Blindgang Hummel saken har plaget William Wisting i over et halvt r Etterforskningen av hva som skjedde da drosjesj f r Jens Hummel ble meldt savnet har v rt resultatl s og han m t le kritikk Et overraskende

  • Title: Blindgang
  • Author: Jørn Lier Horst
  • ISBN: 9788205485907
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hummel saken har plaget William Wisting i over et halvt r Etterforskningen av hva som skjedde da drosjesj f r Jens Hummel ble meldt savnet, har v rt resultatl s, og han m t le kritikk Et overraskende funn gj r at mistanken rettes mot Dan Roger Danny Brodin Problemet er bare at Danny har et solid alibi Han sitter allerede fengslet, siktet for et annet drap Agder poHummel saken har plaget William Wisting i over et halvt r Etterforskningen av hva som skjedde da drosjesj f r Jens Hummel ble meldt savnet, har v rt resultatl s, og han m t le kritikk Et overraskende funn gj r at mistanken rettes mot Dan Roger Danny Brodin Problemet er bare at Danny har et solid alibi Han sitter allerede fengslet, siktet for et annet drap Agder politidistrikt er sikre p at de har rett mann Wisting er vant til kunne stole p egne vurderinger og bygge opp en solid straffesak Men denne gangen m han bruke all sin kunnskap og erfaring til plukke fra hverandre en sak som andre mener er endelig avgjort Han g r sine egne veier og f lger sin egen overbevisning helt inn i rettssalen.

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    1. 3.5 Somehow or another I managed to blunder my way into the tenth is a series I have not previously read. Though I did read that in the USA only five have been translated and published. The author though did the reader a great service by including, in the opening pages of the book, a few pages of preview bringing us up to date on Wistings life. Greatly appreciated.This is a meticulously, detailed police procedural. I was extremely impressed with the writing and the tightness of the plot. Will ad [...]

    2. 4.5/5 stars for this one!! Read my full review here: crimebythebook/blog/2017/7This is a fantastic police procedural. Slow burning but with a certain energy to it that kept me hooked. It's part of a series but CAN be read as a standalone!

    3. Nordic Noir is a thing at the moment – some brilliant books arriving on our doorstep and Ordeal was such a book – distinctly atmospheric, with its own peculiar vibe I enjoyed it very much.A great mix of police procedural and intensley intriguing character study, Jorn Lier Horst weaves a clever and perfectly paced tale around his main protagonists and has a clear and descriptive eye for interpersonal relationships that allows the reader to fully absorb into their world.The mystery element is [...]

    4. The Nordic Noir genre has brought a sense of realism to the crime fiction world that I have high regard for, with its appreciation for the daily grind behind so much of police work and its wider social and political commentary. In Ordeal, Lier Horst brings a tale of everyday life in a neighbourhood which is reassuringly ordinary and chimes with readers. Combining the rigour and stringency of a police procedural with humane investigators, Ordeal exposes the darker element of an ever changing soci [...]

    5. SWEDISH REVIEWBlindgång är den första boken jag har läst i William Wisting serien och trots att det är bok 10 så hade jag inga problem med att hänga med i handlingen. Jag kom att gilla William Wisting och hans dotter redan från början. Jag tyckte att de hade en väldigt fin relation och jag är nyfiken på Lines situation då hon är gravid och pappan till barnet är en amerikansk polis som bor i Amerika. Jag måste verkligen läsa de tidigare böckerna för att få reda på varför han [...]

    6. In the latest William Wisting novel, Horst takes the reader on another wonderful adventure, where the law and justice meet, if only for a moment. After months of no leads on the case of a missing taxi driver and his vehicle, Wisting is forced to push it to the side. Juggling work and the potential of the early stages of a new relationship, Wisting must also focus on his daughter, Line, who is eight months pregnant and has just returned to raise her child alone. When Line meets an old school frie [...]

