Heart of the Game

Heart of the Game Sometimes baseball is just a metaphor for life and sometimes it works the other way around All Sarah Duke ever cared about was baseball and she s finally earned her shot as a full time sports writer

  • Title: Heart of the Game
  • Author: Rachel Spangler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes baseball is just a metaphor for life, and sometimes it works the other way around All Sarah Duke ever cared about was baseball, and she s finally earned her shot as a full time sports writer She loves the work, she loves being one of the few women to ever gain access to a man s world, but most of all, she loves the game When Duke meets Molly Grettano and her tSometimes baseball is just a metaphor for life, and sometimes it works the other way around All Sarah Duke ever cared about was baseball, and she s finally earned her shot as a full time sports writer She loves the work, she loves being one of the few women to ever gain access to a man s world, but most of all, she loves the game When Duke meets Molly Grettano and her two sons at the ballpark, she instantly connects with the young family, but Molly isn t sure Duke s ready for something Molly wants someone softer, feminine, and importantly, someone steady She and her boys have been abandoned before, and she s vowed to never to put them in that position again If she were ever to trust anyone, it would have to be someone fully dedicated to her and her children Duke has a lot of heart, but neither woman is sure there s enough room left in it for anything other than baseball.

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    1. I am not a huge baseball fan, I am sure that is blasphemy to many Americans, but I am just not. Now don’t get me wrong I can enjoy baseball, it’s great to go to the ballpark grab a beer and sit back and watch the pageantry of any sport. I love sports! I also have become a great fan of Rachel Spangler’s novels, and I was intrigued by the vastness of this book's ratings.Sarah Duke is a female sportswriter. This is no easy feat. This particular career is heavily dominated by men. A female wil [...]

    2. I grew up playing softball. The lessons I learned about teamwork, discipline and a solid work ethic have stayed with me as an adult. The game of inches holds many life lessons. I enjoy watching major league ball games but am not an obsessed fan. Sarah Duke is a student of the game. She knows the sport as well or better than many of the players on the field. Her knowledge and dedication have landed Duke a dream job of sports writer for the St. Louis Cardinals.Molly Grettano is a single mom trying [...]

    3. I absolutely loved. I don't know anything about baseball but I had the sudden urge to want to watch it and learn more about the sport. I just loved both the characters so much, and the children. Charlie is just adorable. LOVED IT

    4. I enjoyed a lot of the pieces of this story without the sum of the parts adding up enough to give it the rating those parts would probably deserve in isolation. I liked both Duke and Molly and thought they made a strong team. I particularly liked how well they started as friends and how Duke managed to slip past Molly's protective shield even after a significant misstep in the beginning.And I really liked how Spangler handled Molly's steps into the dating world after her sexual orientation becam [...]

    5. I was excited to read this one because I've really come to enjoy Spangler's writing and I'm a huge sports fan. What could be more perfect than a combination of the two? I really enjoyed this. It was at times a bit heavy handed with metaphor, but that doesn't change how sweet it is. The conflict felt real, not contrived or based on poor communication like so many stories. The characters, like all of Spangler's works, were the best part.

    6. 3.5A baseball F/F book! Very cool. For the most part, this was really solid and the baseball was good, but it felt a little long. By which I suppose I really mean the pacing was off.The conflicts were hard to read and I'm not sure . . . okay, the thing is, I follow a lot of baseball writers on twitter and some of them DO have families and stuff. (As do the actual players!) And I felt like the book sort of treated this as this UNIQUE CHALLENGE and I guess I would've appreciated some discussion of [...]

    7. I am a baseball fan and as such really enjoyed the catchy baseball lines connected to life and love. Molly Grettano looking for love and stability for herself and her two children, Joe and Charlie. Both of the children have distinct and wonderful personalities. Molly thinks she knows what type of person she wants. Sarah Duke not looking for anything really until "it" found her. Her upbeat attitude and love of the game was contagious. This is a read about passion which I believe is an important c [...]

