Moon Bayou

Moon Bayou Mother wife private investigator vampire Sam Moon s been around the block Now unlife brings her to New Orleans to test her mettle against a new kind of lurking evilFrom the author of the Vampire f

  • Title: Moon Bayou
  • Author: J.R. Rain Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781620078655
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mother, wife, private investigator, vampire Sam Moon s been around the block Now, unlife brings her to New Orleans to test her mettle against a new kind of lurking evilFrom the author of the Vampire for Hire Series, J.R Rain, comes a brand new Samantha Moon spin off story co written by bestselling author of The Dead Detective and The Department of Magic, Rod KierkegMother, wife, private investigator, vampire Sam Moon s been around the block Now, unlife brings her to New Orleans to test her mettle against a new kind of lurking evilFrom the author of the Vampire for Hire Series, J.R Rain, comes a brand new Samantha Moon spin off story co written by bestselling author of The Dead Detective and The Department of Magic, Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

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    1. Free ADR, provided by NetGalley, thank you!This seems to be a spin-off of a series with the same main character, which I find strange. Hints at other books and stories are there, but never elaborated upon.The book starts as a classic PI story. I expected investigative UF, but that was not really what this is. The plot was allover the place and none of the storylines came to a satisfying conclusion. Maybe this was intended as a set-up for the series, but for me it only made the whole book very sc [...]

    2. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Vampire novels usually are not really my cup of tea. Time travel, however, definitely is, so I decided to give this novel a try. Moon Bayou follows mother-of-two, vampire private detective Samantha Moon as she takes on a missing person case that will take her to New Orleans, and accidently also to the 19th century.I've read nothing of the original Vampire for Hire series that this new series is a spin off to, but I didn't feel like that mattered much [...]

    3. Apparently, this is a spin-off from another series so I went into it at a disadvantage. There was the obligatory "fill in" that I detest so much, but I still felt like I was starting episode 4 of season 3 of some campy tv show. The story left me high and dry. Literally. I was wishing it was over, and I got my wish. It just ended with no resolution. Apparently, you need to read the next book in the series to continue. But there is no second book to the series. This first book was published 2 year [...]

    4. Well worth the read! Samantha Moon has become one of my absolute favorite heroines in today's vampire fiction.This series promises to be simply amazing. The voodoo/time traveling aspect is simply awesome. I really loved the way the New Orleans scenery and accents were written/described in both the present and past. The pace was steady and believable. Overall it was really well done!So many cool characters are introduced and I love the Anne Rice references .I was worried that since the author was [...]

    5. Review: MOON BAYOU by J. R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr.Single parent Samantha Moon, "real vampire housewife of Orange County," and private investigator, travels to New Orleans in search of a missing young woman. Naturally, all is not what it seems, and in this metropolis so downtrodden by Katrina, where it seems even the will to recovery is no more, behind the scenes, Classic New Orleans is still very viable: vampires, werewolves--and intensely powerful Vodoun. Way too powerful for one vampire [...]

    6. The time traveling, voodoo aspects, and setting in New Orleans all worked together to snag and hold my attention. All that Anne Rice crap is true, I thought on my way out the door; New Orleans really does have a vampire problem. Besides me, of course.Wow! MOON BAYOU by J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. is the first book I've ever read by J.R. Rain and served as my introduction to private detective, single mom and vampire Samantha Moon. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the crazy quirky and histo [...]

    7. Moon Bayou is a paranormal fantasy featuring vampires, werewolves and the voodoo culture around New Orleans. This book follows the already popular Samantha Moon series. Samantha is a Private Investigator and lives in California, but she's been asked to investigate the disappearance of Wendy Lo. Missing for six months, her parents are desperate for any news.Samantha is an unusual investigator in that she is a vampire, with mind reading skills, plus she can go out in the sunlight, due to some fanc [...]

    8. Enjoyable Sam Moon + Just a little longer than her last few books.I enjoyed this book, it gives Samantha a different voice. I had more fun with this case file than I've had with her last two books. I'm wondering if JRR is getting a little tired of Samantha? I'm wondering if her stories are now being handed off to RK? I do like that she is not as negative about herself in this book as she has steadily gotten to be. In this book Sam has traveled to New Orleans on a missing persons case and gets mu [...]

