A Willful Romantic

A Willful Romantic Love is everything but sometimes it s not enough At the dawn of Henry Blackwell is gathering the courage to share his feelings with his companion slave Martin Henry is in love and he d do anyt

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  • Title: A Willful Romantic
  • Author: Darrah Glass
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love is everything, but sometimes it s not enough At the dawn of 1901, Henry Blackwell is gathering the courage to share his feelings with his companion slave Martin Henry is in love, and he d do anything to make Martin love him in return In anticipation of making such a declaration, Henry works to be a better person, the sort of man whose love is worth having But simpLove is everything, but sometimes it s not enough At the dawn of 1901, Henry Blackwell is gathering the courage to share his feelings with his companion slave Martin Henry is in love, and he d do anything to make Martin love him in return In anticipation of making such a declaration, Henry works to be a better person, the sort of man whose love is worth having But simply having love returned isn t enough Henry wants unreasonable things, impossible things He wants his love for Martin to be accepted and acknowledged, even admired, by the world at large He desperately wants there to be a place in the city where he can behave as he likes with the person he loves Practical Martin doesn t approve of Henry s romantic notions and urges caution Henry struggles between keeping Martin happy and pursuing his dream of acceptance This is the third of four installments in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing the story from A Proper Lover Ganymede Quartet Book 2.

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    1. A rose is never just a rose.Certainly not as far as Henry's concerned. Recently Darrah posted a poll asking who was your favorite, Henry or Martin. I voted for Henry, sort of looked at the results, noticed there was only one other person who voted for Henry but there weren't a lot of cumulative votes so I shrugged it off thinking it was a fluke. Later Darrah informed me that no, in fact, most preferred Martin.*sputtering**covers Henry's ears*Inconceivable!How can this possibly be true? He's a da [...]

    2. My absolute favorite in the series so far. I grinned so much and so long while reading this that my face hurt for hours afterward. The pace of this book seems to pick up and it moves like a train on a track from one interesting event/circumstance to the next. I loved that as I read, I got more and more wrapped up, and that as we approached the climax of this book, I was so anxious and eager simultaneously that I felt a little light-headed. Henry and Martin just get to me. They get under my skin [...]

    3. Noooo this book can't be over! Now I have to wait till JUNE to get my next fix :( This book was such a wonderful expansion into the lives of Henry and Martin. Henry is such a funny and normal character, he's possessive and jealous, a daydreamer and sometimes just a little bit selfish but he is also exceedingly sweet and generous with his heart and I just LOVE him (special shout out to his wonderful waistcoats!!!). Just thought I'd add this quote in here, because I love this side of Henry. "What [...]

    4. Disclaimer: I am a super fangirl of this alt historical M/M romance series and stalk the author, unashamedly, so I can get my next Henry and Martin fix. This is the third novel in the Ganymede Quartet series. It is best to read them in order. Backstory for newcomers: this is an alternate history novel set in NYC in 1901 in a world where slavery exists, is highly regulated and commonplace. Upstanding wealthy families have slave labor to run their homes, and gentlemen/ladies are expected to have c [...]

    5. I am a complete addict for the Ganymede Quartet and A Willful Romantic was so absorbing that once again, life was put on hold as I greedily read the penultimate book in this series.Henry Blackwell is rich and handsome and considered 'a good catch', but Henry holds a huge secret. He is head over heels in love with his companion slave Martin. Such a romance is forbidden and if they are discovered they risk Martin being permanently removed from the Blackwell household.Taken from Henry's perspective [...]

    6. This is a fantastic addition to a series that just keeps getting better and better. I had anxiously (not kidding, I checked Barnes and Nobles all the time) awaited for the release, and when I became notified I immediately bought it. The only problem that I had with it was that I myself read it too fast! Anyone who reads the series will have a massive hunger to witness Martin and Henry's love. This was a fantastic book, and I would highly recommend. I can not wait until June for the release of th [...]

    7. I love this series. It gets better with each new book, so it’s safe to say that this one is my favourite of the series, so far! The pace picks up and there is momentum in the plot that makes it palpable we’re headed to a pivotal time for Henry and Martin. It’s easy to be lovers when times are good, but the true test comes when life throws its inevitable curveballs and nudges you out of your comfort zone. There is tragedy, there is jealousy, there is scandal, there is celebration, and there [...]

    8. Henry has grown on me over the course of three books. While Martin is still my favorite I have come to adore Henry. I love how devoted Martin and Henry are to each other. At one point during this book I kept wishing for at least one threesome/moresome but our pair are very devoted to each other. I loved the "game" they now play, those are some of my favorite scenes in the book. I would love to see more of the Wilton's I love his cousins's and his interactions with them. Also seeing mother a lot [...]

    9. Love this series so much. Wasn't sure what to expect as it continued, to be honest. But it has not only continued to be good it has gotten better. Such a sweet love story. Looking forward to part 4.

    10. Even though I'm still enjoying this series I've found it next to impossible to like Henry. In fact I'm starting to actively dislike him. Sometimes I just want to shake him because of his stupidity.

    11. Henry and Martin's love for each out comes out in this book, that not only brings them closer but makes Henry more careless in his desire for his relationship with Martin to be more considered normal and acceptable by society. sorry Henry, but that wont even come close too happening for another 100 years.I still wish we got more of Martin's POV in the story especially when Henry's dad takes Martin aside to talk to him. I'd also to love to get to know Henry's dad a little more, he seem so uncarin [...]

    12. 4 stars for the series, 3 for this installment.Ending: Ended on a negative note, which I can't say I liked.Future events: Curious if Henry will in fact visit Ganymede with Martin. It would be interesting to see how Henry sees it. Also would like to see Henry meet little half-brother Calvin and the mistress.Henry's clothing: He was adorable here -- I enjoyed everything about this trip, and hope to see more of the 'baroque' floral waistcoat in book 4. Quite amusing.Henry's father: Influenced so by [...]

    13. I really think that out of this whole series so far, this book is my favorite. I loved how we get to grow more with Henry and Martin, and follow along with their relationship.Glass did a great job at this story because the emotions that were portrayed onto the page were amazing. Everything that the characters were feeling was so life-like and so realistic, I couldn’t help but feel that way as well. Henry’s love for Martin was just amazing, and I loved how even though they can’t have a “n [...]

    14. Henry is slowly growing and becoming more and more his own person and it is great to see Martin helping him along the way

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