Jaded, Part I

Jaded Part I As a photographer for the New York Post Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close But one night at the club her whole world changed Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding

  • Title: Jaded, Part I
  • Author: Ali Parker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close But one night at the club her whole world changed Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding, she decides a change is in order and moves from NYC to a small town in Maine, where the average age of the residents there is sixty or thereabouts She works to fit inAs a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close But one night at the club her whole world changed Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding, she decides a change is in order and moves from NYC to a small town in Maine, where the average age of the residents there is sixty or thereabouts She works to fit in perfectly, and tries like hell not to let anyone find out just how very jaded she s recently become over the lie called love Jake Isaac left Texas quite a few years ago his heart torn from his chest, and his mind set on being a bachelor forever Maine would welcome him, give him land to explore and a community to belong to Getting a job as the coach of the local junior high and serving on the fire department kept him busy and labeled him a hometown hero but the truth of his damaged heart was forever hidden No one would ever know just how jaded he was about love That is until he meets Kari.

    One thought on “Jaded, Part I”

    1. I liked the idea of the book overall, it wasn't horrible but definitely not the best book I've ever read. This was another quick read for me. I read the entire book on a plane ride, so it was a good distraction to pass time. The main characters were likeable, and the secondary characters were great as well, but sometimes the dialogue wasn't very believable which sort of took away from the book.If you enjoy short stories with not much to think about this is definitely for you!

    2. BoredI was bored and skimmed a lot of the book. I was looking for something and got nothing that was interesting.

    3. ok, so no sex (that I enjoyed) in this one BUT I WILL FORGIVE ALI because, awesome character development. my hatred for Frank knows no bounds and I'm enamored with Kate and her friends. on to book 2![I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]Full review of the series on my blog here: obsessedwithmyshelf/2015/0

    4. Kari Martin is about to get married to her fiancée Frank. The night before her wedding Kari goes out clubbing with her best friends Sicily and Lisa. It turns out that Kari is not the only one who is having a party and she is shocked by what she sees. Heartbroken and devastated Kari calls off the wedding. Needing to build a new life for herself Kari moves to Maine with her friends. She finds a new job as a photographer for the local newspaper and is excited to see what the changes she made will [...]

    5. This is the book about Kari Martin and her snake of a fiance.  She ends up calling off the wedding after finding him screwing a stranger in a bar.   She then decides she needs a change of pace and plans to move out of New York.Her best friends are moving to Bar Harbor, Maine.  She thinks it best to get a change of pace and scenery.  Her fiance is always calling her and figures she will give in and get back together with him.  Kari has had enough and gives notice to her job.Her supervisor is [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book more. The premise was decent - a woman finds her fiance cheating on her the day before the wedding and breaks it off, decides to move out of state with her two best friends (who were already planning to move and had rented a house so had enough space for her), where she settles into small town life, meets a man who also has baggage from being cheated on. The friends were great. They had very distinct personalities and stayed true to them.I even liked the main character [...]

    7. I wanted to like this story, to find something to cling onto but I didn't find it. The characters are developed just not enough conflict and rise of tension to keep me hooked and invested - so I sped read through it. It's a series, but there wasn't enough want for me to go onward.

    8. מתחיל מעניין ואז נסחב ביותר לעלילות מיוצרות ובלתי מעניינות.

    9. Awful just awful. The writing made me cringe. About half the book was the nonsense between Kari & her besties. Too much wasted on every details of everything that happened with her fiance & then moving out of town to start new. I just don't understand how the title of this book plays into her & Jake being jaded. Sure they've both been hurt but they had no problems admitting their attraction & then jumping all over each other. What was with them talking to themselves? And what the [...]

    10. Is a story about Kari who thought she was going to be living the rest of her life with her College sweetheart Frank. That fairy tale got shaken up when she realized that maybe its not exactly what she wanted and a trip to the club the night before her wedding changed everything. With her confidence rocked, and not sure in herself anymore, Kari embarks on a new adventure with her best friends Sicily and Lisa where they are moving to Maine to start new. Kari didn’t want to but thought it might b [...]

    11. A great introduction to Kari and her friends. I enjoyed how the story played out slowly, really letting you get to know the characters intimately. Great read!

    12. I found this book to be quite boring and repetitive. There is very little plot, no subplot, and limited character development. It took half way through the book to get to the sex, and that was glossed over. The writing is mostly banter dialogue that does nothing to add description or advance the story. An annoying thing about this book is the over-use of the nickname "baby." It's used by EVERY character at some point. Vanilla, bland, cliche, predictable, and not at all steamy. I'm jaded about th [...]

    13. Loved this book and Ali Parker does not disappoint. She brings two people who had their hearts broken by the one person they never expected to hurt them. I can't wait to read the rest of this series! This is my honest review for my free copy of this book.

