The Making of Major League: A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy

The Making of Major League A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy A behind the scenes look at one of the greatest baseball movies ever If you love watching Major League you ll be fascinated by this inside story Based on interviews with all major cast members plus c

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  • Title: The Making of Major League: A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy
  • Author: Jonathan Knight
  • ISBN: 9781938441646
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • A behind the scenes look at one of the greatest baseball movies ever If you love watching Major League, you ll be fascinated by this inside story Based on interviews with all major cast members plus crew and producers, it tells how writer director David S Ward battled the Hollywood system to turn his own love of the underdog Cleveland Indians into a classic screwballA behind the scenes look at one of the greatest baseball movies ever If you love watching Major League, you ll be fascinated by this inside story Based on interviews with all major cast members plus crew and producers, it tells how writer director David S Ward battled the Hollywood system to turn his own love of the underdog Cleveland Indians into a classic screwball comedy Learn how a tight knit group of rising young stars and a few wily veterans had a blast pretending to play ball while creating several iconic characters Filled with little known facts and personal recollections about outtakes and inside jokes, batting practice and script changes, all night location shoots, bar hopping and , this is the ultimate guide to the film that reinvented the baseball movie and inspired a generation of belly laughs Includes rare photos, storyboard illustrations, script excerpts, and With a foreword by Charlie Sheen.

    One thought on “The Making of Major League: A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy”

    1. I'm not a huge sports fan, but I am a Cleveland fan and you get a lot of good stories of both in this book. As a writer, I liked the inclusion of some of the scripts. A fun read. Now on to a rerun of the movie!

    2. This book was pretty enjoyable! Not as fun as watching the movie, of course. This is more about the effort that went into making what I consider one of the best sports movies ever. It's obvious the author loved the movie (he says so in the foreword) and it really comes through for the reader.The information about the actors and what it took to get them ready for this movie, their "Spring Training", was interesting. Most had never played baseball before.If you haven't seen the movie, watch it. If [...]

    3. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.If you enjoyed the movie, "Major League", you will enjoy this in depth, behind-the-scenes look at what went into the creation, casting, filming, and public reception of the movie. Author Jonathan Knight, an unabashed fan of the film, uses first-hand interviews with the writer-director David Ward, producer Chris Chesser, and all of the now-familiar cast members of the movie, including Charlie Sheen (who also wrote the Foreword), Tom Berenger, [...]

    4. I received this book for free from contest.First off, this is one of my favorite sports movies. The underdog story, the character arcs, the villainous owner, and, most importantly, the fascinatingly-vulgar-yet-believable dialogue. So having the opportunity to read a behind-the-scenes look at it was a no-brainer. Writer/Director David Ward was in an "0-2 count" in terms of his career after striking out with his second film, Cannery Row. So he embarked on an underdog story of a hapless baseball t [...]

    5. ***Won in a LibraryThing Early Reviewers giveaway***This is a book for those who have seen Major League and who have seen it multiple times. Failing that, this book may just be boring. It sheds light on the writer/director's upstart, the producers, casting, story, production, post-, viewing and release, sequels, parallels with real life baseball, and where everyone is now.The author uses interviews with many of the cast and crew to describe what was happening, how it all came to be. As such, the [...]

    6. On a cold February day with snow swirling and winds howling, a baseball fan takes comfort in this: pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in a week!Cleveland Indian fans found that kind of joy in 1989 when the movie "Major League" opened. It was the first time most of us saw our team compete and triumph---most people watching applaud the ending, true Tribe fans weep with joy. It was the first time we'd ever seen our team take the prize, who cared if it was on the screen?Author Jonathan [...]

    7. I was born, raised and still live in Northeastern Ohio and sometimes it feels like it is a requirement to love this movie. I do not love this movie. I think it is a great one time, maybe two time, watch but nothing about this movie says, "Best baseball movie ever made!" as many Clevelanders would have you think. I found this book enjoyable. It was good to read that writer of the script was a quasi-Clevelander and that the movie was more of a love note to the city, team and the fans. I always had [...]

    8. This book is simply just a fun read especially if you are a fan of the movie, love movies in general or are a baseball fan. I can not say I am the biggest fan of the movie but it is a fun movie and a classic comedy worth seeing at least once. I tend to watch at least a couple of minutes every time I see it pop up on cable and its always good for a laugh before you get back to whatever you plan to watch.I am actually a big fan of the movie making process and always enjoy reading about how movies [...]

