Bloody Mary, Vol. 1

Bloody Mary Vol Bloody Mary a vampire with a death wish has spent the past years chasing down a modern day exorcist named Maria who is thought to have inherited The Blood of Maria and is the only one who can ki

  • Title: Bloody Mary, Vol. 1
  • Author: Akaza Samamiya
  • ISBN: 9781421582863
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bloody Mary, a vampire with a death wish, has spent the past 400 years chasing down a modern day exorcist named Maria who is thought to have inherited The Blood of Maria and is the only one who can kill Mary To Mary s dismay, Maria doesn t know how to kill vampires Desperate to die, Mary agrees to become Maria s bodyguard until Maria can find a way to kill him.

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    1. The artwork is awesome andVAMPIRES!!!! HOMOEROTICA-UNDERTONE!!!!! I jumped to read it ASAP.However, the plot isow paced and confusing at time, the personalities of the main characters aren't very fresh out. I wonder should I continue: I'm not a fan of Maria (the teenage priest), but as a centuries-old vampire, Mary is such a darling!

    2. I bought this one on a whim in the bookstore and I enjoyed it more than I should. I do really enjoy vampire stories and this one has an interesting set up IF you can do a lot of suspension of disbelief (and also look past the stupid names) Bloody Mary is not your typical vampire. He wants to die but nothing seems to work. He can handle sunlight, crosses etc and he's redhaired (which in this universe is rare for vampires so it deviates from actual myth quite a bit there). He wants Isaac di Maria, [...]

    3. I definitely enjoyed this way more than I should have but it's shounen ai so of course I did. A vampire called Mary succeeds in finding another boy called Maria and desperately asks for him to kill him which should be no problem for a priest with the 'powers of exorcism'. However, Maria hasn't even heard of such a thing. The series seems to be uncovering why Maria hasn't been told about exorcism and also why Mary is desperate to die. Volume 1 is, of course, setting everything up and introducing [...]

    4. Un très bon premier tome de manga de vampires ! Une ambiance gothique qui me rappelle Vampire Knight, des personnages intéressants et une intrigue qui commence tout juste à se former un début prometteur.

    5. I was really looking forward to this, but man, this was disappointing. Bloody Mary may have great art, but it's unfortunately a prime example of what happens when style goes over substance. Even the homoerotic undertones that were right on the edge to becoming BL/yaoi couldn't save this, partially because Maria (or Ichiro) is a creep that makes me way too nervous.We should probably start with the positives, that being the art style and the concept. To start off with, the color illustrations for [...]

    6. So far, I am intrigued.This is about a high school student named Maria (male) who is being followed around by a "vampire" named Bloody Mary (also male). Mary's following Maria (yes, the names can get a bit hard to follow) so that Maria can kill Mary, who is immortal and cannot die. Problem is, Maria doesn't have the ability to do that (yet) and so Mary's got to keep Maria from dying until Maria can figure it out.Also a problem for Mary, Maria's a bit of a bully. This makes for some interesting a [...]

    7. A good start to a series! It really set up the major conflicts that I suspect will carry the series!So, basically, we have the story of Bloody Mary, a 400-year-old vampire who wants to end his life and doesn't drink blood (but doesn't quite remember why he seeks death and promised to not drink blood), and Rosario di Maria Ichirou, a priest from a powerful bloodline who should know how to kill Bloody, but doesn't. While Maria gathers information on exorcism (and Bloody), Bloody protects him from [...]

    8. I put off reading this because I thought it would be another crappy vampire story when in reality it's actually really good. I love the mystery behind both characters. I find it interesting how Mary wants to die, tried everything that would kill a normal vampire, and still can't. I think it's different how Maria is just a normal high school boy/priest that lives in a church, had blood that gives vampire's powers, but no idea how to exorcise them. And to top it all off, the art style is fabulous. [...]

