A Vital Chemistry

A Vital Chemistry First love new love On Valentine s Day Martin prepares to tell Henry he loves him It s not appropriate for a slave to burden a master with his feelings but Martin doesn t think Henry will mind He w

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  • Title: A Vital Chemistry
  • Author: Darrah Glass
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First love, new love On Valentine s Day, Martin prepares to tell Henry he loves him It s not appropriate for a slave to burden a master with his feelings, but Martin doesn t think Henry will mind He won t let himself hope for Henry to return the sentiment, but the truth is that he feels loved He knows how that feels because he was loved before by his friend Richard atFirst love, new love On Valentine s Day, Martin prepares to tell Henry he loves him It s not appropriate for a slave to burden a master with his feelings, but Martin doesn t think Henry will mind He won t let himself hope for Henry to return the sentiment, but the truth is that he feels loved He knows how that feels because he was loved before by his friend Richard at Ganymede Martin treasures his memories of Richard, but he s glad to be with Henry here and now There s a vital chemistry that draws Martin to Henry, and it s unlike anything he s experienced before There s between them than Martin thought possible between master and slave, and he wants to believe it will endure, but he worries Henry will someday fall for a free man Can Martin trust in Henry s love This story is told from Martin s point of view and runs parallel to events that take place in Chapter 12 of A Willful Romantic Ganymede Quartet Book 3.

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    1. THIS!A Vital Chemistry perfectly exemplifies why I like Martin. He's utterly and completely devoted to Henry, is comfortable and even relishes being a slave, particularly Henry's slave. It squeezes my heart because Henry really needs someone to love him, show him he is loved by matching his demonstrativeness. Martin is more prudent, but no less enthralled.Every day, when he combed his hair and brushed his teeth, he saw the vivid blue of his tattoo in the mirror and he was glad of his mark all ov [...]

    2. I always love knowing Martin's point of view and this side story is even more interesting because it delves back into Martin's life before becoming a Henry's slave. Absolutely fascinating and a must-read if you're a Martin fan. But it has spoilers for Book 3, so I'd read A Willful Romantic first for sure. <3 Oh Martin! Love love love!

    3. This is a novella in the Ganymede Quartet universe where companion slaves exist to aid the lives of gentlemen and ladies of fortune. It is set in an alt hist New York 1901.Martin tells his story which is part current time (for the novel) and part flashback. There are large sections which describe his training at Ganymede and his first love, Richard, a fellow companion-in-training who died of a fever. There is a lot of tenderness in the flashback sections, illustrating how these boys all came to [...]

    4. As always its great to hear Martin's POV, its adds an extra twist to Henry's story. So like the other Martin stories, this one overlaps a scene from Henry's book, this one is Valentines day. And like the other stories this one goes into extra detail about one of the sex scenes that was glossed over with Henry and adds a few more conversations they had that day.I felt bad for Martin seeing his insecurities about Henry taking another lover in the future, and I understand them as they are only 17, [...]

    5. Had problems loading onto my kindle (free from Smashwords but have to pay at ) so I skim read while at work (pretty naughty but i just couldn't stop - it was great)Soooo great to get some back story of Martin, would love more - like his first time with Richard, but I was really happy with this little insight into Martin and how he was feeling.I can only hope that we'll get more little bits and pieces of their lives in the future and this isn't really the end.Please???

    6. The reasons I love this series of books so much are manifold, the writing is beautiful, the main characters are engagingly drawn, flaws and all, making Martin and Henry so realistic they bounce off the page. The passion is palpable and when it occurs, the sex can veer from intimate to explosive making the title 'A Vital Chemistry' so very appropriate.Valentine's day is the catalyst for Martin to remember his first love Richard and to reflect on growing feelings for Henry. Martin privately contem [...]

    7. I love Martin. And with each addition to this brilliant series I love him more. So it goes without saying that the more I can read about him - and from his POV - the better. This novella certainly catered very happily to that! I loved learning more about his Ganymede years. Many of the questions I had about his back story and the institution itself were answered in this installment. I especially loved learning about his first love(r), Richard - even if Henry doesn't. I was also hooked on Sid's p [...]

    8. Martin still is my favorite point of view to read in this universe. I just wanted to swaddle and hug him in this one because of poor Richard. This book is a lovely addition to the series and to A Willful Romantic. Though with this one I can't help but wonder what Darrah's modern version of this series will be like. So excited for what 4.5 will bring!

    9. Always love getting a little of Martin's point of view. Getting a peak into his life with Richard was sweet and very sad. As always, Darrah's words are a work of art.

    10. I do love that Glass shares with us a special “scene” from each book in Martin’s POV. I’ve said before that while it is great to get to see things from Henry’s viewpoint in the stories, at times it is great to be able to see and feel what Martin feels.This scene was one that while I was reading book 3, A Willful Romantic, I had hoped was going to be the scene that Glass shared with us.Being able to understand the turmoil that Martin was going through, and his nervousness, when it came [...]

    11. Interesting for Martin POV and background story. Skimmed at times.Select passages: (view spoiler)[Charlie was a generous and loving friend, and if Martin was a better person, he'd love Charlie more, but even with Richard dead, Charlie still came second to Georgie. But there was nothing to be done about it, after all: you couldn't dictate desire.Martin disliked and mistrusted the abolitionists, and most of his friends felt the same. It was widely believed that what abolitionists really wanted was [...]

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