    7. This is character-driven police procedural set in small-town Norway, along the lines of Wallander or Beck. It places realistic human characters at the core of a criminal investigation; the discovery of a dead body juxtaposed alongside everyday domestic concerns. A meticulously crafted criminal plot runs in parallel to the events in Chief Inspector William Wisting’s personal life. But Wisting is not the typical melancholic, self-destructive fictional detective, and this is not a book about the [...]

    8. The fifth book in this excellent series to be translated into English see William Wisting investigating the case of a murdered taxi-driver and discovering that this crime is linked to an earlier murder in a neighbouring county; a murder for which the local police already claim to have the culprit. Both crimes are somehow linked back to recently deceased crime-boss Frank Mandt.The author's previous career as a senior policeman adds a great deal of authenticity and credibility to this neatly plott [...]

    9. This review first appeared on our blog where we also talk to Jørn about the location Stavern: tripfiction/crime-mystAnother good read to add the Nordic Noir stable.Ordeal is the 10th title (the 5th translated into English) in the Chief Inspector William Wisting series. He is now 55 and father to twins Thomas and Line, having lost his wife and their mother on a NORAD project in a previous book. He does not have some of the quirks of other detectives and for that seems a relatively gentle soul wh [...]

    10. Jørn Lier Horst never fails to impress me, his William Wisting series draws you in with their intense and thrilling plots. A former police detective in Norway, his experience shows with how well crafted and realistic the story's investigation plays out. In Ordeal, the cold case of a taxi driver missing for over 6 months has Wisting stumped, that is until a close friend tells him about a strange customer at her cafe who makes several comments that could be clues to the case. That starts Wisting [...]

    11. In this novel, Chief Inspector William Wisting investigates two apparently unrelated murders. But Wisting sees a connection. A man went missing several months ago - and a woman was murdered in another town. Even though the police in the other town are certain that they have their man and are ready to go to trial - Wisting questions their conclusions. He does not just accept their conclusions - he believes you must develop a case with undeniable factcs. So he begins to scrutinize the case looking [...]

    12. William Wisting, the main character in this police procedural series, makes me want to move to the author's country - tomorrow. Wisting is a fairly normal guy with routine problems but has an outsized sense of right and wrong. He struggles within the system against corruption and bureaucratic demands. The author is actually a policeman and it shows: The stories always seem grounded in reality. I have developed a great fondness for the main character and look forward to the next novel in the seri [...]

    13. Ordeal by Jorn Lier Horst is the first book I've read in this series featuring William Wist, a detective in Larvik, Norway.There are 10 books in the series, but not all of them have been translated.This is one of the best police procedurals I've read in a long time. Wisting is a dedicated investigating officer, and (because the author was a Senior Investigating Officer for the police in Norway) the investigation rings true. Superb plotting and characters that feel genuine make Ordeal a pleasure [...]

    14. Sofie Lund has done everything she can to distance herself from her grandfather and his criminal enterprise. Even after he died and left her everything, she initially refused to take possession of anything associated with him. However, now she finds herself a single mother, and wanting to do what she can for her daughter, concedes to her better instincts and moves into his old house. While getting reacquainted with her old neighborhood, she runs into an old school friend, Line, who is expecting [...]

    15. Alltså, största delen av den här boken tycker jag var rätt seg. Den är välskriven och med ett gediget detektivarbete bakom slutpläderingen men det är inte särskilt spännande förrän de sista 70 sidorna. Jag saknar mer karaktärs och miljöbeskrivningar, då jag är van att läsa fantasy och romaner som innehåller mycket mer av bägge. Men det kanske är så folk föredrar sina deckare. Gillade inte heller det allra sista i slutet angående Dan Brodin, tyckte det var onödigt. Nåja, [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book. William Wisting is a good main character. In regards to his daughter and him working together, it was a little hard to gauge how well they do work together as Line was trying to help protect her friend by withholding details about the case. However, back to William. He seems like a nice guy. Plus, he is a good detective. The story was fine and the characters were alright. What I mean by this is that I did not react or feel hyped when details of the case were revealed. Additi [...]

