Then Came You

Then Came You THEN CAME YOU is the SWEET edition of The Longing A Marriage Of Convenience And Unexpected Romance When her beloved father dies Amelia Drake is forced to marry her father s competitor Kyle Grayson T

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  • Title: Then Came You
  • Author: Wendy Lindstrom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THEN CAME YOU is the SWEET edition of The Longing A Marriage Of Convenience And Unexpected Romance When her beloved father dies, Amelia Drake is forced to marry her father s competitor, Kyle Grayson The last thing Amelia wants is a marriage of convenience to the man who rejected her youthful flirtation especially when she s still smitten with him But Kyle is her onlyTHEN CAME YOU is the SWEET edition of The Longing A Marriage Of Convenience And Unexpected Romance When her beloved father dies, Amelia Drake is forced to marry her father s competitor, Kyle Grayson The last thing Amelia wants is a marriage of convenience to the man who rejected her youthful flirtation especially when she s still smitten with him But Kyle is her only option and she s determined to make a real marriage with her handsome husband Can she break through Kyle s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible This author s talent shines through on every page Detra Fitch An emotionally powerful and heart tugging story impossible to put down Kathe Robin, RT Bookclub Deeply emotional, quietly captivating John Charles, American Library Association Read the rest of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Second Chance Brides series Book One Meet Evelyn Tucker in RITA Award winning TWICE LOVED the SWEET edition of SHADES OF HONOR She planned to marry her best friend then his brother returned home and complicated everything Book Two Continue the series with Amelia Drake in THEN CAME YOU a Romantic Times 4 1 2 star Top Pick A marriage of convenienced unexpected romance Can she break through her husband s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible Book Three Meet Claire Ashier in ONLY YOU He was everything she didn t want but was everything she needed Is the risk too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again Book Four MY HEART S DESIRE Faith Wilkins is a woman in danger with a hidden past Sheriff Grayson is the only man who can protect her and the one who can hurt her the most Book Five A CHRISTMAS PROMISE is a heartwarming novella about Adam and Rebecca Grayson A boy learns about love, the spirit of giving, and what it means to become a man of integrity Prequel to MY FOREVER LOVE Book Six MY FOREVER LOVE How could she have forgotten Adam Dearborn, the boy she has loved since her teens After a tragic accident that steals her memory, Rebecca wonders if she can find her way back to the boy who promised her forever This Victorian historical romance series is filled with emotional romance about brides and grooms, a marriage of convenience, a sheriff romance, stories about hidden identity, amnesia, beta heroes, love and laughter, moments that make you cry, and so much These popular romance novels romance top sellers make up a best selling family saga romance series about heartfelt romance and second chances One of the best historical romance novels is TWICE LOVED, book one of this Victorian romance kindle books series, and it s a Kindle Unlimited free romance find it in kindle unlimited romance series, kindle unlimited romance books, and kindle unlimited romance novels If you re looking for clean romance or sweet historical romance books for kindle, read the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Brides series by RITA award winning and NYT bestselling author Wendy Lindstrom.

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    1. 2.5 stars for this Kindle freebie historic romance, set in 1870's New York state, about a marriage of sort-of convenience (i.e they're not planning on staying out of bed forever) between Kyle, the owner of a logging mill who's nursing a broken heart from events in book 1 in this series, and Amelia, the daughter of another mill owner, Tom, who Kyle saw die of a heart attack in front of him when Kyle confronted him about some unpaid bills. Tom asked Kyle to take care of his family as his dying wis [...]

    2. Then Came You is such a fitting title for the second book in the "Second Chance Brides" series (the sweet versions of the Grayson brothers). Both Kyle and Amelia are living in the aftermath of lost futures with who they believed to be their "happily ever after". Kyle is still grieving his broken engagement with Evelyn and nursing his feelings of hurt and loneliness. While Kyle knows that Evelyn and Radford belong together, it doesn't hurt him any less that she is no longer with him. Amelia is li [...]

    3. GreatA frustrating series of mishaps leaves two people married and trying to figure out how to find happiness. Can mistakes and secrets from the past ever be overcome? A wonderful romance build upon forgiveness and love with a little mystery sprinkled in between.