    9. A firstA first for me to give JR Rain a bad review but he left me hanging on this one AND didn't give a link or hint to the next book. Not happy about that at all. This is a nail biter cliffhanger of a novella and would have been highly recommended if not for the fact there is nothing leading you to the next book.

    10. I used to read a lot of the vampire genre but then I guess I burned out on it. However, I found this book in my library I had purchased two years ago and so decided to read it now. This book was really good! I enjoyed it. I like Samantha (Sam) the main character, and the story line was enthralling. I especially liked when she found herself cursed and sent back to 1860's New Orleans. The historical part was fascinating. Abe Lincoln had just been elected. The Civil War had not yet begun. But this [...]

    11. This was a little underwhelming. The idea was definitely cool but the writing was a bit jumpy, the explanations sometimes sounded like they had been pulled out of thin air just to make something fit, and the writing was jumpy.The main character, Samantha Moon, also wasn't the most fleshed out, which made for a somewhat inconsistent inner monologue. Oh well.

    12. Enjoyed itInteresting read and plot, Characters well fleshed out. I enjoyed the historical side and time travel aspect of the book.

    13. Moon Bayou, Samantha Moon Case Files #1by J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.I KNOW! Me, giving a Samantha Moon novel less than a 4 or 5 stars! So, let's look first at what I did like about this co-authored novel. 1. There was some of Rain's style in the book. Often, in this type of book, where a well established, well published novelist teams with another, lesser well established novelist, the more established author's voice is lost.(If his bio is accurate, Kierkegaard has only one novel, two gr [...]

    14. So this book is the first of a series which apparently is a spinoff of another series that basically all revolves around the main character: Samantha who is a vampire and a PI. I wonder, what is with all of the references of PIs with a splash of supernatural element these days? I’m currently tackling the Charley Davidson series and she’s also a PI but a grim reaper rather than a vampire. Regardless, I’ve always had a passion for books such as these – supernatural with a hint of mystery/t [...]

    15. Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ebook was provided by Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review.Moon Bayou is the first book in the Samantha Moon Case Files series from bestselling authors J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. The series is a spin-off of J.R. Rain's popular Vampire for Hire series which also has Samantha Moon as its lead character and is a series that I have on my to-be-read list. Samantha Moon is a vampire who just happens to be a [...]

    16. Full Blog Post: booknauthors/2015Moon Bayou is the story of Samantha  and her adventure in the life she's stuck. Samantha is a detective plus vampire. She usually lives on the blood of animals. This book is just another vampire story. Samantha has a family and a loving man in her life. But everything changes when she goes to Moon Bayou to save a lost girl. See, here the whole twist arrives which is a pretty terrifying twist. She is thrown back into time by some people during a ritual. The book [...]

    17. I just finished Moon Bayou by J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. It is the first book in the Samantha Moon Case Files series. Sam is in New Orleans looking for Wendy Lo for her clients, when she gets a strange text from Fang (fellow vampire and friend). An old vampire group called the Tete de Mort Krewe has a blood-price (a contract) on Sam. Sam is wanted by them dead or alive! Fang tells Sam to get out of town immediately, but, of course, Sam does not listen. She has yet to find her client. Kat [...]

    18. Samantha Moon has been hired for a missing person’s case by the missing person’s parents. The daughter was last seen in New Orleans. One of the first places she visits when she arrives in New Orleans is the police station to get an update on the case. She also finds out that there are two warring vampire factions, with one have a bounty on her head from 150 years ago. And, a couple people act like they know here when she has no idea who they are. Once she finds her missing person in the midd [...]

    19. First of a new ‘Vampire for Hire’ spin-off series about Sam’s case files. This one has her going to New Orleans to search for a missing girl and ends up in 1860. For some reason I thought this book would be a stand-alone, but it’s a continuing story. I really enjoyed it, though there was some confusion getting the names straight from the present day to 1860. It’s basically the same people, but most of them have the long (mostly French) titles of nobility. And sometimes Sam knew of them [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is certainly a departure for the Samantha Moon world. Sure, there's still Judge Judy and the other fun pop culture references, but this series is taking Samantha way out of her comfort zone (and mine!).The story starts innocently enough. She's accepted a case that takes her to New Orleans in search of someone's missing daughter. There's the typical "meet with the police" scene, some schmoozing, a little investigating, and then [...]

