Wastelands 2 - More Stories of the Apocalypse

Wastelands More Stories of the Apocalypse Wastelands More Stories of the Apocalypse is a new anthology of post apocalyptic literature from some of the most renowned science fiction and fantasy authors in the field today including George R R

  • Title: Wastelands 2 - More Stories of the Apocalypse
  • Author: John Joseph Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wastelands 2 More Stories of the Apocalypse is a new anthology of post apocalyptic literature from some of the most renowned science fiction and fantasy authors in the field today including George R.R Martin, Hugh Howey, Junot Diaz, David Brin and many It is an eclectic mix of tales that explores famine, death, war, pestilence, and harbingers of the biblical apocaWastelands 2 More Stories of the Apocalypse is a new anthology of post apocalyptic literature from some of the most renowned science fiction and fantasy authors in the field today including George R.R Martin, Hugh Howey, Junot Diaz, David Brin and many It is an eclectic mix of tales that explores famine, death, war, pestilence, and harbingers of the biblical apocalypse.

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    1. I was surprised that I didn`t enjoy so much the works from the "Big" names in this Anthology and the " little" ones have scored a lot more at this chapter.So, these where the story that I liked:Seanan MCGuire - Animal Husbandry- A vet travels light with some animals after a strong plague that had ravished the Earth.Ann Aguire - Fundation - About a group of people that goes undergound in some bunkers after a biological outbreak to emerge some years later in something like a wood age.Genevieve Val [...]

    2. A great read. Wastelands 2 - More Stories of the Apocalypse is a fine collection of apocalyptic short stories and is every bit as good as the first collection. John Joseph Adams has done an admirable job of combing through genre and putting together a volume well worth reading. He has created a volume that is not all doom and gloom, but you take your optimism where you can find it and it is not always apparent. Most of the authors are newer, but Wastelands 2 - More Stories of the Apocalypse does [...]

    3. My wife got me this collection for my birthday, along with several others, and I really enjoyed the book, overall. Some of the short stories are a bit more dated that I'd expected ("The Postman?") in a new anthology, but I'd hate for those who'd never had a chance to read Brin's work to miss out, either, so I was willing to read it again, and enjoyed it as always. I don't care as much for the supernatural and metaphysical post-apocalyptic stories, but considering the wide genre audience he had t [...]

    4. Lots and lots of apocalypses. I was looking for patterns in post-apocalyptic stories, and this more than did the trick -- there were a lot of well-written stories, but none of them surprised me. Outstanding work by Junot Diaz, Genevieve Valentine, and others. The collection also includes the novella version of David Brin's The Postman, a work which I for some reason never wanted to read, and am now intrigued by. But yeah, lots and lots of apocalypses. Apocalypsi?

    5. I have had this audiobook loaded onto my iPod for a year now, and I just can't bring myself to listen to it. Book 1 was just too fucking depressing.

    6. This collection of short stories was very hit-or-miss, in my opinion. What follows is a short synopsis of each of the stories in turn, as well as a tiny review of what I thought. I want to be clear that, as always in my reviews, I am rating based on how much I liked the story, not on its objective quality. Obviously that plays a part, but there are some stories that I recognize as being well-written that I still hate because I don't like having no one to root for, for instance. Also, while I was [...]

    7. Wastelands 2: More stories of the ApocalypseEdited by John Joseph AdamsI sincerely enjoyed the first collection of apocalypse stories that John put together so I was real eager to read this volume. I have to say it did not disappoint. Like most anthologies there were a few duds, at least they were duds to me, I am sure other people would consider some of my favorites as duds. John's style of editing anthologies is short foreword and a small bit of author info at the end. No stories from the auth [...]

    8. I read the first anthology of short stories and felt that it was 50/50. With the second anthology, I feel that overall the stories were better, the writing was better. I liked that several of the stories were told from the standpoint of young people, kids. It was refreshing. Personally I don't read a lot of short stories, this was fun. I enjoyed the majority. I would like to see a few of them expanded upon.The Tamarisk Hunter: I just enjoy this author's point of view.Deep Blood Kettle: I enjoyed [...]

    9. I thought I'd never finish this book this year, let alone the other 11 I challenged myself to read in 2016, due to the absolute suckfest of my life in 2016. But finally, once a few of the stressors that controlled my life were taken out of the equation, I had a lot of time to just read, not to mention write, watch shows and game. But after my writing, which is both my escape and my job description (pfft, yeah, "job" he says), well, my go-to uncompleted read was this one.I wasn't too amazed by so [...]

    10. Anthologies are very hard to rate. Some stories are really great, others just mediocre, some totally suck.There were more really good ones than sucky ones in this anthology. Of course, any PA anthology that has an excerpt of "The Postman" in it gotta be good. Only one story (besides "The Postman") that I had already read, so that was a bonus.A few of the better ones:After the Apocalypse - Maureen F. McHughOuter Rims - Toiya Kristen FinleyPatient Zero - Tananarive DueJimmy's Roadside Cafe - Ramse [...]

    11. So very many, many apocalypses. So very many ways for civilization to crumble. While I didn't find anything in here of earth-shattering originality, I did find consistently enjoyable end times. Some interesting voices, sure, but with so many stories concentrating on the collapsing of society aspect I think it's hard to bring something outrageously new to the table.

