No Way Home: A Speculative Fiction Anthology

No Way Home A Speculative Fiction Anthology Stories From Which There is No Escape Nothing terrifies us than being stranded Helpless forsaken cut off Locked in a place from which there is no escape no way to get home A soldier trapped in an e

  • Title: No Way Home: A Speculative Fiction Anthology
  • Author: Lucas Bale S. Elliot Brandis J.S. Collyer S.W. Fairbrother Michael Patrick Hicks Harry Manners Nadine Matheson A.S. Sinclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stories From Which There is No Escape.Nothing terrifies us than being stranded Helpless, forsaken, cut off Locked in a place from which there is no escape, no way to get home.A soldier trapped in an endless war dies over and over, only to be awakened each time to fight again one of the last remaining few seeking to save mankind from extinction In rural 70s EnglaStories From Which There is No Escape.Nothing terrifies us than being stranded Helpless, forsaken, cut off Locked in a place from which there is no escape, no way to get home.A soldier trapped in an endless war dies over and over, only to be awakened each time to fight again one of the last remaining few seeking to save mankind from extinction In rural 70s England, an RAF radio engineer returns to an abandoned military installation, but begins to suffer hallucinations, shifts in time and memories that are not his own A widower, one of ten thousand civilian space explorers, is sent alone to determine his assigned planet s suitability for human colonisation, but stumbles across a woman who is part of the same programme and shouldn t be there at all.A suicidal woman in a poverty stricken near future America, where political apathy has allowed special interests to gain control of the country, takes part in a particularly unpleasant crowd funding platform, established by the nation s moneyed elite to engage the masses.An assassin from the future, sent back in time to murder an insurgent, is left stranded when he fails in his mission and knows he will soon cease to exist These sometimes dark, sometimes heart warming, but always insightful stories and are to be found in No Way Home, where eight of the most exciting new voices in speculative fiction explore the mental, physical and even meta physical boundaries that imprison us when we are lost.

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    1. Good, solid anthology with the premise of being "stuck" with no way of escape, no way out. Each story was pretty strong, with its own take on the main concept, from time travel to space travel to self-sacrifice.When I first picked up the book, I thought it was going to be a depressing read, but found most of the stories to be kind of uplifting.

    2. I received an ARC of No Way Home in exchange for an honest review:This anthology has a great premise. The unifying theme of being stranded grabbed my attention immediately, and the myriad ways that the authors explored the theme kept me interested all the way through. Every story was interesting, well-written, and utilized the theme in a different way. I really appreciated that diversity; reading a book-full of people simply stuck somewhere over and over would have been nowhere near as wonderful [...]

    3. Received Free ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) for Read-for-Review : Group : Pro-Active Destruction: Harry MannersTo Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night (Lucas Bale): with the Widows, a soldier can fight forever, dying on the battlefield only live again to fight another day. In such a war the only very real question becomes, what are you fighting for? And what would you do if you knew the truthXE, or People Are Crazy (S. Elliot Brandis): sometimes it doesn't matter how far you get from people, they alwa [...]

    4. This anthology of stories on the theme of being stranded shows how differently a group of authors can deal with a subject. From the title and the cover image I envisaged a clutch of tales about people left behind on alien planets but the authors interpreted the brief far more widely than that. There were inter-planetary stories of course, and a favourite of mine was XE, or People are Crazy. This was a really exciting adventure story with a great twist. I also particularly liked The Happy Place w [...]

    5. Strong, dramatic and thought-provoking stories, all with a powerful take-home message. I particularly enjoyed Renata, by Nadine Matheson -- truly well written, loved the descriptions of London -- and Revolver, by Michael Hicks -- hard to digest and scary, and yet if you look at the news you start wondering whether or not we are heading in that direction for real. All stories have unique takes on life and unique twists on the human race. A very enjoyable read.

    6. I received [No Way Home] from author [Harry Manners] in exchange for a honest review. This collection of short stories with the theme of being stranded, in one way or another, was a thought provoking read.[To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night] by [Lucas Bale] took me a few days to get past the beginning. The concept of a soldier who has lost all being and is just thought sent to robotic bodies and told to fight the enemy was interesting. As I stated, unfortunately, it was a slow start but the endi [...]

    7. No Way Home was a solid read, and like every anthology I have ever come across, it had it's ups and downs along the way.When I first read the premise of these short stories, I thought it both an interesting and a hard theme to pull off in short story form. Establishing a concise and well-formulated beginning, middle and end is always a challenge when writing shorts, but the "No Way Home" theme invites the use of elaborate back stories and complicated plots that require a deftness of writing not [...]

    8. I was lucky enough to receive an advance review copy of this book. This is an excellent collaboration by some amazing authors. The unifying theme of no escape delves into the psyche and presents you with some stunning creativity. What would you do to survive? Would you go so far as to kill? These stories represent a promising future for those authors gifted in sci fi dystopian creativity. I am in awe of these authors.For my full, in depth review please go to akhinchey.wordpress. I tell you my fa [...]

    9. As as a longtime friend of Lucas Bale, I begged him for an advance review copy of No Way Home in exchange for a honest review of the book. I'm glad he sent me that copy as overall I enjoyed the anthology of short stories and the different worlds exhibited through the text. The collection centres around stories with a single core theme of being stranded. It proves to be a premise which allows much scope for interesting development and diversity across a wide spectrum of variations; from physical [...]

