Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret

Fateful Harvest The True Story of a Small Town a Global Industry and a Toxic Secret I see soil in a new light and I wonder about my own lawn and garden What have I sprinkled on my backyard Is somebody using my home my food to recycle toxic waste It seems unbelievable outlandish b

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  • Title: Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret
  • Author: Duff Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780060931834
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • I see soil in a new light, and I wonder about my own lawn and garden What have I sprinkled on my backyard Is somebody using my home, my food, to recycle toxic waste It seems unbelievable, outlandish but what if it s true A riveting expos , Fateful Harvest tells the story of Patty Martin the mayor of a small Washington town called Quincy who discovers AmericanI see soil in a new light, and I wonder about my own lawn and garden What have I sprinkled on my backyard Is somebody using my home, my food, to recycle toxic waste It seems unbelievable, outlandish but what if it s true A riveting expos , Fateful Harvest tells the story of Patty Martin the mayor of a small Washington town called Quincy who discovers American industries are dumping toxic waste into farmers fields and home gardens by labeling it fertilizer She becomes outraged at the failed crops, sick horses, and rare diseases in her town, as well as the threats to her children s health Yet, when she blows the whistle on a nationwide problem, Patty Martin is nearly run out of town.Duff Wilson, whose Seattle Times series on this story was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, provides the definitive account of a new and alarming environmental scandal Fateful Harvest is a gripping study of corruption and courage, of recklessness and reckoning It is a story that speaks to the greatest fears and ultimate hope in us all.

    One thought on “Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret”

    1. Everyone who eats food or has kids should read this book. Does that cover you? Recommended this book again today(5/6/11), for the umpteenth time. Why?This story and the way it is told and the way the story continues after the book is done should make it compelling reading for any environmental or community activist -indeed maybe should be required reading for anyone seeking justice, writing about those seeking it, or exploring the rights of the invididual vs the rights of coporations in today's [...]

    2. In a small town in the southwest corner of Washington lies the toxic legacy of the fertilizer industry.Quincy is a small farming town whose people become divided between farming and public safety when they are made aware of Cenex's selling of toxic waste as fertilizer containing cadmium, arsenic, lead and dioxins. Patty Martin is a true hero who runs for mayor to clean up her town but is eventually voted out of office after farmers (80 percent of the town's economy is based in potato farming) do [...]

    3. This book was published when I was a high school senior, I knew nothing of it then, but in the last few years I've done more and more work focused on ag. in the Northwest. Many of the places and some of the names in the book are familiar to me, but I never knew the story of hazardous waste "recycling" as fertilizer from this angle. The story sheds a light on how and why a lot of state and federal environmental regulation works and does't work spurred me to want to learn a lot more about soil hea [...]

    4. I have hesitated to review this book for more than a month now because my feelings were so strong and the story seemed so crazy that it couldn't be true. This book documents a small town mayor discovering and trying her darnedest to expose toxic wastes being diluted and repackaged as product. The companies responsible went through a lot of trouble trying to keep her quiet you know how you have that nightmare about how politics works and it's a lot like 'house of cards'? This book shows you some [...]

    5. I did not enjoy this book, but it is a MUST read for everyone who thinks the food you eat has been grown safely. The only way for change to occur is for everyone to understand what is happening! This story broke open in Quincy, WA--my backyard; however, this is where the story starts with a very strong woman!! Although it starts in this small farming community in Central Washington, the story is for everyone.A MUST READ -- it is disturbing to learn what is allowed all in the name of obtaining th [...]

    6. She began to suspect the chemicals in the fertilizer, and she observed the local company that sold fertilizers to the farmers. They got the chemicals from industries that needed to dispose of their toxic waste and saved a lot of money--enormous sums--by selling it to fertilizer companies. It was very expensive to put the wastes in disposal sites. Because of EPA regulatory loopholes, fertilizer companies could process it into granular form, blend it with dirt and sell it to unsuspecting farmers. [...]

    7. This is a book that my dad had found when i was in high school and he told me of the possibilities of lead in our french fries among other horrible things that really are difficult to see for their full implications.However now older and ready for the horrible news that this book exposes i tore threw this book in three days grimly fascinated with the truth uncovered from this little town in Quincy, WA.Heavy metals are getting into synthetic fertilizers and now legally. Gary Locke and his task fo [...]

    8. This book is a must read for anyone who farms, keeps livestock, or grocery shops. Really, this is a must read for anyone who eats. The premise: toxic waste full of heavy metals is being recycled into fertilizer. It is killing fields, killing stock, and killing people. The book follows the story of Patty and a few others in a small town as they fight against what they initially think is a local corrupt company. It turns out to be a country-wide problem, complete with coverups and purposely poor r [...]

    9. I chose to read this book for my AP class because it hit close to home. well maybe a little too close. my family has never used fertilizer and doesn't believe in it. we have always had our own garden and bought from the local farmer's market. living on your own farm and raising your own meat has its perks. I've learned that organic in the store is not always organic. I will look into this more thanks to this book. I've also learned to take action and to never stay silent when you can make a diff [...]

    10. Once again ordinary people the world over are being shafted by corporations, their highly-paid lobbyists, and all the government they can buy, all in the name of making a buck. It's incredible to read how hazardous waste can magically -- and legally -- be "transformed" into fertilizer. It wouldn't happen if the decision-makers had to live where they spread this stuff, where it could poison their own families. A well-researched and documented book from a Seattle Times reporter.

    11. A documentary/expose on toxic waste being 'incorporated' into fertilizersour food supply, our land. A story of one woman's fight to expose the big fertilizer companies only to find out the government doesn't care or regulate it. If we get cancer, or our land is ruineds a cost the government is willing FOR US to pay. This made me very mad, and want to move to a different place w/o any industry. Who can you trust?

    12. Ok, this book isn't written in a very scholarly way, but it's a quick, easy, page-turning read about an important topic - the fact that manufactures across the US are disposing of toxic and hazardous waste by adding it to fertilizer, even supposedly "organic" products. It's written by the Seattle Times reporter who broke the story in 2000 and focuses on several towns in WA where farmers and townspeople are getting sick and dying.

    13. unless you are excited about eating toxic waste in your food, this frightening true story of a strong-ass women uncovering the truth about modern fertilizer is a must read! while folks are still working on this topic, little has been done. in the meantime, we are slowing poisoning ourselves and our environment.

    14. Overall very interesting scientific non-fiction. While many books of this genre get too complicated for people outside the realm of specific scientific knowledge, this book was written like a story and likely very easy for anyone middle school aged and up to understand.

    15. I spent my younger years growing up in Quincy, Washington. I know the people and places in this book and I find it's message deeply disturbing. How many small, rural towns of Eastern Washington suffer from the same pollutants, and why doesn't the public ever inquire into these issues?

    16. Everyone should read this book and be outraged to action. It should be in every library. It tells the important and horrifying story of how corporations recycle toxic waste into consumer products (fertilizer, which is spread on our farmlands) to avoid paying superfund site fees.

    17. Frightening true story of a few farmers and a tireless woman who try to expose the use of hazardous waste as "fertilizers". I'd like to do some followup to see if this is still a legal practice.

    18. A great book by an Omak High School graduate no less. Duff Wilson brought to light toxic secrets in the fertilizer industry that was taking place right in my own piece of Eastern Washington

    19. Scary stuff! Raises interesting questions about the contents of commercial fertilizers and the issue of "recycling" industrial wastes.

    20. This really raised my awareness of food security and our legal system in regards to it. Much of what I learned raised my eyebrows. Definitely worth the time to read.

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