On The Edge

On The Edge Each novella in The Brazen Boys series is a standalone M M romance They can be read in any order THE BRAZEN BOYS SERIES Dorm Game The Brazen Boys On The Edge The Brazen Boys Owned By The Freshma

  • Title: On The Edge
  • Author: Daryl Banner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Each novella in The Brazen Boys series is a standalone M M romance They can be read in any order THE BRAZEN BOYS SERIES 1 Dorm Game The Brazen Boys 2 On The Edge The Brazen Boys 3 Owned By The Freshman The Brazen Boys 4 Dog Tags The Brazen Boys 5 All Yours Tonight The Brazen Boys 6 Straight Up The Brazen Boys It is Derek s birt Each novella in The Brazen Boys series is a standalone M M romance They can be read in any order THE BRAZEN BOYS SERIES 1 Dorm Game The Brazen Boys 2 On The Edge The Brazen Boys 3 Owned By The Freshman The Brazen Boys 4 Dog Tags The Brazen Boys 5 All Yours Tonight The Brazen Boys 6 Straight Up The Brazen Boys It is Derek s birthday and there s nothing he wants than the mysterious, musclebound boy from the website who goes by the name Edge When an accidental keystroke brings the dream boy to Derek s house in the flesh Derek soon learns he s in for a lot than he would ever bargain for in a surprise birthday gift Contains M M sexuality and adult language.

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    1. On the Edge (The Brazen Boys book 2) by Daryl Banner is a short m/m story. Short but utterly delightful, chalked full of laugh out loud moments and sexy times.The book starts out on Derek’s 33rd birthday. Derek’s a man who claims to be careful, cautious and paranoid. He finds himself all by his lonesome on his birthday, making an extravagant dinner large enough to feed an entire family, and drinking a shed load of expensive wine. Lonely, drunk and horny he looks on the interweb for porn to j [...]

    2. Once again as with Dorm Game, if you're not a person that likes m/m novels try something else of his instead.Might be best not to read this one in public as this is Steamy with a capital S. And be prepared to get strange looks if you're anything like me when reading this and you sit their grinning like you're mad and chuckling to yourself. In fact any book that puts such a grin on my face is a 5 starer.I really liked the story line and both Edge and Derek seem like cuties. My only complaint abou [...]

    3. "Hey, I made a cum-angel on your chest.""Gross.""Look! Look at the design. It's a work of art. I totally made a cum-angel. Look, there's a wing by your nipple.""You're so gross."Daryl Banner certainly knows how to turn everything he writes into a work of art. This book was great! Sexy, funny and as always written in Daryl's own unique style. Derek is celebrating his 33rd birthday alone by surfing live porn sites when he sees Edge, a very sexy young man. After Derek accidentally sends a message, [...]

    4. OMGw this is the perfect combination of funny, sexy, steamy, taboo and romantic. Derek is a nerdy "loser" who is spending his birthday alone in his nice house, dinner for one and the slip of a finger on a computer keyboard changes everything. Enter Edgea "cam star" and basic badass hottie rock his world and shake up his safe little life.I loved this oneybe even more so than Dorm Game. It made me laugh, made me swoon, got me a little sweaty and made me hopeful for all the single "losers" out ther [...]

    5. So, I thought I'd start this little nugget before I feel asleep and finish it in the morning. I should have known better when reading something from Daryl 'don't stop reading even if you're eyes are burning out off your skull' Banner. Of course, hooked immediately and didn't stop till the end! I was constantly chuckling out loud and waking my husband. He asked what I was reading once, looked over to catch a glimpse of a phrase with the word cock in it, then never asked again. Super fun short rea [...]

    6. Took me to the edge.d then some! 5 sizzling stars for a fresh MM erotica story that's sexy sweet and poetically hot! I melted into the words and fused with the experience of it.

    7. This is a sexy little story about fantasy coming to life. Edge is just an idea in the eyes of Derek. After meeting Edge, he learns everyone is only human. It brings Derek out of his shell. The encounter is also sizzling. Edge's speciality is reaching the level right before orgasm and staying there."Edge with me," he whispers. "Stay on the edge with me."I am in love with the way the author writes. I've read several different genres from him, and he just has this special 'Daryl speak' that is so u [...]

    8. check out this review and others atTWinsietalFacebook/TwinsietalkTsu/Twinsietalk@TwinsietalkI received a copy from the author for a review.OHMYGERD!!! This book is sooo freaking funny and sooo hawt. Its like melt your panties hawt ladies!! But I laughed a few times in the begining because seriously we have all been Derek a time or two in our life.So this book is about lonley birthday boy Derek. He is throwing a pity party for himself wth multiple bottles of wine. He sees Edge on the web site he [...]

