What to Expect: The Second Year

What to Expect The Second Year The international super successful What to Expectbrand has delivered again announcing the arrival of a brand new member of family What to Expect the Second Year This essential sequel to What to Expect

  • Title: What to Expect: The Second Year
  • Author: Heidi Murkoff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The international super successful What to Expectbrand has delivered again announcing the arrival of a brand new member of family What to Expect the Second Year This essential sequel to What to Expect the First Year picks up the action at baby s first birthday, and takes parents through what can only be called the wonder year 12 jam packed and jam smeared monthsThe international super successful What to Expectbrand has delivered again announcing the arrival of a brand new member of family What to Expect the Second Year This essential sequel to What to Expect the First Year picks up the action at baby s first birthday, and takes parents through what can only be called the wonder year 12 jam packed and jam smeared months of memorable milestones from first steps to first words, first scribbles to first friends , lightning speed learning, endless explorations driven by insatiable curiosity Not to mention a year of challenges, both for toddlers and the parents who love them, but don t always love their behaviour picky eating, negativity, separation anxiety, bedtime battles, biting, and tantrums Comprehensive, reassuring, empathetic, realistic and practical, What to Expect the Second Yearis filled with solutions, strategies, and plenty of parental pep talks It helps parents decode the fascinating, complicated, sometimes maddening, always adorable little person last year s baby has become From the first birthday to the second, this must have book covers everything parents need to know in an easy to access, topic by topic format, with chapters on growth, feeding, sleeping, behaviours of every conceivable kind, discipline including teaching right from wrong , and keeping a toddler healthy and safe as he or she takes on the world There s a developmental time line of the second year plus special milestone boxes throughout that help parents keep track of their toddler s development Thinking of travelling with tot in tow There s a chapter for that, too.

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    1. A helpful and informative guide to all the developmental milestones and issues a parent will come across with their child from age 1-2.

    2. I was so happy with What to Expect the First Year that I was a little concerned that I didn't have that reference any more so I was happy to read this book which was a little more laid back than its predecessor, organized by topic instead of monthly milestones. It gave a lot of valuable information on milestones and what to watch out for, as well as a comprehensive guide to childhood illnesses and injuries. Of course now I am super panicked that my house is not child proofed enough, but that can [...]

    3. Read ahead!This was a great book that I always found very helpful in alleviating anxiety. Reading about things as normal that you're bothered by from new parent ignorance is really calming and reassuring. My only regret was I was often behind in reading the material relevant to the month of age. I would then get to a key point and think, "man I wish I would have known this a couple months ago!" The only thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star is that I wish the author would have had more ref [...]

    4. This book was great. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was that it was not as helpful as the "expecting" and "first year" books, which was not the fault of the authors. In the aforementioned books one can follow along as baby develops while also using it as a reference book. This version does not follow development, but rather divides chapters into sections on topics such as eating or movement. I used it more as a reference guide. I would recommend it to a parent of a toddler.

    5. This was a helpful book. I liked that it was just set up in topics rather than month by month like The First Year. That was helpful then, but it was much easier to just focus on one subject at a time at this point. Very useful info for this first-time mom!

    6. Thank goodness we're no longer breaking things down month by month because that was kind of driving me crazy with the What to Expect First Year book ("My baby is.g that! Whew! Oh crap, but she's not doing that other thing you say she should be doing. Is my baby normal or not? What does next month say??"). Instead we have sections like Feeding, Behavior, Disciplining Your Toddler, etc. Some things still stand out as being overly cautious to me, and I really want to see the studies that back up th [...]

    7. Well, the book is great. Specially in the sense that it is not like a "manual". It is just a collection of an expert's notes based on experience. The writer will keep telling you that the best rule is that "there is no rule" and that every toddler is unique in his/her own way. These sort of books just draws a VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY broad line for a motherEVER!Dear mothers, it is too late to read :-)Dear mothers to be, read quickly before you have your baby. Once you have it you will find it very diffi [...]

    8. The top line: If you're a fan of the month-by-month parenting book organization, this isn't the book for you. Me? I prefer to dig in and read cover to cover, rather than parse out a chapter or so a month. The topical organization (e.g full chapters about traveling with a toddler, sleepy time, emergency care) provides more information on each subject in one place. No more thumbing through the index! And, yes, there are toddler timelines and developmental milestones, too! They are just rolled into [...]

    9. I don't know. Maybe it's because I read the first book before my daughter was born that I thought it was so great, but this book just doesn't seem to live up to its predecessor. Perhaps it's because a lot of the advice given here doesn't seem to apply to my current toddler. Or maybe it's because I'm not nearly as petrified as I was about a year or so ago before my daughter was born. I'm really not sure. But I feel this book is mostly unnecessary. I skimmed through more than half of it,, whereas [...]

