Scarred, Part 3

Scarred Part Scarred Part PLEASE READ PART FIRST After agreeing to attend a Gala in New York with Derek Chloe stumbles into her worst nightmare Vince DonovanDistrict Attorney of New YorkJesse Donovan s fath

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  • Title: Scarred, Part 3
  • Author: Kylie Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scarred Part 3 PLEASE READ PART 1 2 FIRST After agreeing to attend a Gala in New York with Derek, Chloe stumbles into her worst nightmare Vince DonovanDistrict Attorney of New YorkJesse Donovan s fatherN is the only thought firing in her head.When Derek finally catches up with her, she realizes that her world has been flipped upside down and out of conScarred Part 3 PLEASE READ PART 1 2 FIRST After agreeing to attend a Gala in New York with Derek, Chloe stumbles into her worst nightmare Vince DonovanDistrict Attorney of New YorkJesse Donovan s fatherN is the only thought firing in her head.When Derek finally catches up with her, she realizes that her world has been flipped upside down and out of control Chloe now decides to let the flood gates open She can t control her emotions any longer, she understands that she can t do this alone any or she will break.Finally, she peels away every single layer of her nightmare that she has tucked away her entire life to Derek Shocked beyond belief, Derek can t even begin to fathom the pain this woman has had to endure The rage he feels is overwhelming, wanting to kill both the men that have broken this beautiful soul Derek convinces Chloe to finally take the step to meet the White s Meanwhile, Jesse has been released from prison, she learns that he has put Chantelle in the hospital and is now on Chloe s trail.Chloe s walls are crumblingHer emotions are shatteredCould these people really be her biological parents And is she strong enough to take on Jesse when the time comes NOTE This is intended for 18 due to abuse and sexual content Book 3 DOES contain a CLIFFHANGER

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    1. ***** 5 Evil Is Back Stars **** This series has me just excited.This is what I love about an addicting series with great writing and characters. I am totally not able to put these books down.Chloe's worst nightmare has just happened.Jesse is out of jail and he is full steam revenge mode. He will stop at nothing to get to Kelly and make her pay for what she has done.Jesse is CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY and Kelly/Chloe is his target and anyone that is close to her is in serious danger of his revenge!! Chloe [...]

    2. After coming face to face with Jessie's father Vince Donovan, the District Attorney of New York Chloe understandably panics, she runs, she just can't get away fast enough Derek follows and finally she breaks enough and trusts enough to confide in him, she unloads her past on a shocked Derek who can only marvel at the woman that has emerged from the life she's had.Chloe also, with Derek's urging and support meets Samantha and Trevor Whitemore, her biological parents?Jesse is out and wastes no tim [...]

    3. I do find the plot entertaining, emotional and compelling. However, I am completely thrown off by the terrible editing. A key character's name changes spelling constantly (Jesse vs Jessie) amongst a million other typos. I hate to be "that guy" but it takes away from the overall experience of the book.

    4. Writing is getting better. This part really is starting to explain things but there are major parts that drive me batty.

    5. I really enjoyed the story line, and honestly think the most of it is good. You're drawn into the characters and the story quite well. The editing is atrocious, and her publisher should do a better job with their edits. Just made it come across as cheap. The typos and grammar you can read over, but were very prevalent throughout the entire series. I think with a better editor and further character development, it would be smashing.

    6. Bueno, viendo que aun me quedan otras tres partes para terminar esta bendita serie haré una review final en el 6 y yaBah, salvo que alguno me vuele tanto la cabeza que valga la pena escribir al respecto hasta entonces, salto directo al 6 :)

    7. Scarred - Part 3 is so so good!! This series is addicting and you won’t be able to put this book down!!! Chloe ran out of the party. She had just seen a ghost from her past, Vince Donovan, District Attorney and her ex-boyfriend Jesse's dad. She could tell by his eyes that he recognized her and she wants to get as far away from him as she can. Chloe is crying and Derek is trying to find out what is wrong. He wants to help her but knows that she doesn't quite trust him yet. When she tells him th [...]

    8. Each book in the series gets more graphic and more detailed. I have to admit that while I have liked the other two books, this is my fave thus far. I don't know if it is because I know all the facts now or if it is because of how the story is playing out. I am one that does not like spoilers so I will say that you cannot go into this book (or this series as a matter of fact) with predetermined opinions of what is next. You may guess some of the steps but not all of it and it is the process of th [...]

    9. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book covers abuse in such a way that if you close your eyes you can see it. So be sure you can stand such topics as sexual/physical abuse and it starts to open up about black market baby selling. This grips you from the first page; I could almost feel Chloe’s (Kelly) fear, her need to run and Adam’s confusion. As Chloe starts to tell Adam the story of her life he begins to realize just how strong she is. But Jesse is out of prison a [...]

    10. Writing continues to improve but still needs work. The sex scenes are better but I still can't wrap my head around authors that write about unprotected sex. Dude, Chloe & Derek are just meeting & getting to know each other, shouldn't they be a lot more careful than that?This story just keeps unfolding & it's really interesting. It's emotional, intense with some sweet moments. But, again, when she decides to open up about her past to people it gets written over & over in the book. [...]

    11. WOW! It was like a movie playing in my head the entire time. Fantastic! I enjoyed each and every moment of this book/series. Kelly/Chloe is an amazing woman. The way she met Derek was odd. Each character in this book plays an important good or bad role in Chloe's life. All of them were well thought out. This is a perfectly put together story and I was sorry for it to end. I look forward to reading more from this fabulous author.Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensa [...]

