Twice Loved

Twice Loved TWICE LOVED is the SWEET edition of Shades of Honor She Planned To Marry Her Best Friend Then His Brother Returned Home And Complicated Everything Marrying her lifelong friend and neighbor Kyle Grays

  • Title: Twice Loved
  • Author: Wendy Lindstrom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • TWICE LOVED is the SWEET edition of Shades of Honor She Planned To Marry Her Best Friend Then His Brother Returned Home And Complicated Everything Marrying her lifelong friend and neighbor, Kyle Grayson, will allow Evelyn to care for her ailing father But when Kyle s older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyn s life upside down TheTWICE LOVED is the SWEET edition of Shades of Honor She Planned To Marry Her Best Friend Then His Brother Returned Home And Complicated Everything Marrying her lifelong friend and neighbor, Kyle Grayson, will allow Evelyn to care for her ailing father But when Kyle s older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyn s life upside down The wounded man and withdrawn little girl awaken Evelyn s heart and she can no longer deny her need for love Will she be forced to choose between her desperate need for security and the love she has always dreamed of Remember how LaVyrle Spencer s books swept you away to another place and time while you fell madly, passionately in love with her fabulous characters with esh, vibrant characters, impossible situations, and genuine, heartfelt emotions.erfully woveno a passionate romance that will have you smiling as you shed a few tears The Romance Readers Connection A perfect ten story that should not be missed Romance Reviews Today Lindstrom s superbly written, beautifully poignant romance has a wonderful emotional richness and depth of characterization that will appeal to readers who love authors like Lorraine Heath and Maggie Osborne John Charles, American Library Association Read the rest of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Second Chance Brides series Book One Meet Evelyn Tucker in RITA Award winning TWICE LOVED the SWEET edition of SHADES OF HONOR She planned to marry her best friend then his brother returned home and complicated everything Book Two Continue the series with Amelia Drake in THEN CAME YOU a Romantic Times 4 1 2 star Top Pick A marriage of convenienced unexpected romance Can she break through her husband s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible Book Three Meet Claire Ashier in ONLY YOU He was everything she didn t want but was everything she needed Is the risk too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again Book Four MY HEART S DESIRE Faith Wilkins is a woman in danger with a hidden past Sheriff Grayson is the only man who can protect her and the one who can hurt her the most Book Five A CHRISTMAS PROMISE is a heartwarming novella about Adam Dearborn and Rebecca Grayson A boy learns about love, the spirit of giving, and what it means to become a man of integrity Prequel to MY FOREVER LOVE Book Six MY FOREVER LOVE How could she have forgotten Adam Dearborn, the boy she has loved since her teens After a tragic accident that steals her memory, Rebecca wonders if she can find her way back to the boy who promised her forever This Victorian historical romance series is filled with emotional romance about brides and grooms, a marriage of convenience, a sheriff romance, stories about hidden identity, amnesia, beta heroes, love and laughter, moments that make you cry, and so much These popular romance novels romance top sellers make up a best selling family saga romance series about heartfelt romance and second chances One of the best historical romance novels is TWICE LOVED, book one of this Victorian romance kindle books series, and it s a Kindle Unlimited free romance find it in kindle unlimited romance series, kindle unlimited romance books, and kindle unlimited romance novels.

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    1. Very enjoyable heartwarming read. Believable characters, will read more of W. Einstein's "sweet" reads. I received a free review copy of this b­ook in exchange for an honest review.

    2. Twice Loved is a wonderfully-written, emotionally-gripping story of a woman torn between the man she is committed to marrying, and the man she loves. Wendy Lindstrom creates a compelling picture of historical Fredonia, NY and the Grayson family, and draws the reader into the lives of her characters. A fantastic first "sweet novel" in the Grayson series, it invites us into the lives of Evelyn, Radford, and Kyle but also teases us with glimpses of Duke and Boyd Grayson and entices the reader to wa [...]

    3. Twice Loved is a Sweet historical novel in the Second Chance Bride series by Wendy Lindstrom. It is a wonderful book.Kyle Grayson is still upset with his brother over marrying Evelyn but accepted the situation. The sawmill was doing OK as was the livery. However, it seems as though his friend and rival, Thomas Drake, has a problem with Kyle. Why else would he keep undercutting Kyle’s bids? Why won’t he pay his outstanding bill? Kyle is determined to find out and goes to see Thomas. After acc [...]

    4. I liked this historical romance. It was different from the typical historical romance novels I've been reading. I'm not sure how true to the era everything was but I enjoyed reading it. Simple story, simple ending, had a hard time trying not to cry when we got to that scene with William. I'm not blown away but it was a good read.