    17. My introduction to the books of Jorn Lier Horst and his protagonist, Chief Inspector William Wisting, was made so much easier by the GENIUS inclusion of a 2 page summary of the character and the key players in his life. Can we start a campaign to have this approach adopted in all books where we have recurring characters? So handy for new readers and likely to be something of a Godsend for forgetful readers (and I include myself in this category).On reading Jorn Lier Horst’s author biography I [...]

    18. I am so pleased that I got the opportunity to review Jørn Lier Horst’s new William Wisting crime novel. I saw him at CrimeFest last year in Bristol and really liked him. He looks like just the sort of chap you’d go for several drinks with and have a great laugh.So joining the blog tour for Ordeal was pretty much a no-brainer for me.Jørn Lier Horst was the Head of CID at Larvik police station in Norway until he retired almost 3 years ago and his novels really do have the ring of absolute au [...]

    19. Ikke den beste av Jørn Lier Horst. Han kan bedre enn dette. Denne var ikke like intens som de andre bøkene jeg har lest av ham

    20. 4 starsJens Hummel, a taxi driver, has disappeared. He is presumed dead. When his cab is found in an abandoned barn covered in an old tarp, the worst is suspected. At the same time Frank Mandt a smuggler and racketeer dies after falling down his basement stairs. He leaves his nice house and a small fortune to his granddaughter, Sophie Lund who wants nothing to do with his money. She does decide however to live in the house and moves there with her one-year old daughter and begins to redecorate i [...]

    21. WistingDer Polizeichef ist langsam ungehalten, schon vor einem halben Jahr ist ein Taxifahrer spurlos verschwunden und noch immer fehlt eine wirkliche Spur. Doch nun meldet sich Suzanne, Kommissar William Wistings ehemalige Freundin, und berichtet, in ihrem Lokal sei ein Gast aufgetaucht, der beim Lesen eines Zeitungsartikels vor sich hingemurmelt habe, er wisse wo das Auto ist. Wisting befragt den Mann und so wird endlich das lange vermisste Taxi gefunden. Letztlich ein Fortschritt, aber immer [...]

    22. Ordeal: A Thriller is the tenth William Wisting book by Jørn Lier Horst. This is the first book that I have read in the series.Ordeal: A Thriller is a police procedural set in Norway.Through books such as Ordeal, I am developing a fondness for Scandinavian thrillers and mysteries. Author Horst sets a slower pace than most but allows for character development and solid police work.Chief Inspector of CID for Larvik Police William Wisting has had to put a case involving a missing taxi driver on th [...]

    23. It’s obvious that Jorn Lier Horst, a former Senior Investigating Officer at the Norwegian police force, draws deeply on his own experiences when he writes. He carefully outlines all the work that goes into the case in this story that at first seems completely unsolvable. The book is fascinating and gives an inside viewpoint of the time that I’m sure is involved in most investigations.Moreover, he adds those personal details about the protagonist’s life that truly brings the book to life. W [...]

    24. In this book Wisting becomes a grandfather That said, Jørn has positive relationships with most of his people at his present job except for the police chief. Who gives him an order not to disrupt a case that another police department has solved. This said he basically takes the other police department apart at the seams. All the while his daughter meets an old girlfriend that moved away and finds several items her grandfather has in a safe, including a gun. The story revolves around this piece [...]

    25. This is in the tradition of the Norwegian crime/mystery novel. It is also #5 in the William Wisting crime series that began in 2011 (the 2017 novel is When It Grows Dark).Chief Inspector William Wisting is challenged in his investigation of two apparently unrelated murders. I'll be honest in saying the pace of the investigation is "matter of fact." I would almost describe it as "much like the old TV show Dragnet." Just the facts. Police procedures. One of the murders seems an open & shut cas [...]

    26. Enjoyed this book. It's not a high octane thriller but very steady, solid logical police procedure proceed many detective novels I've read. It doesn't take a broken detective, nor a detective with 'a gut feeling' but with deduction, patience, follow all leads approach to solve crime. Still Jorn Lier Horst also implied that at the beginning and the end of the novel that through all and all it may not be all up to you to control the outcome. A very realistic, calm but not boring read.

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