Miriamne the Magdala (Yeshua and Miri #1)

Miriamne the Magdala Yeshua and Miri The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series is a historical fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene during the so called missing years and throughout their lives The introductory novel Miriam

  • Title: Miriamne the Magdala (Yeshua and Miri #1)
  • Author: J.B.Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series is a historical fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene during the so called missing years and throughout their lives The introductory novel, Miriamne the Magdala , explores the deeply personal relationship between twelve year old Miriamne and her long lost cousin Yeshua bar Joseph Their tale begins with an unexpec The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series is a historical fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene during the so called missing years and throughout their lives The introductory novel, Miriamne the Magdala , explores the deeply personal relationship between twelve year old Miriamne and her long lost cousin Yeshua bar Joseph Their tale begins with an unexpected reunion of two Jewish Houses and goes on to explain how a family brought together by a seeming circumstance is ultimately tied together by Destiny When a family tragedy strikes, and Yeshua and Miri are placed in a dangerous situation, heavenly forces intervene and a divine legacy that must be kept secret to all but their closest family members is revealed From the time of his family s return from Egypt to Nazareth, Yeshua has grown up shunned and reviled by the townsfolk of his step father Joseph s home village Questions surrounding the authenticity of his parentage along with the strange and unpredictable supernatural powers that seem to control Yeshua have the people of the tiny backwater town suspicious and frightened When Yeshua s mother, Mary, sends a letter to her dearest cousin pleading for help for her gravely ill husband, Miriamne s mother, Salome, instantly responds Soon, Salome and her husband, Micah along with their three children Martha, Miriamne, and Lazarus set out for Nazareth on a mission of mercy During the family s stay, an old but avid argument causes major upset, especially for young Yeshua who loses control of His staggering powers As a result of the calamity, the angry townsfolk pounce on the opportunity to band together with their rabbi and the Elder s Council to banish Yeshua from Nazareth forever Once Yeshua is forced to relocate from his family s home to his cousin s huge country estate near Sepphoris, the developing friendship between him and Miriamne flourishes But just when things seem so hopeful, a sudden turn of events causes Yeshua to choose between taking His own action to avoid a terrible tragedy and His obligation to obey His Heavenly Father s wishes When an astonished Miriamne learns of Yeshua s true identity and His Mission on this earth, she must then decide whether to continue her relationship with Him or risk losing Him to His Fate The pressure reaches a breaking point when Miriamne s wealthy uncle, Joseph bar Abram, and his Caravaneers arrive for a family visit, and Yeshua is presented with a rare opportunity that will take Him far, far away from her quite possibly forever It is then that Yeshua must make a life altering decision whether to follow His heart or fulfill His Destiny The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series sequentially includes the following five novels Miriamne the Magdala released in April, 2015 Yeshua the Christ Thomas the Twin Mark the Scribe Princess Sarah Publication dates to be announced Related Subjects Jesus Christ Mary Magdalene Gnostic Gospels General Christianity Fiction Subjects

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    1. Miriamne The Magdala - The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series was one of the most spiritually uplifting books I have ever read. The story of Yeshua and Meri took me into a love story that has so many points of recognition for me. I recognized the budding of a young man destined to be the salvation of mankind. I found his temperament, his intelligence, and his soul in this book. His faithfulness to Joseph and Mary. His pain at being unable to follow his heart as he listened to Him. [...]

    2. The reader is taken on Miri's journeys of discovery, love, anguish and coming of age as the story progresses, sharing in her thoughts and secrets as a close confidante. Richards' portrayal of Miri as a strong, faithful and somewhat feisty young woman gave a new and quite captivating dimension to this young woman, whose character is quite one-dimensional and only briefly touched upon in Biblical accounts. An important note is that the novel does not purport to be a retelling of any Biblical story [...]

    3. Let me start with a confession. Anything and everything I know about religion comes from the following three sources:1. “Like a Prayer” by Madonna2. Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber3. Random Portuguese old ladiesI don’t read book reviews but I didn’t need a sign from God to know that Miriamne the Magdala (Yeshua and Miri #1) had religious content. Bolt of lightning be damned, Twitter has you covered. In all honesty, I was scared. I doubted my “random Portugues [...]