    8. I've read all but two of her books and I think this is my favourite so far. I didn't expect the game of baseball itself to feature almost as its own character, but it worked really well. This one made me laugh and cry. I'll be coming back to read it again later.

    9. I don't know anything about baseball, but it's not necessary to be an expert on the subject in order to enjoy this book. The only flaw is that the ending is rather abrupt. I would have liked an epilogue.

    10. Spangler has written a number of lesbian romances, and has a good grasp of character and plot, and this book is no exception. She has pushed the narrative a little more this time, and the book is so thoroughly an ode to baseball that she makes it a third character in the romance, making this more of a love triangle than a standard romance.Sarah Duke is a sports writer who is obsessed with baseball. The only woman in the field, she works long hours to excel in this field. However, meeting Molly G [...]

    11. Hmmm, this story started out nicely but I have to say it dragged on in the end. I loved the setting, but sometimes it was a little bit too much baseball. I really love dthe characters (in the beginning), but as the story dragged on, it was repeatedly the same story. Duke needs to work, Molly is annoyed because of that and they make up. I wanted to love the story, really!

    12. I don't understand baseball, never watched a game in my life, but I cannot deny that this book is well written. It had me tearing up at some parts.

    13. This felt less like a romance and more like a family book. Which was fine, but the pacing for the romance was definitely off and fell flat to me as a result. As I was reading this, I told Katie that for the first 1/3-1/2 of the book, I felt like I was reading a babysitting story. There were also moments where the conversation felt more like academic writing than a normal conversation between regular people.The baseball here was mostly fine, although I question contract incentives for a 100 hit s [...]

    14. 5 Stars for the Baseball and 3 Stars for the Romance.If you love baseball, you have to read this book. Even if you don't love the sport, you should read this book. This story is such a love letter to the game. I adore reading about anyone's passions and the writing here is just exquisite when it ponders baseball.The setting is mainly in Busch Stadium where one heroine (Molly) is season ticket holder and takes her sons and the other heroine (Duke) is a sports writer. The child characters are so w [...]

    15. I need to stop reading reviews before trying a book. Though I can't stop, not really. When I haven't read the author before, and the book is slightly different than one I've read before, then I have to gaze at what I can find to see if I should give it a shot. Somewhat 'ruined' the book, those reviews I'd read somewhere or another. I kept waiting for Duke to be this massive selfish bitch who needed to be forgiven, but . . . while there is one specific scene wherein Sarah Duke acted less than ide [...]

    16. I love baseball. I love women. These two things considered, this book should have been right up my alley. Sadly, it just didn't work out.As mentioned, I love baseball. Like, not even love it. Super love it. I'm obsessed with it. I think about it pretty much all day, every day. I work my schedule around it so I can watch games. My life is all about that BASEball. That being said, the baseball in this book was suffocating. It was hammering me over the head on almost every page. Everywhere I looked [...]

    17. This book drew me in from the very beginning, with a prologue that described a little girl going to her first baseball game with her father. The home team was the St. Louis Cardinals. My own father was a life-long Phillies fan, and his spirit was with me as I read, because he truly loved the game.The little girl, Sarah, grows up to be a sportswriter with her own column on majorleague. On the Cardinal's opening day, she sees a young boy sitting in the seat closest to the dugout, writing in a note [...]

    18. I wanted to like this book far more than I'd did. I like baseball and was intrigued by the female sportswriter premise. There was too much baseball though, so much so that if you don't like baseball, I'm not sure you'd get much out of it. Even though I do like it, I was still bored by the constant references to the game and everything being described in baseball metaphors by the end. Duke and Molly are interesting characters and Joe and Charlie were wonderful and entertaining, the scenes with Du [...]

    19. This was a well written book about life, Love and getting it right. The use of baseball statistics to mimic everyday occurrences in life was pretty cool. Both Sarah and Molly had issues and struggles to overcome in their lives and did so not just through baseball but also the love of two young boys. Beautiful story.

