Ambrosia Ambrosia is book in the Nectar Series and it s now available on Kindle Unlimited Tristan s Prologue If you haven t read book one this synopsis will have Nectar spoilers I can t feel her Part of me

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  • Title: Ambrosia
  • Author: D.D. Prince
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: None
  • Ambrosia is book 2 in the Nectar Series and it s now available on Kindle Unlimited.Tristan s Prologue If you haven t read book one, this synopsis will have Nectar spoilers I can t feel her Part of me knows she was right to run, and if she hadn t, I d have to wonder if she was still the girl I d fallen for or if maybe I d ruined her Who, in their right minAmbrosia is book 2 in the Nectar Series and it s now available on Kindle Unlimited.Tristan s Prologue If you haven t read book one, this synopsis will have Nectar spoilers I can t feel her Part of me knows she was right to run, and if she hadn t, I d have to wonder if she was still the girl I d fallen for or if maybe I d ruined her Who, in their right mind wouldn t have run But the other part of me, the part that knows she s mine and that believes that because she s mine and because we feel one another so deepat part wants her to refuse to exist without me That part of me is so filled with black boiling rage that I could rip myself to shreds because she left me and because I don t have a fucking clue whether she s still in one piece or not I m still groggy but I ache I ache because I can t feel her She s been sunshine in the dark for me and I can t go back to the black, can t go back to the emptiness I felt, not after feeling her.No.I don t know if I can t feel her because she s sleeping, unconscious, if the tranquilizers aren t completely out of my system yet, or if maybe our connection is broken because she s dead.I can only speculate on what happened after I cold clocked and shot Sam I only know I m on the floor in this cage and the cage door and panic room doors are open Sam is face first on the carpet by the bed and I m lying beside a big crescent shaped blood stain It s slick around my mouth from the blood her blood Before dipping my tongue to the corner of my mouth I already know what it will taste like and I want SoMuchMoreDespite being groggy and feeling as if there s a black abyss where my heart is supposed to be something else is brewing in me I can t put a name to it yet and I can t figure out whether it s evil or not I don t know what it wants.That small part of me that knows she was right to run is relieved I can t feel her because I m not ready to find her I m not ready because I m afraid of what I could be capable of when I do Afraid of what I might be capable of if someone has her or if she s dead I need to make myself wait wait a few days so I ll know she s stopped bleeding and then find her and fix this I just need to fucking find her before The Mangler, does If he hasn t, already He knows all about Kyla s blood, he knows she s mine, and he wants everything that is mine.Book Three, Essence, is also now available bit nectar3essence

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    1. This is the most craziest, fucked up book I have ever read.The gross stuff doesn't stop, infact there's even more of it and it's a fucking constant! BUT weird enough I LIKED it AGAIN. *gasps*These vamps are not the vamps you are used to read about, they walk in the sun without sparkling, they have super strength, speed (yeah, that's classic), they also have a darker side in them, the monster side *snickers* and it's triggered by a special kind of blood. They are all horny as hell and are ready t [...]

    2. (Ambrosia & Essence are .99 until Dec 26th, 2016. Book 1, Nectar: price has dropped to .99)free on Kindle Unlimited bit/nectar2ambrosiaThings weren't going great at the end of book 1 for Kyla and she had to make a snap decision. Book two looks at the fall-out of that decision and the truths that begin to come to light as she and Tristan face the reality of their situation***Book one, Nectar, is available from via ebook plus is free to read on Kindle Unlimited!This book is the highly anticip [...]

    3. Well I don't know. It's a toss between two and three stars for me. I couldn't decide so I gave it a three but I may actually go change it. (I ended up removing my rating because I need to give myself time to settle down from the story). That ending was crap and everything bad you could think of, happened in this second story. I thought it was going to get better but it just got worst for me. It got more and more silly as the story moved along. Bad decision after bad decision was made. No one got [...]

