Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!

Cattle Cult Kill Kill Strange things happen in the parts of Wisconsin where nobody is looking Catspaw is one of those parts After his car crashes in Catspaw Renny watches his girlfriend Sera dragged away by men wearing

  • Title: Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!
  • Author: M.P. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780692426876
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strange things happen in the parts of Wisconsin where nobody is looking Catspaw is one of those parts After his car crashes in Catspaw, Renny watches his girlfriend, Sera, dragged away by men wearing severed cow heads as masks He follows them into the snow soaked wasteland of Wisconsin and slips face first into a sordid underworld of vicious farmers He fights to overcoStrange things happen in the parts of Wisconsin where nobody is looking Catspaw is one of those parts After his car crashes in Catspaw, Renny watches his girlfriend, Sera, dragged away by men wearing severed cow heads as masks He follows them into the snow soaked wasteland of Wisconsin and slips face first into a sordid underworld of vicious farmers He fights to overcome his innate inability to do anything right, but can only watch helplessly as Sera is eaten alive, the first sacrifice for the resurrection of a forgotten god of agriculture Bovikraaga She will not be the last

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    1. Holy Bovikraaga, what has the world come to? This story begins with a simple car crash and then it gets weird. Bare-chested men wearing cows' heads emerge from the woods to slaughter the innocent. Victims are gutted upside down on inverted crosses and are soon torn apart and eaten. This is a cattle cult to be reckoned with. The local militia appears, but their numbers are quickly reduced by devout cow worshippers. A woman is discovered in a cellar maternally suckling calves and maniacally enjoyi [...]

    2. What the hell just happened to me?This book was goddamn INSANE.I mean that in the most literal sense I could mean it. There was a level of imagination in play here that is completely unbound. YES, this is a gore book. The focus is gore. THERE’S A LOT OF GORE IN HERE. But that said, it’s also profoundly strange in a completely unfettered and original way. I mean, it’s almost TOO MUCH. Cattle Cult Kill Kill is truly demented.I’m a pretty big fan of MP Johnson’s work. This one in particul [...]

    3. This book joins my favorites as one of those that manage to be so far out there, yet does so within a cohesive and (somehow) relatable story. Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! is so creative in its' weirdness. I was impressed with how it kept me guessing and constantly threw new elements into the mix. I am certain that I have read some of the strangest stuff out there and after all of that, this one still had that "oh shit!" element that I tend to feel a bit less as time goes by. Besides speaking to me o [...]

    4. Catspaw County has the most sought-after produce and meat in the county. When outlying counties suffer drought or bad harvest, Catspaw thrives. All thanks to Bovikraaga the god of agriculture. Must keep him happy at all costs. Or else.Bovine headed cult crazies, a cardboard cartoon cutout cavewoman facial, streaming acid teat milk, crotch cow babies, juicy corn worms, and a blood and body part meat moat. What’s not to like.I couldn’t resist the title of this one and I knew by the cover that [...]

    5. Having thoroughly enjoyed Dungeons & Drag Queens at around this time last year, I was definitely excited to land a new title from M.P. Johnson. While I didn't enjoy Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! quite as much, it was a fun read, and there were more than enough WTF moments to warrant it a Friday feature.On the surface, this is a pretty standard b-grade horror novel involving a murderous supernatural cult, a corrupt police department, and innocent bystanders who are forced to seek justice (and reve [...]

    6. CCKK is a good read involving a bizarre cattle cult, militia, weak humans, and a wicked sounding god of agriculture whose gentials are described in slimy detail. While this read is not as over-the-top (which is what I like) as DDQ it stands solidly on its own does a fantastic job of pulling the reader in and convincing us that what we are reading, for however long it takes us, is real, and it's happening, right up until we finish that last page and close the book. Now that's a writer with skills [...]