    4. "Miriamne the Magdala" is a very ambitious novel. Since there is so much hearsay involving the story of Mary and Joseph from the bible, it is possible for an author to create what they believed to have happened, but few could pull it off; however, that is exactly what JB Richards did.From the beginning it was clear through the author's writing how passionate she was about her story and her concepts. Since her story is meant to travel across multiple novels, she made sure that she had enough of a [...]

    5. Miriamne the Magdala-The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series by JB RichardsWhat can I say about this masterpiece 2000 years in the making? I will admit, I was reluctant to read this novel believing it was about Jesus and the bible. Boy how wrong I was and I've never been happier to be wrong either. This story, at its core, is about young love and the struggles that plague us all when falling in love for the first time.What a delightful, intriguing page turner this turned out to be. [...]

    6. This is the story of Mary and Joseph, or, as we know them in the book, Yeshua and Miri. We get to hear their story, learn how they came to be and how, through many twists and turns they become such formidable people. This was an ambitious feat and Ms. Richards managed spectacularly. The details she provided gave us an insight into the incredible world she’s created, allowing us to learn the way people lived so many years ago, how they thought and processed new or different things in their own [...]

    7. Very enjoyable readA very ambitious rendering of the early years of Yeshua and Miri. I fell in love with both of them. They seemed to go through all the usual stages of adolescence, growing ever closer. A very moving story that brought tears more than I would like to admit. I loved the pov of Miri and can't wait to read Yeshua's

    8. Miriamne the MagdalaBy JB RichardsThrough the pages of Miriamne the Magdala readers are guests invited to a fascinating period of history. We benefit from the research of a historian combined with the sensitivity of a novelist to produce a work of epic proportion. Because of the massive scope of the book, one review is not sufficient. Three reviews are required.First is entertaining anthropology. Through meticulous details we gain an understanding of a time at the beginning of one of the world [...]

    9. I want to thank Christian Sia of Reader's Favorite for taking the time to read and review "Miriamne the Magdala"! Thank you, Christian, for a glowing 5-Star review!Review by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite, July 27, 2016:Miriamne the Magdala: The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series by JB Richards is a beautiful, heartwarming, yet daring account of the life of Yeshua (Jesus) and Miriamne (Mary) of Magdala as no one could ever imagine it. A brilliant intro into a series that will [...]

    10. I admit it. I bulked at reading Miriamne the Magdala. It was about Jesus and stuff, and me not being big on religion, well…I bulked. But people kept saying, “Read it! It’s not at all religious.” And I said, “Riiiiight. It’s about Jesus and stuff.” And they said, “No really, it’s a love story!” And I said, “Yeah, but Jesus…” Well, I’m a bit of a pushover, and I totally caved to the peer pressure. Best. Cave. Ever!!!!Miriamne and Yeshua’s story, while having historica [...]

    11. This was truly a remarkable work of historical fiction by Author J.B. Richards. The writer is a gifted storyteller.She took me into an ancient world with her portrayal of several characters in a picturesque historical setting and in her brilliant use of the language of that period. The Gospels in the Bible give accounts of the circumstances of the birth of Jesus Christ, his early childhood, and his teachings, which spanned three years.The Bible teaches that his ministry began at thirty. He was c [...]

    12. I'm generally sparing of five star reviews, but there many reasons for loving this novel. First, the sheer audacity of the author in creating a very plausible story of the "lost years" of Jesus is something to behold. And for the secular, the story is still absolutely engrossing. (It might come under the rubric of "magical realism" for them). Secondly, there is the love in telling the story that explodes from every page. These are two very close-knit families with devotion that expresses itself [...]

    13. OK I admit it, I am not a Bible scholar by any means but I do read the bible and love a good story when it is written well within the lines of biblical reality. This author does an amazing job of keeping within those lines, which made this story very probable. Transported thru time, you feel the dryness of the dessert and are quickly immersed in the story. With wonderful characters full of life and imagery that is so real you can’t help but enjoy this masterfully written story. As long as it i [...]

    14. What a thoroughly enjoyable epic story this was to read and completely different to the shorter, fast paced novels I normally read. For this review I will take out the religious element because it is not required to enjoy the story and secondly, perhaps more importantly I have not devoted myself to the research as the Author JB Richards has clearly dedicated to. Therefore, any analysis of the historical nature of this from my point of view would be absurdly ignorant. Focusing on the story then f [...]

