage, they get assigned to a new Mum and Dad, a whole new family they’re supposed to treat as their own. Kyla has been slated nine months ago, and the time has come for her to leave the New London Hospi [...]

    4. I'm a sucker for covers, and I applaud this one for fooling me so successfully. The book blurb made it sound even more promising. I like mysteries; I like a book that is able to make me wonder and guess at hidden secrets. Being a YA novel, I was not expecting Slated to be mindblowingly intricate, but I did expect it to have some sort of puzzle to solve.The depth of the puzzle was, unfortunately, very disappointing.As the book description states; Kyla's memory has been erased - slated, is the ter [...]

    5. 2.5 starsYeah, so now it’s time for me to be irritatingly contrary. Because I know full well that I have a lot of gripes about the current dystopian/dystomance/post-apoc/futuristic trend in YA right now. And I know that while I generally enjoy these genres, sadly few books actually deliver for me, in terms of solid worldbuilding, logical plot, interesting premise etc.And now here comes a book that actually has most of those things and I don’t really like it.I could raise my rating on the bas [...]

    6. From the moment I saw this creeptastic cover I knew I had to read it! Slated also deals with memory loss which has always been a fascinating subject to me in addition to ensuring that the story will be both creepy and mysterious. This novel brings it on both fronts. The mystery vibe is kept immensely high with the regular visions/dreams of her apparent past, leaving me to absolutely devour every page of it!Unlike any dystopian I have read, Slated introduces a world not very unlike our present, b [...]

    7. 5 Words: Crime, discrimination, second chances, love.Absolutely amazing.This book has had some very mixed reviews, but I am so glad I gave it a chance. Because it was amazing.I loved the idea behind the story, and how as a reader you were always slightly in the dark - you only knew what Kyla knew, and that was often very confused.Slated is not straightforward. There are a lot of different things going on and my perceptions of the characters changed a lot.This book left a lot of questions unanswe [...]

    8. I'm so sorry for giving it a one-star, but this book really deceived me. I have DNF-ed a lot of books, but I try not to give a rating, but usually those books are the ones that I think may work for some of my friends, so I try to leave it rating-less. But this one? I don't recommend it. At all. This novel deceived me. It tricked me, lied to me, and made me so angry that I wanted to throw my kindle (okay that's overused now) buy a kilo of sugar and eat it all in utter depression. Yeah. I was that [...]

    9. I was just as intrigued and invested in this as I was the first time I read it. How the past slowly creeps up on Kyla in the present is so disquieting and it's just overall a really great first book in a dystopian series. If you like that genre, and want a thriller-y vibe, jump on this!

    10. I am just losing my mind.I picked up the book in my school library, and fell in love with the cover.I was just like:Then I read the synopsis and that was it for me. I stood no chance after that. I was just hopelessly and desperately in love with this book. It was pretty much love at first sight for me.Any moment now, I am just going to faint from all of this excitement and fangirling.(Did anyone else notice that Quirrel fainted forward in the Harry Potter movie?)Anyway, this book is utterly amaz [...]

    11. 4.5 starsIs there something in the water in England? Or is it simply the obvious—that English is their language? Well, another Brit’s at it and, ladies and gentlemen, Teri Terry is a terrific writer. Tense, oppressive and—frankly—brilliant, Slated is a shining jewel of an addition to its genre. The Story:Kyla Davis is no-one. She has been Slated. Her memories, her past, her life erased; her synapses rewired, and her mind wiped blank.Sent to live with a new mum and dad—not that she woul [...]

    12. Intriguing and easy to read - some issues with the writing at times, but overall a fun experience :D (hopefully I'll write a longer review soon)

    13. Slated is one of those books that completely take you by surprise and instantly becomes one of your favourites. Slated isn't your normal Dystopian. The writing style is a littledifferent, but I fell in love with it from page one. Slated is filled with twists and turns that I couldn't predict and I just wanted more and more and more of. It had me on the edge of my seat. Literally. The thing about Slated that left me so mind blown was the fact that it's not just set in a futuristic UK, but it's a [...]