    12. Post-apocalypse is my favorite SF sub-genre, and this collection of short stories does not disappoint. Like all anthologies, stories are hit and miss, but most are hits. A worthy follow-up to the first volume. I'll read this one and its predecessor more than once.

    13. A very solid collection of apocalyptic tales, including a gem from George RR Martin who typically does fantasy fiction. There were a few that were slow, but most of these were great and I'm going to have to get my hands on the first Wastelands ASAP.

    14. It seems the case that follow-ups are usually never as good as the original. It's almost a trope, if you will. For most of the reader's of this, the other reviews seem to suggest that it's so, however, in my case, I found this one a lot better than the first collection. It's rather funny, since I've also read quite a bit of the stories in here already as well, and there's not really a significant change in tone or taste on the part of the editor, but Adams just seemed to be picking higher qualit [...]

    15. This is a collection of short stories by renowned anthologist John Joseph Adams. I've enjoyed a few of his previous anthologies very much, including the first *Wastelands* and (my personal favourite) *Brave New World* which is an anthology of dystopian fiction. So naturally I was eager to jump into this one. Unlike the others, which I read, I purchased this one from Audible and listened to it.As an anthology, this book is quite strong. It features a wide diversity of authors, both old and new, a [...]

    16. The Tamarisk Hunter by Paolo Bacigalupi - 4.5 starsDeep Blood Kettle by Hugh Howey - 3 starsAnimal Husbandry by Seanan McGuire - 5 stars. for a Single Yesterday by George R R Martin - 5 stars I think I'm going to have to cave, and start reading his Game of Thrones series, I've been postponing until the series is complete, but every time I read one of his short stories I love the characters, and the settings.Chislehurst Messiah by Lauren Beukes - 2.5 starsColliding Branes by Rudy Rucker and Bruce [...]

    17. As I work my way through the book, I'm going to leave notes for stories I especially like. Overall comments will follow:The Tamarisk Hunter - This is a grim story about natural resource depletion that could have been spun out into a much longer story and I would have gladly read it. While it took a while for me to get into it, I ended up really enjoying this one.For A Single Yesterday - The first thing I've read by George R. R. Martin and a very solid story at that. If the apocalypse happened an [...]

    18. Overall a 3 star work with some winners, but seemingly more losers particularly experimental structured stories lacking plot, character, or both . I enjoyed the more recently published Apocalyptic Triptych more than Wastelands 1 or 2.- The Tamarisk Hunter by Paolo Bacigalupi - 3 stars I heard this before, and recalled liking it, but I forgot the plot details. I remembered the setting and atmosphere. It left enough fond memories, that I listened again.- Deep Blood Kettle by Hugh Howey - 2 stars [...]

    19. Okay, so I found these books together so of course I had to read them after each other. The stories in this volume we much better than the last. Especially the first half of the book. Really liked George R. R. Martin's story, worth it for this story alone. And of course I loved Orson Scott Card's story where Elephants take over the earth. If you're an Apocalytic fan like I am, this won't dissappoint.

    20. I must admit that I enjoyed this collection of stories significantly more than the first collection. Almost all of them were enjoyable, exciting, and creepy for me. Most of the stories seemed more imaginable and possible than did the first collection. They were still different and creative. Only a couple of them did I find dull and uninteresting. A great collection.

    21. Just simply not as good as the first collection. The stories, in general had less pull and just didn't seem to be as cohesive. I still can't find a collection that holds a candle to the first collection, so comparing this little sister to the elder is bit harsh.

    22. Even if you're not a fan of the post-apocalypse genre, some of these stories are just brilliant and well worth reading!

    23. The recording I downloaded did not have the complete stories so I can’t rate them all. But I loved ‘Animal husbandry’ by Seanan, and the story by R Martins. Good stuff.

    24. Terrific CollectionAbsolutely recommend this anthology for serious science fiction fansary possibilities and superb writing! With luck all of these will remain fiction.

    25. This is the second anthology that follows quite famous in some circles Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse. Just like the previous book, it contains stories about the end of the world and what comes next :)There are several strong stories, but I personally liked the first book better – some of the stories, like The Amarisk Hunter by Paolo Bacigalupi and When We Went To See the End of the World by Robert Silverberg are quite good, but I’ve read them before. The same goes for the first part [...]

    26. I loved the first edition of this, Wastelands I so listened to this one too and they were very good, all short stories and all about the end of the world.

    27. This is really more of a 2.5 star rating.I like post-apocalyptic fiction stories. I have no issues, whatsoever, in admitting that I take a guilty, perverse pleasure in reading them. There's something about the destruction, desolation, desperation, depression, whatever, that makes them such compelling reads. Think about it. Living in a world that is no longer full of the cushy amenities we take for granted. Having to eke out a meager living by scrounging around in abandoned buildings for tins of [...]

    28. A second volume in a themed horror collection might seem like a good candidate for more experimental work that may not be entirely successful and such is the case with Wastelands 2, although I enjoyed the majority of the stories.Post-apocalypse tales are one of the enduring favorites in horror fiction. Some of the classic boogeymen like nuclear war have faded as threats to all humanity while others like global warming have risen--Wastelands 2 delivers on both of these, along with biological terr [...]

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