Yearly Harvest: A True Story of Christmas

Yearly Harvest A True Story of Christmas Jin Duyen who often writes articles for prominent magazines is assigned to do a story on the origins of Christmas many traditions After some research she traces them back to Selah a remote town in

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  • Title: Yearly Harvest: A True Story of Christmas
  • Author: Ryan Callaway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jin Duyen, who often writes articles for prominent magazines, is assigned to do a story on the origins of Christmas many traditions After some research, she traces them back to Selah, a remote town in the Midwest Jin travels there in hopes of finding something interesting for her article, and finds so much Amy Carson, a private investigator from a nearby town, decJin Duyen, who often writes articles for prominent magazines, is assigned to do a story on the origins of Christmas many traditions After some research, she traces them back to Selah, a remote town in the Midwest Jin travels there in hopes of finding something interesting for her article, and finds so much Amy Carson, a private investigator from a nearby town, decides to look into several cases of missing children which have gone unsolved The authorities have ceased their own searches, so with little else to do during the holiday season, she heads to Selah as well Oddly, the residents of Selah aren t caught up in the festivities that the rest of the world is taking part in Jin and Amy soon discover that Christmas holds a much darker meaning here one that pitches them into the same terror that had held Selah captive for years.

    One thought on “Yearly Harvest: A True Story of Christmas”

    1. Yearly Harvest is precisely what I've been longing for. It was a quality horror story with a mystery to go along with it, and I stopped myself from reading it last night because I got creeped out in the dark. As the synopsis states, the story is about Jin and Amy uncovering some pretty creepy stuff in a lonely town about the origins of Christmas. Right off the bat, we get the eerie vibe. Literally. Within the first four pages I had goosebumps. It's been a LONG time—years—since I have read a [...]

    2. I just finished reading Yearly Harvest and I really liked the story. I was a bit confused on some points. Like, How Ling was at the Kopec's and how did they know them. I also wondered if Jin's family knew people living in Selah, why could Jin not just call them and ask them questions about Christmas. I was also confused about how Jin came to know that Bill was Beth's son. I might have missed the explanation but I didn't follow that part of the story. I liked the creepy feeling to the story, I di [...]

    3. Wow this book was a perfect mix of mystery and creepiness with a splash of horror. All of my childhood fears come to live in one story about a holiday that I love. This book was very creepy and the atmosphere was done right to make it suspenseful and haunting. This book is about a woman named Jin who is a journalist doing a story on Christmas and so she goes to the town of Selah where the traditions of Christmas began. The true story behind how Christmas started is scary even more so than a Grim [...]

    4. As soon as I started this book I was hooked. I think my biggest mistake was reading at home alone after midnight. All my fears about going to sleep as a child was in this story. Things under the bed, creatures holding you down while in bed and not beening able to move just to name a few.Yes, it was a horror story while at the same time a mystery.I did enjoy this book but wanted more detail about what was happening in the town. More about Bill and his mother, more about the snake, the creatures a [...]

    5. Nice dark view of the holidays. I appreciated the strong female roles. An interesting twist on how the holiday traditions began.

    6. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*So I really enjoyed the premise behind this book. The thought of finding out the story behind Christmas intrigued me and overall I thought it was really well done. I enjoyed Jin and her kind of naive charm. I didn't like how mean she was to her sister and while I understand her problem with her mother I did feel like it was over the top. I mean come on it was her dad! There had to be some part of her that felt something for him! That was ki [...]

    7. Yearly Harvest was intriguing. I really enjoyed the concept and the ideas behind the story line. With a good editor this book could have been really good, but it falls short in some aspects.At times the book is very drawn out, focusing on details that really don't seem to contribute that much to the story. Other places I was shouting (in my head) asking for more details and wanting Callaway to keep writing. Like at the end! I wish the book could have been moreed? I want to know all the details a [...]

    8. I received this book to read in exchange for a review. I never knew what kind of pressure I would feel doing this! This book has an interesting premise. It explores the truth behind Christmas, and how some traditions came about. HoweverI was at times confused, and there was a lot of details in some places, and lacking in others. I thought there was a bit of gratuitous violence and a supernatural element that wasn't fully explored. I would have liked more depth to the Christmas element and what w [...]

    9. Well, first I must say that the author does have a good imagination when he came up with a story like this. But the whole story was a bit too sci-fi/horror for my taste. I can read gory murder stories, but no horror or sci-fi for me. I did finish the book quite fast, but not because I would have enjoyed it so much. There were parts, like the one where Amy visits Jin's mother, which I didn't understand. I mean, she's Korean, and what I know about Korean's, they don't spill their hearts out to tot [...]

    10. This book had a good storyline but I have to say it was painful to try to get through. The story didn't flow at all and was disjointed. It jumped from one person to the next, one moment to the next and I found I had to go back and re-read things to figure out what was going on.

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