Landfall M M Gay Merman Romance The exciting conclusion to The Merman Series is here Gabriel Braven knows his destiny but is he willing to face it Gabriel has only one day left on land before moving to the w

  • Title: Landfall
  • Author: X. Aratare
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • M M, Gay Merman Romance The exciting conclusion to The Merman Series is here Gabriel Braven knows his destiny, but is he willing to face it Gabriel has only one day left on land before moving to the wondrous Mer city to live forever with his true love, Mer Prince Casillus Nerion He wishes his greatest challenges were giving up making love on land with Casillus and t M M, Gay Merman Romance The exciting conclusion to The Merman Series is here Gabriel Braven knows his destiny, but is he willing to face it Gabriel has only one day left on land before moving to the wondrous Mer city to live forever with his true love, Mer Prince Casillus Nerion He wishes his greatest challenges were giving up making love on land with Casillus and telling his beloved grandmother that he is a merman But ex soldier Johnson Tims has other plans for him Twisted by exposure to the magical statute of the dread creature Cthulhu, Johnson intends to start a war with the Mers He wants Gabriel to use his power as a Caller to bring Cthulhu itself to land, something that Gabriel has sworn never to do If he does, everyone on the East Coast will die When Johnson takes the desperate measure of kidnapping Casillus, Corey, and their Miskatonic friends, Gabriel must come up with a plan to save both his loved ones and the entire Eastern Seaboard from death and insanity BOOK 1 B00MDGTR1M BOOK 2 ASIN B00N3D7MA2 BOOK 3 B00OGQS8QC BOOK 4 B00R1XYRPI

    One thought on “Landfall”

    1. This last book has left me on a better note than the previous two. I am adjusting to the Cthulhu idea; I still don't like it and is definitely my least favorite aspect of the series, but I put up with it. I still think the story would have been stronger if the author just replaced the threat of Cthulhu with something else, because really in the end that's just a depressing aspect of Gabriel's life; terrible really. Especially when you consider that he is basically immortal now. The last half of [...]

    2. The three stars is my rating for the whole series. Entertaining but the monster was a terrible idea. The monster had no concept of good and evil and didn't care about good and evil. Everyone knows fairytales are based on handsome heroes fighting for good to conquer evil. So the book fell apart because the author ignored the basic good and evil precept. Also the conflict with the former military man read like a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery. The story should have been presented as one novel not s [...]

    3. SERIES 4.5 STARSGreat mermen series made with novella's, it's YA/UF and quite fun. I don't think that this is the end somehow, I have a feeling that there will be an entire series sequel or this one will continue. I'm not a huge YA fan but I really like X. Aratare writing style. If you feel like a good sappy romance along these lines then don't hesitate. It does have it's serious side but it's more like an adventure.

    4. This last installment was by far the best. I luved that ALL the loose ends were wrapped up and most of the questions answered in this one installment.

    5. The concluding instalment of X.Aratare's merman saga is a reasonable ending to this excellent m/m merman/lovecraft epic. I was however a little underwhelmed particularly with the ambiguity of Cthulhu - Normally Cthulhu is evil and what I liked about this story was that the guy who wants to destroy Cthulhu is the villain so this turns normal preconceptions on their head - We're looking at him from the mer perspective as a protector and I liked that. But then there's this plot twist in which Henry [...]

    6. Nice conclusion to a tale that reminded me of what it's like to feel the ocean on my face, it's waters rushing through my hair. I think I like this version better than the original serial, The Sea, as it expanded on elements otherwise left too vague prior. Perhaps there's a sequel in the works with that ending >)

    7. As I have wrote before, I loved this series. It may not be written to some else's standards, but the story line and the characters were fun, and the danger and action great. It's an inexpensive read and worth it.

    8. Excellent Series!!!The bond between Casillus and Gabriel is beyond unbreakable. I loved this series and all the characters in it! l work together to make a beautiful series. Hopefully there is more to come.