    7. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting me in real life you will know that I'm never speechless. Seriously, even when I should be, MP shut me up and maybe even made me feel a little teeny bit self-conscious, umm, scratch that, I wasn't, I didn't even try to shield strangers eyes from the full glory of that beautiful cover art. I feel like I SHOULD have, butI didn't.I read this on my flight home to Portland from Texas Frightmare (home of the weenie toss) last week.I was flying standby on a f [...]

    8. 5.0 out of 5 stars Bovikragg-AAAAGGGHH!!!, May 26, 2015By Kingzgrrl "Airika S"This review is from: Cattle Cult Kill Kill (Paperback)“Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!” is a grindhouse/extreme horror fanatic's entrail-soaked dream. I’m obsessed with this book. OBSESSED.In case you didn’t guess by the half-naked women barb-wired to inverted crosses surrounded by cow-headed freaks on the cover, this isn’t for the weak of stomach. There is gore aplenty, and Johnson finds all kinds of creative ways [...]

    9. M.P. Johnson is one of the most fun, exciting, and weirdest writers currently operating in Bizarro fiction, and he has put an undeniable stamp on hardcore horror with Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!If you like his other books like The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone and Dungeons and Drag Queens, prepare yourself, because while Cattle Cult contains all the weirdness of an M.P. Johnson book, Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! delivers that weirdness in spades. This book is grim.I'm a big fan of Lovecrafti [...]

    10. MP is a master of camp. This book is strange and rowdy and very unpredictable. Lots of greasy stuff happens in this thing. Lots of violence.The characters are great. Would have love to read more about the Morgan Durn and his gun toting foster children. They are what gives the book its grit and warmth.

    11. Wowza. MP Johnson is one twisted lady. I mean that in the best way possible. This is a nasty slab of hardcore horror that starts at level ten and never really slows down. The slim page count keeps things brisk, never growing stale. If you think you've seen or read it all, try this one. There's bound to be something that'll shock you.

    12. Mr. MP Johnson did an amazing job here of turning rural Wisconsin into an apocalyptic, winter wasteland. The frigid atmosphere could practically be counted as a character in this awesome, blood and gore soaked, bizarro horror tale. This book is filled with weird imagination, off-beat characters including a cereal obsessed sheriff, and a mythology that holds everything together as the story speeds along with a face-melting intensity. This book doesn't fuck around.

    13. Put on your cattle masks! It's time to gross us out with the bizarre! The master of bizarro fiction brings us a grotesque battle between a group of cattle wearing freaks battling a militia while preparing for their cattle god to arrive. MP Johnson takes his bizarre horrific writing style to a whole new level with blood, guts, and cattle. There is no sane way to describe this masterpiece.

    14. I definitely got my splatter horror fix reading this book. Delightfully disgusting and action packed! loved it! If you dig gory backwoods horror with a supernatural twist, buy this book. It was hard to put down.

    15. I wont this book in a Giveaway, and when I got it on the mail, I wasn't sure what to expect from it. I had no clue.But, as I normally do, I put it in my "to read" pile until it was its turn. Now, talking about about. It has, as most books, things I liked and things I didn't.Let's start with the ones I liked.The way it's written its amazing. It's easy to read, but not too simple at the same time. I started it this morning and before I noticed I was half done with it. It has a strong start, and th [...]

    16. There's an exchange between two characters in M.P. Johnson's Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! in which they discuss whether the horrors they are experiencing are the result of being drugged with bath salts. The answer, unfortunately for them, is no, but though the characters are presumably sober, the reader is almost made to feel as if they've consumed some kind of mind altering drug over the course of this short novel--yes, it's that insane.The book begins in familiar, clichéd territory and quickly sp [...]

    17. God exists, and its name is Bovikraaga. A generational cult of farmers in the backwoods of Wisconsin knows this and continues to appease their Lord with sacrificial slaughters keeping their crop yield high and their livestock large. The time has come for Bovikraaga to materialize and bestow greatness upon the Earth. Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! tells a tale stuffed with gratuitous gore and lets the reader become well-acquainted with the picturesque innards-turned-outards of some choice Midwestern Am [...]

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