A Thousand Falling Crows

A Thousand Falling Crows Sonny Burton was forced to retire from the Texas Rangers after taking a bullet from Bonnie Parker in a shoot out The bullet so damaged Sonny s right arm that he had to have it amputated While Sonny st

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  • Title: A Thousand Falling Crows
  • Author: Larry D. Sweazy
  • ISBN: 9781633880849
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonny Burton was forced to retire from the Texas Rangers after taking a bullet from Bonnie Parker in a shoot out The bullet so damaged Sonny s right arm that he had to have it amputated While Sonny struggles with recuperating and tries to get used to the idea of living a life with only one arm, Aldo Hernandez, the hospital s janitor, asks Sonny to help find his daughterSonny Burton was forced to retire from the Texas Rangers after taking a bullet from Bonnie Parker in a shoot out The bullet so damaged Sonny s right arm that he had to have it amputated While Sonny struggles with recuperating and tries to get used to the idea of living a life with only one arm, Aldo Hernandez, the hospital s janitor, asks Sonny to help find his daughter and bring her back home She has got herself mixed up with a couple of brothers involved in a string of robberies Sonny agrees to help, but is concerned about a wholly different criminal in town who has taken to killing young women and leaving them in local fields for crows to feast on.Just as Sonny is able to track down Aldo s daughter, he comes to an uncomfortable realization about who might be responsible for the string of murders and races to nab the killer before another girl is left to the crows.

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    1. If you like character driven books that are placed in vivid or harsh surroundings, you should like Larry Sweazy books. I have read 3 books in the past 3 months by this author, as I enjoy his style of writing very much. I was introduced to his writing in the Marjorie Trumaine series that take place in North Dakota in the early sixties. Those books have been two of my best reads for the year they were read inThis book A Thousand Falling Crows introduces a new character Sunny Burton. Sonny who is a [...]

    2. Synopsis/blurb.Sonny Burton was forced to retire from the Texas Rangers after taking a bullet from Bonnie Parker in a shoot-out. The bullet so damaged Sonny's right arm that he had to have it amputated. While Sonny struggles with recuperating and tries to get used to the idea of living a life with only one arm, Aldo Hernandez, the hospital's janitor, asks Sonny to help find his daughter and bring her back home. She has got herself mixed up with a couple of brothers involved in a string of robber [...]

    3. Set in depression-era, post-prohibition Texas, A Thousand Falling Crows tells the story of Sonny Burton’s semi-retirement from the Texas Rangers after losing an arm in a shootout with Bonnie and Clyde. Licking his wounds and struggling to come to terms with living with only one hand, he’s asked by a local Mexican janitor to search for his missing daughter. He’s reluctant to get involved, but Aldo Hernandez believes a ranger always remains one, regardless of what the service thinks. Sonny t [...]

    4. A fantastic murder mystery that takes place in a small town. There are some great characters and the sense of place is wonderful. You will step into this town along with its characters. The sections that deal with the crows is fabulous, that was by far my favorite part of this novel. It was such a different twist.

    5. Larry D. Sweazy's See Also Murder was one of my favorite books of 2015. Now, he returns with a story that's even grittier, an atmospheric, richly detailed book out of the violent Depression years. A Thousand Falling Crows features lonely, lost people, in a time of desperation.It's a dry summer, one of many to come in North Texas, when Texas Ranger Sonny Burton encounters Bonnie and Clyde in his territory in June, 1933. He's sixty-two, still vigorous and in the prime of his life, but he loses a s [...]

    6. This isn't really a book about chasing a runaway girl or a murder investigation, any more than Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is about hunting whales. What the book is about is ruin. From its setting in Panhandle Texas right as the years-long drought of the 1920s turned into the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, to the endless parade of hopeless lives sliding into chaos, especially as sudden and apparently motiveless violence appears in the small rural community, this is a narrative of waste. At the center of t [...]

    7. Having really enjoyed Larry Sweazy's Marjorie Trumaine mysteries set in 1960s North Dakota, I didn't hesitate to pick up A Thousand Falling Crows. It's one of the best decisions I've made so far this year. Sweazy's lean, poetic writing style is so evocative of the Depression and the Dust Bowl that I felt as though I were following along with Sonny every step of the way. Sonny Burton is a sort of Everyman, struggling with all the changes in his life, with loneliness, and with his lack of relation [...]

    8. Slow getting started but then sneaks up on you the curiousity about the character Sonny. Tommy Lee Jones or Clint Eastwood makes me think of Sonny if it were a movie. Quick read less 300 pages & worth the time.

