Kiss Him, Not Me!, Vol. 1

Kiss Him Not Me Vol Hi there My name is Serinuma Kae I m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly and with each other I m what you might call a fujoshi One day my beloved

  • Title: Kiss Him, Not Me!, Vol. 1
  • Author: Junko
  • ISBN: 9781632362025
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hi there My name is Serinuma Kae.I m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly and with each other I m what you might call a fujoshi.One day, my beloved yes, he s an anime character died, and the shock of it all was than I could have ever prepared for My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weightHi there My name is Serinuma Kae.I m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly and with each other I m what you might call a fujoshi.One day, my beloved yes, he s an anime character died, and the shock of it all was than I could have ever prepared for My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weight loss And you won t believe what happened next Soon after my change, the four most divinely gorgeous boys in my school asked me out on dates I accepted them all, and you d think I d be happy with my sudden popularity, but the truth is, my heart only yearns for a prince to be next to his prince Ahh, yes, boys, I d much prefer that you turn your affections elsewhere and KISS HIM, NOT ME

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    1. Reseña del tomo uno al seis:6/10Os la recomiendo, es divertidisima y tiene momentos muy emotivos y otros de fangirl y otros de fujoshi total. Te ríes mucho con la serie, es una muy buena comedia escolar pero a mi me empezó a dejar como una sensación de frustración en el pecho. Estaba totalmente inmersa en lo que estaba leyendo y por un lado me estaba encantando pero por otro estaba viendo que no íbamos a llegar a ninguna parte. ()Con esta obra Junko anima a ser uno mismo, cosa que es una g [...]

    2. OMG. This manga. I'm not usually one that reviews first volumes of manga butThis manga is my love.It reminds me of Senpai Club.It makes fun of the tropes usually found in reverse-harem stuff.Yeah, the little piece about her losing weight and becoming pretty was kind of.nsitive but I'm willing to let it slide. It's a funny manga and I don't want to think too much while reading it.So yeah, can't wait to see where it goesAlso this is part of one of the best scenes:

    3. This is a review of the entire series (as of volume 8).When I first read the synopsis of Kiss Him Not Me I instantly knew that I had to watch it. Kae Serinuma is the epitome of an otaku, a fujioshi specifically, and she even ships her male classmates with each other. When one of her favorite anime characters dies she becomes so sad that she locks herself up in her room for a week. In this time she rapidly loses weight and miraculously becomes extremely beautiful. Because of this she gains a hare [...]

    4. "This reality is unbelievable!"Sweet otaku Serinuma Kae is just your average fangirl who is also overweight. She's really nice, pretty smart and, of course, has a very active fantasy life as a fujoshi. While daydreaming about her classmates Igarashi and Nanashima with her friend Ah, one of the boys falls on top of her, letting us see her interactions with them as well as the other two boys in this story, Mutsumi, an older student and fellow History club member and Shinomiyo, a younger and very [...]

    5. 1.5 stars. The art, as always with Junko, is shoujo-beautiful; I surprised myself with a couple of laughs: those are the good things.I have major problems with the basic story: it's not presented as a ridiculous, fantastical social satire; rather, the reader is asked to see it as a believable reality (for shoujo, at least). Considering that, it is superficial on a subject that cannot be taken superficially in a book marketed to young women (or men, for that matter). She loses many pounds in a si [...]

    6. Be prepared to bombarded with ridiculous situations. An overweight girl miraculously bevomes svelte after being cooped up in her room, not eating anything. And the was because she went into mourning over a character's death in her favourite Yaoi manga. Then her ridiculous fascination imagining her handsome school mates in gay relationships.And the four guys. Yikes! Basically, if I hadn't stopped reading after volume 1, I would have definitely torn my ab muscles.

    7. Estado: todos los tomos leídos.Este manga me frustró mucho, especialmente la protagonista. Si no me vuelvo a topar con otra Kae seré muy feliz. El único punto favorecedor, de verdad, es Senpai y por él seguí leyendo.Para ser el primer manga shoujo de Junko, lo hizo bastante bien, se nota el esfuerzo, sin embargo lo sentí muy genérico y superficial (de nuevo, la excepción es Senpai). La autora se dedicó a seguir todos los clichés de la Biblia shoujo y varios le jugaron una mala pasada: [...]

    8. Man, I'm laughing sooo hard! This manga is amazingly funny, and I feel so similar to the main character in tastes and behaviour that it's almost scary xDA comic union of shoujo manga and (only dreamed) BL, a light and entertaining reading.

    9. Kiss Him, Not Me! is a hilarious manga by Junko. Known more for her BL (boy's love) manga, this is the first major foray into a less niche and more main-stream genre/demographic. The story is a shojo "reverse-harem" (a group of guys going for a girl while harem series are the opposite) and slice-of-life story about a girl named Serinuma Kae.Kae is a chubby and cheerful otaku who is a major fujoshi or fan of stories about romantic boy on boy pairings. One day her favorite anime character dies in [...]

