Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy, #1)

Dear Maude The Dear Maude Trilogy Life s all about choices And Emily Stanton thought she made a wise one when she accepted a scholarship that allowed her to attend college for free Now a senior she must face the reality of her decisi

  • Title: Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy, #1)
  • Author: Denise Liebig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life s all about choices And Emily Stanton thought she made a wise one when she accepted a scholarship that allowed her to attend college for free Now a senior, she must face the reality of her decision and the looming requirement to work for the mysterious company that funded her education This is the account of Emily s journey into an unknown and unfamiliar world, wheLife s all about choices And Emily Stanton thought she made a wise one when she accepted a scholarship that allowed her to attend college for free Now a senior, she must face the reality of her decision and the looming requirement to work for the mysterious company that funded her education This is the account of Emily s journey into an unknown and unfamiliar world, where a journal she addresses to her deceased aunt and the powerful secrets it contains becomes her only link to the life she once knew.

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    1. How do I write a review of Denise Liebig's Dear Maude, the first book in the Dear Maude Trilogy, that does the book the justice it deserves, without giving away too much of the plot? Ah therein lies the conundrum. Conundrum is a very useful word in describing Dear Maude. It is full of conundrums and paradoxes, that make you think, make you pause and make you question what you know about physics, science and of course the paradox of time-travel. The whole time-travel thing caught me on the hop. I [...]

    2. The story begins with Emily Stanton in college sharing her room with a nasty student who suddenly acts like her best friend when Emily meets a guy. She’d accepted a full scholarship from a mysterious company with the expectation she either pays them back or works for them for four years. Holding to her responsibilities, she works for Evergreen Research Corporation and is chosen for a prestigious assignment. One she must agree to before she knows what it entails.During the entire time she journ [...]

    3. Dear Maude is the first installment of The Dear Maude Trilogy. It starts with the main character, Emily, a diligent college student receiving a full scholarship from a company on condition that she works for that company for four years after graduation. However, the nature of her work had never been clearly defined.The setup of the story is creative and well thought out. The story line is captivating and engaging right from the first line. Then, the plot turns and twists once the time travel the [...]

    4. I’m glad this is the first of a series and there is more to come. Though the book works well as a standalone, you do know there is more to come and can’t wait for it. Emily Stanton comes out as a brave, strong character. She is courageous and works hard at doing well. When she signs up for her scholarship, she has no idea what a roller coaster ride her life would become when she finished college. I like the first person narrative and the journal style of writing. It brings you closer to the [...]

    5. Denise Liebig has written an intelligent, engaging, well written and commendable debut novel "Dear Maude." What she achieves in this novel is a deep understanding of: place, time, character, period, and an ability to maintain a sense of mystery throughout. No small achievement this must be said. The novel oscillates between a narrative form and a diarist form. I found this structurally uneven and this is the prime reason why I awarded this readable and enjoyable novel a four out of five and not [...]

    6. If you are reading reviews of “Dear Maude” by Denise Liebig, you have likely already read a synopsis. But even if you have, any brief outline of the contents of the book should be taken with a grain of salt. Unpredictable, wonderfully atypical, there are simply too many elements to the story to succinctly sum it up in a brief post (the “Maude” journal being one clever component). Time travel, detailed period depictions of life, characters from the past and the future, a devilish corporat [...]

    7. My roots are not only foreign (I’m a Belgian-Flemish professional author), but moreover I have been for nearly two decades a literary author who, later in life, began to write cross-over. In a novel, first of all I search for style, style and again style. If the story is additionally captivating, that’s a second plus. That’s why I have enjoyed reading “Dear Maude”, the excellent debut of authoress Denise Liebig. The novel has an elegant style and is moreover an interesting “cross-ove [...]

    8. In 2012, Emily Stanton’s living situation at college is an interesting one. Laced with hidden mystery, Emily has a four-year scholarship. Her roommate is a wealthy school girl named Sophia. Emily is a smart student who loves her parents, and she has the natural ability to get good grades. The terms of her scholarship states that after she graduates, she must work for the mysterious company, Evergreen Research Corporation. Before graduating, Sophia introduces Emily to Gerd as well as Sophia's f [...]