    15. Miriamne the Magdala written by historian JB Richards is a beautiful novel brimming with the history of the holy lands. It explores the relationship between Yeshua bar Joseph, known more familiarly to us as Jesus, and Miriamne Bat Micah, daughter of the Hekatontarchus of the Hyperatai, the Commander of the Holy Temple Guard, and more familiarly known to us as Mary Magdalene. The novel, the first in Richards’ planned series is told from Miriamne’s point of view, and takes place during the per [...]

    16. Where do I begin? I am rendered speechless, so please bare with me as I try to fumble through my thoughts.I am not a religious person, per se, but I do believe and I have my faith. I was not expecting to be moved by this book. A lot of people wonder what happened to Jesus/Yeshua in the years of his life the bible left out. Never did I think he could have possibly married. This bookis fantastic bookde me realize that anything is possible. Most importantly, it reassured me of what true love was. E [...]

    17. A work of historical fiction, "Mariamne the Magdala" is well-researched and obviously a work from the heart of author J.B. Richards. Read full review in the 2016 September issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    18. Many stories based on biblical characters have been written – but this is by far the most unusual one. A beautiful, tender love story that begins when both the girl and the boy still are practically children; they are cousins, but they hadn’t seen each other in years because their fathers had fallen out with each other, and now that the family are reconciled they will all live under the same roof. At first, Miriamne merely finds Yeshua funny and kind, but as they grow, she begins to be very [...]

    19. What I thought about it? An excellent read, especially since she performed LOTS of research (per her own words, as well as the general sense which reading it gave me as an informed reader). NO, I STATE THAT SHE DID NOT ASK ME FOR A FAVORABLE REVIEW, just that I gave her my stated word that I would provide one upon completing my review of it. But she gets a favorable review from me anyway. As "historical fictions" go, this read may render that label somewhat paradoxical. It is very well informed, [...]

    20. Some reviewers will focus on different aspects of this book. Not being a bible scholar, I will focus on the story. I will leave the controversial aspects of the book for other reviewers. Some people will not like books no matter the context or content so beware this book might need a trigger warning for some people.I am not one of those people. This is a love story, set in a historic period. Some of the names might be more familiar than others but many of the characters are straight out of a ver [...]

    21. Miriamne the Magdala is a beautifully unique, inspirational novel about Mary Magdalene and her romantic relationship with her cousin Jesus during their adolescence. Inspired partly by the Aquarian Gospels and Nag Hammadi libraries, Ms. Richards expertly concocts a believable story about a headstrong Miriamne (Mary Magdalene) and the divine young Yeshua (Jesus), and shows how their relationship grows from friendship to passion to marriage. Although we don't know much about the so-called lost or m [...]

    22. The Days of Yore Written as a Timeless NovelMiriamne the Magdala by JB Richards is a thought-provoking book, which gives plausibility to the fact that there may have been a deeper connection between Jesus ("Yeshua") and one of his followers, Mary ("Miriamne") Magdalene, than that which is outlined in the Bible. I truly enjoyed reading this book & believe it will appeal to readers who love fictional stories with a religious theme, historical fiction stories & romance stories.

    23. This is not my type of book. The author is so descriptive you can actually picture everyone and everything. It doesn't have any actual Thriller, Horror or suspense that I look for in a book. I stopped at 10 percent. It wasn't offering anything to get me involved.

    24. JB Richards has crafted a beautiful, seamless, and moving story. I read this epic tale in a day and a half - picking it up at every chance I had. The authors gift with description and dialogue will transport you to Sepphoris, Galilee where you will feel right there with Yeshua, Miri and their families experiencing everything along with them as well as the love between them all. Highly recommend!

    25. Historical Fiction Par Excellence!Having acquired the paperback edition spanning 848 pages, it is my treasured tome! The journey between its covers speculatively, realistically, and feasibly explores the budding adolescent, romantic relationship between Yeshua bar Joseph (Jesus) and Miriamne bat Micah (Mary Magdelene) within the primary setting of the Khaveelah (villa) located in Sepphoris, Galilee. The author’s unsurpassed storytelling prowess and her meticulous attention to historic accuracy [...]

    26. This novel tells the story of Miriamne and Yeshua--the Hebrew spelling, they are better known as Jesus and Mary Magdalena. But this is not that story. The bible was written before there were books, it has been interpreted, endlessly edited and altered to the version people are familiar with today, and historically Miriamne is either portrayed as a devoted disciple, present throughout Yeshua’s life, or nothing more than a prostitute. Many religious teachings have tried to dismiss her role in hi [...]

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