The Fortress on the Mountain

The Fortress on the Mountain young adult adventure Murida s father dies leaving her in the care of his friend who teaches and lives at a school for boys Murida s presence at the school must remain a secret

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  • Title: The Fortress on the Mountain
  • Author: A. Amynne
  • ISBN: 1784620300
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • young adult, adventure Murida s father dies leaving her in the care of his friend who teaches and lives at a school for boys Murida s presence at the school must remain a secret.

    One thought on “The Fortress on the Mountain”

    1. This book is about a 15 year old girl who loses her father and has to live at a fortress which over looks the town which she lives in. The fortress is also a school for really posh boys, no one can know she is there. Basically the book is about Murida who has to live in this place and not be seen, she witnesses this one boy being bullied and tries to help but it sort of back fires on her. There is something weird happening at school but we don't know what. I loved this book because it is part ad [...]

    2. The first few pages of this book start off a bit slow, we are introduced to Murida and her friends there is mention of war in the neighbouring country which has everyone worried. Her life changes dramatically and the book really gets going. Loved Murida she is a breath of fresh air. I am really interested in the man in black I have a theory won't say yet. There has to be another book I need answers!

    3. I finished this book in one sitting, it's a really good story, the central character, Murida, is easy to love you really are invested in her life. You think you are heading in one direction but the book takes you down a completely different path, the second half of the book is totally unexpected.

    4. A strange little book, I get the feeling it's trying to tell me something. A satisfying read, many questions left to be answered. Patiently waiting for the next book.

    5. Omg!! Loved every second of this book. I cannot believe how quickly it finished. There's quite some humour in this book which I like and I've got to say, Murida is by far my favorite book character so far.I hope there's a sequel to this!

    6. I love love love love love this book!!!!!! Has to be one of my Favourites!!! Hats off to the author!!! She is amazing truly gifted!

    7. I absolutely love this book!! Amazing plot line with heart stopping action and jaw dropping revalations!! Cant wait for the next one dying to find out what the hidden messages mean

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