    4. Nothing seemed to happen. There was little tension apart from the long-drawn-out 'will they/wont they' (consummate their marriage, that is) and in the end I left them to it.

    5. Let the Past dieWe can all learn from our past. We each have something that we are not proud of, however, we should not let that run our lives. Kyle runs the family mill instead of becoming a lawyer like he wanted to. He is good at it. He has his father and brother to show him some but mostly his competitor showed him how to be the businessman he now is. After losing his fiancee to his brother, Kyle now is putting Moore energy into the mill.Thanks to a bad day he goes to his competitor, Tom Drak [...]

    6. I liked this book, but I also found it a bit frustrating watching the couple struggle so much. So many secrets and so much heartache kept getting in their way. There just wasn't enough happiness to satisfy me, but I did enjoy the change of pace reading a historical romance. It's interesting to imagine how different life (marriage, in particular) was back then.

    7. Then Came YouSo many parts to this story. Description of the people involved makes you able to visualize them. Worth reading and certainly makes you want to read the other books about the other brothers!

    8. Then Came You : A Small Town Sweet Historical InspiratThis was a sweet book to read, about two people who was force to marry and learn to love and trust each other.

    9. When her father died, there was no one to take care of her and her mother. As a school teacher, there was just enough to feed her. Then Kyle came to discuss buying her father's mill, Amelia was caught with him in her room at school. To Appease the school board, Amelia tricked Kyle into marrying her. Can they make a life after this? Kyle does not trust women anyway.

    10. Temperance comes to townTemperance in western towns added an interesting factor to the western culture. This is part of the next book in the series and I will download and read the rest of the story. A book with a promise of a good story.

    11. Then Comes You is a Sweet historical romance by Wendy Lindstrom. It is one of the Second Chance Bride series. It is a story about the Grayson boys- Radford, Kyle, Duke, and Boyd. Radford was home! He had finally come home to stay and had brought his daughter Rebecca. Rebecca was quiet and shy and wanted only to be with Radford. She had changed and would not let him out of her sight. Radford came home hoping his mother could help with Rebecca. He wanted only to go to work at the sawmill with his [...]

    12. Book 2 continues with Kyle's story several months later. Kyle is still recovering from the betrayal that happened in book 1, and that means to focus on his business. With that in mind, he confronts Tom Drake about a late payment that Tom owes him. Unfortunately, events go terribly wrong, leaving Kyle guilty for ever thinking about coming to see Tom.Amelia Drake feels suffocated by all the rules of being a school teacher, but she has to have the job. Her past makes her doubt if she'll ever be abl [...]

    13. I was torn in this novel between kind of enjoying it ok, hoping for something wonderful, but then being totally disappointed at each turn. This could have been a 5-star, but I felt all the way until the end that I'd been cheated by its intent.When I downloaded this book, it was in CHRISTIAN FICTION. My reasonable assumption was that it would at least in someway lift up the Lord, there would be a turning to Him, and the resolution would include His Mercy and Grace at having made something good ou [...]

    14. I was drawn in to the story but tired of drama over the loss of virginity. Just get on with your lives Sex is an underlying theme through the book but there is nothing explicit. I did want their marriage to succeed and I wanted someone to punch Richard in the nose.

    15. Lovely book. Very sweet story. I'm grateful to the author for providing us with a clean version of the story.

    16. I bought this book free from my Kindle Store. I gave it five stars because I couldn't put it down. There were some emotional parts where I almost cried. It reminded me like a Hallmark Channel movie with a twist!! That is how I described it to my daughter. I highly recommend this book. Can't wait to read another by Wendy Lindstrom.

    17. Sweet historical romance, with a great family of four brothers each finding their own mates. Not over the the top like 7 brides for 7 brothers but enough similarities in setting and time period. Verna Clay and Lorraine Heath type romances.

    18. Kyle argues with Amelia's dad and he has a heart attack and dies. But before he dies he asks Kyle to marry his daughter. Kyle is forced to marry Amelia but things don't go smoothly for them.

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