    9. Larry D. Sweazy’s A THOUSAND FALLING CROWS is more a character study and a lyrical period piece than a mystery or a detective novel. The story, which is set in Texas in the 1930’s, reflects the fears and insecurities of depression-era America. Protagonist Sonny Burton, a 63-year-old Texas Ranger, is forced into retirement when he loses an arm during a shoot-out with the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Much of the novel focuses on Sonny’s conflicting emotions as he deals with the loss of his car [...]

    10. As a brief summary, A Thousand Falling Crows is a mystery set in 1930s Texas during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years. It follows a Texas ranger named Sonny just after narrowly escaping death during a shootout with Bonnie and Clyde, the aftermath of that event, a murder mystery he gets wrapped up in, and his efforts to help out a local man save his daughter who got herself mixed up with a pair of gin runners.I initially rated this book four out of five stars, but after thinking about it f [...]

    11. For full disclosure, I was sent a copy of this by Seventh Street Books, and I thank the publishers for allowing me the review the work. The setting of this novel is 1930's Texas, where windstorms, drought, and hopelessness prevail. And like a windstorm, I was caught up in the spinning plot, only to find myself back on earth, covered it dust and wondering what just happened.Author Larry D. Sweazy sets a wonderful premise--Bonny and Clyde have been terrorizing the local Texas/Oklahoma border and p [...]

    12. A close encounter with Bonny and Clyde costs Sonny Burton an arm and his career with the Texas Rangers.Sweazy’s descriptive prose puts the reader into the Depression-era 1930s Texas where everyone is sharing hard times. Burton’s efforts to adjust to his handicap and leave behind the life he has known in the past are skillfully drawn and the reader can easily understand his despair.Three things combine to give him a fresh lease on life—Aldo Hernandez, a hospital janitor, enlists Burton’s [...]

    13. In June 1933, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were involved in a shootout in Wellington, TX, near the Oklahoma border. The Texas Ranger who engaged the couple, Sonny Burton, lost an arm as a result of the shootout. Sonny, a now retired widower, was very depressed after losing the arm and ventured out of his home only when necessary. So when he went to the town grocery store for food, he was shocked to find himself in the middle of a burglary. The two robbers shot and killed the grocer while Sonny [...]

    14. Although he survived the Great War intact, Texas Ranger Sonny Burton engages in a shootout with Bonnie and Clyde that costs him his right arm. His good arm. No longer able to perform in an official capacity, he finds himself negotiating a new life, acclimating himself to his body in a new way. Several incidents in his rural West Texas territory prove that he is far from being useless, and can still contribute to the disposition of justice. He is accompanied by an avian Greek chorus of crows that [...]

    15. Sonny Burton's single encounter with Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow leaves him a middle aged and disabled Texas Ranger, retired because during the Great Depression the Rangers have no use for a one armed lawman. When a local store owner is killed during a robbery gone bad, Sonny's son, another Ranger in the family business is brought to the Texas Panhandle to find the killers, but Jesse Burton has no interest in his washed up father and Sonny is more alone than ever. But this isolated community [...]

    16. An excellent book! Texas Ranger Sonny Burton lost his arm in a gunbattle with the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. He was forced to retire from the force and, as he recuperates, lives a solitary life. Recently several bodies of young women are being found along the roadside near the town. Sonny isn't interested until a man who works at the local hospital calls on him. His daughter, Carmen, who is just 16 has disappeared and he is afraid she may become a victim. She may have become mixed up with a coup [...]

    17. The story is set in North Texas during the 1930's just after the end of Prohibition. Texas Ranger Sonny Burton's shoot out with Bonnie and Clyde has left him with an amputated right arm and a forced retirement. While recovering, a friend he met while in the hospital asks Sonny to help him find his daughter who had run off with twin brothers. These boys, known as the Clever, Clever Boys, were involved in a string of robberies. During a robbery that went wrong, a man was killed. Sonny agrees to he [...]

    18. This review is based on an uncorrected proof I received through my work. I really struggled through this one. From the first page A Thousand Falling Crows lost me. The prose was repetitive and intensely clichéd; the characters were thin and poorly developed and again let me say how tired and overwrought the prose was. I really had a hard time taking this one as seriously as it took itself.

    19. This was slow to pull me in, but once Sonny met Blue (and stopped feeling sorry for himself) I was engaged. There was one mystery to solve, and another problem to solve. The two came together neatly at the end.

    20. Very atmospheric, and a very sympathetic main character. It ended kind of abruptly and I would have liked to know a little more "why", in addition to the "who". I do think this would make a great movie.

    21. Good airplane read. Felt that the crow anecdotes were unnecessary and the last paragraph seemed to be thrown in just to tie the story back to the crows. It is a good enough story without the crows

    22. A super quick read. Texas Rangers, Bonnie and Clyde and three teenagers on a crime spree work together to make this a page turner.

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