    9. Nothing is free in life and this is what Emily learns. She gets a free ride through college on condition she works for Evergreen Reasearch Corporation afterward for four years. This isn't much to ask or is it? Evergreen are not what they appear to be on face value and are actually an organization that can interfere with the past to make rich people even richer. This is where Emily, a 'wild card' comes in as she can influence without out causing a time paradox to herself and therefore negating he [...]

    10. Not read anything by Denise Liebig before. certainly will in the future, The story is an amazing structure of originality that puts some established figures to shame.I found it hard to put down. So clever it's narrative process I was totally unprepared for it.Time travel, social experimentation, love, greed and a perennial secret diary to deceased relative, Maude. It is funny and a very clever interpretation of physics that few would dare to write.The dodgy Evergreen Research Foundations was an [...]

    11. More Twists than a Rollercoaster!Fasten your seatbelts. This book is unique and exciting and suspenseful, and I found myself truly worried about the safety of the main characters by the end. The time period the author chose and the way women were expected to behave was fascinating. Once I was pulled in, I couldn’t put it down. I will say this, however: after reading the first couple of chapters, I thought, okay, this is another one of those “socially awkward girl meets rich, handsome man” [...]

    12. Fantastic head-spinning journeyI once joined a neighborhood book club and found I was the only male with seventeen women. I enjoyed that but found all our selections were chic lit. Never would have read those books and I'd have missed a lot of good reading. Denise Liebig could have been an author of one of those books. Dear Maude is chic lit, well written, and smooth, and it kept me smiling the whole way. It is cute, funny, and enjoyable while mind altering. This enjoyable read draws in science [...]

    13. WOWI loved this book. It is not what I expected based on the title. The protagonist is a college graduate who must now work for the company that gave her a scholarship for her tuition. And that's where it gets interesting. The characters are great. The plot has unexpected twists and turns. The setting is unique. And it's well written. I'll definitely be reading the next two books in this trilogy.

    14. Writing that has reached a new plateau!When I read a book, any book, one of the things that I often yearn for is for the writer to take me to a place that gives me, the reader, a sense of vulnerability or even nostalgia. I experienced both but in such a therapeutic way. The last time I came across a book with its high descriptive content because of the writer's perfect use personifying a character's surroundings and a character's reality that is unashamedly fixed because of life experiences and [...]

    15. DEAR MAUDE by Denise Liebig is the most compelling and original story I've read in a long time, and it's this author's debut novel no less! I simply could not put it down! The writing is superb, and the characters are realistic. The story itself kept me utterly enthralled with so many twists and turns my head was in a spin, but pleasantly so.This fascinating tale is full of romance, suspense and mystery with enough time-travel paradoxes to make any scifi aficionado purr in delight.I can't wait t [...]

    16. It was the time travel and suspense that attracted me to “Dear Maude” rather than the romance. To like-minded readers I would say: the story of likeable, modest, innocent university student Emily Stanton in the first few chapters then changes dramatically when she has to start work with the mysterious Evergreen Research Corporation who have sponsored her degree course. She suddenly finds herself in a very strange, brave new world. And all those relationships in the previous chapters begin to [...]

    17. SPOILER ALERTIt is difficult to review this book without mentioning a major element of the plot, so I am going to refer to it here. It is implied in the blurb.‘Emily ventures into an unknown future accompanied only by the journal she addresses to her deceased aunt, Maude, and the will to survive a four-year commitment she hopes will return her to the world she once knew.’In addition to this hint, several reviews on mention the time travel angle, so a prospective reader checking reviews befo [...]

    18. Wildly inventive! I received an author copy in exchange for an honest review.In "Dear Maude" Denise Liebig has deftly created a mysterious coming-of-age historical, romantic, suspenseful time-traveling heroine-based drama that absolutely defies the boundaries of any genre. There is something of the classic A Wrinkle in Time or Little Women- fluidly meshed with a modern college age woman's plight- from paying for school, to missing her parents, to not quite fitting in, and of course, learning abo [...]