    9. Une bonne surprise pour ce manga dont j’ai apprécié la lecture. Les dessins sont agréables à regarder et l’histoire intéressante : Mary est un vampire pas comme les autres et demande de l’aide à Ichiro pour le tuer. Seulement Ichiro ignore tout de son pouvoir d’exorciste. Mais derrière cette ignorance se cache des secrets que j’ai envie de découvrir dans les prochains tomes. Deux personnages antagonistes qui vont devoir s’allier.

    10. 4.5 starsTHIS BLOODY (no pun intended) MANGA IS AMAZING. The art work and character designs are right up my alley. I'm so in love with Maria and Mary. The story is about vampires (yes, I know) but I wasn't bored for even second. The atmosphere had a good balance of suspense and action. However, there was a wonderful interplay of humor that made this a very well rounded story (for me).

    11. It took several pages to get into this one. The whole Maria and Mary thing was a bit confusing at first. The story's premise is clever, though, and it's moving in interesting directions so we'll see.

    12. There is so many attractive men and so much fan service in this, I almost got a nosebleed. I'm not even kidding.A vampire that wants to die and an exorcist without the power to kill him team up to fight baddies. Interesting concept and beautiful art.

    13. The summery drew me to this first volume; but the mystery, characters, & art work make me what to continue the series.

    14. Got pretty caught up in reading this, the pacing was nice and the mystery is fun, that ending made me really want the second one.

    15. It's vampires so I'm emediately biased but this is soooooo good! I love where the story is going and the bonds being made. Also I'm getting yaoi feels- please let the ship sail.

    16. This was a really interesting read! I really liked the concept of a vampire who wants nothing more than to die but cannot figure out to stay that way. Why does he want to die so badly though? I'm really curious. There's something off about Mary though, and Hydra seems to know a lot about him Why does she want to help and see him dead? So many questions.I also really want to know what is so special about Ichiro and why he is being kept in the dark about so many things! Very excited to read the ne [...]

    17. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/What we have with Bloody Mary is a lot of tease: characters with memories removed, obstructed, or purposely subsumed, interacting with those who want to use or destroy them. The artwork is quite beautiful and certainly there is a lot of mystery in this first volume. I'm not completely sold on another vampire manga, especially one that seems to be skirting shounen ai themes but doesn't really go there (this is a Viz and not SUBlime ti [...]

    18. Have you ever thought of being immortal, and being young and youthful looking your whole life. How about the thought of blood, would you ever have the courage to drink it for a starving hunger. What if being an immortal made it so that you were never able to die. Soon after a while you might want to die, right? Well that's how Mary feels.Mary is no ordinary human being, he's a vampire. After living a hundreds of years, Mary is ready to die. But that can only happen with the blood of Maria. Maria [...]

    19. ~3.5/5I expected this series to be a bit darker than it is, though there is definitely more coming.Bloody Mary is a vampire, only all the typical rules of being a vampire don’t count on him, and he doesn’t want to want blood. All Mary wants to do is die, and he believes that Maria can do that. Maria, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with vampires, wants them to leave him alone, only to find out that he’s supposed to have some kind of special powers from an ancestor.Maria is cold and [...]

    20. Mary finally tracks down Maria but instead of the Maria that he is looking for it turns out to be his grandson and does not know anything about exorcism. So now Mary (a vampire) has to wait until Maria learns how to use his powers in order to get his wish (death). I am a little confused as to whether the vampires name is Mary or Bloody only because Maria calls him Mary (or even Bloody Mary) and the other vampires call him Bloody. So I am unsure at this point what his real name is but hopefully t [...]

    21. /I'm apologizing now for my language and slang. I'll try to keep it as PG-13 as I possibly can./I just picked up this series on a whim to be honest. I was at B&N with my nerds and saw the cover, with my first thought being, "This series looks gay." which peeked my interest almost immediately.This first volume was pretty okay. I like both Maria and Mary, Takumi not so much, and Hydra, while shady, is growing on me. I wanna know more about Mary for sure.Honestly though, with the amount of erot [...]

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