    9. This fun, fast read goes behind the scenes of the baseball movie "Major League." It includes interviews with several of the actors, the director and others involved with the movie and has pictures from promotion stops and even a few pages of the script (including deleted material). Now, I have a confession to make: I've never actually seen this movie (yeah, I'm probably one of maybe a dozen Cleveland-area residents older than 21 who hasn't). I really want to though, after reading this collection [...]

    10. I received this book from GoodReads for free.I'm not sure if you'd want to read this book if you've not seen the movie---so go watch the movie. It's a GREAT movie. Okay, now you should read the book.I loved reading The Making of Major League. It's got so many interesting background facts and details about the movie, the director David Ward, the two cities involved (most of the filming was in Milwaukee's stadium), pictures, and even a great foreword by bad boy Charlie Sheen who was a HS pitcher o [...]

    11. A fun tribute to a fun movie. I was surprised at just how long Major League was in development, and how hard the shoot seems to have been. Access to the cast and crew gives the story a gauzy, "authorized biography" feel which is mostly fine, but there are a couple of places where Knight noticeably pulls his punches. (Charlie Sheen admits that using steroids to get in shape for the film caused him some anger management problems and nobody's got a corroborating story? Come on.) That said, I'm not [...]

    12. I didn't know there was so much that goes on behind the scenes of making a movie. Thank you for telling the back story for the movie. I loved how you thought of characters and who you wanted to portray them. I also didn't know what is involved in making a movie and the easy things and all the hard. I didn't know there was another ending to the movie. I honestly liked the ending in the movie. the original one, seemed to far fetched. I loved hearing what the actors felt about their characters and [...]

    13. This book delivers exactly what it says on the cover - the story of the making of the film "Major League"! And if you love the movie, like I do, you'll really enjoy reading all this behind the scenes information! Lots of stories, first hand accounts, and a "where are they now" section, plus sketches, photos, and script pages. Pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about the movie! As the tag line on the cover says, "A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy". That ain't [...]

    14. I have received this book free in a giveaway.This book makes me want to see the movie again. I want to check out more closely some of the scenes mentioned. There were many amusing stories regarding the actors in the movie. I am a huge baseball fan so anything to do with baseball gets my attention. It was very interesting to read how long the process ttook for this picture to be made from the writing to the filming. I think anyone who really likes the movie will thoroughly enjoy this book.

    15. I am a huge baseball fan and huge major league fan. I loved reading about the struggles of getting this movie made and how it all worked out in the end. The passion of the author comes through when retelling interviews and stories about the making of the movie. His love for the game equates to the same love the movie's writer had to make this movie about the grit of a real baseball team's struggles. If you are a fan of the game or the movie in general, this is a great read.

    16. This is a wonderful look at a classic film, which starts before the beginning, as most movies do. From David Ward’s meteoric rise with The Sting to borrowing a real life situation, yes the stink to lose plot actually happened, for his hometown team which led to cinema gold. The entire cast is profiled and you get a real sense of the filming. A definite must read for fans of the movie. Free review copy.

    17. I received this book as a first-read giveaway. This book interested me, because I loved the movie when I was growing up.It was nice to read and understand the inspiration behind the film. It was also nice to understand what this film meant, not only to the writer, but also to the Cleveland Indians team and to each person who worked on this film. Even though I am not a baseball fan, this is one of my favorite films and I enjoyed reading this book.

    18. A great account of the making of one of my all-time favorite movies. Knight interviewed many of the cast and crew members, and has woven together a thorough yet fast-paced behind-the-scenes look at how the movie came to be and its lasting impact both on those involved and on baseball itself. If you like the movie, then I highly recommend this book.

    19. Fun read about a fun movie.True fans will already know some of the filming tricks used to make the actors seem like professional baseball players, but details about how specific scenes were filmed will be entertaining.For me, the most surprising info is that Major League writer/director David Ward had previously won a screenplay Oscar for The Sting.

    20. I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway. This book was a fun, behind the scenes look at the making of Major League. A fun read, great inside stories about the movie and the stars. The book is for fans of the movie, but who doesn't love this movie! I'm inspired to watch it again!

    21. Pretty much any and everything you could possibly want to know on the subject presented in a fun and informative manner. Here's my full review if you want more: clevelandmovieblog/201

    22. I received this book as part of a giveaway. It's a must read for anyone who enjoyed any of the Major league movies.

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