    10. Serinuma, an overweight otaku is happy just watching hot guys. When her favorite comic character, Shino dies, she spends a week mourning and suddenly loses weight to emerge into an extremely cute girl. The transformation is such that even her best friend does not recognize her! Of course it's over exaggerated, but is absolutely hilarious! Stunned by her cuteness, three hot guys, Igarashi, Shinomi, Nanashima, who had not paid any attention to her earlier suddenly falls in love with her! Mutsumi, [...]

    11. ~3.5-4/5"Who decided the prince should be with the princess?"First of all, I was a little wary of this book when I heard about the weight thing. That is an issue that’s not okay to handle badly, or too blasé like Let’s Dance a Waltz did. But in this book, it took a more comedic route, and it wasn’t ignored. Which, at least for me, made it okay (or at least standable).Especially since, while the boys weren’t flirting with her when she was bigger, at least she wasn’t being bullied over [...]

    12. Ini review untuk edisi bhs Indonesia, karena di GR belum ada :)Ingin tahu seperti apa jalan pikiran otaku dan fujoshi? Ini buku yang tepat untuk memulainya :D Ceritanya sangat menarik, walau terkadang penokohannya terlalu stereotipikal, dan ada banyak humor yang mungkin hanya dimengerti oleh sesama fujoshi *ehem*Cerita ini bertema reverse harem, alias satu cewek yang dikelilingi (baca: diminati) banyak cowok. Sang tokoh utama cewek, yang bernama Kae Serinuma, adalah tipikal cewek otaku dan fujos [...]

    13. Review untuk edisi Bahasa Indonesia terbitan M&C.Awalnya skeptis ama komik ini karena reverse harem (sebel banget deh kalo satu cewek direbutin ama banyak cowok) Ternyata eh ternyata komik ini kocak gila! Udah lama yah gw gak ketawa ngakak hanya karena baca komik! Ceritanya emang ajaib sih, tapi real.I meant, ada banyak cewek seperti Kae Serinuma ini. Tergila-gila ama salah satu karakter anime sampai beli bantal gulingnya, poster skala 1;1, koleksi komik yaoi selemari, de el elTapi emang gak [...]

    14. I'm having a hard time rating this. I really enjoyed it but couldn't decide if it was meant to be lighthearted satire or criticism of otaku/fujoshi. Kae has absolutely hilarious moments of fangirling (that, if I'm honest with myself, I can definitely relate to) and the illustrations really add to the humor. And I love the reverse harem style and diversity in the characters. BUT there were a few things that bothered me. While the majority of characters are accepting of Kae's weight at the beginni [...]

    15. Ahahahaha, so stupid, I'm gonna read more!So the basic premise is that this obsessed-with-boy-love otaku girl's favorite character dies, and so she goes into mourning and loses a bunch of weight and when she comes back to school all the hot dudes are suddenly in love with her (jerks). But she just wants wants them to like each other. Although there's actually one guy who was always super nice to her before, and who isn't falling all over her now that she's skinny, so naturally I like him the mos [...]

    16. Junko is my favourite BL mangaka. I can't believe that she would write a story about a fujoshi. This story is hilarious because it's like reverse harem to a shoujo enthusiast but filled with scenes that makes you wanna pair people up. I know all of it is bromance but it still left me laughing out loud.

    17. Can we all just agree this is a fun and hilarious shoujo? (and that some of us do have a a weird fantasy life devoted to shipping attractive guys together all the time?)Definitely enjoy this, I think Mutsumi is my fav, but he's bookish and has glasses so that's an unfair advantage right there

    18. Yeeeeeesssss I am definitely a fujoshi. Can so relate to Serinuma Kae (aside from the getting hot part). So funny. Also, her mom hahahaha.

    19. Baru baca vol.1 & 2 (^ ^)Gambar : 3 bintangCerita romance : 1.5 bintangKegilaan + ngakak-2nya : 6 bintang (^,,,^)Jadi, ya begitulah~ gwahahaa (^,,^)

    20. Cute and it made me chuckle out loud a couple times. It's definitely very shoujo and not as BL as Junko's other works, but still cute. I hear the anime is coming out in October!

    21. LaughedLoved this a lot, the humor was wonderful and the leading lady is so awesome both chubby and skinny. Cannot wait to read the rest.

    22. Ho sentito molto parlare dell'anime di questa serie lo scorso autunno e sono stata felice dell'annuncio dell'uscita in Italia del manga. La protagonista Kae è una fujioshi, ossia una di quelle fanatiche che shippa coppie omosessuali in anime e manga. Ebbene quando il suo personaggio preferito del anime che più ama muore si rinchiude per una settimana in casa e dimagrisce in maniera incredibile diventando una figa pazzesca (non c'è altro modo di dirlo XD). Ed ecco che ben quattro ragazzi della [...]

    23. I thought the concept was kinda stupid at first, but I figured I'd read it because, hey, I've read things with much dumber concepts and enjoyed them. But for most of the first chapter, I thought I had made a horrible mistake. I kept reading, though, and I'm glad I did. Once you get past the first chapter, much of which is horribly awkward and contrived, you get to the good stuff. The leading lady becomes much more relatable and not just a one-dimensional girl obsessed with yaoi. The male leads a [...]

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