    19. Not able to afford college tuition, Emily Stanton accepted a full scholarship from Evergreen Research Corporation, with the understanding that, after right after graduation, she would have to spend the next four years working for them. Which didn't seem like such a bad idea, until she graduated. Now, the thought of spending fours years away from Mom and step-father, seems like too much of a sacrifice. But that's just the tip of the iceberg she is soon to uncover. I thought the advancement of the [...]

    20. Before I read a book, I usually check to see how many pages I am dealing with, so as to know how to pace myself. This one was quite long, and I was tempted to put it aside and go with a shorter read. Somehow, I decided to read the first chapter to see how it went, and that was how I got hooked. I could not put it down.When a book is well written, it always leaves a smile on my face. This one was so impeccably written, and a really sweet story. I enjoyed it very much. I saw only about three forma [...]

    21. This novel was so well written, that i stopped quite a few times to re read beautifully written sentences. Even the vivid descriptions throughout the book, things readers might skip over, pulled me in and captivated me. I loved learning about all the details, descriptions and imagery that Denise Liebig created. I felt as if i was there experiencing everything Emily did. The story was intriguing and unexpected, but that kept me wanting to read more. The main character was so likable that I rooted [...]

    22. Denise Liebig has written a mystery-laden, time-travel story with a definite emphasis on the romance side of that genre and adventure. Emily, the first-person point-of-view character, seems your typical college girl, with a typical family background, that gets thrown into a very untypical environment. Ms. Liebig's writing is smooth and engaging, and the world she creates is fun to explore and ponder. I very much enjoyed the suspense and mystery of the narrative, creating a ton of "what-ifs" as y [...]

    23. As you might have guessed from the title, Dear Maude has an epistolary aspect. Emily writes journal entries to her beloved, but deceased aunt. The intimacy of these journal entries compliments the first person basis of this novel. That said, the story often shifts between the actual scene and the rehash of it in the diary entry, which can be redundant. This retelling is the main reason why I only gave this well written novel four out five stars.If you love time travel and would like to visit and [...]

    24. Denise has written a captivating and involvingly original story. This may sound odd but a Forrest Gump quote came to mind as I was reading: My mama always said,"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” And what a delicious box of chocolates this is. At first you settle down to a gentle tale of romance. But then the plot shifts a gear and you're taken into a totally unexpected realm. The intensity heightens and you find yourself in a parallel world.'You never [...]

    25. I had no idea what this story was about, but let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. There were definitely a lot of twists and turns and unexpected events in this story. But I loved not being able to predict what I'm reading. This book held my attention the entire time and I finished it in two days. There's suspense, mystery, time-travel, and romanced I enjoyed all of it. This is the first book of a trilogy so now I'm curious to see where the story goes. The author does a great job writing [...]

    26. A time travel romance with lots of twists and turns. Emily Stanton makes a four year commitment to Evergreen Research in exchange for a full ride college scholarship. But Evergreen is a strange and secretive company (so strange that I would have walked right out the door!). Emily’s determination to honor her commitment takes her deeper and deeper Evergreen’s secret world. She discovers that no one and nothing is what it appears and she will have to be very careful to survive. Will she ever e [...]

    27. Dear Maude is chick lit with a twist. I got involved with Emily, the engaging heroine who whisks us off in unexpected directions. I also liked the diary/letter writing aspect of it, but felt that more could have been made of it, perhaps to reveal an extra nugget of information to the reader from time to time.Denise Liebig has created a clever and well written storyline, blending typical romance with science fiction/ fantasy/ historical. I will be keeping my eye out for the next in the series.

    28. A romance with a difference. Emily Stanton is a college girl with attitude; naïve and unworldly; Emily finds herself caught up in a mystery beyond time. No-one is who they appear to be and the plot is as intricately spun and beaded as one of the grand costumes that appear further into this involved and gripping tale. Denise Liebig skilfully takes Emily through many life-lessons; keeping her readers guessing right to the very end; and even then there is more as this is book one in the Dear Maude [...]

    29. This is a tale of romantic adventure and mystery, revolving around a young woman who is the central protagonist. I'm not going to say much more, as I don't want to give away key elements of the plot. The title refers to the protagonist's diary, where she keeps her observations about the strange things happening to her. Good descriptive skills and historical research help this book along and add to the story. If you enjoy romantic mysteries with a fresh twist, you will probably like Dear Maude.

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