    14. Después de repasar este libro, puedo escribir una mejor review sobre el.Slated es una historia, que no sé cómo ni en qué momento, se cuela por tus pensamientos y simplemente no puedes dejar de leerlo. Llegas a creer que no está pasando nada, que se pone un poco lento, y ¡bum! el golpe. Básicamente comienzas a leer, un poco de descripción, un poco de introducción por aquí por allaLuego la historia va avanzando, intriga, interrogantes, esto lo otro A la mitad del libro simplemente[image [...]

    15. DNF ReviewSlated is one of those books that sound great in theory but in actuality, it didn't end up that great. Reading the blurb made me extremely excited but the book however is the exact opposite. While there were many flaws to the novel, the major one was the fact that the book was written in the first person.To understand why this was a monumental fail on the author's part, you need to know something about the main character. Thankfully, this won't be a very long interruption because there [...]

    16. 4.5*Foi a primeira vez que me aventurei num livro de scy-fi e não estou nada arrependida. Adorei completamente a Kyla e a sua aventura por descobrir quem era realmente, mal posso esperar por ler o próximo!

    17. 2.5 stars - Gah! I don't know how to rate this one! On one hand, it FELT long, and I was SO bored for the first 2/3 of the book. And the last 1/3 was VERY exciting, but I'm left feeling like I didn't learn anything after finishing the book.The first part of the book was really dull. I understand that Terry was trying to put us in the mindset that Kyla had to relearn everything, but honestly, it did NOTHING for story. What's the significance of her learning how to open the car door or doing the d [...]

    18. 3/5este libro tiene un ritmo muy lento. Lo que la mayoria de los capitulos le juega en contra. AL mismo tiempo tiene ese algo que lo vuelve adictivo y no puedes dejar de leer.Es un libro para pasar la tarde pero si me preguntan si es uno de mis favoritos, les diria que no. Le los recomiendo pero no es algo que me ha impresionado tanto.

    19. With dystopian books being as popular as they are right now, it always makes me a little wary when I pick one up. I mean, I love them, don't get me wrong. But it's inevitable when you have a lot of something that they each get a little farther from the core of what makes that something good. Each dystopia seems to be a littlefluffier than the last, and a little more farfetched. To me, you can see the truth in a good dystopia. As bizarre as the society portrayed may be, some little part of you i [...]

    20. M-I-N-D-B-L-O-W-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!Five stars are simply not enough! Slated is one of those books that you are so happy you bought, it is worth every single euro! Slated is about a girl that her memories have been wiped but she feels something is wrong and different about her. Set in a village near London in 2055 (I think). It is brilliant, full of twists and suspense! It is very cinematographic. It is genius, everything in this novel can be explained in a logical manner that makes sense, nothing [...]

    21. Why had I never heard of this book until about two weeks ago? I dont get how people arent raving about this because it is honestly so much better than most of the overhyped shitlit out there! Review to come.

    22. When I first read this, I agonized because I didn't have book two. Now I have read it again, but this time I am prepared! On to Fractured!May 9-10, 2014I think the ending left me with more questions than when I started. The big reveal in the end didn't really fit with what had happened in the earlier pages. I was really drawn into Kayla's world and her story. The idea that we could be remolded into a different human being if our memories were not intact is an interesting premise. It does not all [...]

    23. I thought that this book was really good and intense. This book was really exiting to read like once I started reading I wouldn't want to stop I am really exited to see what happens in the second book I m currently reading the second book and I think it is really interesting. I recommend this series to ages 12 and above because there are a few bad words in it and it kind of gets confusing at times.

    24. IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING READING EXPERIENCE!This book is terribly terribly well done! I cannot stop reading it. It gave you mystery, thrill, excitement, and many other feeling at once. I was really doubtful at first then everything suddenly fall apart and became so much brighter than it was before.It started very confusing. A little bit too unimaginable. Teri Terry didn't describe things in details. Some parts was left me to judge how. As it has "future-background", I think I'm not the only one th [...]

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