    20. Originally appeared on Love is Love Book Reviews.This was a lovely book. A sweet butch sportswriter Sarah Duke falls for a femme single-mom, Molly and her two boys. The story is as much a love letter to America’s pastime as it is a romance between the two women. Together they try to survive the grind of a long season and the stress of building a life together. Both women make mistakes and they each find a way to grow and become a better partner and a better person. It was real, realistic and r [...]

    21. Love!!I'm more of a football (soccer) fan, but I absolutely understand and the heart of the game extends to all things in life. I absolutely loved this book! My heart broke when their's did and it swelled just as much. Such a sweet story all around and an absolute joy to read!

    22. Snared and sometimes lost betwixt her love of stickball and her intense connection to a potential soul mate, sportswriter Sarah Duke is good at a lot of things; however, an empathetic multitasker she is not. HEART OF THE GAME thus concocts recurring, low-stress conflicts to which one woman's answer is almost never what it should be (if ultimately what it must be). Sarah, in short, is a skilled conversationalist who can only hold her own when it's somebody else's keister on the line. Sarah's atti [...]

    23. First off, I know nothing about baseball. I’m a Brit, we have cricket, which is incomprehensible at the best of times. But I like sport and I can understand the passion Sarah Duke has for baseball, even I didn’t catch all the nuances. Because this is as much a love story about baseball as it is about the relationship between Duke and Molly. It’s also as much about the connection between Joe and Charlie and Duke, which for me was probably the best part of this book.I really enjoyed this one [...]

    24. Wow this book was just AWESOME. I loved the main characters so much Molly and Duke they are thee best couple and their ups and downs make them even better.I also loved the kids Joe and Charlie even though I do wish Rachel would have written more about Charliedon't even get me started on the baseball metaphors I am not a sport person or even like watching it but at the moment I was reading this I fell in love with baseball. This is Rachel's best book fr me. I know this is probably weird but the m [...]

    25. Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley.Sarah Duke was known for her love and passion for one thing: baseball. Her singular ambition of becoming a full-time, professional sports writer has finally come to fruition. But when Molly Grettano and her two sons enter Duke’s life unexpectedly, Duke learns there is more to life than baseball and room in her heart for more than her beloved St. Louis Cardinals.This book took me a little longer to finish than I expected. I thought it wo [...]

    26. I find myself in a weird spot of not immediately knowing whether I liked a book or not. If I remember correctly, Spangler has done this to me with another book.I don't get baseball. I think it's probably something you have to grow up with. I don't dislike it, I just don't get it. There's a lot of baseball talk in this book, but that's not what leaves me unsure here. Though I do think there were a tad too many baseball/life metaphors in here. It was fascinating to read about a person so dedicated [...]

    27. Will Sarah Duke choose Molly Grettano, or will she choose her first love, baseball?That pretty much sums it up. This is a lesbian romance like most romances. They are all formulaic, but this one was well done. What I enjoyed:1) The supporting characters. Especially the kids2) The believable conflict between the two main characters - they were working out real life problems, and selfishness vs. sharing, instead of having some Grand Unusual Plot Point keep them apart3) Duke. I feel like, as in TV, [...]

    28. I am not a baseball fan, but I don't feel that had a bearing one way or the other on my lack of enthusiasm with this story. There is never one romantic moment that feels genuine between the two characters, nor a sense anything is building up between them. The one character, Sarah the sportswriter (Duke to her friends, natch), speaks primarily in baseball aphorisms which is cute for the first couple chapters, then becomes akin to having a conversation with your grandfather. Her paramour Molly jus [...]

    29. Heart of the Game is a lesbian baseball romance. I adored the baseball stuff, and how the progression of the season tied into the advancement of the storyline. (I'd have probably enjoyed it even more if I was a Cardinals fan, but no.) Unfortunately, the romance didn't work as successfully, as there wasn't enough chemistry or romance between the two leads for me to really feel their developing relationship. However, the two boys (one woman is a single mother with two kids) were absolutely amazing [...]

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