    9. Nice story about waking up and getting what you want.Om his 33rd birthday Derek is surfing live cam porn shows and accidentally invites one of the live-cam boys over. The story takes place over the course of a few hours and centers mainly around the two men enjoying each others company.Having read and enjoyed the first story in the series, I knew that this would be more than PWP, even if that was what was to be expected, with the set up. And I was right to expect more, and I got more. This story [...]

    10. On the Edge is so much better than Dorm Games! And Dorm Games was good!On Derek’s 33rd birthday, he’s on an interactive porn site. There is a guy, Edge, who catches his eye. He drunk types a message to him when he realizes they are in the same town and accidentally sends it to him. A short time later, Edge is at his door.Daryl’s great sense of humor comes across in this sexy book. He creates a nice intense chemistry between Derek and Edge. Derek and Edge are hot together. The scenes are st [...]

    11. Daryl did a great job on this book. Derek was a very lonely man who was spending his birthday alone, lonely and horny. Between the wine and getting on a porn site which you talk with the men, he was playfully in his mind sending messages to Edge, a gorgeous, well built man. In Derek's mind he actually cuffs himself to the bar rail, naked, with a note on the site telling the man his address and he would be waiting. Unfortunately he accidently sends the message on the computer not knowing what to [...]

    12. On The Edge is everything Dorm Game is times 10. It’s funny and sexy and just plain hot, all mixed in with Daryl’s ever-present intensity that makes you forget to take a breath sometimes. I don’t know how he’s going to top this one, yet I know he will. There a dozens of laugh out loud, awesome lines, but I think this one might be my favorite: “What a thing to etch into someone’s tombstone: Took a dip in the pool. Drowned on cock."

    13. So with these you just fling believability out the window & dive into what is sweet build up followed by the hottest sex. Seriously Daryl Banner is phenomenally great at creating as much sexual frustration possible in a mere 60 pages. So much better than the first book. Why is there no third in this series?????

    14. Oh my, I don't know if I like you Daryl Banner or dislike you :). I love it and I just knew that their story end like this but whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :))) I'd love to know more :). I really enjoyed the writing, I felt everything and I thought that I'm right there with Deryl and Edge.

    15. The Brazen Boys Series is a M/M novella series. Each story is self contained. I read the three novellas in order. Books 1 and 2 I really liked. They were hot. There was tension, but it wasn't overpowering. Book 1 was very entertaining because the "jock" was a very in control and the "nerd" was so into him he couldn't stop, but the revelation at the end made it worthwhile. Book 2 was just as good as book 1 and I find myself hoping if Daryl decides to revisit and expand the Brazen Boys' stories, h [...]

    16. The 1st line hooked me in 'There's nothing worse than a boner with nothing to look at'! Whilst I have no experience with that it reminded me of when my ex used to say he needed the 10 porno's secreted under his bed! Loved Derek, careful, cautious and lonely Derek drinking alone on his birthday looking at a webcam site.Thene message, oh god the message! I challenge you not to be sat on the edge of your seat gripping your ereader just waiting for it to happenI was laughing all the way through!Edge [...]

    17. Banner took a catchy premise and build a great short around it. At points in the story I felt like the author was on the fence on whether to let us perceive Edge as the meathead that Derek saw through rose-colored glasses or his character was simply under-developed. As with the limitation of all shorts, I find myself dinging a star off the review for the lack of deeper back story for both MCs, despite that fact it was never meant to be novel-length. This feels like a story from author new to the [...]

    18. This was only marginally better than the first one because of a paragraph that was just hilarious no matter the context:"In other news, I flip a second switch and the dining area lit up. No one gives a shit. There's ass and muscle magic happening in the kitchen."That's all I got today.

    19. I was given an ARC by the author for an honest reviewddddaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that was hot!!!!I ove the way Daryl writes!!!!These pages though are not about the sex with the hot guys its an m/m bookThere are so many things Daryl gives you to think over .A great book!!!

    20. Well written, witty and wantonly wicked, this smart and smutty quickie was the perfect way to kill an hour. Loved it!

    21. I liked the first one but this one was betteri just wish it was longerI would love to see where these boys go next.

    22. Quick, easy, sexy read. Not much more than slightly long erotica but good anyway. I love to read these when I'm in the mood for a quick book.

    23. short and easy to read. 3 stars.Derek is alone on his birthday and ends up doing two stupid things. The first was pretty cringe worthy but was over pretty quickly so I did not suffer too much. The second was messaging a cam boy and that leads to a birthday fantasy coming true. Pretty steamy and low on the embarrassment factor after the first idiotic event.

    24. Derek and Edge. Steamy, funny, mm novella. Excellent. Banner has a fabulous way of wrapping up a short, funny HFN story and still leaving the reader feeling content and satisfied with where the story ends.A, definite reread

    25. Wow, this short steamy m/m novella, was a perfect way to spend an hour! Edge and Derek were great, and I devoured there story! Only thing now is I want more of them!**This novella was at the end of Bromosexual**

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