    10. I do enjoy a good sci-fi read, so when I received a copy of this book, it was a little slice of heaven. With the overall theme of 'no way home', literally being stranded in some way, all of these short stories were fascinating reads of the various authors' interpretations of that theme. The following are some that particularly resonated with me:More of a blend of sci-fi and dystopia, Revolver, by Michael Patrick Hicks, was difficult to read because of its subject matter, but that didn't make it [...]

    11. I loved almost every story in this anthology, and still enjoyed the others. The idea for the No Way Home anthology something in each story has to relate to there being “no way home.” This leaves a lot up to the imagination, mixing classic science fiction tales in space with futuristic political rebellions. Either way, these stories were awesome.Even though the stories were short, there were unexpected twists and exciting endings. My favourite thing is when a short story ends on an unresolved [...]

    12. Of all the authors of this anthology I already knew only its curator Lucas Bale. I'm happy I read it because the great cure he puts in his novels can be found here, it pervades every short story. All the authors are great and their stories left me wanting for more. Of some of them I'll surely read more in the near future.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology of short stories. There's some excellent takes on the theme. A couple of them really stuck with me. One set in the near future America and the other about a soldier trapped in an endless war. All the stories are really good but those were the two that really stood out for me.

    14. As you might guess “No Way Home” is a bunch of sci-fi short stories dealing with being stranded. Each of the short stories are excellently written - sometimes dark, saddening or scary, but each are page turners!Long live the reign of short stories!

    15. One of the best Science Fiction Anthologies I've read. I found the whole book entertaining and gripping. The individual stories are linked by theme but not by content. Each of these authors have done a wonderful job. I cannot wait to read their individual works as well.

    16. No Way Home is an anthology of speculative fiction containing novella-length stories from eight writers. This collection has been curated by Lucas Bale and edited by Alex Roddie, both accomplished authors in their own right who also contribute their own tales. I was offered an Advance Review Copy.The theme of this anthology is ‘stranded’, and it’s clear from the striking cover that this is going to be a bleak read! Fans of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction will adore No Way Home from [...]

    17. Review: No Way Home, novella collection by Lucas Bale, J. S. Collyer et al Publication Date: 26th February 2015 ASIN: B00U2YDP24 Source:  Author provided review copy  Rating: 3* Synopsis:Stories From Which There is No Escape. Nothing terrifies us more than being stranded. Helpless, forsaken, cut-off. Locked in a place from which there is no escape, no way to get home. A soldier trapped in an endless war dies over and over, only to be awakened each time to fight again - one of the last r [...]

    18. Usually I don't take to short story anthologies, I'm not a huge fan of shorter fiction because I feel like they either finish at the point where I'm beginning to really enjoy the story, or they end abruptly leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions as to what happens at the end. I'm lazy, I like to be spoon-fed by the author and I like neat endings tied up in pretty little bow! However this defied my expectations. And to be fair and open I should say that I know A.S Sinclair's work as Ale [...]

    19. This anthology brings together a handful of authors and their stories under a common theme of being unable to return home. Each story brings something different to the theme and that, along with the quality of the writing that I enjoyed about reading this collection.A common issue with collections like this is the variance in quality between the stories. The anthology starts out strong with a couple of authors that I was already familiar with and after that point I half expected some filler, but [...]

    20. “No Way Home” is an excellent collection of sci-fi stories based around the theme of being stranded. Every single story is a winner. As soon as I finished one, I was quickly intrigued by the next, from Lucas Bale’s haunting tale of a soldier programmed to fight endless war, to S. Eliot Brandis’ space explorer wandering a strange new earth, to S.W. Fairbrother’s tale of tourists returning to a desolate and dangerous Old Earth, to J.S. Collyer’s gritty “Grist”, a story you can tast [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed reading stories by authors i already knew and discovering the talents of others.Each story used the theme of being stranded and unable to return home.I loved being able to experience the authors distinctly unique interpretations of this theme.I would recommend this book to any fan of the sci-fi genre.

    22. Great collection!This was a great collection of stories. My personal favorites were The Happy Place, by Harry Manners, and To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night, by Lucas Bale. I'll be reading stories from each of these authors in the future.

    23. One of the first thing I look in a collection of short stories is if qualitatively consistent, and in this "No way home" strikes home. Each author tackles the theme - which I'm not spoiling here! - in his/her own way with intelligence and good writing. The theme itself is interesting and seeing how each story treated it's an added bonus. I have, of course, my favourite story which is the one with, in my opinion, the most original take, but probably that's matter of personal taste. All in all, "N [...]

    24. DiversityFascinating, thought-provoking tales under one subject. No Way Home. Love them, will be looking up the individual authors and what they have done. Don't miss this!

    25. It's a rare thing to enjoy every short story in a collection, but somehow No Way Home managed just that. Of course there were some that I enjoyed more than others, but not a one had me thinking, "Ugh, screw it. I'm going to skim." They all had something to offer, and each had a different perspective on the main theme of the collection.And speaking of the theme--what a great choice. There is such a chilling melancholy in the thought, 'I can't go home', and it really resonated with me.I'll definit [...]

    26. A real treatThis is an enjoyable and thought provoking anthology, worth every penny. The stories were varied, with plenty of light and dark and some inspired ideas. I'm a Lucas Bale fan already but wasn't familiar with some of the other authors, so it was a great way to encounter their work. My recommendation is to enjoy the book one story at a time, don't rush through it.

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