    10. I think children are influenced by our behavior expectations. One annoyance with this book is that is keeps telling you how your child will be incorrigible and cause you trouble. I know it is supposed to give the feeling of a sympathetic and knowing friend's voice, but I just didn't think it added to the book's authority or helpfulness. Also, the question and answer format really doesn't contribute anything especially when some of the questions are of the form, "My child is showing totally appro [...]

    11. I've read numerous books in the "What to Expect" series, and with each one, I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with the euphemisms and cutesy language. I want quick, straightforward answers and advice, and this book takes its sweet time getting to the point.Also, much of this book is geared toward the 18-24 month set. It was nice to see a heads up of what to expect (heh) in the coming months, but a lot of it isn't applicable to my 13 month old toddler (dressing himself, using utensils, e [...]

    12. My favorite part of reading this book was the time-line of advancements for toddlers for each month. It kept me on cue as to where my toddler should be and how I can help him to advance. Mostly everything else was self explanatory, common sense stuff for me. I helped raise most of my nieces and nephews, so I pretty much knew most of the stuff written. But, ever now and then, I would find something useful. The first book was more helpful.

    13. I absolutely loved the month by month guidance of What to Expect the First Year. I expected the same from this book and honestly I feel like this book was somewhat just an attempt at making more money off of this successful franchise. There is some helpful information in here but nothing I could not have found (even more quickly) than googling an issue if I had it. I will definitely re-read the first two books the next time I have a baby, but not this one.

    14. This is not a month by month guide like the prior What to Expect books. I paged through it and was able to get some kindly reassurance, which, let's face it, is what you probably need as you're dealing with a toddler. I was able to quickly get the info I wanted, and I think it was written with the understanding that parents are less terrified at this point, but they still have fears and questions.

    15. Another awesome read by Heidi!!I loved the first book what to expect the first year and found so much helpful information and I moved right on to the second book and this has. Been just as helpful and informative as the first one! Thank you for all the knowledge! I am a first time mom taking things one day at a time and. being the best mother to my son I can be. Reading this did help me in wondering what to expect this second year! I highly recommend

    16. This was I was hoping it would be in the same month-by-month format as the previous books in the series, but I understand that it's hard to make such generalizations when kids vary so much in their development and habits at this age. While I did take away a few tips and tricks, so much of it is self-explanatory and a bit fear-monger-ywould only recommend reading this if you are someone who is very secure in your parenting skills.

    17. I'm always looking for tips & suggestions as a new Mom, so this book has been a help to me. I especially liked that the book included how to perform CPR & how to treat injuries! I like to know whether or not I should be concerned about something so that I can determine if I need to discuss the matter w/the Pediatrician!

    18. Loved it! I have read it all the way through, but I keep it where I can easily reference it daily. It has wonderful tips, some tips I find more helpful than others, but every child is different! It does not break it down month by month, but by subjects, like eating, playing, health etc. The first aid information is very helpful. I enjoyed the book!

    19. Not a bad book but I felt like most of the information was stuff I've heard before and pretty much common sense. I think after reading the author's pregnancy and first year book, I'm just kind of over her writing style.

    20. Yet another great parenting resource that tells you the things you didn't know you needed to know about raising a one-year-old. And makes you feel normal for all the crazy things your kid does. Comprehensive and easily digestible.

    21. This book isn't organized month-by-month the way the First Year book is. I guess that probably makes sense because there aren't as many huge month-to-month differences in the second vs the first year, but most of it was way too toddler-y for my 13 month old so I missed the chronological format.

    22. Solid starting point for info in regards to raising a 1 year old. Found I didn't need it as much as the previous What to Expects, and finally returned it to the library long before my boy hit 24 months.

    23. This book continues in the "what to expect" tradition of telling you things that can go wrong that are super rare and scary. Plus, some of the things that it says are okay are not (toe walking is something bad according to my babies' physical therapist).

    24. I enjoyed reading/paging through this book a lot. The authors were very careful to stress that normal covers a broad range at this age, but the information was still incredibly practical. This book helped me train my daughter to sleep and drink from a cup. Solid toddler informational source.

    25. I learned some stuff from this book but most I already knew, or just skimmed through. The 1st year book was much more helpful then this one.

    26. Some good advice, but I liked the format of the first year better. I'd rather have it broken out by age. This will probably be the last in the series I read.

    27. It was a helpful guide to toddler care divided into categories rather than a month-by-month format. I didn't agree with all the advice,but most of it made a lot of sense.

    28. Overall, helpful for quick answers but feels like most other Toddler care books. I respect the Murkoff series but feels this book is not completely necessary.

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