    4. Once again Dee blows your mind!I was lucky enough to be a beta reader and by god I'm glad. Tristan and Kyla have quite an adventure and things get very heated, we meet a heap of new people too. I don't want to spoil the read but it's definitely 7* worthy! With an ending that will drive you crazy.waiting for Essence is going to be hell!!

    5. Very Good SeriesI am really enjoying this series. I am very distraught about the way this book ended and need to read the next right now!!

    6. I liked it, but I am glad that the third book is not coming out until March 2016. I think I need to process the ending and I am nervous about the direction of the book. There is a lot that is relieved in this book and there was a lot of suspense. You always feel Tristan's love. He is not a wishy-washy hero. You still do not know who to trust, etc. There are a few surprises and then there were a few that I saw coming. This one ends in a cliffy, but I am not sure what direction the author is going [...]

    7. Ambrosia is the follow up to Nectar and oh my, I wasn't disappointed! Kyla and Tristan's rollercoaster romance continues in this fast paced read. The bond between the couple is deepening and danger lurks around every corner. So many enemies will keep you and them constantly guessing as who they should trust, and their electric attraction never dwindles leading to hot as hell scenes between our favourite couple Prince is a genius, as her writing captures you in from the very beginning and you wil [...]

    8. I received an ARC in return for an honest review. No spoilers here. You MUST read Nectar first. When you think there can't possibly be anywhere that another vamp romance can take you, D.D. Prince does it again. Shocking attitudes from those who should behave better, an undeniable thirst (sorry!) between Tristan and Kyla, and twists and turns you won't believe. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, you haven't.Grab a cupcake, inhale the aroma, and prepare for some panty-dropping hotn [...]

    9. Started today and finished a few hours later. I inhaled Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a giant leap ahead of Nectar in terms of story and writing. I am on a euphoric book high. I am trying to type out reviews to Nectar that I finished yesterday and Ambrosia quite quickly as I am anxious to jump into book 3 Essence. Its waiting for meOh but my heart. I am so happy Kyla didn't run over miscommunication. Thank you D.D. Prince for not following other authors that make their characters do the most idiotic thi [...]

    10. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review,Nectar, the first book in the series, was amazing. I've gotten into vampire novels lately (not the sparkly type) and I've started to really enjoy them. I feel as though Nectar had something to do with this.I love D.D's books, there's no denying that and this book made me love her more.It's full of drama, action and hot scenes(I can't leave that out). I was constantly on edge and it seemed that the plot was all beautifully linked. I don't have th [...]

    11. Holy cow!Book 2 - Even better than book 1!! Ok, at the end of the first book I was curious about where this would go. But also a little worried. I mean, they were in love and had some things to figure out, but big bad Hero had been mostly tamed and uncompromising Heroine had been brought to heel. I was a little worried that the rest might be anti-climatic. I got Ambrosia as soon as I saw it had been released and after reading the first few chapters I was still wondering if it was going to hold m [...]

    12. Excellent BookArc received from author for (spoiler-free) review.Nectar MUST be read first!WOW, I read this in under a day, it was brilliant. 5 stars.I have been anxiously awaiting this book after the cliffhanger at the end of book one, and I was not disappointed.If you are a fan of vampire romances with more bite than most (and are not squeamish) you really must read this series, if you haven't already read Nectar, where have you been?Ambrosia wasn't predictable, there were twists and turns, [...]

    13. If you haven't read Nectar, please do so before reading Ambrosia or you will be totally lost.I loved the way D.D. stays right on track with giving us answers but also keeping us in the dark by bringing new secrets and twisting us in her web even more. Ambrosia was a heck of a ride and learning even more about her take on vampires kept my interest until the end. That ending had me ready to throw my kindle though and I need more like yesterday of the next story!! You just never know where she is t [...]

    14. This book gets a three star because I like the characters and am pulling for them. However, there are issues. 1. seems redundant. He can't be close to her and she is heartbroken. Then they are good and safe. Then they can't be close and heartbroken again. It seems to keep going and each time there is not a solution. 2. The whole enchanted, nectar, etc thing gets confusing. There are too many loop holes and what ifs. 3. Again, confusing in regards to the writing. For example, one minute people ar [...]