    9. This series is my debut merman series. And I kind of really really ached for water just like Gabriel did when he developed a new set of gills. Me, on the other hand, I just sprinkled my dry eyes with water so that I can read more of it. The struggle is real. What fantasy do to my real life. Anyways, every book in the series ended with a cliffhanger and the last one (not really the last one) was the same. I do not know when another one will come because the story is far from completed. I love thi [...]

    10. I enjoyed the series. There were a few who left reviews about not liking the ‘monster’ aspects of the story, but I knew from that one moment in the first book the the ‘monster’ would be playing a bigger part later on. There was also a comment about the lack of good or evil in that ‘monster’ but I didn’t have a problem with it at all. While there were some word/grammar errors, I did enjoy the conclusion to the series. And, like all series’s I’ve enjoyed, I’m sad to see it end. [...]

    11. This is the first merman series that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A great balance between romance, fantasy and smut. I gave the first book 3 stars as it was so short, it felt that it ended abruptly. The pacing seemed to get better in the last 3 books but I still think that stretching them to 5 books is pushing it. It's a shame that this puts people off because if you stick by it like me, it's actually worth it.Would recommend to anyone that is looking for a good merman story.

    12. I really enjoyed the seriesI cannot wait to see what will happen next. I look forward to more from the German. Thank you for writing.

    13. Good story with a sweet ending. Not what I expected but not bad either. I would like to read more about the world Gregory is going too and the family he is going to meet.

    14. I really loved this story. Great conclusion to the overall series and a wonderful read.The emotional resonance of this story is really strong. At its core it is a story about finding love and a place in the world, and what it means for your future. Often, as is the case for Gabriel, this can mean leaving the comfortable place you've known as home, even leaving your family. For most it would be going cities, provinces, or countries away. The fact that Gabriel is going somewhere physically unreach [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this final installment of this series! Everything comes together as Gabriel makes peace with his abilities as a Caller, confronts Johnson and his threat to humanity, and learns to let go of the home he's always known on land. It was nice to see Gabriel truly accept his fate as he dealt with Johnson and the Cthulhu. He has a HUGE responsibility and I think he handled himself really well.I loved seeing more of Aemrys and the fact that he was just so happy to meet Gabriel and Grace [...]

    16. A satisfying end to this series. I was sad that Gabriel had to (view spoiler)[leave his family behind, probably for the rest of his life, but happy that he was going to live, be with the love of his life, and still be able to communicate with Corey and his grandmother with their new telekinetic link to each other (hide spoiler)]but it was still an incredibly satisfying ending.I enjoyed the writing and the romanticism of this series, the way things were written, and how I could just feel Casillus [...]

    17. So very also awesome a storyWell worth every penny spent. The story hooks you and doesn't let go at all. You read wanting more and more ,you laugh and cry with all the characters in the books. You find your self hoping it'll work out knowing it won't . Lastly though I understand it's the last of the series here on ,it's Not the last book of the series. There are (3?) More. I'm asking please let them be sold here . I know I'd buy them all. Good books ,great series.!!!!!

    18. I loved this series. Although I didn't feel too much for the characters, the plot alone kept me hooked! Please, please, please write another series with these characters! I want to know what happens next! It can't be the end.

    19. 5 books that happen basically in the span of three days. FRUSTRATION!!There were so much useless scenes , and I don't know about you but I'd personally like to read about mermen stuff in a book about mermen! Too little sea, too much internal struggles and bs in my opinion.

    20. This book felt so different from the other books as there was action, suspense and some really interesting and mysterious characters. I felt like books 2-4 could have been just one book. I hope there's a book 5 to see how they are getting on in their new city and of the mysterious new organisation.

    21. I loved this series hated to read its end. Although, Aratare is an expert at cliffhangers and spin-offs. =) Wonderful writing, wonderful narration!

    22. Best series I've read Recommend to anyone who wants to read a M/M love story. It's beautiful, I know you guys will love it as much as I did !

    23. Very Good Fantasy RomanceI enjoyed the series about the Mermen, Casillus and Gabriel. It was a very good fantasy romance. I'm sure that there will be more to come. I can't wait.

    24. Really great finish to the series. I loved Chris Patton as the narrator. Looking forward what the author will do in the future with the set up she created. Hopefully there will be another series.

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