Flanagan's Run

Flanagan s Run It is depression era America and notorious huckster Flanagan plans the ultimate race reeling in contestants with the promise of a glittering jackpot prize Two thousand audacious hopefuls line up at

  • Title: Flanagan's Run
  • Author: Tom McNab
  • ISBN: 9780688011987
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is depression era America and notorious huckster, Flanagan, plans the ultimate race, reeling in contestants with the promise of a glittering jackpot prize Two thousand audacious hopefuls line up at the starting line from every walk of life and all ends of the globe, each with something to prove As they run themselves ragged across America, they come up against numerouIt is depression era America and notorious huckster, Flanagan, plans the ultimate race, reeling in contestants with the promise of a glittering jackpot prize Two thousand audacious hopefuls line up at the starting line from every walk of life and all ends of the globe, each with something to prove As they run themselves ragged across America, they come up against numerous hazards, including the precipitous Rockies, shady mobsters and crooked officials Their different stories, ambitions and dreams converge through a shared determination which will inspire you to push on to the finishing line.

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    1. In 1930, when America was in the iron grip of the Depression, showman and promoter Charles C. Flanagan hatches the idea of a footrace from Los Angeles to New York. Word gets out all over the world, and in March, 1931, more than 2000 runners start the grueling run eastward. The event encounters all sorts of obstacles along the way from angry union organizers to Al Capone's mob. Flying by the seat of his pants, Flanagan is able to make deal after deal to ensure that his runners will make it to New [...]

    2. Review of the Audiobook:On your marks, get set, go! And I was off and running for 16 wonderful hours. I walked over 35 miles in the past two weeks listening to this story - and I was swept away. I absolutely did not want it to end (except for my eager anticipation to discover who actually wins the race). Written by Tom McNab (Chariots of Fire), this gem was published in 1982 and tells the story of a fictional race in the 1930s. And yet there is not a single line of outdated prose. Masterfully wr [...]

    3. I truly enjoyed this story. It takes place in the early 1930s detailing a run across the country organized by Charles Flanagan. The tale is based on an interview the author had with someone who participated in another run. As the story unfolds one begins to identify with the runners who embark on this adventure because of their backgrounds, financial troubles, and motives. Mike Morgan, a miner's strike organizer has lost his wife and his job, runs to support his son and finds love with another r [...]

    4. A great novel. It's a story about a foot race from L.A. to New York involving more than 2,000 men and a handful of women. But it's not really a sports novel or a book about racing. It goes way beyond. It's a story about grit and spirit in trying to make it through the Depression. It's about man vs. man. And, at times, the good guys vs. the bad guys. The character development is superb and the plot and sub plots really drew me in. The book is fairly lengthy, but the pace never slowed. That this n [...]

    5. B+ Surprisingly good novel - recommended for any ultrarunner or runner into historical stuff. Flanagan decides to host a cross-country race from LA to NY, and the cast of characters fascinate and entertain - from the old timer, Doc Cole, to various Olympians, to the Hitler team abusing cocaine, to the one woman surviving runner takes place during the Great Depression. I'm aware of how much ultrarunning has changedbut he really captures the spirit, the fascination, the dedication to the sport.

    6. Have read this book many times. It's an ensemble cast, type of story. They focus on eight main characters running among thousands in a race across America for a huge prize during the depression. It is about the runners and the race organizer, and is a good picture of several areas of the country at the time. They meet up with several big characters, including Errol Flynn and Al Capone. Great story.

    7. This is a novel I have owned for many years. To me it is so irresistible that every few months I read it again and again.It is a story of men and women in the depression days in America. A foot race was developed from Los Angeles to New York. Great story I picked up a copy of this book at a book fair the other day I now have two copies if anyone would like a copy let me know

    8. I first read this as a teen when it came out as a Reader's Digest condensed book. I loved it so much that when I was older I found a paperback copy and held on to it for years. When I found out it was available for Kindle I bought it. I would have paid triple the price!

    9. Great read. The running theme was a good one to keep me interested. Not normally a big period piece buy but loved the running, loved the characters. Great story. I listened to it on Audible and the narrator was absolutely amazing - killer accents.

    10. I'm surprised I enjoyed this book. Never dragged on and I couldn't put it down. Nothing earth shattering but it did make me think about my own running career (or lack thereof) and make a more determined effort to get back into competitive running.

    11. Audiobook. Kept me entertained during many a morning workout but much longer than it should have been and some things were just too implausible for me (i.e, the Capone run-in and outcome, and the evil Olympic chairman), but likeable characters and in general it is sort of a shout out to runners.

    12. I read this in my teens and recently found it at the library and read it again. Love this book, I want to own it!

    13. I loved it. A big story, told through characters you actually care about. I didn't want it to end. Wish he'd written more.

    14. Enjoyable story of the first American cross country foot race in the 1930's and the obstacles that had to be overcome by its feisty organizer.

    15. Really enjoyed this book that was recommended to me by a friend. Flanagan puts together a cross-country run from LA to NYC during the Great Depression. This was time when they country needed something to inspire hope, especially among the working class. It definitely succeeded despite the attempts of outside influences to bring the contest to a halt. The author is obviously a runner as the details of how the runners prepare for each stage of the race and the physical impact of running 40-50 mile [...]

    16. For sheer immersive narrative this is worth a 5. I last read it in 1982 and yet again I was transported and enthralled. Reading this was one of my best experiences of 2017 (and I've had a great year).

    17. Für alle Läufer ein tolles Buch zum Mitfühlen und Bewundern. Keine riesigen Spannungsbögen oder Überraschungen, aber einfach locker zu lesen und total beeindruckend.

    18. Trakk fra ei stjerne da jeg forstod at det var fiksjon og kun basert på et ekte løp. Satte en ørliten demper på leseropplevelsen. Such a fickle reader

    19. Really 2 and half stars. More wishful fantasy than historical fiction, Flanagan's Run unspools as a fun tale, but toward the end, McNab gets too far away from the race itself and pushes credulity beyond its limits. A tragedy involving a character who the story had forgotten and a contrived setup for the climax nearly sinks the book in their awkwardness, but McNab's execution of the final leg works well.

    20. A story about a trans-America race that proves as hard to organize as it is to run in. Great characters with some page-turning set pieces. Can't believe I haven't read it before!

    21. Flanagan's Run brings you back to the Great Depression. You go through the highs and lows of C.C. Flanagan's race, circus and rag-tag family. The tale is both outrageous and improbable as are the characters and the stories that got them there. But like the Trans-American Race, it all works. The bumps are part of the charm. I'm still not sure how McNab could take what should have been a mind numbing 3,000 mile slog across America and turn it into a thrill a minute, but he does. There are several [...]

    22. An epic foot race from Los Angeles to New York. Characters as diverse as Al Capone, Herbert Hoover, racers from nations all over the world, an Irish race director who finds himself and his race the target of an Olympic Committee determined to shut him down, a single female racer determined to prove her mettle among a thousand men. . . . This is a very entertaining romp, and a sometimes funny, often inspiring look at life and sport in the 1930s. The characters are well-rounded and well-drawn, the [...]

    23. - Re-read (February 2018 unabriged audiobook) I found the unabriged audiobook version of this book and I liked it even better than the first time I read it, the production and the different voices of the characters made by Rupert-Degas are superb. It is such an up-lifting story, very motivational and inspiring.- First read (May 2015)Lately I have been reading/listening to books about running: Run to overcome by Meb, Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, What I talk when I talk about running by Murakami, b [...]

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