The Warrior

The Warrior War is coming to the Wizards of Arcadia Will Kailee s love be enough for Rek to fight for good or will a powerful blood bond push him to fight for evil Find out in this exciting final installment of

  • Title: The Warrior
  • Author: T.L. Coulter
  • ISBN: 9781501020568
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • War is coming to the Wizards of Arcadia Will Kailee s love be enough for Rek to fight for good, or will a powerful blood bond push him to fight for evil Find out in this exciting final installment of The Arcadian Series.

    One thought on “The Warrior”

    1. Readers should most definitely pick up The Warrior! It is so intense and so great! I LOVE IT! Last night I had finished The Oracle and I am not a patient person so I messaged T. L. Coulter and she was already going to send me a paperback but I couldn't wait so I got the ebook while I wait for the paperback. As soon as she sent it to me, I started reading and even missed a whole class because I couldn't stop reading!This series has the mother of cliff-hangers. I am not joking. First and second bo [...]

    2. I've never been a huge lover of wizards/realms books, not because I don't like them and I just never found the one book that drags you into and won't let go until now. This series is everything a reader wants! So much happens, it's flows fantastically. Although I wished some scenes maybe lasted a bit longer or more detail, that's just my personal greed wanting more and more. All three books tie in together very well, even the titles! (read them to find out what I mean.) The difference with 'The [...]

    3. Wonderful amazing read. My favorite characters wizards? Yes, but wait good and evil enters the story. It is a simple novel that will capture a young teen attention right off the bat! Anticipations, and suspense as to its outcome, hair -raiser of a thrill. Emotions, well yeah! There were moments of despair that I actually felt distraught. The cover of the book is so befitting for the story, warrior and battles. And the author's flair of expressive writing oh the characters, yes the characters wer [...]

    4. What a great ending! The Warrior really brought the entire series together. I loved the twists and turns. The author has a knack for character development. I enjoyed the diversity of the characters and the different powers they possessed. This is a quick and exciting read. I read it in one sitting. You won't be able to put the book down!

    5. I loved this book so so much! I thought it was the perfect ending that a story could have. I thought the writing was beautiful, the story and the love was beautiful. I am truly sad to see this story end but I can't wait to read more from her. I sat down and read this in one sitting! it has literally been years since I have done that. perfection!!!

    6. *3/5/5 StarsThis book is the definition of a happily ever after. Overall it was a decent end to a simple yet exciting trilogy. It remains to be a wonderful novel trilogy ideally for young teenagers or even preteens. It is full of love, hatred, danger, and most of all, good vs evil.As much as I love this series and the characters in it, the idea of good vs evil started to get a bit old for me. Everything was almost too black and white. The bad guys were simply bad due to a poison coursing through [...]

    7. Sighs always hard to finish a series you have grown to love, but TL Coulter ties everything up wonderfully!! With all the surprises at that end of The Oracle I wasn't sure what was going to happen next for our friends in Arcadia!! Malik is out to ruin everyone's life because of the terrible choices his brother made when they were younger, shaping him into the the evil person his is today. I was glad this book takes a deeper look into the past in order for us to get a better look into why Malik i [...]

    8. The Arcadian series is an awesome storyline. This book is an excellent finish to the series. The ending in this book is so satisfying! I highly recommend this book to those that appreciate happy endings.

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