Alphas on the Prowl (Shifter Romance Boxed Set)

Alphas on the Prowl Shifter Romance Boxed Set All new stories Alpha shifters are on the prowl and they re used to getting what they want But there s to claiming a destined mate than raw power and they ll have to prove themselves worthy in ways

  • Title: Alphas on the Prowl (Shifter Romance Boxed Set)
  • Author: Catherine Vale Gina Kincade Lashell Collins Bethany Shaw Tasha Black Phoenix Johnson Annie Nicholas Jami Brumfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • All new stories Alpha shifters are on the prowl, and they re used to getting what they want But there s to claiming a destined mate than raw power, and they ll have to prove themselves worthy in ways than one.Alphas on the Prowl offers page after page of passion and pleasure in this box set featuring eleven NEW tantalizing shapeshifter tales from NY Times andAll new stories Alpha shifters are on the prowl, and they re used to getting what they want But there s to claiming a destined mate than raw power, and they ll have to prove themselves worthy in ways than one.Alphas on the Prowl offers page after page of passion and pleasure in this box set featuring eleven NEW tantalizing shapeshifter tales from NY Times and USA Today best selling authors.

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    1. I received an ARC of this boxed set in exchange for my honest reviewWolf Fever – Catherine ValeShort and sweet, with a bit of hotness and sass! The plot is new and fresh and drags you along for the ride, and what a ride it is. The characters are hot and sassy, and when they finally decide enough is enough, wow! The sparks fly, and it’s not just the air that’s sizzling. Great read.A Shot at Love – Gina Kincade.Love the way Gina has delivered this story through Micah’s reminiscing of his [...]

    2. "Oh my a truly Amazing box set!"This collection has some amazing Author's in it!. The Character's in each story is fantastic!. Wow you get eleven fantastic stories!"Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale" story is incredible it is steamy hot and funny to."Gina Kincade's A shot at love" was really not my kind of story . I am not into M/M type stories but I am sure it is really good. "Dragon's Dream Dancer by Jami Brumfield" is amazing!!. You have the sexy hot Dragon shifters!, Plus you have action, suspens [...]

    3. This is such a great box set of books loved reading all kinds of shifters bears , Cats, wolves also dragons and more. You will love this read. Even has a few gods and demons something for everyone. Can not thank the authors enough for allowing me to read and review.

    4. My review for the "Alphas on the Prowl (Shifter Romance Boxed Set)" is finished here are my individual reviews for the novellas included within."Wolf Fever" by Catherine ValeHaving read Catherine's "Jagged Lovers" series I was excited when I saw that she'd added to the boxset. 'Wolf Fever' was everything I have come to expect from Catherine, a fun, erotic short story, although I found it just a tad short "A shot at Love" by Gina KincadeI have never read anything by Gina before, but I did enjoy t [...]

    5. Catherine Vale and Jami Brumfield stand out as the leaders in the pack!I just finished reading Alpha's on the Prowl. I have given it an overall rating of 5 stars as I didn't want to take away from the authors who I feel are the leaders in the pack. Therefore I have also broken my review down as I think there is a little something for everyone. Please keep in mind this is simply my opinion of which may be very different from other readers.Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale 5 Stars.Really enjoyed this o [...]

    6. I received an ARC eBook in exchange for an honest review.#1 - WOLF FEVER by Catherine Vale: Hot, Hot, Hot!! Isabella and Marshall's story will grab you from the first page! Undeniable pull of an Alpha Wolf Shifter who finds his mate! Quick and sexy read! 5 Stars!!#2 - A SHOT AT LOVE by Gina Kincade is a Gay Male Shifter Romance which I have no interest in reading. I am grateful it was clearly marked before reading and discovering that it was a gay romance.#3 - THE DRAGON'S DREAM DANCER by Jami B [...]

    7. Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale- A great oh so hot story of a human finding her wolf shifter mate. I enjoyed this story!Captive Moonlight by Sarah Makela- I enjoyed this action packed story of a lover going in search of her betrothed who was taken one night.

    8. Box set of hot steamy alphas, how could you possibly go wrong? Each book is packed with passion and romance as the hero/heroine's finds their mates. Recommend grabbing it!