    14. So glad Kari found out about her cheating fiance the night before her wedding at his bachelor's party. Karis best friends ask her to move to main to start a new life and she goes for it. Great read. Cannot wait to read the rest in this series.

    15. This is a good short read. Two people who've been hurt by others take a chance on each other. I really enjoyed the secondary characters. They are fun, outgoing, supportive and quirky.

    16. I received a copy of this serial boxed set in exchange for an honest review.Jaded is a 3 part series by Ali Parker and I decided to review each part rather than the whole boxed set at once! In part 1 we meet Kari who is going out to her bachelorette party with her two main friends Lisa who she has known forever and Sicily their friend. They get to the place where the party is to be held, and she is so nervous as she has cold feet thinking about her boyfriend and how she does not know if they wil [...]

    17. ★★☆☆☆NO SPOILERS Review originally posted on Aoibh ReadsKari Martin witnesses her fiancé having sex with someone else the night before her wedding. Needing to escape New York City, she moves to a town in Maine with her two best friends. Jake Isaac has been burned and doesn't want love. He keeps busy by being a firefighter and also a school coach. But when he meets Kari and tries to stay away, he can't help but wish they were together. Is she the one who can make him believe in love ag [...]

    18. Kari didn’t like the idea of long time marriage, but was willing to head on and try it out with Frank. The night before their wedding, Kari and her friends, Lisa and Sicily went for their last night-out together and discovered Frank actually “doing it” with another girl, and that girl wasn’t Kari. So the wedding was called off and Kari’s heart got broken. She’s afraid she’s at fault, that she’s the one to be blamed. Frank cheated on her because she didn’t want to have sex with [...]

    19. Excellent. A short story series. Jaded started out with Kari,the main character, a photographer from new york on her way out for the last night of her single life. Getting married to frank her boyfriend for the passed for years. She had bad wedding jitters and wasn't really sure if he was the right man or was she just over thinking it. She did love him but something was scaring her thinking about being with one man for eternity. That's a long time. Ready to party with her best friends Sicily , L [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. I have been searching for something a lil different outside of the insta love that seems to be going around. This was what I needed. The story starts off with Kari and her friends on a night out that ends terribly because her fiance can't keep it in his pants She calls off the wedding and decides to move to Maine with her friends For a big chuck of the book you get to know Kari and her friends Of course some of it was just filler but I couldn't remember the last time [...]

    21. Received a copy of this book for an honest review.I have to say this book was a great read, it really had me hooked all the way till the end.The story in this book is very well written and well developed and the plot is very fast paced. This is a short novella and ends in an amazing cliff hanger. The characters in this book are wonderful and funny, and I love how Kari's friends interact with her mother, it really had me on the floor in stitches.In this book we will see Kari find out that the man [...]

    22. I usually steer towards fantasy, paranormal or sci fi and some really intense emotional books. But i like to read light subject matter as comedy, romances and such in between them.I always have a tough time doing a review because i want to say more than just "I like it" or I enjoyed it immensely" which I did.With that being said I found JADED refreshing. Its a quick light read for me. I just felt good/happy or light hearted when i was finished reading. Ali Parker had great supporting characters [...]

    23. I picked this book up because I have done a couple cover reveals and books things on my blog for this author and was really interested in her books. This is a New Adult series and the first one is free on amazon right now. I really like the main character Kari, she is very real and I feel like I would be friends with her. Kari is suppose to get married but something happens and just messes up her her whole plan on life But really it is a blessing in disguise. I loved her two best friends Sicily [...]

    24. I got this book for free through Barnes and Noble and it had an interesting sounding blurb that caught my attention. The story was there and I liked the characters but the writing was not good. It was boring, and not exciting, I felt like I was just being told what was happening instead of shown. A lot of the dialogue just didn’t mesh with these characters for me and was cheesy at times. I found myself wondering if people actually act and talk like that. The editing wasn’t great in it either [...]

    25. Easy reading, nice introduction to the characters in the series, intrigued to find out where the story goes.The start is harsh and hurtful, the way poor Keri finds out about her unfaithful toe rag of a fiancé, with just days to her wedding her life is turned upside down. Heartbroken Keri and her two best friends pack up everything and head to Maine, a new fresh start for three hard working, vibrant young women looking for a little fun and adventure as the set up their new lives near the bay.I r [...]

    26. I am blown away at the pure power of this book. This is not like the other books written by Ali Parker. Most are very fast paced, this is a subtle slow burn that gets into your soul. It took me a while to get use to this pacing from Ms. Parker and I hope that the tease never ends. I love the way the I felt as if I could step into the book and fit right in. In such a short time I have become so thoroughly invested that I must know what happens to these lovely ladies and the men who are lucky enou [...]

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