    12. LOVED THIS SERIES!!!!!This story draws you in completely. You feel so many emotions, and there is so much suspense in this installment. Chloe, after having a terrible shock at a charity event that Derek and her are attending, finally gives up the ghost and trusts Derek enough to tell him all about Jesse and the hell he put her through. It definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat and I can't wait to see what happens next. I couldn't put it down. I sure hope Jesse gets his, and Chloe gets the [...]

    13. Just when I thought this series couldn't get any better, it did! The twists and turns keeps you on the edge of your seat and the cliffhanger ending of book three has you biting at the bit for more. I couldn't put this third installment down and read it on one sitting. Again, Kylie Walker has drawn the reader in with the characters of Angela and Steve. I am rooting for their happy ending and hoping against hope that Kim and Thomas get what's coming to them. An awesome third installment to an amaz [...]

    14. As I continue to read this series I'm truly amaze by the strength of Chloe as she get more graphic and detailed about what happened to her she still has her fears and her insecurities but who can blame her but instead of falling into some kind of deep depression or falling into other bad habits to deal with what happen to her she became stronger not willing to fall victim once again. I can hardly wait for the next book to come. I can't express enough how much I would totally recommend this book [...]

    15. SCARRED (Part 3)by Kylie WalkerWow! Just wow!This part of Chloe and Derek's story had me sitting on the edge of my seat, gripping my kindle harder then usual, crying and getting mad.I figured it would take me a couple of days to get this read, but I started it this morning and I could not put it down. There was just so much going on in this story and I needed to see what was going to happen.Now I am sitting on pins and needles again waiting for the next book.*was given this ARC for an honest rev [...]

    16. This series just keeps getting better. Chloe, ran away from her scary past only to start facing it again and realise that she is starting to trust Derek enough to tell him of her torturous past from an early age upto and including the absolutely deranged Jesse. Kylie Walker reels you into this very emotional drama with great penmanship.I Could not put this book down once I had started to read it and so can not wait until the fourth part is released.I received this gifted copy for an honest revie [...]

    17. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.This series is getting better and better. Chloe is still proving to be a strong,tough woman when it comes to the madness and chaos of her life.Derek is obviously still wanting to be with her and now that he knows how she was brought up and the pain and humilation she went thru with Jesse he will do anything and everything to protect her.Jesse is a sick twited demented soul who needs a swift kick in the nether regions. Couldn't put this book do [...]

    18. Me gustó, pero no puedo soportar que sean libros tan cortos. Me desespera que quede en la parte más interesante, jajaja.En este libro podemos ver a una Chole temerosa de lo que le depara el futuro y nerviosa ante la idea de que Jesse la encuentre. A veces siento que están siendo muy exagerados, se que lo que le paso fue fuerte pero siento que reacciona de mas.No me convence la manera de escribir de la autora, parece como si estuviera leyendo fan-ficción.

    19. Wow this one keeps you on the edge of your seat. Chloe finally trusts Derek enough to reveal the nightmare of her past. The threat of Jesse looms since he is now out of prison. Everyone is on high alert. Can Derek protect Chloe? There was one event that made dislike the book at that moment, but by the end I was no longer disliking the book. The author does a great job with pulling so many emotions when you read.

    20. Chloe has finally told Derek her biggest secret and who she really is. Derek is poed big time. Getting protection and look outs put some people at ease but it's not all good still. She finally gets to meet some people that maybe able to explain her past and what happened. What will happen when Jesse finds her? Will Derek be able to keep her safe? Will Chloe be able to protect herself and those around her?

    21. This series keeps getting better and better! In this installment we learn more about Chloe's past, both with her adoptive parents and with Jesse, I grieved with her and wanted to hunt down those that hurt her and hurt them back. Will Jesse get to Chloe or will she and Derek be able to live in happiness?

    22. Part 3Oh no! I have to wait 2 days for part 4. I am so addicted. Write faster Kylie Walker! Write faster! Good things about the books. Excellent editing. I didn't have to highlight spelling or grammar! Story is great. I am so into the characters. It is like I am part of the book. So, write faster!

    23. This series keeps getting better and better! In this installment we learn more about Chloe's past, both with her adoptive parents and with Jesse, I grieved with her and wanted to hunt down those that hurt her and hurt them back. Will Jesse get to Chloe or will she and Derek be able to live in happiness?

    24. Can't help but feel uneasy for book 4. OMGChantelle!!!!This book is crazy but not nearly as crazy as Jesse. The man is a psychopath. I have so much hope for Chloe/Kelly and Derek. Starting book 4, excited to see what happens next. Nail biting series. Great read.

    25. OMG. This series keeps getting better and better. This installment shows more of Chloe's past, and just how much of a sociopath Jesse really is. Derek really stands out in this book, he is the rock that Chloe needs. Can't wait til the next one!

    26. Wow just Wow. This from start to end was and emotional roller coaster. I loved it from start to finish. The fear,heartache ,and the fight to survive and love was just amazing and beautiful. I couldn't stop reading.

    27. This series just keeps getting better and better. You want to have all the books on hand so that you can read them all at once because you can't put them down. This book satisfied my need for the back story. Cannot and will not wait to get started on part 4.

    28. Wow what a range of emotions this series brings out.Chloe's story of abuse and fear brings you right into her world and you feel all the Rae emotions as if it's happening to you.I am moving right on to book 4, I can't stop this is an addiction.

    29. Amazing. There are six parts or books to this story. It's an amazing story of personal triumph and love and acceptance. A character who grows and discovers her own strength and courage.

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