    9. ***A gifted copy of the box set was provided by the authors for an honest review****Wolf Fever – Catherine ValeNovella short and oh so sweet, with some passion and cockiness thrown into the mix.The storyline is new, different; it takes you along for a ride, and what a ride it ends up being. The characters are original and earthy, and when they finally decide they’ve had enough, wow! Look out for the fireworks! The sparks fly, and it’s not just the fireworks that are Scorching. This is a mu [...]

    10. **I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI used to avoid anthologies because I didn’t like short stories and I hadn’t really found any authors to to convince of a good story in a limited amount of pages. With there now being so many new authors and anthologies out there, I look at it as a tool to find a great author whose story will have me clawing at their website for more. This anthology was no exception Since this is an anthology, my overall rating is an average [...]

    11. celebrityreaders.wordpressWell, I finally finished another anthology. This one took me about nine months to finish and I gotta say I wasn’t really impressed with them that much. Obviously if I took my sweet ass time with them.One thing that is standing out to me is the fact that there is NO FRICKING TABLE OF CONTENTS!! So if I wanted to…IDK, REVIEW EACH BOOK INDIVIDUALLY, I would have to go through the anthology page by page to find the title and author of each book.No fucking way am I doing [...]

    12. Book: Alphas On The ProwlAuthor: Catherine Vale,Gina Kincade, Lashell Collins , Bethany Shaw , Tasha Black, Phoenix Johnson , Annie Nicholas , Jami Brumfield, Sarah Mäkelä , Amy Lee Burgess , Anna LowePublication Date: 4/28/2015Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW There are 11 stories in this bundle. I have read and am reviewing the following. Catherine Vale- Wolf FeverIn this story we have neighbors who crave each other. One is human the other a wolf shifter. HOT [...]

    13. I was giving this Box Set to read and review.This box set has 11 it . I am reviewing the five and will add to my review as finish themWolf Fever by Catherine Vale: Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This book is about Isabelle and Marshall. Isabelle is a human who don't understand by she is in lust for neighbor Marshall who a werewolf and he knows that Isabelle is his mate. They are neighbors and Marshall has been avoid Isabelle and she him but they crave each other. This one isHOT I mean [...]

    14. I was given this boxed set in exchange for an honest review.This is a set of 11 stories by some of the best authors of shifter books. Although not all of the stories are in this review because I have not finished them all, I know that the rest will be just as good.Wolf Fever by Catherine ValeWhen desire for a person is so strong that you lose interest in any other, that's what Marshall and Isabel feel for each otherRead how they work through this.A Shot of Love by Gina KincaidSoaring love betwee [...]

    15. ARC for an honest review!!I love supernatural and this book brings in tenfolds. There is little I didn't like about this book. Hell, I even started stalking some authors after I read their story. I cannot wait to see what other things these authors offer. What is there more to say besides giving it 5 stars and saying that I loved it.Besides the words scrotum and fulcrum, which are unsexy and totally not necessary and appeared in only 1 story, everything was amazing. Happy Reading!

    16. Great boxed set from these authors. Some of them are new for me and I enjoyed reading and getting to know their writing. Sarah Makela is one of my favorite paranormal authors so I really liked her story Captive moonlight. Charlotte and Joe's story followed well and enjoyed their adventure. This is a great price for so many stories.

    17. This boxed set features alpha shifter romances for almost everyone; from werecats, bears and dragons. One of the stories in this set is even a M/M romance. Boxed sets are a great way to find new authors and stories to read. I particularly enjoyed Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale and Exiled by Lashell Collins. ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review.

    18. WOW!!!! These books were terrific. I am so glad i read these books. I highly recommend this boxed set to everyone the authors are great. They are very well written stories I loved each and everyone of these book. I will read thease authors and the boxed set over and over again.

    19. 1. Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale - Isabella's life just turned totally upside down when hot, steamy Marshall moves in next door to her. She can't understand why her blood boils & all she wants to do is jump his bones. Marshall knows though, she's his mate. Add a costume party & lust flows out. I love hot shifters. They turn me on. Gr8 book,gr8 writer. 2. A Shot at Love by Gina Kincade - I'm not one to read books about gays, but this book was good. This is a love story with secrets. Micah [...]