    15. Arc received from author for (spoiler-free) review.Nectar MUST be read first!WOW, I read this in under a day, it was brilliant. 5 stars.I have been anxiously awaiting this book after the cliffhanger at the end of book one, and I was not disappointed.If you are a fan of vampire romances with more bite than most (and are not squeamish) you really must read this series, if you haven't already read Nectar, where have you been?Ambrosia wasn't predictable, there were twists and turns, secrets and reve [...]

    16. DNF @ 47%.This was not a good followup to the first book. The reunion of the H and h was underwhelming. Then there was a slow and boring road trip where nothing happened. Suddenly the h is attacked and raped out of no where. At about 45% we are finally given a full explanation as to why the h's blood is special and how the H came to meet the h. The reasons were so convoluted, I was completely lost. I decided to give up on this series since I had lost interest. I was disappointed in the direction [...]

    17. I just got done reading this book and oh my God, you have to read it. I am so sorry I can't say anything trust me I am dying to. There are some hot and steamy scenes. ( one shower that will make you freaking hot). If you haven't read the first Nectar then you shouldn't read this one first. These are a must have. The are answers in this one from the first and then there are things that will make you say no effing way. Must haven't wait for the next one. Hope it comes soon I might just bust not kn [...]

    18. I am not big on vampire series but i said what the heck I'll try it. I must say this one reeled me in from the beginning and I read both books non stop. I loved the 2nd book but I'm soooooo mad at that cliffhanger. Ahhhhhh I won't give anything away but I really am hoping and praying it didn't happen to her and maybe there is another scheme going on that the readers don't know about. I need this 3rd book like pronto. Ahhhhh!

    19. HOLY FKN SHIT!!!!!! This has to be one of THE best books I have ever read next to Dominator! Lord have have mercy! The intensity, angst, sexual heat! I was having hear palpitations through these books! I feel like an addict and already jonesing for the third book! I swore I wouldn't start this series until the 3rd book was out, but after reading DD Prince's other books I couldn't control myself!!!! These need to be made into movies! This book makes "Twilight " look like child's play!

    20. What a cliffhanger, it's going to be so hard waiting for the next book! I loved catching up with Tristan and Kyla again and really enjoyed this book. Lots of suspense, action and twists and turns, and hot sex of course! I really can't predict how this story is going to end, but I hope we don't have to wait too long.

    21. Great read!!!!The first two books in this series were awesome!!! Did not want to put the book down. Can't wait on the final book. I seldom sign up for news letters but did so in this case so that I would not miss the release. If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood I think you will like this series also

    22. 5 starsI throughly enjoyed this book. It had everything! The sexy alpha male, the helpless heroine who needs saving, danger, suspence, romance it did not leave me with one bad comment. It was perfect! The writing was excellent, the story exciting. I highly recommend this series to everyone.

    23. OMGI LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I can't wait for the third book!! Tristan and Kyla had some many obstacles to overcome and so many people against them making it, but their love is so pure and beautiful.Im freaking out about this cliffhanger and don't know how DD is going to give them a good HEA or if the next book will be full of heartbreak

    24. HEA?Tristan and Kyla have been through so much to get to their happily ever after and the hits just keep coming! He vowed to stand by her no matter what. Now only time will tell if the prince will truly get his princess. With so many unanswered questions, I can't wait for the next book!

    25. Hurry I want the next oneThis book was better than the first book. I can't wait for the next book to come out. So much suspense. I haven't read a great paranormal romance in awhile. So this next one that I'll be waiting to get my hands on.

    26. Don't keep me waitingPlease don't keep me waiting and have the 3rd book released Asap. The second book was really good. I loved Tristan and Kyla. They are so in love with one another and it's great to see that. This is a must read

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