    5. I really enjoyed reading about the Grayson Brothers. This book #1 and book #2 and I just couldn't put the books down. I went from #1 reading as fast as I could into early morning because they are so interesting to book #2 and looking forward to reading all of the books about the post Civil War

    6. I felt some trepidation about continuing this book, when the initial conflict was introduced. This is a very intense book that culminates in a very satisfying conclusion.

    7. Evelyn is a tomboy. She helps run the livery for her father, William, now that his health is failing. Growing up for most of her life without her mother, she's never really felt feminine. Now that she's engaged to Kyle Grayson, she hopes that everything is moving in the right direction. Radford Grayson has been gone from home for several years. After fighting in the war, he feels that the war is still raging in his head. But, now he's got a young daughter to tend to. And, the best place to do th [...]

    8. I love historical romance novels and Wendy Lindstrom knows how to write beautiful heart-felt novels. She has an amazing way of writing about the 1800’s and the character’s that makes you feel you are right there with them. Not only does she fully develop all of the character’s but she richly describes the setting. She also gives you the choice of a sweet edition, which this one is, or the not so sweet with the sex in it which is “Shades of Honor”. I find it so refreshing to read a book [...]

    9. First of all, if you've read "Shades of Honor," this book is the same story, but it's been cleaned up!!!!"Twice Loved" pretty much details Radford's struggles with his PTSD (from his service in the Civil War) and how it affects his transition back home. All the nightmares and his self-hatred/self-cowardice for his actions on the field have impacted him to the point where I think he's scared that he can never be the man he wants to be. The woman he loves is marrying his brother. His daughter has [...]

    10. I am more inclined to the historical romance genre set in England and Scotland, but I really enjoyed this book. The author was great at making her audience feel the emotions, both good and bad, of the characters. I know it was set in the times of the Civil War and the anguish that those men had to face battling their own countrymen as well as friends and family on different sides had to be excruciating. It made me think over and over how the men and women today in service of our country have to [...]

    11. For a love story, this book was very well done and kept my interest right through to the end. I was very interested in all the characters and their reactions to the various situations that arose, and would certainly read more about Evelyn, Kyle, Radford and the other delightful characters that appeared in the story. I loved the interactions between Evelyn's Dad and Radford's daughter, as well as the locals in the community and their interchanges with each other. Wendy Lindstrom did a great job o [...]

    12. Family LoveI thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. You were right in this book touching your heart and bringing tears. I found Evelyn, Radford and Rebecca to be heartwarming as a family, even before they became one. I was deeply moved to tears when William died and also when Radford confessed to Evelyn the horrors he went through during the Civil War. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    13. Beautifully written.This author took me from feeling like I was chucking among good friends to sobbing over loses of loved ones. This is a historical time centered after the civil war. It gave us a war hero who still, five years later was dealing with debilitating PTSD. Finally returning home to hi s family with his young daughter he finds love and peace.

    14. I am amazed to say that this was an unexpected delightful book to read. Easy read with beautiful setting and heart warming characters that will make you cry and laugh. I am not a fan of Historical Romance novels, but this one I do suggest to anyone who wants an easy read and heart warming characters.

    15. This is the first of the four books I read on my vacation last week, and though I found it enjoyable, I had to remind myself of the storyline before I could write this review. To me that says that Twice Loved didn't move me, didn't make a lasting impression. The characters were well-enough written, but I didn't feel them. 3.5 stars.

    16. It was just okayI usually love historical romance but I didn't enjoy this book. It takes place in 1870 and woman really couldn't do anything including not wear pants. It took a while for this story to take shape and I just couldn't get into it.

    17. The characters had hard decisions to make and many problems to overcome. It was an emotional read with lots of likable characters. A sweet story about two families that grew up together. There were twists and turns that pulled at my heart strings.

    18. It made me cryI have to say that I cried threw most of the end of the book. The true emotion of what these people were going threw was heartbreaking. Sweet clean romance if you looking for something deep, real and full of emotion. Well worth reading.

    19. Suffering from nightmares of his war experiences, Radford puts off going home until his daughter is abused by her nanny. He is not welcomed by his brother Kyle. He ends up working at the livery instead of the family mill. That is where the trouble begins.

    20. Fantastic!This genre is new to me, so I was a little hesitant reading it. I'm so happy I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

    21. This was a good, clean, read. Apparently this is a clean version of "Shades of Honor", so I am glad I read this version.

    22. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was not an earthshaking plot, but I finished it feeling pleased and contented with the story and ending.

    23. GoodAn enjoyable tale about a man dealing with the aftermath of his actions during the American Civil War and a woman struggling to find a place for herself.

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