Hiccupotamus The jungle animals are having a musical celebration Mouse squeaks Bird tweets and Centipede taps his feet Then animals hear the music and want to join in as Monkey Warthog and Crocodile bring the

  • Title: Hiccupotamus
  • Author: Steve Smallman Ada Grey
  • ISBN: 9781589251717
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The jungle animals are having a musical celebration Mouse squeaks, Bird tweets, and Centipede taps his feet Then animals hear the music and want to join in, as Monkey, Warthog, and Crocodile bring their own music making talents to the group But what is that silly Hippo doing

    One thought on “Hiccupotamus”

    1. This book has it all. Great pictures, great writing, a cool rhythm beat I can hear in my head. I can't believe 2 book gushes in one day! I just want to get up and dance to the boom-ba-da-boom-boom! and ooh, ooh, ooh! Tip-tap-a-tippy-tappy tweet, tweet, tweet, squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble, squeak, squeak, squeak!!

    2. Loved it. Bright, lively illustrations and a wonderful rhythm. The rhyming text doesn't feel forced or awkward, either. Adding it right into my storytime rotation. Especially well-suited for musical storytimes and quick enough for the under 3s.

    3. (Picture Book)"Hiccupotamus" by Steve Smallman, illustrated by Ada Grey (2015) is such a charming book for preschoolers, full of funny, friendly animal illustrations. Rhyming words elicit a musical beat as the animals in this story join in begin to "make music" with their various sounds. Bird and mouse sing, "Tip tap a tippy tappy, tweet, tweet, tweet," then "Squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble, squeak, squeak, squeak." Preschoolers will wiggle and move, join in on the "music making" with sound effec [...]

    4. Oh. My. Gosh. You just have to read this out loud to a three year old to appreciate the truly rhythmic fun of an animal musical session. Tons of fun!!

    5. SUMMARY: The animals of the jungle come together to make music beats with their animal sounds and create fun music. "Boom-ba-da-boom boom!" "Squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble, squeak, squeak, squeak!" But what is the hippopotamus doing?ILLUSTRATIONS: The pictures are simple for the younger crowd. They are full of bright colors and funVIEW: I loved this book! I could easily see this book being used during group reading time while the children beat the rhythms that are repeated throughout. Or it coul [...]

    6. Mouse hears the bubbles coming up from the jungle stream in perfect rhythm and decides to squeak along. On hearing the new sound, Bird tweets a song to go with the rhythm and Centipede taps out a new beat with his many feet. Monkey joins the musical show with a ooh, ooh, ooh. Warthog adds the drumming of his tummy and Crocodile adds the plink, plunky plink of a bone on his teeth. So they danced and played all day long. Mouse stopped to thank everyone, but forgot one special music maker… hippo, [...]

    7. This could be such a fun, rhythmic read-aloud! But as others have noted, I do feel like there needs to be one or two more pages. The ending makes sense if you look closely at the pictures, but you build so much momentum throughout the book and then the rhythm just seems to stop in the middle of a beat. It's like it just needed one more spread that went through the entire sequence one more time, including the hippo's part at the end. You could read it that way, especially if you wrote the sequenc [...]

    8. I want this book on my shelves some day. This was such a fun read! I found myself really getting into it! With the way the words are put together you find yourself getting into this fantastic rhythm and making all kinds of fun sounds with your mouth! It sounds dirty, but I swear, it's not! Is that even appropriate for a children's book review? Oh well! You'll have fun reading this book and more importantly the kids you read it with will have fun too!

    9. The entire jungle is having a musical celebration with each animals showcasing their musical talent. What can hippo do for musical talent? Not quite what you expect but delightfully fun to read. Written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Ada Grey. Published by Tiger Tales.#animals #musical #PB

    10. I enjoyed the rhythm of the book and the onomatopoeia that kept my feet tapping. More a concept book than a story, the cumulative execution brings fun and joy to the reader with a surprise ending sure to delight. This book is a great read-aloud, perfect for story-time.Originally published in Great Britain by Little Tiger Press, 2015.

    11. A super-fun story that practically sings itself, with great illustrations that capture the party mood. Perfect for story times with larger groups, as it is a real attention getter and the pictures are large enough for a big group to all see. My only issue is that the ending is so abrupt that it feels unfinished.

    12. So the first time through, I did not get this book at all. So this might be one that would need to be read a couple of times -- Mouse starts making music and the other jungle animals join in. At the end, you realize that it was the hippo's hiccups that inspired Mouse to make music in the first place. Lots of fun repetition and noise making!

    13. The title is all about the Hippo, but he doesn't show till the very end of the book. What's up with that? The pictures were charming, but the text was a bit troublesome to read, a bit of a rhythmical mouthful.

    14. This is a fabulously rhythmic read, and I enjoyed it very much. The story, while minimal, has a nice flow and I couldn't help but dance along to the beat. This was the second "Hiccupotamus" book I read, and if there were only a third, I'd happily make a whole storytime out of it!

    15. A creative reader can pull this off as a fun musical celebration but I agree there needed to be a couple more pages to make this top notch fun. The hippo featured in the title has a small roll at the end leaving the reader wanting more.

    16. The jungle animals are having a musical celebration! Mouse squeaks, Bird tweets, and Centipede taps his feet. Then more animals hear the music and want to join in, as Monkey, Warthog, and Crocodile bring their own music-making talents to the group. But what is that silly Hippo doing?Details

    17. This is a cute book with a cute title, but there is no mention of a hiccuping hippo until the very last page!

    18. AMAZING picture book to read with all the animals making fabulous sounds. A great read-aloud choice for animal or rhythm storytime or anytime at all!!!!

    19. I will definitely be trying this out in storytime. But it shares a name with another picturebook bizarre.

    20. This is super adorable. Would make a great CD/book combo considering the song the animals "sing" together.

    21. The snappy, rhythmic text and colorful illustrations of this book will have parents and children hopping and bopping with each reading. See if you can find the hippo! For ages 2 - 6.

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