    21. I haven’t read any of the Sam stories previously, so this was both my introduction to the series and to this writing duo. I must say, I was impressed.At first, I was a bit on the fence as to whether or not I was going to like a thriller, with vampires, that was set in the Bayou. I wasn’t sure why, but something drew me in, and I am really glad it did. Maybe it was love of vampires or perhaps it was the brilliant writing style these two authors bring to the table.I found that the characters w [...]

    22. Samantha Moon’s life ended many years ago, yet she still carries on. As a private investigator who happens to be a vampire, she is able to uncover truths no mere mortal can. Her latest case takes her to the city of New Orleans to find a missing girl. New Orleans definitely has more of a night life than Sam is used to and the darker side of the city takes its toll on her missing person case. Samantha discovers that there is an ancient vampire feud with “Mme Samantha Lune de Californie” in t [...]

    23. As a spin off from another series, I was a little skeptical about reading Moon Bayou because I thought I would be lost, but the authors did a great job of filling in the blanks for a new reader. It features Samantha Moon, the detective, along with the backdrop of New Orleans and all it has to offer.Samantha is a quirky, sarcastic, smart, strong, and kick ass PI. She is also a single mom and a vampire. Samantha finds something about New Orleans a little off because of the nightlife and dark side [...]

    24. Great Story, Great Characters **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**Sam Moon went to New Orleans. She had been hired to find Wendy, a missing girl who originally went to New Orleans with Habitat For Humanity to help build homes. She had been missing 6 weeks. Wendy also had a missing roommate, Angela Jenkins. Sam is a vampire and a private investigator. Sam had been set up and taken by some bad vampires. Wendy had become a vessel to the vampires. Sam had been sent ba [...]

    25. I really liked this book, and it may have replaced the other book on this list as my favorite for the weekend if not for one minor issue. This book is a spinoff of the character, Samantha Moon. Now I have no idea who Samantha Moon is or what the original series she came from was like, and that was my issue. For this being the first book in a series I strongly feel that the reader should never feel "left-out" even if it is a spinoff. In the case of Moon Bayou the sense that I should know things o [...]

    26. Needs disclaimerAfter having read the "Vampire for Hire" series, I assumed this was simply an extension of the same storyline. I was confused by some major inconsistencies between this story and the series. Spoilers below.For example, when Sam transforms she's in touch with Talos, after all it's his body she's borrowing to become the vampire bat/dragon. Talos made it very clear that the only time Eizabeth was NOT in Sam's thoughts was when she was with him. This story changes that "rule". Talos [...]

    27. I received an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Once again our heroine, Samantha Moon, has found herself in a tough spot in the Big Easy. While on a case in NOLA, she finds herself thrown back in time to the 1860’s. Getting home becomes more complicated when Sam discovers some of her own ties to the time period and to groups of fighting werewolves, rogue vampires and voodoo masters. Sam has to use all of her considerable wits to broker a treaty between the gro [...]

    28. J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr. have a new case for their vampire detective, Samatha Moon. A missing persons case sends her to New Orleans to face werewolves, vampires, and voodoo queens. Every one of the vampires remembers her from the 1860's in spite of the fact that she’s only been a vampire for a decade. Then an attempt to rescue one of the victims, gets her caught in a spell that sends her to the past. In a south on the edge of the Civil War, it is her job to make peace between vampires [...]

    29. I REALLY enjoyed this! I'm from North Louisiana so I'm often wary of Southern tales. I'm not big on Vampires either. I DO LOVE time travel books. With an open mind I got to read this book. I'm glad I did. I will not eagerly devour the rest in this series. The narrator took a while to get use to. Tone was nice but inflection & odd pauses were sometimes a strange. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobo [...]

    30. Not as good as the other Samantha Moon storiesAn entertaining read as far as it went, but leaves you hanging in the end. I realize a lot of authors are doing this to get you to buy their next book, but that only angers me. I buy the next book based on my enjoyment of the first one. I love the Samantha Moon series and the Dead Detective book. I couldn't put them down. This one, not so much. Bring back the Samantha we all love. Make them stand alone stories again.

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