Baby's on Fire

Baby s on Fire Baby s on Fire is a smouldering collection of twelve stories set in the West with strong female protagonists who are trying to find their way in the world as their ties of intimacy are damaged and bro

  • Title: Baby's on Fire
  • Author: Liz Prato
  • ISBN: 9781941209158
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Baby s on Fire is a smouldering collection of twelve stories set in the West with strong female protagonists who are trying to find their way in the world as their ties of intimacy are damaged and broken Stories in the collection have been previously published by Hunger Mountain, Iron Horse Literary Review, Hawaii Review, Los Angeles Review, and others.

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    1. I reckon many reading this review are not familiar with writer Liz Prato or this slim volume of twelve stories, her debut collection. I'm doing what I can here, and in the real world, to change that. Fortunately I live in the literary Utopia that is the Pacific Northwest, where astonishingly talented writers are nearly as numerous as coffee shops and the community lifts up, supports and loves its own. Liz is a literary lion here, but you should know her, you should read her work. These are raw s [...]

    2. This book is a haunting, raw, sometimes difficult (in the best way in the way that challenges the reader to rise to the material) collection of short stories. The characters that populate these stories are so human and fully realized that it's almost as if they are in the room with you while you read. (I'm tempted to describe many of the stories as character portraits with actual plots woven in, so the best of both kinds of literary fiction.) A stunning collection from a very talented writer.

    3. Baby's on Fire is a collection of stories that shine a spotlight on characters burning through the moments the reader spends in their company. I particularly love the heart of each character, the way each story creates a world for me to explore, and pushed against traditional structure to infuse her stories with simmering energy by weaving present and back story masterfully. And the writing. Each story had moments where I stopped to reread a sentence just to enjoy it again, as in these two sente [...]

    4. WOWZA. Prato's debut collection is jam-packed with beautiful, big-hearted stories. I tried to take my time with this one, and it still didn't last long enough.

    5. mariesbookgarden/I'm not really much of a short story person. I'd always prefer reading a novel. In fact, I didn't actually know this was fiction until I reached the beginning of the second story!! (Yes, I know it says "Stories" on the front!)My first exposure to Liz Prato was when I heard her read at a book launch for Brave on the Page, an anthology of essays by and interviews with Oregon writers, in which my husband was also featured. Her autobiographical piece immediately drew me in.full of s [...]

    6. Okay. Not stories of happiness. The characters are depressed, and/or dealing with death, or don't know where to turn, or are simply lost. There are no babies set on fire. Though sometimes it's sadder than that.And it's a great book.The characters are very believable. And the writing doesn't try hard to do that. You know these people exist somewhere, as do each of their real problems. Which sucks for those real people.But I was left with a really satisfying feeling after each story. Not so much t [...]

    7. Liz Prato's signature brand of verve and honesty shines through this collection of short stories, demonstrating why so many flock to her readings and seminars. There is a clear sense of place infusing each story, with markers that will be immediately recognizable to residents of the cities highlighted therein. This debut set of shorts -- the genre which this author has dominated for years -- showcases both her literary talents and her editing chops: each word is precisely chosen, and imbued with [...]

    8. These stories spark and crackle and effervesce, giving us characters poised on the knife's edge of life's turning. Artfully told, fully realized, heartbreaking in places and funny in others--this is a great collection to read on your lunch hour, on the train, or in any other situation where you've got just a snippet of time to occupy. Small stories rich in the details of place and time, they'll appeal to just about anyone who enjoys well-written, character-driven fiction.

    9. Boy, it's hard to get me to love a short story collection, but Liz Prato managed to do just that. Her characters feel like people you know, and her small stories are brilliant wedges of their lives. With straightforward but lush prose, languid sensuality, and solid storytelling, Baby's on Fire is a tiny gem.

    10. These stories aren't just stories in the normal sense of the word. I think of these stories more as intricate machines, clocks with legs, a mechanical parrot that talks. These stories are so well put together, the characters bleed real blood, they yearn and don't get what they want. Closure happens but not when we want it to. Music is threaded throughout all these pieces. You'll be both surprised and delighted, you'll shed a tear or two, you'll laugh out loud, if you are like me you will probabl [...]

    11. Author as non-entity.America, yes she is free / across, I cross, the deepest sea / For emigrants and natives too / it's picture- postcard, red, white and blue / Tell me America, sing me a dream / how you kissed The Flag and let out a scream / Lady Liberty, her ever seeing eyes / she walks among us sometimes and repeats her lies.Chris Roberts

    12. This short story collection was amazing! I took my time with each story twice (not only due to being a slow reader but) because of the intensity of the prose and how beautifully written it was to read as a whole. Liz Prato has easily become another one to add to my list of favorites and an author whose new writing I eagerly await to experience once again in the near future!

    13. This lovely volume was marred only by the publisher's inept typesetting. I'm assuming it was for financial reasons (trying to cut the page count), but the too-tight tracking and leading really did the author a huge disservice. I loved all these stories of women struggling with various losses (and one random story about an ex-baseball player).

    14. 'Baby's on Fire' is a strong collection of 12 beautiful stories. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I ended up in tears. More than once I caught myself admiring the writing - it's vivid and truly everything I read for, well developed characters grappling with themes of loneliness, family, and relationships. I am looking forward to this author's next book.

    15. The twelve stories in Baby’s on Fire are radiant, infused with Liz Prato's signature blend of clarity, humor, and intimacy. Her characters spark and crack against each other, many of them rattled by unexpected change, wanting to find their way back to the things they used to have, and often the wanting proves transformative. Highly recommended.

    16. Liz Prato was born to write. Her talent to bring a story to life is unlike anyone's I have ever read. Her passion for her craft comes out in her writing. I highly recommend this book of short stories that will keep you reading cover to cover once you start.

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