    20. Completed review. Given to me for an honest review. Loved the books. Left me wanting to read more books from these authors. This set of stories are not suitable for under 18. All of the stories have a good story line and a medium level of erotic language and descriptions. This boxed set has various shifters and supernaturals and they all have problems to work through before the end of the book. Overall I enjoyed every story and even my less liked story was interesting.Wolf Fever by Catherine Val [...]

    21. I was given an ARC of this Bundle for an honest reviewWolf Fever-Catherine Vale 5 starsA fast paced steamy as hell story that will make your panties wet!!!Its hot ,its fast paced ,well written with two lovely main characters!!!i loved it!!!!A shot at love-Gina Kincaid 5 starsOMG!!Hot hot hot!!!!A very short story about Micah and Jason finding love!I sooo needed more of those two!The chemistry and the emotions between them were amazing!!!!Hope to get to see more of those two!The Dragon's Dream Da [...]

    22. An Exceptional Collection of Stories – What Are You Waiting ForThis is an excellent and above average collection of short stories which I thoroughly enjoyed reading; I must admit I did not find one book disappointing. Every story was different and written tastefully, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this compiliation to other readers. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wolf Fever by Catherine ValeIsabella is going out of her mind. Her continual cravi [...]

    23. This is an excellent set of stories to give you a sample of several authors. All 5 Stars books.Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale 5 StarsWhere are these feeling coming from?When a sexy hot move in next to Isabella she can’t figure out why her lust factor is off the scales. Marshall knows that Isabella is his mate but she human so he hasn't made a move to claim her. Until the costume party do the two even talk to each other and that’s when the steam starts to rise. Well written and very entertainin [...]

    24. MehA bit disappointed that most were novellas from existing series. Some I had already read. But others were a bit vague due their continued storyline

    25. I received an ARC of Alphas on the Prowl in exchange of my honest review.First thing I must say I really enjoy this box set about shifters and their mate. I think reading this short stories it's one of the best way to discover new authors. Write a short-story it's more difficult than write a complete novel, you have only a few pages to tell a good story, it's not so easy.Now I'm going to review the box set.“Wolf Fever by Catherine ValeCurvy Isabella is about to discover exactly why she can't s [...]

    26. Wolf FeverBy: Catherine ValeMarshall moved next door to Isabella a month ago and she keeps having fantasies about him all the time. She' been avoiding since the first time they ran into each other. Isabella thinks if she can have one time she'll get Marshall out of her system. Her friend talked her into going to a party where everyone is wearing mask. When her night begins it's not what she expected and will she make it out without losing her heart?A Shot At LoveBy: Gina KincadeMicah broke off h [...]

    27. I received an ARC of this box set to read and review. I love a good shapeshifter story and this box set introduced me to some new sub-genres in the shifter genre. I highly recommend this box set. Overall rating- 4.7Wolf Fever by Catherine Vale- Rating- 4.5I started this story and it was good, especially the funny opening scene. Then, BAM, it got H-O-T! I think I wanted to get laid even more than Isabella by the time I finished the story! Based off the description I thought this was going to be a [...]

    28. I received a free copy of this boxed set in exchange for a fair review.Wolf Fever by Catherine ValeWow, so hot! Isabella has been going crazy since her new neighbor moved into the apartment next door. Suddenly she is horny all the time and can't stop thinking about her next door neighbor. Marshall sees Isabella walk into the costume party he is attending and has to have her. Love this book, hot, hot werewolf mate!A Shot at Love by Gina KincadeGreat book! Micah and Jason are lover's, until Micah [...]

    29. ALPHAS ON THE PROWL BOX SET Wolf Fever – Catherine Vale From the first page Wolf Fever was sizzling hot. I needed a glass of iced water and the fire extinguisher next to me while I was reading. Isabella a reception with a poor self-esteem and a sizzling hot sexy Neighbour. That is all she can think about is getting him into bed. She is at a loss to explain this unreasonable attraction that she feels for him. Marshall Reed moved into the apartment block a month ago and as soon as he set eyes on [...]

    30. Alphas on the ProwlI’m so glad that I received this ARC. Besides it is very interesting, very hot and sometimes amusing I have found the first book of two that recently I read the book two, liked it and was thinking about looking for the first one. There are stories for everyone and all well written. And all that for .99 it’s a must get bargain. Some of the authors were new for me others I’m a fan but now I’m going after those I had not known before. Still reading because I like to savor [...]

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